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Thread: Fall of Midnight
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Fall of Midnight

(It's been a while since I've posted here... so will you please tell me if I did anything wrong with posting it here?)

PROLOGUE: The Beginning

Jake Potter was a normal, but popular, teenager. He had shaggy blonde hair that almost always covered his bright, brilliant blue eyes. He was tall, and skinny, and surprisingly strong. He had a slight tan from playing soccer with his friends. He had a bright, vibrant, and extremely friendly personality. He always wore t-shirts, jeans and usually a pair of flip flops, however when he could, he'd go barefoot. Jake did however have one secret that no one knew, other than his parents. Jake's mom, Tonya, and his father, Damon, were the last of the elite order of the Vampire slayers.
Jake's parents had set up a secret school, a vampire slaying school, so that they would not be the last of their noble order. They fully intended on Jake taking up one of the slots in the school, but he had turned them down, and they were furious.

"Our own son doesn't want to follow in our footsteps! What type of person would if he won't!" Damon Potter said to his beautiful wife. Damon was the type of man that looked like a brute. He was big and burly, with black curly hair. His bloodshot eyes were a dark colored brown.

"I know it's disappointing Damon, but he does need to make his own choices, we really shouldn't be angry with him." Tonya replied. She was a tall, very beautiful woman. She had long and curly beautiful brunette hair and gorgeous green eyes.

However, Jake had a secret that not even his parent's knew anything about, he was destined to become that which his parents hated most of all. His best friend, Daniel Anderson, and his parents were vampires. Daniel was about average height, with dark short hair. His eyes were a deep crimson and he was skinny. This coming year, 1938, was Jake's and Daniel's Junior year at Middletown High School. Daniel was getting a bit bored being a teenager with new friends every other four years, so he made a selfish promise to Jake, their 9th grade year. If they were still friends at the end of their junior year, then Daniel would turn Jake if he wanted him to. Jake was fascinated by vampires, so without thinking it through, he accepted the request immediately, saying that no matter if he did change his mind later that he wanted Daniel to turn him.

As the year drew to a close, Jake's parents were much more engrossed in their own academy to be at home more than once a month. So they had allowed Daniel to stay over at their house multiple weeks at a time if he wanted to. Then just as soon as the high school's end of term tests ended, Jake's parents were called away to Rome where most of Europe's vampires were converging, taking all of their students with them. Daniel's parents decided that it would be for the best if Jake were at their house for the transformation, so Jake asked his parents if he could stay over at Daniel's house, they agreed, still in the dark about the family of vampires right under their noses.

The minute they arrived at the Andersons' house, Jake threw his stuff down in Daniel's room and said, "So how exactly does this work?"

Daniel's crimson eyes met Jake's blue ones. "Your so ready for this? I would have thought you would have changed your mind..."

Jake shook his head slowly. "No, I want to be a vampire."

Daniel shrugged, then said, "Very well, my friend. This isn't a too complicated process, let me explain so if you ever turn anyone. All I've got to do is bite you without draining you of any blood. Which can be hard, especially against the opposite gender, but I grow accustomed to friend's blood so I shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble."

Jake raised one eyebrow. "So you've got to bite me... on the neck?"

Daniel laughed. "Not necessarily, wherever I or you want me to. The hand, the arm, the chest, the neck, well I figure you get the picture, I could even bite one of your toes."

Jake gazed into the humor filled crimson eyes of his friend, and then held out his arm, palm up with the veins near his wrists exposed. "Bite me there." He said, pointing to the biggest veins.

Daniel sank his teeth down into Jake's vein and quickly pulled them out. The venom began to spread quickly through his veins, straight toward his heart. Jake yelped out in pain then everything went black.
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