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Thread: [FIC]The Chronicles of Crianna Oc're
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@Bob Lion54
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[FIC]The Chronicles of Crianna Oc're

Greetings all.

I figured it was time to post something of the story I have been working on. I started this story many months ago, but for some reason never really continued writing. I suppose I got distracted with other things...

Though I haven't worked on the story in months, I've never given up on it. Quite the contrary, it was always my intention to return to it. I finally did today.

I suppose the biggest reason I am posting this is I hope it will give me incentive to continue the story by committing myself to it. Even though I have not actively written anything for a while, ideas, characters, events, ext. never left my mind. Unfortunately, it never seemed to happen while I was at my computer and could actually write. My problem now is putting it all together into a cohesive story. heh

Hopefully you will enjoy my addition to the Coruscant Entertainment Centre, "The Chronicles of Crianna Oc're"


EDIT: I have created a site to host the fic so as to preserve the text in a more "bookish" fashion. Please click the link below to read my story! Thanks for reading!

The Chronicals of Crianna Oc're

Update: Chapter 1 is up.
Update: Chapter 2 is up, rough, but up.

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A detective write non-detective fic? Interesting...But however it's nice to see the prologue, and looking forward to see Chapter 1.

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I'm kind of confused from the jump from Prologue One to Prologue Two. Is the second prologue part of the girl's dream? Other than this question, it's good so far. Keep it up.

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@Bob Lion54
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Thanks for the comments!

I don't have a story update yet, but I have created a site to host the story because it preserves spaces and paragraphs thereby making it easier to read. Its just a freewebs site, so its nothing special but any comments are welcomed about the story or the site!

The link is here.

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Ah Freewebs, a popular hosting site.
Seems pretty cool, that site's great for hosting personal fictions or art.
Hope to see more chapters/sections soon.

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@Bob Lion54
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Alright, I put chapter 1 up on the site. Hopefully you enjoy it. Chapter 2 will be some time in coming though, as I have very little done and I have a lot of important events planed for Chapter 2. It should be interesting... I hope. heh

Chapter 1 is setting the characters. Hopefully I succeeded in letting you get to know the main characters introduced thus far.

You can find chapter 1 on the site by clicking the "Chapter1" link in the navigation bar to the left of the page.

Also, Here is the direct link to chapter 1.


Originally Posted by KotO[REvan]
I'm kind of confused from the jump from Prologue One to Prologue Two. Is the second prologue part of the girl's dream? Other than this question, it's good so far. Keep it up.
Sorry, I missed your question until just now. No, part two of the Prologue is not part of her dream. It is a separate event to introduce the "villain." I hoped the "****** Prologue 2" would communicate this.

Hmm... I'm really not sure how to change it to be more clear.

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Bob lion, contact me via PM if you want your story critiqued.

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Okay, so it's been two years since I updated this, but I decided to throw up chapter 2.

I'm trying to get back into writing this, as well as another Non-SW story I'm planning. Anyway, Chapter 2 has been sitting on my computer for a while now. It's rough, and probably needs a lot of editing, but I figured it was time to post it.

People seem to prefer reading them directly from the forums, so I’ll use the next few post to do that, but I’ll still update the site if anyone is interested. I don’t know, just seems easier to read that way, but it’s up to you.

Chapter one will start in the next post.

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@Bob Lion54
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It was a day like any other on the small Outer Rim planet. The breeze blew calmly on a young woman’s face. She was enjoying a relaxing day, sitting beneath her favorite tree.
“Crianna. Crianna!” shouted a familiar voice.
“Huh? Oh, yes Mother?” replied Crianna, startled from her thoughts.
“Are you daydreaming again? You heard your father. He wants that droid repaired before noon.”
“Almost,” Crianna lied. “I figured out what was wrong with it, but I, um, got distracted.”
“You are always distracted, dear. Well, if you’re not going to get any work done, you might as well come in and help me get lunch ready,” her mother said in her usual carefree voice.
“All right, I’ll be in in a few minutes. I am getting hungry.” Crianna said. In truth she would have much preferred to return to her daydream. She was thinking about life outside of the little farm she called home. She always dreamed she could be more than just a farmer, but no one ever left Bactu’rahh.
She stared at the T3 droid sitting before her. “What the hell is wrong with you?” she thought to herself as she picked up the old hydrospanner. Crianna poked and prodded the droid for the next several minutes, before, once again, she found herself piloting a fighter into glorious battle.

***** (Prologue Part 2)

“Yes, Sir?” replied the helmsman.
“Set a course for Dantooine,” the captain said. “Best speed.”
“Aye, Captain!”
“Captain Lowe, what’s on Dantooine?” whispered the first officer, so the crew would not hear.
“I don’t know,” said the captain. His usual stoic voice quivered a bit. The first officer was taken aback, but did not let his surprise show. Captain Lowe suddenly began to walk off the bridge. Just as he was at the door, he stopped for a moment. The first officer could not help but notice what appeared to be a look of terror upon his captain’s face. “Let me know when we arrive,” shouted Captain Lowe, his voice undeniably shaky.

