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Thread: Star Wars: Tython Ties 2: Deathpact
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Star Wars: Tython Ties 2: Deathpact

The second episode of the Tython Ties takes us to whole new universe. Although...new?
The proud family of Tython is still here. But they aren't doing well...

I took the comment people gave me on my fanfics and tried to use it for a change (Thanks!). I think this is the best (or least bad, depends on your opinion) fic I've written...it took me quit a while


Star Wars Tython Ties: Episode 2: Death pact

Datapad entry:
The clone troopers haven’t found their way in yet. Although I can feel the darkness is coming this way, we still have time to read another story…to understand why all of this is happening.
My end is near, but I’m not important. As long as this datapad survives, there is still hope for the future. The new Jedi order SHOULD NOT make the same mistakes the current order made.
But let’s get started. This new story takes place years after the last one. The Tython family name is strong in this era. A whole generation of Jedi who are to fight in the Jedi Civil War. Two ruthless Sith Lords attacked an unsuspecting Republic. But when the Sith Master fell, only one Sith needed to be eliminated for peace. Despite what history tells us about the redemption the fallen one, two plans were made. The second plan took a whole different turn…

“Why is it that I’m ALYWAYS the one who gets shot?”
Jormin was holding his side. He felt the warm blood stream over his hand. His left hand held a blaster of republic design. The grey metallic walls of Nar Shaddaa did not offer any refuge for a fleeing mercenary. Especially not for Jormin, who was being chased by hordes of Sith soldiers.
The sound of Jormin’s KT- 2B astromech droid trying to keep up was the only sound in the area.
He had equipped the droid with all sorts of refined equipment. It was practically a HK-24 protocol droid in disguise. After the Ascada fiasco years back, Hk-24 parts flooded the market of droid parts and Jormin took his chance.

The main reason for equipping the droid with all HK-parts was obvious: As a Republic mercenary, he was threatened more than he’d like to. And the standard protocols for the little droid just didn’t suffice.
“Query: Do you need medical attention master?” Jormin regretted installing the HK vocabulator right now. The dry sarcastic programming of the HK-series was praised by people all over the galaxy, feeling it gave the droid some personality.
“But I don’t need personality right now. I need a medpac!” Jormin thought.
“Statement: You are in dire need of medical attention, Master. The nearest medical facility is…”
“Under control of the Sith as well, you stupid can of banthavomit!” Jormin angry replied.
“Question: Would this alley to our left fit our need for refuge, master?”
Jormin stopped. To his left was a small opening in the grey factory like wall. He couldn’t see what was behind the gap though.
“Well Katee, put your sensors to work for a change.” Jormin pushed himself to the wall, monitoring everything around. Nar Shaddaa was famous for its alleys and it would be naïve to think his pursuers didn’t know some good routes to get to him. The droid was finished:
“Statement: Behind this gap lies the infamous ‘Entertainment promenade.’ I suggest we go in there and hide from our pursuers. We can make way for the docks right afterwards.”
Jormin smiled. “I was planning on attacking those Sith following us, but your plan sounds a bit better.”
“Attacking the Sith would be good, Master. My assassin protocols..”
“Shut up. We’re going this way.” Jormin laughed as he crawled through the small gap.

Jormin pulled himself up on the other side of the gap. His was still in pain from the blaster wound.
“Query: How am I supposed to get through this gap, Master?”
Jormin turned around. The astromech droid was indeed too large to get through.
“Why don’t you head for the ship and fire it up, Cargo canister?”
“Angry statement: I’m being pursued by hordes of angry Sith who want your head and my…well…I don’t really have a head, but they want it too.” The droid sarcastically commented.
“All right, fine.” Jormin pulled the Republic heavy blaster, which was heavily modified, from his holster and threw it through the hole.
“Go and show those assassin protocols you’re always bragging about.” Jormin said.
“Eager statement: I will not let you down master. This is much better than those shock beams you had installed!” The droid picked the blaster up. And with a loud ‘click’ the blaster was set to his head-piece.
“Well, I’ll meet you at the docks. I’ll take the long detour so we don’t enter the docks at the same time. That would be suspicious. Good luck, ehm...I’ll go with rust bucket this time.” And the droid rolled away.
Jormin turned around, facing a whole alley of entertainment. Electronic advertisements about neck massages and Tarisian ale were luring him. Twilek girls were standing on every corner, looking at him with credit signs in their eyes.
“Hehe…the beard stubble does it.” Jormin thought. All the rough scum of the galaxy was walking through this passage, it seemed. A group of Trandoshans, even a large Wookiee with two blades was standing in a corner threatening some red-haired girl. On the other side of the street, several Duros were smoking (from what Jormin could see) death sticks. The familiar smoke of the sticks put a smile on his face. “Good times…I’m back. Now let’s look for some kolto and entertainment.”

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Today, we are introduced to someone else...a farmer with a...disturbing history. Comments appreciated!

