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Thread: The Sithidiom: The Complete History of the True Sith----Aristotélēsticus
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The Sithidiom: The Complete History of the True Sith----Aristotélēsticus

Prelude: this piece may utterly seem strange for most of Star Wars fans. Indeed it is a Star Wars fiction that deals with the affairs of the Sith species—known as the True Sith— in a relatively long period spreading from the creation of the Sith till the coming of the Dark Jedi, being referred to in this fiction as the visitors. In my writing I have chosen a mythical approach which, in my humble estimation, introduces the Sith as mystic species that dwell in magic and alchemy, and bound by their mythological understanding of the cosmic nature of their surrounding universe. Now I do not want to write a long introduction but I have one additional thing to declare, that is, the work as a whole serves as a fictional book that was written to save the heritage of the True Sith from becoming sabotaged by the hands of the heretic visitors, introducing a mystic apprentice of Adas the Black as the narrator of this mythos.

An honest reply is always appreciated. Hope you will enjoy it.

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The Sithidiom:
The Complete History of the True Sith

Book One: of the Beginning of days and the creation of the Sith.

The original words of the Hidden, known only as the Owner of Names, son of Adas the Great. That I have learned this knowledge from the Sith’ari himself, and his tongue poured these words of truth upon my ears, like the sun pours its light upon the whole universe.

He said, first there was Enuma; the One. And Enuma was a dark void, yet a flaring existence; and Enuma was one, yet whole; and Enuma was motionless, yet dwells in all; and Enuma was alone, yet bounds the all. And then Enuma created Ish, whom the Visitors named the Force, that is the reason why the First is known among the Sith by the name, Enuma El’Ish, or Enuma, the One, who created Ish, the Force.

When on high Enuma created the Five Avatars, who by respect to their ranks are named; Bereset, Shemot, Arkivay, Barbamid and Devarim, respectively, and Enuma bid them to dwell in the sole realm. But it took no time when war for power and authority raged between the sons of Enuma, with none to proclaim full victory. Thereafter long periods of quarrel they agreed to counsel the wise Enuma, and the latter said to them, “I shall divide the realm into five regions, and each shall rule one.” . Thus Enuma divided the universe into five regions, and called each of them, Maje, or Galaxy. And each Avatar ruled his own galaxy, and each one created many worlds, and created men and women and bid them to inhabit these worlds.

Few decades later, the older three, Bereset, Shemot, Arkivay, waged a furious war against the peaceful system of Barbamid, and they overthrew him and enslaved his people. The thing that made Devarim comes on haste to the Hall of Enuma, wherefore he pleaded, “my brother Barbamid was terribly slain, and not by stranger hands he was, but by those of his brothers. Deliver me then, O Great Enuma, from the evil of my brothers.” But Enuma was silent, and for seven days Devarim kneeled at the feet of Enuma, but there was no movement, no utterance. But in the eighth day Enuma finally spoke, “go to Korriban, and there you shall find a survived daughter to the slain Barbamid, a queen called Horuset. Love her, and you shall find your hope.” And so did Devarim, and he wandered the deserted realm of Barbamid, and there he came upon a woman who was a queen among her people, and he inquired about her name and she said, “Horuset, daughter of Barbamid”, therefore he loved her, and so did she, and she seated him upon the throne beside her, and she adorned his head with a crown of gold. While in time, Devarim and Horuset built a kingdom of marvel beauty, but they did not bother with warfare, and together they begot many children but none of them was as comely nor as strong as Perkele, the One of Fire.

One day a vision came to Arkivay in his slumber, and he saw that a great fire came out from Devarim’s mouth to swallow them all, and thus he was awakened, and being overwhelmed by fear he informed his brothers. After hearing their brother’s strange dream the three agreed to go to the abode of Devarim. And so the three bid their older brother a visit, and Devarim, who feared his stronger brothers, took good care of them, and he humbled himself before them and showed them respect, but they took full caution. Now it happened that Barbamid drank a lot till his head became heavy, and he lay down to sleep near the fire, but as he closed his eyes, a swift wind blew and carrying flames to where he sleeps and in result burned his clothes, but he was able to extinguish it with the help of his brothers. Thinking that this incident is the true fulfillment of Arkivay’s vision, the brothers were satisfied, and they separated and went each one to his kingdom.