Captain Lowe managed to force himself into his quarters. The sound of the door shutting behind him made him feel all the more a prisoner on his own ship. For several moments, he could not breath. He could feel his throat tighten, but could make no sound. Then out of the shadows in his dimly lit quarters, he heard the distinct breathing he had come to fear. It was the sound of evil. The sound of death.
“Have you followed my instructions?” If evil had a voice, Captain Lowe was sure this was it.
“Yes” breathed the captain, but it was barely audible. He felt his shoulders grow suddenly cold and without warning his knees gave out beneath him.
“Answer me!” said the hate filled voice.
“Yes, my Lord!” screamed the captain in a panic.
“Good. Leave me”
The captain was all too happy to comply.

Chapter 1: Bactu’rahh

Crianna was alone in her room daydreaming as usual. She was the admiral of a grand fleet. No one could stand in her way.
“Admiral, all ships are in position.”
“Weapons to full power! Charge the super dynamic laser turrets!”
The bridge of her command ship was taking heavy damage. A nearby console burst into flames as she gave the order. “Fire all guns at the capitol!”
“Admiral, we have a direct hit! We have taken out their supper!”
“Their what?” she replied incredulously.
“Supper, you know, you eat it. I swear, sometimes I wonder if your feet ever even touch the ground.”
“Oh! Sorry Father. I was just thinking of something,” replied the “admiral.”
“Come and eat, it’s getting cold. Your mother has made an exceptional meal tonight and we have something important to discuss,” her father said.

Crianna, her mother, and her father sat around the table. The food was, as always, excellent. Crianna’s mother was an exceptional cook, as evident by her father. Lonn Oc’re was a rather corpulent man and fond of spending, as her mother would say, “too much damn time” at the local cantina. Still, he was a man who knew what was important in life. He prized his family above all else and his fields were never lacking attention. Though at the moment, his full attention was directed at his Kath Hound ribs. Crianna could not help but wonder what was so important, but she waited until her father was ready to tell her.
“Livia and I have come to a decision,” he finally said, just as he was finishing his last rib. “We’re moving to Dantooine.”
Before she could catch herself, Crianna yelled, “Dantooine? But this is our home! All my friends are here! Why are we moving?”
Crianna expected him to get angry, but surprisingly, he remained calm. “ The farm just isn’t making any profit. The fire at the depot has really hurt everyone around here. What little trade we had is running dry. I hear a lot of rumors at the cantina. They are saying many families are leaving, or close too it. Crianna, I love Bactu’rahh, I was born here too, but there is just no one to sell to anymore. Your mother’s cousin has a small farm on Dantooine. He decided he wanted to try his hand at being a merchant and sold me his farm really cheap. We are leaving in ten standard days, so make sure you have everything packed by then.” The finality in his voice, Crianna knew, meant arguing would accomplish nothing. Still, she had to say something.
“But all my friends are here. And school. What about school?” she replied, but this time she was able to control her temper.
“There are schools on Dantooine and you’ll make new friends. I know you will miss this place, but there is nothing here for us anymore. I know it will be hard on you, its hard on us all, but Oc’re blood is strong. Together we can endure anything. I remember your first day of school, you cried so much, but eventually you came to like going. The transition may be rough, but you’ll like Dantooine once we are settled in.”
“Alright Father,” she said, crestfallen.
“Crianna,” said Livia, Crianna’s mother. “I need you to pick up some supplies for the trip. Here is a list and some credits. You can pick them up tomorrow on your way home. Don’t worry, Dear, Dantooine will be fine. You’ll like it once we’re settled in.”

The next day in class, every one was talking about the Oc’res leaving. No one ever left Bactu’rahh. Many people were in awe that they were leaving. She received many congratulatory comments.
“I can’t believe you’re leaving! Good luck!”
“Try not to forget us little people while you’re on Dantooine.”
There were also those who treated her like a traitor.
“OOOO! Looky who’s leaving. She must think she is too good for us poor farm kids.”
“ Her family must be too rich to live here. I always knew they were stuck up.”
Crianna tried to keep out of everyone’s way. She didn’t like all the attention. All she wanted was to do was go home. She wanted life to return to normal. She hoped this was just one of her daydreams, but she knew it wasn’t.

After school, Crianna went to Rhede’s Emporium for the supplies her mother wanted. Rhede was a kindly old man who Crianna came to think of as a friend, but despite his genial demeanor, may townsfolk felt he was a bit strange. This didn’t hurt his business, though. It was often said, “anything you need, Rhede can get.” Today, he seemed a bit nervous and not at all the lighthearted man Crianna had come to know. “Is something wrong?” she asked.
“Oh no, nothing at all, nothing at all.” He replied, but he seemed to know she did not believe him. “Well, in truth, I have been feeling, well, a bit old as of late. It’s nothing for young minds to trouble over. Now Crianna, what can I get for you?” He asked in his usual warm and caring voice.
“My mother has a few things she needs. I guess you heard we’re going to live on Dantooine. It seems the whole town knows. Are, are you sure you’re alright?”
Rhede smiled and let out a slight laugh. Crianna felt a huge weight lift form her shoulders and for an instant she thought she saw a twinkle in her old friend’s eye. “I’m fine, child. But trust your feelings, they will never leave you without recourse.”
“I don’t understand. Sometimes I think you are cryptic on purpose,” Crianna said after a few moments thought.
Rhede let out another laugh. “One of the few advantages of growing old. You can be as cryptic as you like, and everyone takes it as a great revelation.” His laughter subsided and he laid his hand on Crianna’s shoulder. “ But you will know what I mean when the time is right,” he said warmly. Crianna believed him, more than she had ever believed anyone about anything. Rhede had that unusual effect on her. He had the ability to make her fell better, no matter what was bothering her. To Crianna, Rhede was almost like a grandfather, though she never knew her real grandparents. Rhede continued after reading the list of supplies, “Now, I’ve much work to do. Tell Livia I will have the supplies ready in eight standard days. I’ll have them sent to your homestead.” With a hand gesture and a polite smile, he motioned her to the door. Crianna left his shop feeling better than she had since she heard they were leaving.