The farmer
“Well, well. Who do we have here? Old man Yan-Ze coming to do the monthly shopping?”
The shop owner was looking at Yan-Ze sheepishly.
“You know I’m not that old, Janice. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”
Janice Nall laughed. “Life as a farmer must be very hard then!”
Yan-Ze ignored the comments. Janice never questioned his motives. She was the only one. Many shopkeepers still recognized him a bit from an event years ago. Despite his changed appearance and scars he still didn’t feel safe. But Taris was simply the only planet he knew exceptionally well. He had the advantage here.
“You know, I finally sold that T-3 unit. Candarous, Davik’s enforcer, bought it recently. No-one has picked it up yet though.” Janice said.
“Good that you sold it. I never liked that Candarous though. Just a filthy Mandalorian.” Yan-Ze answered. He had bad memories of the Mandalorian Wars. At least this new Jedi Civil War didn’t draw him in.
“Well. I think I have everything right here. Thanks, Janice.” Yan-Ze walked towards the counter.
“No problem…I do have something to say though. I can’t get all your other stuff through this damned Sith blockade. I’m sorry. I will keep a little stash behind for you…but it will take time before I have those irrigation droids back. And the seeds from Kashyyyk will take even longer. I heard Czerka is having problems with the Wookiees.” Janice looked at him, her eyes waiting for Yan’s reply. Despite her quick Twi’leki language, Yan understood every word she said
“All right. No problem. I expected this would happen sooner or later.” Yan-Ze threw some credits on the counter and turned around, a box filled with farm equipment in his hands.
“Thanks for understanding…it’s tough with this blockade in the air.”
“Yeah. I know. I’ll see you next week, Janice.” Yan replied, as he walked outside into the Tarisian sunlight.
He walked towards the Southern part of town, where he had parked his speeder. Suddenly, a Sith patrol blocked his path.
“What seems to be the problem, officer?” Yan asked with the most polite voice he could muster.
“You see that, farmer? That’s an escape pod. Dropped here down from a Republic cruiser called the Endar Spire. No sign of the survivors though. And we do have eye-witnesses that claim they saw two people crawl out.” The Sith commander replied.
Several bystanders looked at Yan, surprised by the willingness to talk from the Sith commander. They weren’t exactly known for being talkative.
“Well, thanks a lot. Can I get my speeder now? It’s right over there.” Yan asked.
“It’s not going to happen sir. It’s part of a crime scene. The possible Republic fugitives might have left evidence on it. The droid are looking on it right now.” The commander replied.
Yan looked around. No-one was looking at him directly.
“You will give me my speeder back, commander.” Yan said.
“I will give you your speeder back.” The Sith replied. The Sith turned around and in a matter of minutes Yan-Ze was flying away in his speeder.
“Pfff. Escape pods on Taris. What’s next? Why the hell would the Republic go into Sith territory?”
Yan mumbled while steering his speeder over Taris.
“It’s downright stupid. I feel sorry for those survivors. They’ll have every Sith on Taris looking for them.”
Arriving at his farm, Yan-Ze quickly brought his newly purchased droid parts inside and went for his bedroom. Taris had en strange feeling about it. A feeling of upcoming pain. A feeling Yan-Ze knew all too well. And he knew his feelings were right most of the time.
He found what he was looking for in a closet. A little box, locked. He grabbed his necklace from his throat and used the key on it to open the box. Inside it was the item he had sworn to never touch again. An item that saved his life seven years ago. An item that almost killed him too.
With hesitation, he picked the familiar metal cylinder up.

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meh. Took me some time to get back on this. Got 5 new chapters in stock now though!

About Juma Juice and Twilek girls
Jormin walked into one of the many bars that sired the entertainment section of this part of Nar Shaddaa. Walking straight for the bar, he noticed several people looking at him. The usual stuff. No Sith troopers.
“Well young man. What can I do for you?”
The old Zeltron bartender looked at him with an expecting smile.
“Well, a Tarisian ale would be..” Jormin tried, before being interrupted by the bartender:
“Taris is blocked right now. We don’t ca't import it these days.”
“Ah. Sith happens. One shot of Juma it is then.” Jormin replied.

“Sith happens? Brave words for such a pretty and young man.”
Jormin instantly knew who was talking to him. Seer’aa, one of the Twin Sun twins. Beautiful Twilek girls. Beautifully skilled in assassination too.
“Ah, hello Seer’aa. Where’s your lovely sister Teer’aa?” Jormin asked.
“Too bad. Can’t the little human and I have some fun together without my sister knowing?”
The Twilek said, while slowly walking closer to Jormin.

“Ah. But your usual definition of ‘fun’ is assassinating someone. And…all fair and square, but I’m not ready to die yet. I still have memoirs to write you know.” Jormin quipped.
“You’re a strange human. Coming here into this dangerous bar. This bounty will be easy to collect” She angrily whispered.
Jormin slowly turned around, now facing the Twilek.
“Let me finish my Juma, okay?” He asked.
He slowly turned around again. What were his options? She would lure him into this fight. Kill him. And no-one on this bar would stand up for Jormin. It would be a ‘fight between drunk people’ for the authorities.
“Jormin Antilles, I’m here to arrest you in the name of the Sith empire!”
Jormin quickly turned around. Seer’aa was shocked by the sudden arrival of the Sith commander and his crew. They stood in the opening of the door, blaster rifles aimed.
“Step away from the suspect, Miss!” The commander shouted.
“You’re lucky this time. But know this: Even in prison, you aren’t safe. You’re lucky you are wanted alive. Otherwise you would have been dead already. Stay lucky, pretty human…”
She stepped away from Jormin and quickly blended with the crowd who now made a path for the Sith soldiers to approach Jormin.
The commander, flanked by two soldiers, walked towards Jormin. The other four soldiers remained near the entrance, to ensure no-one would do anything stupid.

Jormin knew it was over. His detailed report about the situation of Nar Shaddaa would never reach the Republic.
The Sith commander grabbed some energy handcuffs from the utility belt that was wrapped around his red armor. He pushed Jormin with his face towards the bar and pulled his hand behind his back.
He then put on the handcuffs.
“Jormin Antilles, you are hereby arrested for the..”
But Jormin interrupted him:
“Could you read the whole list please?” He smiled.
The commander bashed Jormins face into the bar, Jormin felt the blood dripping out of his nose. It was broken. The commander went on:
“Shut up. You are arrested for espionage, treason, stealing a speeder, driving far too hard with aforementioned speeder, driving into a group of Sith soldiers with, again, aforementioned speeder and fleeing the site of that crime with, once more, the now damaged speeder.”
Jormin laughed:
“I did send them ‘I hope you’re back soon’ holo’s when they were in Medbay. Does that give me any credit?”
The Sith dragged him out and placed him in the back of a large army speeder. They then entered the speeder themselves. Two soldiers sat next to him on the bench and two others sat on the opposite side.
There was no way to escape. He started talking to the Sith on his left.
“You know, the guy to my right thinks you stink.”
The Sith troopers didn’t move a muscle.
“That you stink of fear.” Jormin tried.
The trooper slowly moved his head to the right.
“Pff. For a lousy spy like you? Not in a million…”

All hell broke loose. A blue beam of light came down from the ceiling, hitting the trooper on his shoulder. Seconds later, a circle of metal with molten edges dropped down. The speeder alarms were ringing. The Sith troopers all aimed for the hole in the ceiling, waiting for their attacker. Jormin kept still, pushing himself to the wall behind him.
All of a sudden, another molten circle flew through the compartment, this time from the back of the vehicle, where the entry ramp was. Two of the troopers were crushed between the wall separating the cockpit from the prison compartment and the molten metal.
The two remaining Sith fired on the hole in the back while crying for back-up.
Jormin could feel the commander, who was the pilot as well, was trying to land the vehicle. The speeder made a sharp dive, and the Sith troopers, who weren’t chained to the bench like Jormin, fell down.
The attacker took his chance and dropped down the ceiling hole. Jormin couldn’t see the face of the attacker because of the red alarm lights and emergency sprinklers.
The attacker turned around and quickly deflected the blaster fire back to the Sith troopers. The bolts were aimed perfectly and hit the two Sith in the chest.
The attacker turned around and lifted his lightsaber up to deal the killing blow.
“At least my death will be painless. And damn, what an irony.” Jormin thought.

