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Thread: The Chronicles Of Darth Revan Part 1 The Past Of Revan.
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Revan 411
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The Chronicles Of Darth Revan Part 1 The Past Of Revan.

Well here is a Fic that take's place between Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 hope you enjoy it.

Notes: I used a dark side Revan for this and its not Canaan so don't think it actually happens cause it doesn't in the Star Wars Universe.

The Chronicles Of Darth Revan Part 1 The Past Of Revan.

The Sith we're celebrating there victory over The Star Forge battle after a bloody war by The Republic and The Sith. Darth Revan returns to the Sith after the war that happened. Revan was always mister's never ever reveled his plains to no one not even his best friends or his greatest allies.

Everything all started on Lehon....

Bastila Shan yells ''Malak is dead! All Hail The True Sith Lord Darth Revan!'' As the billions of sith yell out '' All Hail Lord Revan All Hail Lord Revan All Hail Lord Revan!'' Revan walks up to the edge of the temple overseeing all of the Sith. As Bastila yells out ''The Republic was wrong. The core worlds shell stand beneath us''

After the celebration Revan went to his chambers and thought about the past his memory's that he forgot along time in the Manalorion Wars. One of the memory's wore important more important then ever as he was going deeper in it Bastila comes in with out knocking. Revan stays down while Bastila says ''My lord whats wrong with you lately you have been troubled sens the time after the Jedi Civil war'' Revan gets up and begins talking while the temple seems to be cold Revan's visions seems to be ever more colder. Revan and Bastila begins walking out of the temple Revan explains ''I have been thinking about my past lately about the things i have done in the Mandalorion Wars and the Jedi Civil War the stuff that happened the memory's I... can't but help think that one of them could not have joined one of the Jedi's that joined with out hastiness i... remember one when Malak and the Republic were hopelessly out numbered by a dozen Mandalorions at the front of there base ... ''This Malak can anyone here?!'' As the shots of the Republic hit the Mandalorions more came the republic tried to stay on there defines though too many Mandalorions came and the republic were out numbered.. All of them died only Malak escaped and found a way to get off....'' ''So that's what happened...'' Say's Darth Revan. ''One of them were my best pupil her name was Sara Impinge she died on that day if only i was there...'' Revan begins to think for a minute.... ''IF ONLY I WAS THERE!!!!'' Then Revan bursts out of angry and begins to burst's out Force Scream...

Bastila begins to ask questions ''What happened to her my lord?'' Revan reply's with ''She died out of hatred out out suffering out of betrayal when i heard of this news i was very mad very shocked. I wish i was there to stop it from happening it was to late when i got there i saw the blood on her corpse there was nothing i could do to prevent it.

Revan says ''Bastila if there is one thing i would like you to know is that i will always be there to protect you i will never betray you and i will always prevent harm from coming to you. Bastila thinks about it for a second. Both Bastila and Revan look each other in the eye's then they kiss on the lips....

Till HK-47 shows up and says ''Statement: The Sith commander wants you Master its urgent very urgent.

As Revan and Bastila make there way to the Sith Base the commander tells them something very urgent ''Thank goodness your here my lord i need to tell you something'' ''Hurry up!'' Reply's Revan. ''A stih squad was sent out days ago by Captain Ireqe and it appears that they encountered something very nasty.'' A transmission appears and it shows a dozen sith soldiers being shot on the Dune Seas Of Tatooine. Revan says ''Alright i know what to do Bastila you'll be leading a squad of 50 solders while i lead 50 solders we're going to make the drop down point in the south end of the Duen Seas of Tatooine Bastila you'll be leading your squad up north while i lead mines down south HK your coming with. HK reply's with ''Yes Master''. Everyone nods there head saying yes and then the shuttles leave off from Lehon to Tatooine.

On the route to Tatooine Bastila and Revan talk about what happened earlier. Revan starts with ''Look about what happened...'' Bastila cuts him off ''Don't worry i forgive you'' They both look at each other face to face again and they look each other in the eye as well Both silent and then they kiss again.

As the shuttle prepares to drop down Its suddenly shot by a republic war ship that was waiting for them there. The shuttle manages to land safely away from the Republic war ship. Bastila takes her squad to the North of the Dune Seas while Revan takes his squad to the South of the Dune Seas while the Sith Troopers we're being asked by Captain Ireqe was taking his squad to fight off the Republic.

A bomb was being shipped by one of the Sith Fighters to drop down on the Republic out post as the bomb dropped on the Outpost the Citizens of Tatooine screamed for there life's as the battle also toke place in the City as well as the Dune Seas. Billions of citizens screamed out loud and bombing Explosions were everywhere in town the Sith Killed many in Tatooine the republic tried to stop them. It was a very bloody war that many died in and many gave there life's to protect others.