Now it came to pass that while the three usurpers dwelled in temporary peace, Perkele became a full man great in power, and Ish accompanied him wherever he went, and Ish protected him from his enemies. And by time he grew even more powerful that he could evoke Ish whenever he needed, and he could even bend it to his will if he may. for this he was distinguished from the people of Devarim and Horuset, for while they admired art, Perkele admired sports, and while they ate vegetables, he ate meat, and while they enjoyed peace, he enjoyed war. He was utterly different, and therefore he was hated even by his father Devarim, for in many occasions his spouse Horuset expressed her delight in her son Perkele whom she deemed as the future avenger, speaking most of the time of his splendor, the thing that made Devarim hold him a grudge.

When therefore Perkele was hunting for food, it happened that he entered the territory of Arkivay, and when the latter’s servants informed him, the mighty Arkivay took his bow and sword and sat forth to bring down the rude intruder. Now Perkele was having a nap after a successful hunt when Arkivay came and defied him. Falling into a paroxysm of rage because of the one who dared to awake him, and not giving himself time for reflection, he summoned Ish and then he attacked, breaking his offender’s sword, and defeating him utterly. But after seeing that his enemy was dead he was content, and he took Arkivay’s bow and went back to his homeland.

Learning of their ally’s death at the hands of Perkele, the Avatars, Bereset and Shemot, were enraged. And they prepared for vengeance, summoning an army of numerous ruthless warriors, and sat forth on a quest to slay Perkele. And when they entered the city of their rival, they slew all the helpless people who knew not how to fight back, and then they besieged the royal castle.

Seeing his nemesis upon his door, Devarim was utterly frightened, and he came upon his wife, the daughter of Barbamid, and blamed her for encouraging their son to commit such follies, and thus to bring forth their terrible doom, but the proud Horuset insisted on her attitude, and she scolded him harshly, deeming him as worthless coward. At these words Devarim lost his mind, and in a moment of wrath he shocked his wife to death, but after realizing the horrible nature of his last deed, he fell into his beloved’s cold embrace and started to shed tears.

As the bewailing king mourned his wife, there came Perkele to his home city, and seeing the overwhelming chaos he knew that the Avatars has come before him, therefore he rushed into the battle. Sensing his return, the Avatars fetched a hundred of their best warriors and sent them to hunt Perkele, and they waited for too long but the warriors did not return. Then they sent two hundred warriors and order them to slay Perkele, yet again they waited for too long but the warriors did not return. Then Shemot spoke, “I shall go hunt this wretched slave myself.” And he went behind the lost warriors, and he came upon Perkele, and the latter was swimming in a pool of the blood. Seeing this, Shemot marveled, “be afraid, for I came to eat your heart, O vile creature!” and then he attacked, but Perkele was the stronger, and it did not take him a long time to overcome his adversary, and to stand in glory before his dead body.

Sensing his brother’s death, Bereset led the army away from the castle to where he sensed Shemot’s death, giving the bewildered Devarim the chance to escape the crises scene, cursing his own son for bring him such a misery.

Now as Bereset stood before the victorious Perkele, he withdrew his great spear, and then he slew his own army showing his strength and ruthlessness to his foe, delivering him a message of power as he stood in defiance, “for I shall take you alone!” he claimed. But Perkele was not afraid, and he defied the Lord of the Avatars saying, “I stand above you now, slowly taking your soul. I shall fight against all your fire, I shall never tire. I am above all lords, I am the Lord of Lords. I stand above you all!” he let out this cry and then he attacked his enemy. The mighty heroes collided in the most furious battle ever happened to take place, and for months they fought but none could prevail. Yet as the two warriors leaned on the ground totally exhausted, Perkele knew that he cannot finish his foe with the might of hand, and he sought to take him by surprise, therefore he covered himself with blood, pretended to be dead and waited for Bereset to come and see him, while in his secrets he sought to deliver his final strike when Bereset is unaware of his trick. Now when the Avatar had the time to rest and was finally prepared to complete the fight, he wandered in the battle field, searching for his rival among the dead bodies. But when he glanced at Perkele lying dead while blood is covering him, he laughed in his secrets, and falling a victim of his own hatred, he approached the grandson of Barbamid willing to behead him. But as he raised his spear up in the sky, Perkele revealed himself and swiftly he took his sword and pierced his heart, eliminating the Great Avatar, putting an end to his rule.