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Today, another character join the story. As the stories of Kotor and Jormin connect and interact, a certain small Jedi master is one of the few who know all the secrets involved...

Less action

Choices of a Jedi Master
Jedi Master Vandar Tokare walked through the mall enclave he helped to build. Juhani was training with her Master, Quatra.
He felt master Vrook was approaching him.
“Master Vrook. It’s good to see you. But…shouldn’t you be on your way for Nar Shaddaa?” The small Jedi master asked, while sitting down on one of the benches.
Vrook sat down next to him, before answering.
“It’s good to see you too, Master Vandar. But it’s not necessary for me to be on Nar Shaddaa. I sent a renowned Master in my place. Someone who I felt was more appropriate for the task. He was actually heading for Onderon to consult queen Talia about the…Sith situation.”
Vandar tried to read Vrook’s mind. There was a reason the old Master wanted to stay here.
“Do you expect padawan Bastilla to return with…our last hope shortly, Master Vrook?” The green Master asked politely. Vrook grunted.
“Yes. But I still think it’s an insane plan. We once exiled one out of our order for having a shade of darkness within her. And this one is set free?”
“Ah, that’s where the problem is.” Vandar thought.
“You believe the Pact of Brothers or, like Atris liked to call it, ‘Death Pact’ is a better chance of defeating Malak and the Sith? Do really think he can beat a Sith Lord, Vrook?” Vandar questioned.
Vrook stood up.
“Yes. In all honesty, that man has done amazing work for the Republic. Not as a Jedi. Not as a Sith. He doesn’t have the history of violence that damn ‘padawan’ of yours has! I’d pick him over your padawan every day!”
Vrook walked away, heading for his chambers.
Vandar Tokare sat alone. He sighed.
The death pact wasn’t something to be proud of. One of the Jedi orders most famous members, Jenos of Tython, once had a vision of an all powerful being that would save the Jedi and defeat the Sith. Discussion arose between the council when candidates appeared. The Sunriders? The Quel Dromas? Even Revan and the one who would later become his first general were considered. They had powers no-one in the order had ever seen. But they didn’t have the power to do the job. Although the Sunrider family was strong, the current leader of the Jedi Order was in fact a Sunrider, they didn’t have the power to destroy the Sith. And Revan and ‘The Exile’ turned to the Sith instead of beating them. The council then argued it could be Jenos’ own bloodline that could produce the ‘Son of the Suns.’ That was the reason for allowing Jenos own child (raised by his Jedi girlfriend) to be trained
“What’s wrong master Vandar?” A small boy, levitating several blocks sat down next to him.
“Everything, dear child. It seems the Jedi order isn’t doing so well. And there are two plans to save us from...extinction. And it looks like none of them will work.” Vandar responded, honest. He knew there was a relatively good chance of Bastilla brining the ‘new padawan’ back. And there were equal chances that the Death Pact would work.
The little child, who had thought about its answer for a little time, tried to answer:
“Then…why don’t you make another plan? Or…try and hide?”
Hiding wasn’t a bad idea actually. He heard a Jedi Master named Atris was strongly suggesting the creation of hidden enclaves to support the Jedi in the upcoming dark times. Because every Jedi could feel it: Dark times were on their way.
“That’s not a bad idea, child. You see everything with an amazing logic.” Vandar laughed.
“Is this about the bad man who’s hurting Jedi all over the galaxy, Master Vandar?” The child asked.
Vandar thought for a moment.

“Yes. That man hurts innocent people and must be stopped. But we simply don’t know how too. No-one is…” Vandar found it difficult to proclaim the words. “…strong enough to do so. That’s why we made plans to search for those strong people. And two are concidered right now.”
The kid looked at him with an excited glance.
“Than what’s the problem, Master? You will have two people to help us then! Two chances!”
The old master realized the child was right. But the child didn’t see the complex problems.
“The problem is, you one, that one of the plans is…difficult because of the risk the Sith will end up stronger. And the other plan is…well…even more difficult. I can’t explain.”
The child nodded.
“I’ll go and study now, Master. Goodbye.”
Vandar nodded.
If life was only as simple as in a child’s mind. But life wasn’t. Life was a Vrook saw it: cold, hard and realistic. The exact reason why Vrook supported the Death Pact. Because it relied on facts, training and control. While Vandar his plan…was risky and required intense amounts of strength from Bastilla.
And luck…if Revan realized what the council had done…he could turn back to the Dark Side and all would have been for nothing…

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Today, the story and K1 are paralleled. The bombardment of Taris!

Farming ‘equipment’
“For the LAST time, we need to get on that shuttle!”
Yan-Ze was enraged. He could see the bombardment coming his way. The main city was already in ruins. Janice was probably dead already. Everyone was. The farmer community he was part of had a different plan though. Jun Miltin, one of the richer farmers in the area, had spent all his money on a new starship shortly before the blockade. He had plans to move to Dantooine, where he could make more money.
The same Jun Miltin was now desperately trying to keep the other farmers out of his starship. Everyone rushed towards his landing pad when the reports of the bombardment came in. Jun Miltin was standing on a half-open cargo ramp, overseeing the mob that included women and children.
“This is MY starship! MY chance for a better future! You have starships of your own!” Jun cried.
“You KNOW we don’t have them! The Sith took every starship they could find when they landed here!”One of the farmers angrily responded. “And you where the only one with a hidden hangar bay and enough money to bribe them!” Another on shouted.
Yan-Ze slowly walked around the ship. Something was wrong.
He reached out and realized they were being betrayed.
“SILENCE!” He shouted.
Everyone looked at him, expectedly.
“Thank you, Yan-Ze, the people need to rea…” Miltin tried, before Yan-Ze interrupted him.
“You low-life piece of Hutt slime! You installed mirror generators on the cargo hold doors! Your droids are filling it with all your stuff as we speak! No wonder there’s no room for us!”
The mob stayed quit. The rage and murderous desperation sizzled through trough the air when all faces turned to Jun Miltin.
Miltin didn’t think a second time and grabbed a thermal detonator from a schism near the cargo ramp he was standing on.
“ONE man talks and we end this right here, right now!” His eyes opened wide and frantically searched the crowd for any unruly farmers whilst holding the thermal detonator in his right hand.
Yan-Ze reluctantly searched for the metal cylinder in his robes. When he saw the news, he grabbed his best and strongest equipment. It included a luxurious white tunic and brown pants. Luxurious boots and gloves and a very nice belt for all kinds of stuff. A real spacer outfit.

