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Thread: President Obama
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The poet that delivered a poem with no discernible rhyme, meter, or use of poetical devices was great.

The priest who provided the benediction afterward, however, was epic.


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My dad planted 2 trees today. We jokingly named them Hope and Change.

Also, my dream last night:
I was at a line at the entrance of Wal-Mart, which had been converted into a voting area. There were 2 big boxes on the ceiling, one was red and had a big A on it, and the other was blue and had a big B on it. Obama was in front of me in line, and I started to have a conversation with him. I forget exactly what we said, but during the conversation he said something like "he should have done better in the polls." Then he started walking off, and since he was Obama I started to follow him. After awhile I realized that I wasn't in line anymore, so I had to break away from Obama and go back to the line. When I got back there I looked up at the boxes, then I went to the red one. Under it was a checkout counter with one of those things where you slide your card, and it was asking me questions about voting. Then I woke up.
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I heard parts of the speech, but yeah it was good. But actions are better than words!
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That first "but" isn't needed.

^ Syntax Nazi

I was thinking about how it was a decently long speech. It comes out to about 2,395. Knowing that William Henry Harrison's was over 7,000 words is very, very scary.

Originally Posted by Tyrion View Post
MrWally eats fresh babies in order to maintain his unnatural level of talent.
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I'm very proud to be an American today (technically yesterday, but I think I'm still proud). As a person of minority, I felt that our country would never have a non-white be elected in. It's unique that for the first time in history (since we've had planet-destruction-capable weapons), a non-white man is the most powerful person on Earth.

And no, I did not vote for Obama because he was a non-white. The man aligns very closely with my political ideology of liberalism.

Now, I'm just waiting for an atheist, female, Middle Eastern, lesbian, president. That would simply be, as posted above a "combo breaker."

The speech was good - I had it playing in the background as I surfed the web, and after a while I stopped paying attention - it seemed very...redundant? It pretty much emphasized how much deep **** the U.S. is in and how we need to get our act together...oh, and that Obama's president and all.

Was anyone pissed the **** off about the prayer? How the hell is that separation of church and state? This is not a Christian country, nor a country with any official religious affiliation. As an agnostic theist, that disgusted me greatly. I didn't listen to the whole prayer, but the parts I heard at least didn't mention Jesus or any objects of Christianity.

And I mean no offense to any religious individuals. I just find it very insensitive towards atheists and agnostics to have a government-affiliated prayer. And yes, I know Congress does it too. IMO, that's despicable.

- PR-0927

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Get bent!
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I'm agnostic atheist and I personally have no problem with prayers and stuff in government stuff like that. God being used on money and in the pledge of allegiance doesn't bother me at all. Heck, if we could have a vote on it... I'd support keeping it. Sometimes it's okay to forfeit neutrality if it'll make a whole lot of people happy. You shouldn't piss off believers just because you don't agree with them. (My opinion, but I mention it because it's so atypical.)

But it does bother me that an atheist would never be elected president. That's a bummer.

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I agree completely with you TiE. I think we should let people do what they want, within the laws of separation of church and state. A simple prayer seems harmless enough.

So, in other news. I was there. Arrived in DC around 10:30-11 PM on the 19th. It was cold as hell. Yes, hell froze over. I could go into many details about the experience, like how we stole boxes and built box forts on the Mall, but I'll save that for another time. My friends and I were basically homeless, hungry, and cold. One of my friends brought four Lunchables. That **** never tasted so good before.

I enjoyed Obama's speech very much.

Original member of 2002.
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i'm happy we got a new president. change is good. yes...gooood.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
―Yuthura Ban
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Shamelessly stolen from this thread, but this was too funny to not spread it:

Now this is a story all about how
I ascended to the seat of power
If you'll listen for a minute
Hear what I say
I'll tell you how I became President of the U. S. of A.

In west Honolulu, born and raised
In Jakarta, where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out in Chi-Town relaxin' all cool
Organizing communities like I was a fool
When a couple of guys
With a disdain for peace
Started making trouble in the Middle East
They started two little wars and we all got scared
The people said "We need a president who isn't mentally impaired!"

I ran a perfect race, turned red states blue
Swept electoral votes, added Rham to my crew
With a mandate for change and Constitution in hand
I'll dance on the Colonnade singing, "Yes we can!"

I got to the White House about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the Bushes "Yo holmes, smell ya later!"
Looked at my office
There were no corners there
Sitting at the Resolute Desk, signing universal health care

Pondering the mystery of rainbows, UFOs, and ****ing magnets.

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That was fantastic

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Originally Posted by Pie™ View Post



Originally Posted by Tyrion View Post
MrWally eats fresh babies in order to maintain his unnatural level of talent.
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Commander Obi-Wan
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Haha. Awesome indeed.

I think I posted this elsewhere, but nonetheless.

Whatever You Like.

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