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Thread: Now and Again
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Now and Again

Here is one of my stories from Fanfiction.net. Yup, i write stories there, i bet your suprised... Now and Again is a NaruHina story obviously. for those of you who are not familiar with Nauto...it's a anime/magna about ninjas
Chapter 1

It was supposed to have been a routine mission, track down the rouges that were raiding towns and the occasional outpost and take them out. They had followed a few of them after a raid and had found the hideout. They were some of the best tracker Shinobi in the village, they should have known the rouges would be watching for some type of pursuit, but they didn’t. One second, they were in the clear, then the next, a shout was heard and the three suprised Shinobi found themselves under fire from a barrage of Kunai knives, Explosive tags, Shuriken and various other, but no less deadly weaponry.

The Three Shinobi were momentarily startled by the intensity of the attack, but that didn’t last long. Kiba, Shino and Hinata launched themselves into the barrage. They were constantly on their toes, one of the most basic rules of combat was never underestimate an opponent and they weren't about to do that. Kiba and Akamaru were holding their own against two of the rouges, Shino was holding out against two with his insects covering a third.

Hinata had been watching for rouges that were attempting to leave the battlefield and regroup, she didn’t see however, the one that snuck behind her. The Rouge Smiled to herself, One less leaf Shinobi, she thought to herself. She quietly reached for a Kunai, snuck up behind Hinata and stabbed her through the heart.

Hinata Hyuga felt a sharp pain arch through her chest, she looked down and saw the Kunai knife sticking out through the front of her jacket. She knew she should have felt pain, but after that first sharp pain she felt…. nothing, she felt blood flow up through her throat and she coughed it up, but she felt no pain, she didn’t feel…anything. Everything seemed to slow and stop, time, her breathing, her thoughts.

Kiba and Shino each saw a glimpse of movement out of the corners of their eyes, Kiba spun around thinking it was another rouge, instead he saw…”HINATA!” he shouted, as he saw her fall to the ground. “Shino! Get to Hinata, now!”. Shino nodded his head and ran for Hinata. The Rouges, seeing this distraction as an opportunity to escape the now enraged shinobi, took off as fast as they could deeper into the forest. Kiba growled deep in his throat, He’d find the rouges later and punish them dearly for this.

‘Shino” Kiba called, “How’s Hinata?” Shino looked Kiba directly in the eyes and shook his head sadly. Kiba felt a chill go through him, she couldn’t die, she had too much to live for, she had people who loved her, Kiba Jumped up onto the branch that Hinata laid upon. Shino had removed the knife, thank god for that but; the light in Hinata’s eyes was quickly fading.

She spoke softly “S-Shino there’s s-something I want you or k-Kiba t-t-to do.” she whispered softly “T-Tell N-Naruto how I feel about him, p-please.” Kiba nodded “Hinata, d-don’t talk like that you can tell him yourself when we get you back to the village.” Hinata shook her head, Shino nodded, “We’ll tell him Hinata, It’s a promise.” The light in Hinata’s eyes was almost gone. “T-Thank y-you.” she whispered.

And then, Hinata Hyuga passed from this mortal life and into the next. Kiba and Shino both had tears in their eyes, as they hoisted Hinata’s body between them and began the long journey to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Six Hours later

The Funeral had been short, but so many people had shown up, Kurenai, Kakashi, Asuma and Might Guy, Lady Tsunade, Jiraiya, Naruto, Kiba, and all of the other Genin. No one had spoken, it just didn’t seem appropriate. All that was heard was muffled sobbing; people were standing and thinking to themselves about Hinata. It began to rain and people began to leave for their homes, soon only Naruto, Kiba and Shino were left.

Naruto turned to leave, when he felt a hand grab his shoulder, he turned around to see Kiba staring at him angrily. “K-Kiba what’s wrong?” he asked, Instantly he regretted asking that stupid question, one of his best friends had just been killed, of course there was something wrong. “Do you know what Hinata wanted us to tell you”? Kiba asked angrily. Naruto had never seen Kiba so angry, he was shocked silent. Kiba couldn’t speak anymore, he was simply wracked by tears

Shino took over the conversation. “Did you notice how she always fainted around you?

Did you notice that she was always watching you train? Why do you think she was always blushing around you? Why do you think she got nervous around you? You never knew how she felt about you, did you?

Naruto felt a chill go up his back.

Kiba wiped away his tears and leaned close to Naruto’s ear. “That’s right. She loved you. And you were too damn thick-headed to notice it.”

Naruto was shocked, she had loved him? Why did she love him? How long had she loved him? Finally words came to him. “I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know she felt that way about me,” he stammered. All those times she had blushed and fainted and stammered around him, he thought she had just been weird.