He found the cylinder. He looked at Jun Miltin. For a second, her tried to penetrate the other farmers mind. But when he realized he couldn’t save the situation without bloodshed, he proceeded to plan B.
He focused on the small object in Jun’s hand. A few seconds later, it flew towards Yan-Ze and he threw it hundreds of meters away when it reached his hand.
Jun, realizing he wasn’t holding anything, looked at his hand. He then looked into the mob. He reached for his blaster and drew it instantly.
“You traitorous son of a Hutt!” One of the farmers shouted. “You tried to murder us!”
Jun aimed for the man’s head. His eyes still sparkling with insanity:
“In the game of survival, only the strongest one wins. I will tell the galaxy about the untimely death of my comrades…and how I tried to save them. Yes, that sounds quit nice…”
He pulled the trigger.
But the blaster bolt never reached the man. A beam of yellow light was pushed in between and the bolt was deflected into the ground.

Yan-Ze held his lightsaber firmly. The whole crowd fell silent.
“You shall harm no-one, Jun Miltin.” Yan proclaimed. Jun stood there, frozen.
“You…a Jedi? Impossible…” He mumbled.
Yan looked around. The people seemed to accept the fact. He had seen and heard many negative comments on Jedi lately and was afraid to show himself. But the reaction of the crowd made him feel a bit more easy.
Miltin now aimed for Yan-Ze.
“I have the right to leave. You know this, Jedi. I respect you, but please leave now.”
Yan smiled.
“You are insane. We can easily fit inside that ship of yours. You are wealthy enough to start a life elsewhere. We aren’t. Now, let us aboard and let us all forget about this.”
Yan could feel the conflict within Jun. So corrupted, so cold. And he already knew Miltin was going to shoot him.
“Sorry, Yan-Ze.” Miltin pulled the trigger.
Yan-Ze knew that the only way to save his people was to deflect the bolt back. The bombardment was closing in.
He raised his lightsaber and the blaster bolt flew straight back into Miltin’s leg. Miltin fell down, crying in pain.
Yan telekinetically lowered the ramp.
“Everyone, wait!”
Everyone was already running for the ramp, but backed down for the command.
Yan reached out, which was difficult after all these years, and found them.
A few seconds later, all boxes with cargo flew out. He left the ones with food behind.
He was exhausted. With his last ounce of strength he said:
“Now you can enter…and take Jun to the medbay. Ullidu, you fly. Head for Dantooine.”
The Duros complied and Yan walked inside and shut down his lightsaber.
He fell down on one of the luxurious beds in the ship and slept. For a long, long time.

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Ooh, very interesting story, made all the better by how it intersects with the game! I wonder whether Yan-Ze is Jenos' son. He seems like a very interesting character. I do hope you expand on the idea of the Death Pact! Nevertheless, there's a few errors here and there (notably where Vandar thinks that both plans have a "good" chance of succeeding--if it's good, then why is he worried?). Besides that, I'm finding it a little hard to imagine farms on Taris because of the city covering the entire surface. It would also be great if you explain how their shuttle evaded the Sith fleet orbiting Taris at the time of the bombardment; if I remember correctly, they were destroying any ships attempting to escape the destruction. All in all, an excellent start and I do hope that you continue!

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief
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Thanks for the comments!
To be honest, the reason why Vandar is worried is linked with Yan-Ze.

And about the shuttle: I completely forgot. Thought a man of such wealth and status would have bribed the launch codes like Davik Kang did.
Today, some more about the Death Pact is revealed. And we see a familiar face....

When he opened his eyes, Jormin expected to see his father and mother. What he didn’t expect to see was the concentrated face of famous Jedi Master Kavar, and the freedom of moving his hands and legs again.
“Come on, kid. I’ve cut the chains. Let’s get out of here.” The Jedi said.
He jumped through the hole in the ceiling of the crashing speeder once more.
“Hey son, stand below that gap, okay?” The master shouted.
Jormin did, and was levitated out of the compartment.
“Hang on, we aren’t safe yet! I’ll be back in a second.”
Jormin fell down and grabbed hold of several pipes, while the Jedi moved forward across the speeder, towards the cockpit.

Jormin was stunned. How could someone walk atop of a crashing ship so easily while he himself had to grab hold of stuff to prevent certain death? He knew Jedi were strong, but this was insane.
Kavar stood above the cockpit now. With a quick stab, he pushed his lightsaber downwards, ending the life of the Sith commander. He retracted the blade an shut it down. He then walked back to Jormin.
“No witnesses. I don’t want to be seen here, especially not with you seen the circumstances.”
He looked at Jormin.
“Time to get out of here.”
He grabbed Jormin by the waist (which hurt Jormin badly, with the blaster wound still there) and jumped off the crashing vehicle, right down into a narrow corridor.
He put Jormin back on his feet.
“Seems you have suffered some damage, son. Here, let me help you.”
Kavar pulled a Kolto injection from his belt and injected Jormin near the blaster wound.
“This will do until we reach Dantooine. They can patch you up there.” Kavar said.

“When I got here by a public transport, I found your droid rolling towards the docks. With a trail of dead Sith behind him.” Kavar pushed Jormin in the right direction. “So I asked him to meet us near a different spot then you had in mind. After all, you’re a wanted man right now.”
“Yeah, you had a small part in that too…” Jormin mumbled.