Crianna was in surprisingly good spirits as she made her way home. As she came to the little fork in the road by the hill, she began to have a strange feeling. She was nervous, but she didn’t know why. She took the road on the right that led to her homestead. The odd feeling didn’t go away. She tried to hum a song to herself to get her mind off of it, but it didn’t help at all. If anything, she became more nervous. Crianna walked around the base of the hill, all the while telling herself how foolish she was and there was nothing to be worried about. As she came around the other side of the hill, she noticed a figure standing in the distance along the path. At first she could not tell who it was, but as she got closer she realized it was a particularly nasty school bully named Matlep. He was a year older than Crianna and delighted in picking on anyone smaller, or sometime bigger, than himself. Everyone, even some instructors, steered clear when he walked by.
“So, it’s the little brat that’s leaving,” he snarled. “Maybe someone needs a good beating to remember us poor farmers by.” At that he ran at Crianna. She was frozen with fear as he approached. By instinct, for Crianna was not one to get onto fights, she ducked under his punch. This only made him angrier and he swung again. This time he hit the side of her head. She was dazed and fell to the ground. She felt her side suddenly in pain and realized he had kicked her. “Sorry I can’t give you more to remember us by, but I have important business to take care of with that little Loppolo brat. Cheers!”
Crianna managed to sit up. She sat for several moments trying to clear her mind when she felt blood dripping onto her shoulder. Crianna touched the spot where she was hit and examined the blood on her hand. Luckily, the cut did not feel to large, but she knew she needed to stop the bleeding. She held her hand on her head as she tried to pick her self up, but she was dizzy and fell back down. Still trying to regain her senses, Crianna became aware of the throbbing in her side and remembered the kick. She lifted her shirt to examine it. Though not bruised yet, she could make out the outline of Matlep’s foot. Crianna slowly crawled to the hill and laid down on her back. Still holding her head, and though it hurt her side, Crianna could not help but cry.