Kiba got angry at this. “No, of course you didn’t,” he growled angrily. Suddenly Kiba was angry, angrier then he had ever been in his life. He was angry because this kid was so stupid, because this kid was so dense, because this kid was so ignorant that he didn’t notice Hinata, because he didn’t notice the one person who cared for him. "You were so busy dreaming of being Hokage; you didn’t notice the one person who cared enough for you to give up her own dreams for you! You were too busy training to notice her!” Kiba continued shouting, Naruto stepped back, he had never seen Kiba this angry before. Kiba continued shouting, “You never deserved to be loved by her! You didn’t deserve to speak to her! You were to dense and single minded to realize she loved you!”

Naruto was stunned, Kiba was right he realized. Naruto watched through tear drenched eyes as Kiba stalked off, Akamaru at his heels. Shino simply turned and walked away, he knew there was nothing more to be said.

The day Hinata Hyuga was buried, next to her mother, a part of Naruto Uzumaki died as well. The part of him that could feel hope, joy, love, they all died that day. On that gloomy, overcast day, Naruto Uzumaki lost his drive, his spirit, his dream of being Hokage. Because on that overcast day, he realized he had failed Hinata Hyuga, the one person who cared about him as more then just a friend.

Two hours later

Naruto still was at the same spot he had been two hours ago. His thoughts had been racing unceasingly, intensely, ever since he had found out the truth about her feelings for him. How long has she loved him? He wondered, how long had he loved her without realizing it? What would have happened if he had realized it earlier? Would they have been dating? Would she have died? These questions repeated themselves over and over in his head, never stopping, never ceasing.

“Why did she have to die?” he whispered to himself.” “It’s not fair, IT’S NOT FAIR!” he screamed to the heavens above. “WHY DID YOU TAKE HER?” he screamed to the night. Someone had to pay, he thought, The Rouges. Yes. They were the ones who took Hinata from her friends…her family…himself. They would pay, they would all pay dearly.

Naruto’s only thoughts were of murderous intent toward these rouges. He ran into the woods not as Naruto Uzumaki, not as the nine-tailed fox, but as an avatar, a terrible bringer of retribution, an avenging angel.

Fifteen Minutes later

Rouges hideout

The lookout never knew what hit him. A flash of red, a muffled cry and the rouge no longer had a voice; another second and the rouge no longer had a life. Another moment later, another rouge lost his head. He could smell the one who had killed Hinata; he could smell Hinata’s blood on her. The rouges were alert now; they could tell something was among them, something seeking retribution. The rouge that had killed Hinata was terrified, she knew whatever it was, was coming for her. She could hear the sounds of combat throughout the hideout now, sounds of Kunai hitting Kunai, the screams of the others and the continuous, threatening growl that echoed throughout the hideout. Abruptly, the screams and sounds of combat cut off. It must have gotten everyone beside her. Only she and the Demon remained alive in the hideout. She could feel the demon almost at her door, she grabbed her Kunai and prepared to defend herself against whatever it was that had killed the rest.

The Door opened slowly, almost on its own accord and there it stood. The Rouge couldn’t believe what she was seeing! A boy, a boy in an orange jacket that held a blood stained kunai in his hand. She saw him sniff the air, saw him turn slowly toward her hiding place, and then she saw his eyes, they weren’t human, they were completely red. She could feel chakra building around this boy, she could actually feel its intensity, it felt almost evil, almost bloodthirsty… The red-eyed boy actually smiled, it wasn’t a pleasant smile, it was a smile filled with rage and sorrow and murderous intent. The boy/demon spoke and its voice was filled with murderous glee, “You took someone dear to me today, and I’m gonna make you pay for it, I’m gonna make you suffer for it.” The boy/demon moved closer to her and the last thing she knew was pain, pain like she had never felt before.

The Next Morning

Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma had tracked the rouges through the night and arrived at the hideout near morning. What they saw terrified them. The bodies of the rouges were everywhere, in the trees, on the ground and slammed into rocks. Some had died fighting; most of them looked like they had been caught completely by surprise. All had died with terrified expression on their faces. “Kakashi, I can feel the chakra here.” Kurenai stated simply. Kakashi knew what had happened here. “Looks like Naruto got here before we did.” Kakashi replied. Asuma spoke next “I can feel it, someone’s alive in the hideout, he reported.

The Three Jonin entered the deserted hideout, there were even more bodies inside. They came to the center of the hideout where a large group of the rouges, almost twenty of them, lay dead their throats cut out, their arms separated from their bodies, some of them were missing their heads, “Looks like they tried to make a last stand here.” Asuma stated. “Not that it did them any good” Kurenai replied grimly.