The two man made their way for a small balcony near a fortune teller. A few meters below hovered Jormin’s ship, the ‘Slow Hand.’
The upper hatch opened and the two man jumped inside. Waiting for them was KT-2B:
“Statement: Master, the Jedi said he had important information. I would have blasted him otherwise.”

“It’s all right Katee. Can you ready the medbay for me? I’ll need it in a minute.” Jormin replied.
Jormin and Kavar made their way for the cockpit of the small freighter. Jormin activated the launch codes and took a sharp turn to the right.
Kavar was fumbling with some codes on the galaxy map, plotting a course for Dantooine.
Minutes later, they entered hyperspace and where on their way for Dantooine. Kavar’s action had made sure no back-up was called (he had cut the satellite dish before entering the prison speeder) and it was easy to leave Nar Shaddaa.

Jormin switched to auto-pilot and connected Katee to the Navicomputer so that any sensor information or anything dangerous would be loudly shouted through the ship by the sarcastic assassin astromech droid. The droid wanted to keep Jormin’s spare blaster in exchange for his services though. A tired Jormin agreed and went to medbay with Kavar. Jormin knew the arrival of Kavar could only mean one thing. He felt his hands were shaking at the thought. He found it difficult to swallow and felt all sweaty.
He sat down on the main chair and started rubbing the kolto salve on the blaster wound. He allowed a small medical unit to put his nose straight again. He then rubbed some kolto on his nose too.

Kavar had readied some bandages and wrapped them tightly around the wound. While he was doing so, Jormin pulled himself together.
“It’s the pact, isn’t it?” He asked.
Kavar nodded.
It was as Jormin had feared. His 3 brothers had been taken into Jedi training on a very young age. Bursting with Force power, they raced through the ranks of the Jedi order. And Jormin (the youngest) and his sister (eldest of the family) weren’t accepted into the Jedi order. His sister was strong enough, sure. But the unexpected death of Jormin’s father and mother ‘made her a women of fear’ as the order described. And Jormin…Jormin had no connection to the Force at all.

The whole family was summoned on Coruscant, years ago, when the Mandalorian wars Raged. The three Jedi brothers explained the prophecy of ‘the Chosen one’ and how the council believed the chosen one could very well be a member of the Tython family name, since Jenos of Tython was the one to have the original vision. Furthermore, the Tython family was allowed to marry and have children. Several more Jedi were allowed to do this, like the Draay family years ago.
The council then explained their plan. They all felt there was a ‘darkness’ coming their way, and the revelation of Lucien Draay as murderer did support their theory. There was already darkness within the ranks of the Jedi order (which Malak and Revan would later prove even more).
The brothers had decided that the family line should be kept intact. If the oldest brother would die, the second one would be responsible for keeping the line intact. If the second brother would be killed, the youngest brother would be responsible. And if the first brother died…either Jormin or his sister Dania would be contacted. One of the Jedi Master who knew about the deal would bring the one responsible a document: The Deathpact.
Kavar must have felt Jormin’s thoughts, as he put a hand on the young man’s shoulder. The young man who sat there, with his hand in front of his face, crying.

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A Jedi returns home. And the plot of Kotor 1 is slowly unfolding...
Another hint towards Yan-Ze's past is given...
Comments are VERY welcome!

A Jedi returns
Yan-Ze walked down the ramp of the starship. It had been several days since they had landed. He and the group of refugees had landed on the second landing pad, since the first one was occupied by another ship. The people aboard (a young woman and a Republic soldier as far as Yan-Ze had seen) had a meeting with the council first, before Yan. He did expect the group to be greater though. He could feel at least two non-human life forms and two more human life forms aboard. One of them felt like a Jedi Master too. What a power! But he hadn’t bothered to look any further.

He had spent his days cleaning his equipment. His lightsaber was in bad shape and he used the workbenches around the Dantooine enclave to repair it.
He had also turned Jun Miltin into custody. The man had attempted to push a women through the airlock when she accidentally broke down an irrigation droid on his ‘beloved’ starship.
Yan-Ze had intervened and locked the insane man in one of the smaller rooms aboard where he could do no harm. The problem was, the man had equipped his ship with state of the art sensors and camera’s. His action on Taris was saved on disc and so was his ‘almost-murder’ of the women. The second they docked, the Jedi security protocol droids had checked the datacards for anything suspicious before the group could leave the ship. And indeed, Jun Miltin was soon arrested. His fortune became his downfall.
Yan-Ze sat down on the ramp, enjoying some of the sunlight.

The cry for help came from near Yan-Ze. He rushed for the sound and was just in time.
A women was down on the ground with several lightsaber wounds on her arms and body. Towering over her stood an enraged feline-like alien who was about to deliver the killing blow. Yan-Ze used Force speed to get there in time (which was difficult, his skills were a bit rusty). He activated his lightsaber and could barely prevent the death of the human.

The feline Jedi responded with a strong vertical slash, which forced Yan-Ze to side step. Yan then slowly slashed for the legs of the other Jedi, who responded with a Force jump. She landed behind Yan-Ze. He was just in time to meet the powerful vertical slash coming his way with a quick spin of his yellow saber.
He felt his power draining away. He wasn’t in shape for this kind of battle! With a quick glance, he saw the lightsaber of the now unconscious Jedi Master was still on the ground.
He summoned it to his hand with a quick force pull and activated the blue blade.
“You still want to fight, girl?” He asked.
“I WILL END YOU!” She cried and jumped towards Yan-Ze. He parried the frontal stab with his left handed saber and made a horizontal slash with his own saber for the feline’s now open flank.
But he was thrown backwards by a powerful Force push.
He then felt the air being pushed out of his lungs. He knew the technique…it was called Force choke. A typical abuse of the standard telekinetic powers a Jedi possessed.
The feline slowly approached him, lightsaber in hand:
“You are a fool to duel me. Now you die too!”
Yan-Ze was just in time to activate his secret weapon: the shields on his gloves!
The horizontal slash bounced of his arm and the surprise pulled the angered Jedi out of her focus, threw her backwards and ended the choke. Yan reactivated his sabers and gestured.
The feline let out a terrifying shout and leapt for Yan-Ze. He knew he had to use all his strength to block the impact and threw the blue lightsaber spinning at the Jedi. She fended it off, but at least it took her some time to do so. Time Yan-Ze needed.