Perkele then stood victorious as a great pillar, and he cried out loud, “Hear me O Vast Earth! Hear me O Great Sky! I am Perkele, the one of fire, ender of the Mighty Avatars, and master of all!” he proudly announced. But then the heavens cried, and thunder blows echoing the sound of Enuma, “Perkele, you one of fire, ender of the Mighty Avatars, and master of all, look what have you done! You have avenged your grandfather’s blood slain unjustly, but you have slain thousands more. You have been treated unjustly, but unjustly you treaded others as well, even those who did you no harm. See now as your mother lying dead upon her throne, what you have done! See now as your father blindly wandering the world, what you have done! See now as the woman who poured wine in your glass are scorched with fire, what you have done! See now as the gardner who took care of your trees is now crucified, what you have done! Indeed you have brought the Order of the Avatars into dismay, yet you have brought the whole word into ruin.” Now as he heard the voice of the One, and knew that the utterance was indeed the truth, he cried out loud, “what thus should I do O Great One!?” his voice touched the sky while his tears the earth. “Create life out of annihilation,” Enuma replied, “order out of chaos, and soberness out of madness.” And thus Perkele’s mind was softened, and the fire in his heart was aroused again, and summoning the great Ish he sat the world anew; the land he brought up side down, the swift and raging wind he subdued with his sword, and the smoke he cleared from the sky, and many other great works did Perkele accomplished to rectify his mistakes. Yet the greatest of these accomplishments were in fact two; the first and the most beautiful was the embalming of the body of his mother, Horuset daughter of Barbamid, and the dismantling of her inner soul into a flaring object of fire, then uprising the latter to lighten the heaven in her dark clothe.

I say, the tale of fate of Horuset accomplished by the hand of Perkele, is the root behind the embalming ceremonies practiced after the King’s death which usually ends with burying the royal body in the Pyramid of the Kings. The evidence of this is the claims of the Priests of Ish, that they are only doing half the work, while the other half —they hope— Perkele shall do to those whom he cherish.

The other accomplishment of Perkele, which comes second in greatness is the establishment of the great rock city, named in the Sith tongue, Korriban, which means; the Unconquerable Fortress.

Now when Perkele finished his works, and fashioned the world they way he claimed the best, he marveled at what has been done so far, for he roamed Korriban for forty days and forty nights, admiring his outstanding achievement but his final work was not yet destined to see the light. Whereas when time elapsed he rested, and he envisioned men and women of great height and of greater divinity, and he awoke willing to transform his ethereal visions into reality. Thereafter he searched for the liquid that suites such greatness the most, and thence he came upon a jar of milk, and he marveled; “tasty is the milk, and full of life, yet it is not what I seek.” But then he came upon a river of water and he marveled, “water is life and utter necessity, yet it is not what I seek.” Thereafter he came upon a bottle of wine and after he drank he marveled, “furious is the wine, and blazing in likeness to the eternal fire of Perkele, and this is how should be the nature of my children.” And thus he took a pile of dust in his hand and mingled it with the wine, and from the mixture he made the First; seven men and four women they were, great in height and greater in divinity, and they glowed in crimson, and fire raged in their hearts, and the precious wine ran through their veins. They were called the Sith, those of crimson skins, and their names were; Akash, Sundin, Abidos, Dara, Arcanos, Khianides, and Kheminis—those were the men, but the women’s names were; Evion, Jalika, Koniah, and Damara.

Perkele’s work was finally done, and he was pleased with the results, yet he sought to choose a lord from among his children, therefore he summoned his force and put them into slumber, and he planted in the men’s heart the lust for flesh and for power, and then he opened their eyes. Now when the seven men perceived the mystery abounding the beauty of the four women they desired them, and being numerous they started to quarrel. Six they were who fought each others for women, one only abstained from engaging his brothers—he was Khianides. The thing that made Perkele descends, cloaking himself as a humble beggar, and he asked Khianides why he does not wish to involve in such a fight, to this Khianides answered, “I too desire the women, but the power I desire the most, wherefore I realized that he who obtain power obtains the all, and for this I shall wait to see the outcome of this battle and then I shall rule my tired enemies with easiness.” Hearing this answer Perkele was amazed, and he casted aside his cloak and revealed himself to the ghastly looking audience, “behold my true self for I am Perkele.” He said, “And lo! I chose Khianides to be your overlord, for he is most wise, and to his offspring shall this honor eternally remain.” These were the words of Perkele by which he crowned Khianides a king over the Sith. And then Perkele gave Khianides the women he desired the most, and she was Evion, most fair and most gentle. But then Perkele left his people bidding them farewell, and promising them of a doubtless return, and they followed him with their eyes as he ascends high in the heavens to hang there as a glorious ball of flaring flames.

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