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Thread: [And Wii/PS2] Saber Hilts: 2 more
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[And Wii/PS2] Saber Hilts: 2 more

Does anybody know where all of the lightsaber hilts are for Wii/PS2/PSP versions? They're all the same level design so whichever one is fine.
If anyone knows, just tell me the planets they're on, not the exact location please. I want to search for them, but not have to replay the game a hundred times trying to find it.

Off-topic question but is there a difficulty system in the PSP version? There is no difficulty select like I see in the 360/PS3 versions. I mean, does the difficulty change every playthrough on the same profile?, because the Death Star on my second playthrough was much harder, even with much more powers and more powerful powers.

"All too easy."
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There is AT LEAST one hilt for each planet, felucia have 2. NOTE THAT the 10 hilts include the one you START WITH, so there is only 9 to collect.

To be fair, I will have to warn you about two hilts that require *SPECIAL APPROACH* to appear. The approach involves in trashing all trashable stuff in a specific area. If you do it right the hilt will show up in extremely visible position, basically almost right in your way.

One such cases happens in wookieeland, the other happens in rancorland.

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There's 10 hilts to collect, including your starter.

#01> It is the one you have at the beginning of the game

#02> Raxux Prime: There is a large area that you are out side shortly after your first encounter with Drexl. At the end of this area you'll have to hold "Z" to charge to exit. Before you do that (while you are standing at the door) turn around. There is a platform high up on your right. You'll have to stack objects to reach it (it's just above double-jump height).

#03> Trial of Insight: Right when you get into the main temple room, it's in a pile of rubble on the left side of the stairs.

#04> Felucia: After you finish fighting the two Roncors, and you are standing at the exit, turn left. It's on a platform on the wall.

#05> Nar Shaddaa: Before you enter the second bar area, there is an arch. The hilt is sitting on top of it.

#06> Kashyyyk: Near the middle of the stage, you'll enter an area that has an oval in the middle of it that you can't walk in due to trees and other things. If you look at the mini map you'll see the oval. Just on the far side of the oval there is a hilt that is sitting on the ground between 2 guard towers.

#07> Dark Felucia: After you've gone to the top of the hill and turned around, you'll come back to the area you fight the Bull Rancor. After the fight and go to the exit it's sitting on the floor at the exit.

#08> Imperial Raxus Prime: This one was hard for me to figure out how to get. After you fight the AT-ST in the hangar, destroy the 2 control panels near the exit (this will open a door above the empty AT-ST bay). Then go to the empty AT-ST bay and double jump to the cross bar in the bay. Double jump into the door, then double jump again to get to the second level. Turn back towards the entrance. Creep out the window, then do a double-jump and dash to the ledge that is right above the entrance door.

#09> Cloud City: After you've fought the group of Mandalorians, then gone up the elevator, you'll go out side. Once you've get back inside, you'll want to destroy windows and check the ledges.(Near the very beginning)

#10> Death Star: After you've crossed the tractor beam the first time (I think it's the first), there are two doors that you have to hold Z to go through. The one that is strait in front of you holds a saber hilt. The other one leads down the path.

There's all of the locations.
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for #06 (and possibly #07) it is suggested that there is some extra requirement of either one of the following:
a) second+ playthru AND/OR
b) trash everything in the area.

Not sure which one it is, but indeed on my first playthru the hilt does not show up in its obvious position. Well, (b) is definitely a requirement for #6 though.

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NOTE - Raxus Prime Hilt:
You only really need to use one. Grip it, and send it near the platform. Don't place it on the ground. Leave it in the air (And don't make it higher then what it is when it gets off the ground.), and release your grip. It'll stay in the air. Quickly run and jump onto it, and, less then a second later, double jump up.
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