He tightened his grip around his own yellow lightsaber and braced for impact.
He felt the weight of the alien bash on his saber. He sidestepped and the feline almost fell forwards. Yan-Ze put his last ounce of strength behind a diagonal slash. The shocked padawan was just in time to block it and their sabers locked.
“You are stronger then you appear, human…” The feline Jedi spoke.
“Just wait a little while longer, and we’ll see how strong I really am…” Yan-Ze replied.
She smiled and leapt backwards using the Force. She then used Force speed to run away, heading for the exit of the enclave.

Yan-Ze fell down, all power drained from his body. He crawled towards the unconscious body of the Jedi Master and touched her to check her life signs. She was alive.
“HELP! Somebody help! We got lightsaber injuries here!”
Yan-Ze heared the sounds of upcoming footsteps, rushing to his aid. He could feel they were friendly.
With his last bit of Force power he gave a little boost to the unconscious Master. The flicker of life grew a bit larger.
Yan-Ze closed his eyes.
“Hehe…I still have it…after all those years!”

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Been away for a while. My original plan was to complete 3 Tython Ties stories before the end of 2008, but I can't stop writing about this part 2. I hope you still like it....I might write more...or have it lead into Tython Ties 3. We'll see.

Anyway, the story is expanded this week. We learn more about the death pact and how the brothers died. And...Jormin receives a gift.

“How…how did they die, Master Kavar?”
Jormin and Kavar sat down in the central room of the freighter, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.
Master Kavar smiled a bit:
“They died honourable, Jormin. They died fighting for the thing they wanted to protect. Like they promised you. That’s why they never fought in the Mandalorian Wars. They would always do the right thing.”
Jormin nodded. He had always liked his brothers. Although they grew to be powerful Jedi, they always took care of him since he was the youngest. They even let him stay in the Jedi temple to train, just because they loved Jormin. Who tried to levitate those blocks just the way his brothers did…but he simply couldn’t.
“How…where…” Jormin tried.
Kavar sighed. “This will be hard for you. If you want a break…just say so.”
Jormin nodded.
Kavar started:
“All three of your brothers died in the same week, Jormin. That’s why they couldn’t contact each other. And that’s why I am the one to contact you, instead of one of your brothers.” He sighed.
“Baros, your oldest brother, was killed by none other than Darth Malak. He was captured following a gruesome ground battle and was tortured to death. He didn’t provide the Dark Lord with any information and died like a hero, Jormin.”
He watched Jormin closely. Jormin nodded, a sign for Kavar to continue.
“Jon, your youngest brother, died in a battle as well. He died when his cabin on the Endar Spire was breached by enemy fire, a week after your oldest brother died. He was instantly killed and didn’t suffer…the only survivors of the accident are believed to be some Republic soldiers and a padawan named Bastilla Shan. She is safe, which was Jon's mission.”
Kavar took a nip from his drink. Jormin did the same and allowed the warm fluid warm his soar throat.
Kavar continued:
“And your last brother, Niron, died at the hand of a yet-unknown Dark Jedi. He never saw her coming, as he was dragging several of his comrades away from enemy fire on a battlefield. She stabbed him through the chest. He also died like a hero, Jormin. The other Jedi he saved are currently doing fine.”
Jormin looked up.
“What…what…about my sister?
Kavar sighed: “She…she has been assassinated by a group of Dark Jedi. She stood no chance. I’m sorry Jormin. It’s…it’s…
He looked at Jormin, who was now crying with his hands in front of his face. The young man shook harder with every passing minute.
“…there is something else. But we’ll discuss that later.” Kavar walked away, leaving Jormin alone with his grief.

Hours later, Jormin entered the cockpit, where Kavar was sitting.
“Welcome back, Jormin. I know how you are feeling...but are you ready to discuss the meaning of the deathpact?”
Jormin nodded and sat down on the other pilot chair.
Kavar pulled a little box from his backpack. Jormin knew it had something to do with the family line, since his family symbol was carved on the box.
Kavar didn’t open the box though. Instead, he pulled a datacard from his pocket and placed it atop of the box.
“This, son, is the contract accompanying the deathpact. You basically know what it means. It says you are the last living member of your family. It also means you must find a way to continue your family line. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say that there is a big chance the ‘Son of the Suns’ is a member of your family. We need the ‘Son’ to eradicate the Sith. If you don’t continue the line, there might be a chance the prophecy isn’t realized which means the Sith will never be defeated. But you know this. You were there when it was explained.”
Jormin nodded.
“It means the Jedi want to protect me and make sure the line is kept intact? You are here to protect me?” He asked.
Kavar smiled.
“No son. We can and will not force you to continue the line. That would create extreme moral difficulties and simply isn’t right. You’ll have to continue the line yourself. The pact is simply here to help you. And to proof you are really the last Tython. All Jedi involved with the pact will help you when you show it. Of course, they don’t know what it means. Just that they need to help you at all cost. It will make surviving this war easier.”
Kavar gave the datacard to Jormin, who stuck it in his pocket. Kavar then proceeded to open the box.
“This…Jormin, is Nirons lightsaber.”
Kavar ignited the mighty weapon and it came to life with a slow humming sound. The green blade flashed as Kavar swung it around a bit before turning it off.
“We couldn’t retrieve the other lightsaber that belonged to your brothers. They wanted you to have them though. Their will is included in the deathpact. But, like I said, only Niron his saber was available.”
Kavar put the saber back in the box.
“It’s a mighty weapon. I suggest you only use it when the situation offers no other possible solution. It’s dangerous being a Jedi these days. And since you cannot use the Force, you’re a far easier target then a real Jedi.”
Those last words made Jormin feel uneasy. Wouldn't the weapon make him an even easier target?

“Jormin. We will land on Dantooine shortly. The council there will provide you with a safe houses. You will probably get a list of contacts on the planet where the safe houses are located. You have a difficult time ahead of you. If the Sith know about the bloodline…”
Kavar nodded. “The Order doesn’t think you’re being hunted, seeing that every casualty was not connected with one other. But we need to be cautious.” He looked down at Jormin. “I’m sorry kid.”
Jormin smiled. “The way of Jedi it is then…” He whispered.

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Tensions rise when Yan-Ze returns to the place he swore to leave behind. Will the last of the Tythons keep the prophecy alive?
And we learn Yan has made some...powerful enemies over the years.