Meanwhile Revan and his squad found the North Republic outpost and bombing began there as well Revan's troops activated Stealth mode while some of them created a distraction for the Stealth troopers to sneak in it was unbelievable of what happened. The Sith Fighter Dropped a bomb twice as big as the last one he dropped and killed many republic solders as the Stealth troopers deactivated Stealth mode they began to kill many Republic solders in there base while Revan's attack troops bomb the hell out of the outpost While Revan him self is confronted by a Jedi Master on top of the republic base. The Jedi master is named Higlark Saxon and sense's in to Revan's head begins to control him like a puppet how ever Revan restates it and begins to Force Choke Higlark Saxon how ever they both fall of the base. Higlark Saxon gets on a speeder and runs away while Revan gets on another speeder and chase's him. Revan's squad continues to fight the Republic while Revan chase's after Higlark Saxon.

Meanwhile Bastila's squad is in trouble as they are all pinned down by Republic droids Republic solders and a lot of machine gun turrets. Bastila luckily manages to use Battle Mediation to give her squad a extra boost in combat and to make there foe's weak. As the Sith Fighter brings down the bomb it automatically deactivates as Bastilas Battle Mediation deactivates it as she has no need of it as she has things covered already. While the fighting continues a bounty hunter hired by the republic use's a sniper to shoot Bastila as he shoots the sniper he shoots her once in the leg she begins to lose using The Battle Mediation and begins to crawl the bounty hunter shoots again Bastila screams in Pain though she use's force heal to get up again and go on fighting again.

While the speeder chase continues between Higlark Saxon and Darth Revan they stop at the battle between Bastila's squad and The Republic. Higlark Saxon get's off his speeder bike and grabs Bastila by the neck and treats to kill hear if Revan does not stop the battle Revan refuse's and Higlark Saxon push's Bastila in to the sand and starts to Force Lights her Bastila screams in pain but Higlark Saxon continues it doesn't care he continues it until Revan unleashes his angry his hatred and Force Crushes Higlark Saxon saying ''You dare hurt her you of all people don't know what the true power of the dark side is!!!!'' Higlark Saxon Replays with ''I. ..... was following my .... or..de.r'' Revan yells ''Silents!'' and kills Higlark Saxon.

Bastila lies there unconsciousness but still breathing. ''We need a medic we need to hurry up!'' Says Revan. As the Republic is outnumbered they begin to retreated however the sith does not let them go that easily so they bring out the rocket Turret and begins shooting at them till the sith bring out the Droid HK-47 was inside the Republic base the whole time killing them for no reason. The republic with no leader dies one by one however more sith troopers appear so with almost 4000 sith troopers and only 300 Republic troopers with no single leader dies and begins to scramble around the city The whole sith army go's in the ctiy expect for Revan and Bastila Revan carry's Bastila over to the shuttle to treat her injurers. Meanwhile the bring a bomb in to the city the bomb is VERY big it will blow up the entry city along with every building every citizen everybody. The bump blows off with every single thing in the city in ruined s Nothing served that everything died.

The Sith went back to there ships and got off Tatooine while Revan toke the shuttle off Tatooine and headed to Lehon.

While trying to treat her Revan blames him self for not being there with Bastila when she got hurt. However Bastila gets up and says ''I'm alive'' Revan here's her and holds her in his arms Bastila whispers ''You saved me my lord'' Revan reply's with ''I know i couldn't bear to lose you Bastila not there i swear that i shell protect you from now on!'' Revan says proudly.

As the shuttle head's back to Lehon the sith prepare for Revan's arrival on the temple Revan gets off his shuttle and Bastila is now fully recovered from the wound.

As Revan head's back to his chambers Bastila confronts him with a question ''Why did you save me back there my lord?'' Revan reply's with ''Cause i couldn't bear to lose you again no not again i could bear to lose anyone this time'' ''The same spot where my pupil died in was where you we're being hurt that's the same spot my pupil died in i couldn't afford to lose you there Bastila'' ''But my lord what happened to Higlark Saxon?'' Revan reply's with ''He died in my hands the blood of his skull is in my hands as for the bounty hunter HK-47 killed him. However i sense that he was a member of a ancient sith organization don't remember the name of it.''

''Now i must meditate on this''

As the Revan enters his chambers the door shuts closed as Bastila watches Revan enter....


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Wow there were so many spelling, grammer, and punctuation mistakes that it was scary, a word of advice use Microsoft Word or something that will find them for you. The story line was great just bad spelling, but im an perfectionist when it comes to spelling so thats why I saw them all.

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