Crianna, after half an hour, suddenly thought of her parents. What would she tell them? What should she tell them? Crianna thought her father would blame himself and that was the last thing she wanted. A thought popped into her head. “Rhede would know what to do. I’ll go see him,” she said out loud.
“See me about what?” said the voice of her friend. Crianna looked up and saw Rhede walking towards her from the road. “Oh my, you’re hurt. Let me have a look at you.” Rhede examined her head and Crianna told him about her side. “Ah, I think you’ll be fine. Come to my cottage. I have a few medical supplies. I do hope they have not grown too old. It has been many years since I’ve had occasion to use them,” said Rhede as he helped her to her feet.
So the two made their way to Rhede’s cottage. It was on the way to Crianna’s homestead, so they did not have to go out of the way. In not more than five minutes, Crianna was sitting in an old wooden chair in Rhede’s little home. He had gone to a storage room in the rear of the cottage and told Crianna to make herself comfortable.
Rhede’s cottage was very old but neatly kept. It was very small with only a few rooms. The main living area, where Crianna now sat, was the largest. The kitchen was very small and part of this room. On the door to the right was Rhede’s bedroom and the door on the left was the bathroom. The storage room was in the rear of the cottage. By its size, Crianna guessed it was once another bedroom. Rhede was not married and had no children that Crianna knew of. He lived alone in his little cottage, which perfectly reflected his personality in Crianna’s mind. If it is possible to trust a place, this was the place to trust.
In short order, Rhede returned to the room. He said, “ I have a bit of salve from the water world Manaan. Have you heard of Manaan?” Crianna shook her head. “No? Ah, no matter. Here, hold still, my young friend.” Rhede applied the salve to the cut on her head. At first it was cold, but very quickly the pain was gone. “You’ll still have a headache for a day or so, I’d suspect. I don’t have anything for that. But let me see that bruise on your side, this salve should help that as well. It would work better if it was fresher, but it should still help.”
“Thank you, Rhede. It feels much better, Sir,” said Crianna. She added, “I guess I need your help. See, I was walking home and that beast Matlep attacked me. He said it was because we are leaving. I don’t know if I should tell my parents or not.”
“Why would you not tell them?” asked Crianna’s friend.
“Well, I guess I’m afraid my father might blame himself, I mean with us leaving and all.”
“Ah, I see,” Rhede said as if lost in thought. “He might or he might not, I don’t know. I do know that Lonn is one of the wisest men I have ever known. Yes, I know you think he is just a simple farmer, but he has great wisdom. He could have been a Jedi, I think, if he was sensitive to the force,” he said very warmly.
Crianna was always very proud of her father. She knew how hard he worked to keep the family well feed and cared for. She knew how much he loved her and her mother, but wise was not one of the words she usually associated with him. Its not that he ever did anything foolish except for coming home from the cantina a bit too drunk sometimes. She just never though of him as being wise. Rhede was the only person she knew that she considered truly wise. Crianna trusted no one as much as him. She realized if Rhede thought her father to be a wise man, then it must be true.
“So,” Crianna began, but stopped for a moment to think. “So, you mean that I should tell him?”
Rhede thought for a second then said, “Perhaps this is a moment to trust your emotions. Now go along home. Your parents must be starting to worry.”
Crianna left the little cottage knowing what she must do. She would have to tell them. Her home was only as short walk from Rhede’s cottage and was in sight within a few minutes.
When she got home, the first thing she saw was smoke coming from the kitchen. She knew her mother was already cooking the night’s meal and began to feel hungry. She didn’t see her father but knew he was still in the fields. Crianna went to her room and looked in the mirror. She hadn’t seen what she looked like since the incident and was expecting the worst. Luckily, the only outward signs of the attack were a bit of dried blood in her hair and the salve Rhede applied. It showed even less because her hair was a very dark brown, almost black. She usually wore it in a ponytail, but let it down to hide the blood as best she could. Even though she decided to tell her parents, Crianna did not want it to be the first thing they noticed.
Crianna waited in her room until she heard her father come in. She could hear her parents talking in the next room, which was the main living area of the home. All she could make out was bits and pieces of the conversation, but she heard enough to know her father’s day had not gone well. Apparently his crops were not producing as much as he expected. He said, “ I was hoping to have one last decent harvest. Our first few months on Dantooine are not going to be easy.” Crianna could hear the frustration in his voice. She wanted to run in and throw her arms around him, but before she could she heard her mother say, “ I know, Lonn. We’ll manage. We always have.” Her father replied, “Oh Livia, you’re much to good for me.” Crianna was relieved to hear a bit of a laugh as he said this.
“Now is as good a time as ever,” Crianna said to herself. She walked into the room and looked at her parents. They had their arms around each other and their lips were locked in a kiss. Crianna thought, “Maybe now is not such a good time.” It was too late. Her father saw her.
“Crianna, you know you shouldn’t spy on adults!” he said with a twinkle in his voice. “Anyway, we were just about to come and let you know supper was ready. Come eat!”
Crianna followed them into the kitchen and took her usual spot at the table. She sat for a few seconds while her father placed the food on the table. Her mother was getting the drinks ready. When they both sat down, she looked up and said, “Mother, Father everything is fine. I’m ok, but I need to tell you something.” Crianna explained what happened and how Rhede helped her. Of course she downplayed the seriousness of the injuries as best she could.
Lonn Oc’re walked over and looked at his daughter’s injuries. He said nothing, but Crianna could see the worry in his eyes. After a few moments, Lonn gently kissed her forehead and said, in not more than a whisper, “I’m sorry, Sweetie.” At that, he walked out of the room and Crianna did not see him the rest of the day. Crianna was more worried about her farther than she was about her injuries now. She could tell he was deeply hurt, but did not know what to say to him. Livia was more active in trying to condole her. The next few days, Livia doted over her to the point that Crianna was staying out of her way. Her father was also paying extra attention to her. He kept asking her how she was and telling her not to worry about doing this or that chore. It was unbearable.

The rest of the week passed without anything exciting happening. Her parents were still doting over her. By the time the day came to pack for their move, Crianna was relieved, as it would give them something else to bother about. She packed her room, all the while feeling depressed. After she was done with her room, she helped her parents with the rest of the homestead.
“Alright, it looks like we got everything we can take. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I suggest we all go to bed early tonight,” said Lonn. Crianna was more than a little happy to comply after a long day of work. She took a sonic shower and went to bed, but she could not fall asleep. Her mind was racing with thoughts of the life she was leaving and the life yet to come. She thought about her friends. She thought about her favorite places on Bactu’rahh. She thought about Dantooine and she wondered if she would fit in there. After almost two hours, she finally fell asleep.

Crianna woke up early the next morning. She was awake before her parents, and it was still dark outside. She got out of bed for one last look at the Bactu’rahh sunrise. It wasn’t until then she realized this would be her last view of the beautiful blue sun and the way it sparkled on the pond behind their home.

She walked about house looking at everything. For the first time in years, Crianna noticed the small notches on the kitchen door that Lonn had made to mark her growth. She noticed the burn mark on the floor where she dropped the hydrospanner the first time her father let her help him work on a droid. She tried to see everything, but each thing she noticed made her more and more sad. Then she saw the first rays of light inching in through the window. It was then she became angry with herself for missing the pervious nights sunset. Crianna realized she would never have the chance to see it again and let out a few expletives.
Crianna decided to watch the sunrise from her favorite place, her tree. Her Tree! She had forgotten about it. This was her last chance to sit beneath it! Crianna did everything there. She did her schoolwork, sat and thought for sometimes hours at a time, worked on the droids (when it wasn’t a problem with the motivator), and anything else she could do there. Crianna was determined to imprint this last sunrise on her mind.