Comments greatly appreciated!

When two men meet
“Master Vrook. What is your opinion about the situation?”
Vandar tried to draw Vrook into the discussion.
Vrook didn’t move a muscle:
“I believe it’s in the best interest for everyone that you stay here, Yan-Ze. At least for some time.”
Yan-Ze stood in the middle of the circle in the council chamber.
“But you did sent that other group away. The one with the soldier and padawan. What can they possibly do what I can’t? I’m far more experienced everyone in that group combined!”
Vrook smiled, for the first time this conversation, and looked at master Zhar.
The Twilek stared at Vrook for a minute before speaking:
“Yan, let me ask you something. Did you feel anything strange about that group of seemingly random people?”
Yan thought for a second. He had felt the presence of an extraordinary strong force user in the ship.
“Is this about the Jedi Master accompanying the group?” He tried.
Vandar put up a gesture before either Vrook or Zhar could answer.
“Possibly. What if I tell you this master is a padawan? And already stronger then all of us combined?”
Yan-Ze smiled:
“Impossible. I felt he was an adult. Scars of battle on his body. The darkness he has met. He is no child. How could he have not been discovered? Did he live on Tatooine or something? The Jedi order doesn’t accept adults. Never.”
Suddenly, an insane idea hit him. To crazy to be true…but…the ‘padawan’ did feel familiar.
“Why…was Bastilla with him?” He cautiously asked.
Vander stood up, smiling sadly.
“I think you understand the nature of their mission now. If Bastilla can keep him on the light path, he can be the hero we need. The one who can defeat the Sith. The one who…”
Vrook cleared his throat.
“I told you the plan was insane. If Bastilla succeeds, there’s a small chance the Jedi order will be saved. If Bastilla fails, there’s a certainty he will rejoin the Sith, effectively destroying the Jedi order. Yan has seen what this man can do.”

Yan-Ze nodded.
“For starters, you are all insane. Second, send me after them. I know some people on that ship. Although my senses need adjusting, I’m stronger then Bastilla will ever be. Sent me after them. And if he tries to join the Sith, I will kill him myself. And after him, Malak.”
He looked around the council. Killing Malak had been on his mind for a long time now.
“I will be meditating if you need me.”

“We have arrived at Dantooine, Jormin. Time to speak with the council.” Kavar said.
Jormin woke up from his sleep.
“Sure…I can’t wait to see what they’re up too.”
Several minutes later the freighter landed in one of the free landing pads. The one next to them was occupied by a luxurious shuttle, whilst the last one was empty as well.
Jormin grabbed his backpack from the table and followed Kavar for the exit ramp.
The doors slowly opened and a small ramp shoved out from beneath the ship.
Several minutes later they entered the central of the enclave: A large tree with benches and students around it. Students of every possible race, age that Jormin had ever seen.
Enjoying the sunlight, a somewhat older man sat down with his back against the tree.
When Jormin and Kavar walked passed him, Jormin couldn’t help but stare at the man’s face. It was…somewhat familiar. Where had he seen it before?
Suddenly, the man opened his eyes.
“Ever been to Taris?”
“What? Huh?” Jormin babbled.
The older man (Jormin though him to be in his 30’s) walked up to him and the two man shook hands.
“Yan-Ze. Jedi, Farmer and Jedi again. Nice to meet you.” The man said.
“Jormin of Tython, or Jormin Antilles as most people know me. Spy, mercenary, fugitive. Nice to meet you too.” Jormin smiled.
Kavar nodded.
“I see you have taken up your saber once more, Yan?”
Yan’s smile disappeared.
“After all that has happened, I still find that cutting tool very useful yes.”
“You still blame the council, Yan?” Kavar asked.
“Maybe. You never tried to prove my innocence. Only Vandar did.”

Jormin could feel the tension between the two men.
“Ehm. Maybe we should head for the council chamber?” He asked.

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Hey all! I'm going to drop the last hint (at least the most obvious) about Yan's identity. It will explain much more!

History revealed?
“So the last heir of the Tython family has been saved. Good work, master Kavar.”
“Thank you, master Vandar.” The famed Jedi guardian answered.
“Do you understand why we asked Kavar to get you out of that mess?” Vrook prompted.
Jormin had heard the story a hundred times now.
“Yes. Last of bloodline. Bloodline will provide Jedi savior. Bloodline needs to be protected at all cost. Yeah, I got it.” He sarcastically answered.
Vandar smiled.
“Now comes the…interesting part then.”

Yan-Ze was leaning against a pillar near the council chambers. He was asked to be here too, by Vrook’s request.
“What are they trying to do?” He thought. “First the ‘padawan plan’ and now this kid?” He rubbed his stubble with his hand.
“They already sent their strongest Jedi after Malak. What’s the purpose of this…boy?”

Vrook made a gesture and the council doors closed.
“This is…of utter importance. You have met the person standing over there, Jormin?”
Vrook pointed at Yan-Ze.
“Yes,” Jormin answered. “The farmer Jedi right?”
Vandar made a gesture, which immediately showed Jormin this wasn’t the time for jokes.
“Yes. He has taken up the path of the Jedi once more. And he will be your guardian and bodyguard from now on.”

Yan-Ze never thought his jaw could drop so far.
“Wait…wait…wait. You are sending me with him? I think once Darth Jaw Problems discovers I’m back he will come for me. And when he finds out the last Tython is with me too I don’t think he’ll walk away celebrating after killing me if Jormin is with me.”
Vrook gestured Yan to silence.
“You are correct. But do realize a strong Jedi and best Republic spy, and heir to the Tython name, are now paired. I recon you have a pretty good chance of surviving.”

Jormin couldn’t believe his ears.
“I’m BAIT?”
Yan-Ze smiled in disbelief.
“Does that make me the fishing pole?”
Vandar arose from his seat:
“No. Bait can’t defend itself. You can.”

Jormin couldn’t follow the old Jedi Master. Did he want them to engage the enemy? Wasn’t it top priority to keep Jormin safe?
“Ehr….isn’t keeping me safe your top priority, Master Vandar?” He asked.
“Yes. And that’s why Yan-Ze will come with you.”
Vandar turned around, walking towards the holo projector and activated it.
“That is, because Yan-Ze isn’t just any Jedi.” Vrook prompted.
Jormin looked at Yan-Ze, who was still leaning against the pillar. However, his smile had disappeared.
When he saw Jormin looking, he gestured for the holo projector.