When she got to her tree, she noticed something was different. It took her a few seconds to realize her tools were gone. Her father must have packed them. The tree looked strangely naked without its usual assortment of tools strewn about. Crianna put her back to the tree and looked towards the sunrise. As it rose, her heart sank.

[End Chapter 1]

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Chapter 2: Dantooine

Crianna and her parents boarded the ship to Dantooine early that morning. The ship was old and looked to have seen better days. It was never a top of the line vessel as far as Crianna could tell. The ship was designed for cargo, but one of the top sections had been converted to hold passengers. Crianna guessed it could comfortably hold about twenty people. There where seats placed in disjointed rows all facing the front of the passenger area. Many of the seats appeared to have been salvaged from other vessels. Some of the seats seemed to have been part of a luxury ship while others seemed to have been from a cargo ship’s cockpit. All the seats were very old and tarnished, much like the rest of the ship. Rusted panels with exposed wiring were everywhere. One particular bulkhead caused Crianna to flinch. It looked as though it had rusted through.

Lonn and Livia took seats near the front of the cabin. Crianna sat directly behind them in the only decent seat she could find near her parents. Crianna could tell her father was nervous but decided not to say anything. Her mother had both her arms around his left arm and she rested her head on his shoulder. Crianna began to feel embarrassed at the way she reacted when she first learned they were moving to Dantooine. What do I have to complain about? she thought. My parents are still deeply in love after being married for over twenty years.
They sat there in silence for a few moments before a large alien man entered. Crianna wasn’t sure what species he was at first, but she recalled seeing pictures of his kind at school. Trandoshan, that’s what they are called, she remembered. As she tried to recall what she could about Trandoshans, she felt a twinge in her stomach. Aren’t they usually mercenaries? The thought was unsettling. She suddenly realized she was staring at him and quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t notice. Luckily, the Trandoshan walked to the back of the cabin and took a seat near the rear of the passenger hold.
Not long after the Trandoshan entered, a youngish Green Twi’lek male entered the cabin. He had an attractive face and wore simple, yet clean, clothing. Crianna guessed he must be a traveling merchant, though they hadn’t seen many on Bactu’rahh the past couple of seasons. He looked at her and gave a charismatic smile and nod before taking a seat near the front. Crianna had hoped he would sit a bit closer to her and her face reddened.
As Crianna thought about the Twi’lek, a Sullustan entered through a doorway opposite the one the passengers had used. He made an odd sound as if clearing his throat then said in Sullustese “ We are departing now. Make sure you are strapped into your seat.” He quickly turned and left. Crianna got the impression that passengers where a necessary nuisance to the Sullustan and not something he enjoyed dealing with. She found the restraints for her seat and made sure they were fastened tightly. A low rumbling sound came from somewhere behind her. The whole ship seemed to be vibrating. The sound grew, as did the vibration of the ship. She grabbed the armrests of her chair tightly as she felt the ship began to lift from the ground. It seemed to stop for a few seconds then sway back and forth slightly before finally quickly ascending. Too quickly for Crianna. She felt her stomach fighting to remain on the ground as the rest of her zoomed upward. Luckily, the takeoff only lasted a few seconds.
As the ship leveled in space, she thought, we really left. I may never see home again. She tried to get one last look at her home world through a porthole near her seat. All she could see was one of Bactu’rahh’s moons. The ship traveled for a few moments then the stars seemed to elongate. There was a loud rumble from the rear of the ship then a loud pop and the window was filled with a strange blue cloud.

They had reached hyperspace. She would never see home again.

Captain Lowe paced the command deck of The Relentless. His thoughts were troubled as the ship continued its course to Dantooine. Captain Lowe spent the last ten years moving himself into position as a top Sith Officer. In that time, he developed many connections with other officers and captains. His political power grew, but it was not time to take advantage of it.

But now that thing in his quarters caused him to rush his plans.

The Sith were now a leaderless military. The captains of each ship held those under their command in line. Since the Jedi Civil War, there were no Sith Lords to lead them but many Sith remained on ships throughout the galaxy. The admiralty was all but gone. Many captains had tried to assume control of the Sith but none of them were successful. They were either killed by a rival or fled to obscurity on planets where no one would find them. Moving too quickly would jeopardize his plans. Captain Lowe still needed to test the loyalty of too many to try to take control of the Sith.
Captain Lowe knew six captains were loyal to him. Their vessels were all with him as he sped towards Dantooine. And for what? The thing, the voice, in his quarters would not tell him. Captain Lowe was not a man that was easily frightened, but that voice terrified him. He would do whatever it commanded. He had no choice and he knew it. It was his Master.
Captain Lowe felt the pull of the voice. It called him to his quarters. It was not with words, but the captain could feel when it wanted him. The feeling sent a shiver down his spine every time he felt it. He tried to maintain his composer.
“Lieutenant Vond, how long till we reach Dantooine?”
“ Just under an hour, Sir,” replied Vond.
“ Good. I’ll be in my quarters,” Captain Lowe said sharply.