Several man appeared on the holo. A muscled, hooded Jedi, a bald red-clothed Jedi next to him and a Republic Admiral standing behind the two.
“This is the Revachist.” Vrook said, while walking around the projector.
“Leader of a group who went to war against the Mandalorians instead of waiting like the rest of the Jedi.”
Jormin stared at the hooded figure. A shiver rolled over his spine. The man looked extremely dangerous, despite the mysterious cloak. He didn’t know why he thought about this, but he recognized all three of them.
“And the bald one is Malak right? And the short one Admiral Karath?” He tried.
Yan-Ze nodded.
“Yes. Before their fall. You see, they won the war. With their aid, the Republic was saved. They disappeared for some time, came back as Sith and started a new war.”
He turned around, looking at Jormin. “Sympathetic men, aye?” Jormin replied.

As a Republic spy, he had heard about the betrayal. Karath bombing Telos, Malak killing Jedi by the dozens…it was a shock for his superiors to see so many fall so quickly.
“This man is your target.”
Vrook pointed at Malak. Before Yan could open his mouth, Vrook gestured:
“To spy on. Not to kill. We want to know everything about him. Where he goes, what he does, what he knows. And that’s why we have put you two together. Both of you are excellent at disappearing.”
Yan smiled: “Now you are making sense. We can stay on the move, stay away from Darth Dental AND do our part for the Republic. And keep the Tython-boy safe.”
Jormin’s smile disappeared: “I’m not a boy, Yan. I have fought soldiers too.”
“You’re twenty years old? When I was your age, I was dueling Sith Lords, Mandalorians and Assassin droids. Small difference.” Yan-Ze parried.
Jormin shut his mouth and started thinking: “Did he battle Sith Lords? Impossible. He hasn’t fought with Revan or Malak when he was a farmer and he isn’t old enough to have fought in the Great Sith War. Was it a bluff?”

“I think it is time to start your training, Jormin.” Vandar used the Force to shut down the projector.
“Yan-Ze can teach some lightsaber basics. You…won’t be capable of using the Force though. But at least you will have an edge over your enemies with a lightsaber on your belt.”

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The Soldier and the Fugitive
“Yes. We have just landed on Tatooine. Bastilla and Juhani are accompanying him.”
“Good. Has he had any ‘dreams’ like on Dantooine?” The small hologram of Vandar asked.
“Why would that be important?” Carth Onasi asked.
“It would proof he is growing in power, Carth. Which was one of our goals other then the starmaps.”
“I realize you have taken a chance in accepting an adult for training. I also realize it’s VERY rare to send a padawan across the galaxy without a master present. So I think I deserve an explanation.” Carth tried.

The small figure of Vandar moved a little bit.
“Your answer will come in time. It’s just important to know how he’s doing. The reason why we accepted him in our ranks is his incredible power. He has the potential to become…extremely strong.”
Carth smiled:
“I’ve heard that before. But I’ll keep you posted. I know what a difference the Jedi can make. Especially the strong ones. But I still find it strange I should be the one reporting. Why not Bastilla?”

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the hologram.
“Because you know more about Jedi then you know, Onasi.”
Carth laughed: “Where the HELL did they find YOU? What’s this pleasant surprise, Master Vandar?”

Vandar smiled: “He will be your contact from now on. He and several others will be a shadow team helping you. He will acquire as much information as he can. And send it over to you. Just make sure your leader doesn’t see you communicating with us. This is just military information for you alone.”
Vandar stepped out of the hologram, allowing the other man to talk.

“Understood. Carth Onasi out. It’s good to see you again, kid. Can you send me the communication codes for your ship?”
“Sure,” The other man said: “Slow Hand – TC-009/13/24b. It’s a spy ship. Equipped with the best technology around. Excellent stuff.”
Carth smiled. “All right then. I’ll keep you posted about our ‘padawan’ and our actions. Any chance you’ll be traveling to Manaan by the way?”
The man on the other side of the hologram frowned:
“No…why should we?”
Carth frowned too: “An…old friend is held there. Maybe you pay him a visit.”
The other man swallowed: “Allright…thank you for this information. We’ll be in touch. Goodbye Carth.”
Carth turned a sad smile: “Goodbye kid. I’ve missed you.”

Jormin entered the sleeping quarters of his ship. A few minutes after sitting down, Yan-Ze joined him.
“It’s been two weeks now. Do you feel any different?” Yan asked.
“No. I can’t sense anything…and I’m pretty sure the latest training sessions proved that.” Jormin replied.
Two hours ago, Yan released a small round droid, who shot little laser beams at Jormin. Jormin was able to block the first shots. Afterwards, Yan gave Jormin a blinding visor and claimed Jormin should ‘see the droid in the Force.’ The session ended with mild burn wounds and an blaster-shot droid.

“It’s difficult to use the Force, kid. I wasn’t a star at it until quit late in my training. Maybe it’ll come in time.” Yan tried.
“It won’t. I’m as Force sensitive as a doormat.” Jormin angrily sneered.
“I know some dangerous ‘doormats’ you wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley, kid. Not in a light alley either…probably don’t meet at all, come to think of it.” Was Yan-Ze’s witty response.
“Yeah, yeah…Wookiee Jedi…I get the joke.”
“No Wookiee Jedi! I’m talking about a nice Mandalorian trap I once found! A doormat with ‘welcome’ on it in Aurabesh, rigged to 40 kilos of Mandalorian explosives. Subtle.”
Jormin couldn’t suppress a small laugh.
“You are insane, you know that?”
“Yes. And that’s why we’re going to Manaan.” Yan smiled.
“What? You like fish?” Jormin parried.
“No, I like Sith embassies, Kolto politics and neutral bastards. I mean fish. Neutral fish. Never insult them for bastards or fish though.”
Jormin laughed. “Why not?”
“Because hypocrite bottom feeder is better.”
Whatever Yan did, it made Jormin feel a whole lot better. And the promise of a new target, Manaan, made him feel even better.
“I’ll check if your lovely droid is all right. I have a problem with HK-protocol droids.”
“Bought one?”
“Nope, destroyed some. Anyways, we have a safe house and two contacts on Manaan. We should be safe.”

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