Captain Lowe took a deep breath before entering his quarters. He hoped it would help calm his nerves. I did not. The captain stepped inside and glanced around. “Master, you called?” His voice sounded shaky even to himself.
“Yes. I don’t want any ships to leave or land on Dantooine. I want the planet cut off from the galaxy!”
“But,” Lowe said, almost in a yell. Fear shot through him as he realized his tone. He continues slowly, “Master, we are only seven ships. We cannot hope to blockade a planet the size of Dantooine. It would take more ships...”
“I do not want excuses, Captain,” the master said angrily before pausing a moment. “Perhaps your second would serve me better,” he added in a cold, matter of fact voice.
“No, Master! That will not be necessary. I will see to the preparations at once.”

Lieutenant Vond was pacing the room and glancing over various stations when he heard the command deck’s doors open. Captain Lowe entered looking perplexed beneath his stoic façade. Vond walked over to his captain and waited for his orders.
Lowe took a deep breath and almost as if he didn’t believe the words himself said “Lieutenant, prepare the- fleet to blockade Dantooine.”
It took Vond several seconds to comprehend the order. He raised an eyebrow but said only “Yes, sir.” He began to walk away to make the preparations, but stopped. “Captain, will we be sending ground forces to the surface?”
“No, but have them standing by.”

Lowe paced the bridge of his ship. Why are we blockading the planet? What could be gained by it? Captain Lowe wondered. He added these questions to the long list of unanswered questions that lingered since he first heard the voice of his master.

There was a loud pop and a Sullustan voice suddenly echoed in the passenger cabin. Crianna awoke from a half sleep with a start. “We will be exiting hyperspace in less than one standard hour,” the Sullustan’s voice said. Crianna was relieved the trip would finally be over, but still felt apprehensive about life on Dantooine. At least I’ll be off this garbage heap, she thought.
The ship rattled and threatened to fall apart the whole time she was on it. The worst part was that there was simply nothing to do on the ship. Crianna spent some time exploring the ship, but that quickly became boring. Everything was in horrid condition and Crianna wondered how any of it still worked. Crianna spent most of the trip daydreaming in her seat about what life would be like on Dantooine. She also thought about life back home, and more than once her thoughts turned to the hansom Twi’lek sitting not far from her. She tried not to look at him, but had to catch herself several times.
After a short while, the ship jerked forward, then back. Crianna watched through the window as the blue cloud suddenly became streaks of light and then stars. The same loud pop came from the ship’s communications system and the Sullustan’s voice boomed through the cabin. “We are beginning our landing appro-“ His voice was cut of by a loud bang and the ship jerked hard to the right. Crianna was thrown hard onto the armrest of her seat. Fear shot threw her as she looked to her parents. Her mother’s face was pale and terrified as she looked back at her daughter.
“What’s going on,” Crianna shouted.
“We’re being attached,” her father said. His voice was steady, but the worry was clear to Crianna. She had never heard him sound scared before. “Hold on! We came out close to the planet. We should still land in one piece,” he added, in an attempt to reassure Crianna.
The ship gave a sharp lurch to the left and Crianna felt her seat start to come up from the floor. Horrified, she looked out the window. She saw two large vessels approaching. The closer one was firing what looked like hundreds of blaster bolts. The ship was hit again and jerked to the right, but her eyes were glued to the two ships. The second ship began firing and Crianna felt herself being thrown to the left. Her seat broke loose from the bolts holding it to the floor and her head hit the ground hard. In a daze, she looked up and saw her father reaching for her. She had never seen his face look as it did now. He was scared.
Everything grew hazy and Crianna passed out.

Captain Lowe was observing the latest battle from his quarters as he reported to his master. He was in the middle of reporting their attempts to track down a fighter that had eluded them and landed on the surface as Crianna’s ship jumped out of hyperspace. From the large window in his quarters, Lowe could see the ship would not last much longer. His master spoke.
“Pray that this ship does not make a fool of you, as did the last one. I will not tolerate another failure, Cap…” but his voice trailed off. His voice was barely a whisper as he continued, lost in thought “Another Jedi… is this why the Force drew me to this place? Are the Jedi reassembling? I wonder… I can feel someone strong in the Force is on that ship… but they are untrained. There is another Jedi on that ship, as well… but the Force feels… distant to them.”
He had forgotten Captain Lowe was there. Lowe was staring vaguely in his direction with a look of horror on his face that brought the Master pleasure. “Captain, that ship must not reach the planet’s surface intact! Make sure it is destroyed. Go!”

As Lowe entered the bridge, Lieutenant Vond turned from his console and stood at attention. Lowe walked over to him.
“What’s the status of that ship?” he asked.
“They’ve sustained heavy damage. They won’t last much longer, Sir.”
“Why are we having trouble hitting them? Is something wrong with the targeting computer? They should have been destroyed already.”
“I’m not sure, Captain. Diagnostics are normal, but I’ve already dispatched a tech team to investigate.”
Lowe watched as the ship took another hit, but somehow remained intact. The ship was not far from the atmosphere of the planet now. As the planet loomed closer, the ship took no more hits. A crewman turned from his console. “Captain, they have entered the atmosphere. They will be out of range in a few moments,” he said.
One of their shots hit. A bright fireball erupted from the ship, but it continued to descend. The same crewman said, “Sir, the last shot took out what was left of their stabilizers. They won’t be able to land properly. They will be destroyed on impact.”
“Excellent. I want the area scanned for life signs,” Captain Lowe said as he began to walk to the door. “And, send a probe to be sure. I want no mistakes made with this one,” he added before leaving. Lowe headed to his quarters to report the good news to his master.

Crianna awoke in a daze. She moved her head to look around as much as possible through the haze in her mind. Debris was lying all around her. The hansom Twi’lek was lying not far from her. Her mind was too confounded to comprehend what the large piece of metal sticking out of his chest meant. Crianna saw what remained of the ship. It was barely held together. There were several large holes that ran all the way through, giving a clear view of the port where they should have landed. Figures hurried around to put out fires on various parts of the ship.
She heard a voice. It was somehow familiar, but she couldn’t recognize it. Somehow, it was comforting. It sounded like it said, “You will be alright,” but Crianna never really heard the words. A face came close to hers. “I know you,” she tried to say, though she didn’t know why or how she knew this person. Or even who is was. The voice said, “Don’t try to talk. You have been gravely injured.” For a second Crianna knew who it was, but then everything began to spin and she felt herself passing out again.

Crianna was sitting under her favourite tree working on a droid. It was the third time in as many days she had to fix this droid. “You know, you break every day. I think it would be easier to just get a new droid,” she said. The droid gave a few unhappy beeps. “I’m only joking. I love fixing you… every day.” The droid did not understand sarcasm and beeped happily. Crianna breathed a laugh as she struggles to turn a particularly rusty bolt. As she just got the bolt back into place, her father shouted from the house, “Time for dinner! Hurry up before its cold! You can finish that in the morning.”
“Great, I’m starving,” she shouted back as she got up.
Her parents were already sitting as Crianna took her usual spot at the table. Lonn Oc’re spoke as Crianna was picking out her portions of the meal. “I think the harvest is going to be just as good as last year. Maybe better! Have you thought about submitting your application to the engineering academy this year, Crianna?”
“I thought about it, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up again,” Crianna responded.
“Oh well, I know... I’m sorry about last year, but you better submit your application soon if you want to make the next class. You can help with the harvest, and still be able to make the start of classes. I should be able to hire a few hands before the next growing season.”
“We are so proud of you, dear,” began Livia. “We haven’t had anyone in the family go to the academy since your great grand father.”
“Do you really mean it? I can go this year!” Crianna jumped to her feet and ran to her room. She found the data pad with the application and brought it back to the table. Crianna was overjoyed as she stared down at the data pad. Then a sinking feeling began to grow in the pit of her stomach… “No… this… this isn’t right. This isn’t...”
“You must be tired, dear. Hurry up and eat then straight to bed with you. You can fill that out when you wake up,” said Livia.
Crianna looked back and forth as her parents’ smiling faces beamed down upon her. Their faces began to fade as she realized the whole world was out of focus. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what.

Crianna bolted upright from the bed she was sleeping in. As she sat there, she became aware of the sweat covering her face. She looked down and saw her shirt was covered in sweat and a dark red substance. She suddenly understood. It was her blood. Her back began to feel cold and wet as she became aware of her surroundings. She looked around. It was a small windowless room with little more than the bed and a cabinet. Is this a hospital? she wondered.

She stared at the door, wondering is she should try to stand and go look around. Crianna tried to move, but she was very weak. As she sat there, trying to remember what had transpired, a figure suddenly appeared in the doorway.
“Rhede!” she shouted and tried to jump out of bed, but the old man was quicker than he appeared. He gently pushed her back on the bed before she could get up.
“You need to rest. Your body has been through quite an ordeal… and your mind, I fear.”
A sudden realization hit Crianna. She looked up at her friend. “They’re…” she began but she could tell by the old man’s eyes that her fear was correct. She forced herself to say it; she desperately wanted him to tell her she was wrong. “They’re dead,” she asked. It wasn’t really a question. She already knew the answer.
Rhede took a deep breath and let out a long, sad sigh. “I’m afraid so, Crianna,” he said.
Crianna was overcome with grief. She saw the tears in her old friend’s eyes as he rushed forward and embraced her while she cried.

The next few days were very difficult for Crianna. Rhede comforted her as much as he could. The emotional pain was bad enough, but her body was so stiff and sore, she could barely get out of bed. She was surprised she could walk at all, but Rhede told her she had been unconscious for nearly two weeks. He answered all the questions she had, but her mind was still not clear through her grief. Finally, after almost a week, Crianna realized something.
“Rhede,” she began slowly, “I wouldn’t have made it without you. I know that, but I… well, what are you doing here?”
“Ah! Yes, that’s an interesting story. I knew you would ask sooner or later…Where to being? Well, I suppose you’ll need the whole story.” Rhede was clearly struggling to come up with words.
“Once, it seems so long ago, I was a Jedi. Yes, it’s true. Those were different times… Order was the way of things. The Republic was strong… The Jedi served as peacekeepers throughout the galaxy. But, times change.” The old man spoke as if lost in thought and with a hint of sadness. “Then came a great war. What do you know of the Mandalorians?”
“A little. We learned about them in school. They fought the Republic a while back, didn’t they? But the Jedi refused to help at first, I think,” Crianna said.
“Yes, but that’s not the whole story…” Rhede sat down at the foot of the bed and sighed deeply. He began to speak but stopped before saying anything. Finally, he continued, “you see… the Jedi Counsel always felt there was something else going on. They were cautious of committing to a war without seeing the whole picture. Some of the Jedi did not agree with the counsel’s stand… perhaps if the counsel wasn’t so secretive…” He paused for a few seconds, lost in thought then continued, “But no, it does no good to ponder what could have been. Where was I? Ah yes, some did not agree with the counsel’s decision not to aid the Republic. One young Jedi in particular was very vocal with his disagreement. His name was Revan…
“Revan spoke with the counsel, but they would not hear him. So Revan, with his natural charisma, led many Jedi to war. The Jedi Counsel was not pleased, but there was little they could do. They remained mindful of their perceived hidden threat. Contrary to what most people… remember, the counsel was not completely absent from the war. They sent advisors to the Republic to aid in battle plans and the logistics of running a government during a large-scale war. The advisors did everything from suggesting tactics to aiding in the relief efforts on war-touched worlds. I was one such advisor.
“My Padawan and I were sent to a Republic ship to aid in battle plans.” Seeing Crianna’s puzzled expression, Rhede explained, “ A Padawan is an apprentice to a Jedi Master. They travel together so that the Padawan may learn the ways of the Force ‘in the field.’ Your father was my Padawan and my greatest friend.”
“What! No, that can’t be. My father was a farmer his whole life. He wasn’t a Jedi,” Crianna exclaimed.
“No, it true, Crianna. He-“
“But why? Why didn’t he tell me if it’s true? Was my mother a Jedi, too?” Crianna interrupted sarcastically.
Rhede continued patiently, “No she wasn’t; and he had his reason, which I will get to in a bit… Now, lets see… Ah, so your father and I were on the Republic ship. It was there that we met your mother. Livia was so beautiful back then. ‘A Jedi’s training was hardly a match for her,’ I used to joke with your father…” Rhede let out a deep, longing sigh. “Well, they quickly fell in love. Livia was an officer on the ship, you see. The Jedi discourage strong attachments. Strong emotions cloud the mind and can make one susceptible to falling to the Dark Side, but there was little I could do, even if I wanted to.
“The war did not go well for the Republic. I think I enjoyed seeing your parents so happy together, even with the chaos around us… Well, things went on that way for some time. Eventually, everything came to a head at Malachor V. I could feel the evil of that wretched place… Our ship was hit as we fought above the planet and we were forced to abandon the ship. On the surface, met up with the Republic’s ground forces and Revan’s Jedi. We fought the Mandalorians and won… but at a great cost. None of us left that battle the same. I think we aged a hundred years…” Crianna saw tears begin to well in the old man’s eyes, but he caught himself and continued.
“After the war, Lonn and I returned to report to the counsel. Lonn soon grew weary of life as a Jedi, and he left the order. He wanted a life away from it all… He married Livia and the two of them returned to her home planet of Bactu’rahh. They lived on the family farm and took care of your mother’s aunt, her last surviving relative. When she died a few years later, your parents inherited the farm. Eventually, you were born…
“It was a hard thing for them to do, but they decided not to tell you of their past. I think in part because it was so painful, but they also wanted to keep you from that life. They wanted you to have the life they desperately wanted… and had for a time. But all was not right in the galaxy. Soon after the Battle of Malachor V, Revan began building an army. He began calling himself ‘Darth Revan’ and proclaimed himself the Lord of the Sith. Revan, once the hero of the Republic, was now its greatest enemy. He seemed unbeatable, but something happened that often happens to those that fall… His apprentice, Malak, turned on him. Revan was captured by the Jedi and Malak was now the Lord of the Sith. He was merciless in his quest for power. No matter how many of his ships were destroyed, there always seemed to be more.
“The details of what happened next are sketchy at best, but Revan soon returned, this time as a Jedi once again. He defeated Malak and restored peace to the galaxy. But the peace did not last…
“Perhaps it was the threat the counsel felt all along, I do not know, but something, or someone, was killing Jedi everywhere. The Jedi were all but wiped from the galaxy. A few of us remained, however. We fled and went into hiding. I traveled to Bactu’rahh to warn your parents and stayed to help them if this threat should find them. I arrived not long before you were born. Your parents and I often discussed what to tell you. I must say that I agree with their decision, but it is regretful we did not prepare you…You see, Crianna, from the moment of your birth, I could feel the Force within you. It was strong, almost tangible…
“And that is why your parents never told you of their past. They knew you would want to train in the ways of the Force, but it was the Force that cost them so much. They did not want you to have to go through that. They did not want you to have to live the life they did.

“They hoped to spare you the fate it seems you must now meet. The fate of a Jedi…”

[End Chapter 2]

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