They saw a door lying off its hinges; Kakashi knew what he would find, there was single rouge lying in the room, stuffed full of kunai, this one had been beaten badly, there was almost nothing left of her. Kurenai stifled a gasp, she knew this one! “Kiba told me this is the one that killed Hinata; he said that the one who killed Hinata had silver hair.” Kakashi bent down to inspect her, “She’s alive, but barely” “I think we should just end it for her, I don’t think even Lady Tsunade could do anything for her now,” Asuma stated sadly. Kurenai nodded her agreement. She grabbed her kunai and drove it into the heart of the rouge. “We should leave, there’s nothing left here for us to deal with.” Kakashi said

Kurenai was the first to speak on the way back. “How could Naruto do such horrible things to them? They may have killed Hinata, but not even her killers deserved to die that way.” “I don’t think Naruto was in control. I think the fox was; only the nine-tailed fox could give off that kind of chakra.” “I don’t think were going to see Naruto around here again.”

So how did you like it?
*Sits down, Twiddles tumbs and waits for comments*

I took the opportunity to fix some mistakes from the story on Fanfiction.net, you know, grammer, puncuation, those sort of things.

Chevron 7 locke has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

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Well, good job, Chev. I couldn't completely feel the characters due to not knowing them as well as you, but good job nonetheless. Perhaps introducing the characters more and describing them would help people like me to understand the characters and situations better. Very excellent job, though. No mistakes that I can correct on for right now, though.

you very much
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Chapter two is now up!

I hope you people know what Naruto is...cause othewise this story isn't gonna make a lot of sense.

Ten years after the death of Hinata Hyuga

ANBU report

Subject: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 24

A Class Criminal

Wanted for stealing the Forbidden Scroll of Time, Murder of over fifteen ANBU black ops agents. Wanted for questioning in the death of Sauske Uchiha

Knowledge of many jutsu, Approach with caution, contains power of the nine-tailed fox. Has managed to kill last Ten ANBU members sent after him. Use Extreme caution when confronting him.

The ANBU squad leader smiled grimly as he read the report. He knew all about Naruto, after all, he had grown up with him. There would be enough time to remember the past once he caught that psycho. He looked back at his squad, some of the best the Hidden Leaf Village had to offer, and yet he knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against Uzumaki if they got him angry. They knew the risks, it was their duty to try and stop him. Besides, they might have a slim chance of nailing him if they caught him by surprise. There was one burning question on the ANBU commander’s mind that wouldn’t leave his thoughts no matter what else he tried to think of. Why would the Leaf villages most wanted criminal make his new home at the boarder separating the Land of Fire from the Earth Country?

Location: Border of the Land of Fire
The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the little cabin were covered with strange markings, the preparations for a jutsu. Naruto Uzumaki sat in his cabin, finishing his preparations for the jutsu, the jutsu that would let him correct the many mistakes he had made in his life. He’d had to kill quite a few ANBU members to get it, Naruto had to hand it to them, they’d put a good fight to protect the scroll, it hadn’t done them any good though. He was clad in the traditional Konoha Chuunin uniform. His eyes, for the first time in many years had a glimpse of hope shining in them. His headband was in bad shape, it was dented in many places, there were scuff marks almost everywhere on it and there was a single long scar on the front running from the top of the band to the bottom. His uniform still bore the traditional Konoha symbol.

He knew the ANBU were after him, they’d been after him for almost three years, ever since he stole the Scroll of Time. He wondered if Kiba was leading the squad this time, he knew Kiba had become an ANBU, and had risen through the ANBU ranks rather quickly. He hoped it was Kiba leading the squad. He was going to leave a present. Just for him.

He thought back to the day Hinata had died and what Shino and Kiba had told him. Once he had found out that she had feeling for him, the goal of being hokage seemed unimportant, even petty to him. He had abandoned the village after her death. He still visited her grave on the anniversary of her death once a year. And every year he had seen new graves appear. The names kept rolling through his mind. Hinata. Shikamaru. Temari. Gaara. Neji. TenTen. And so many others. Let Tsunade choose the next hokage. He didn’t care who it was, as long as they stopped sending ANBU and Hunter Nins after him. He didn’t enjoy killing but he didn’t hesitate if he had to.

He heard shouts of surprise, and cries of confusion nearby, the ANBU were close, his traps wouldn’t hold them off much longer.

Finally! He thought to himself, the preparations were ready; the jutsu was ready to go. He knew the hand signs by heart; he’d been studying them for almost three years. He could feel the ANBU getting closer; they were almost at his door. Naruto began a complicated series of hand signs that caused the markings in the little cabin began to glow with an eerie blue white light


Naruto Uzumaki smiled right after the last hand seal. He began to laugh as the light took him.

The ANBU squad blew in the door, just as a massive blue-white flash lit the area where Naruto Uzumaki had been just moments before. “Damn” The squad leader muttered, “Almost had him.” “Alright squad, get back to the village and report to lady Tsunade.” “Yes sir” came the reply as they quickly moved out.

The squad leader took one last look around the cabin, and he saw something off in the corner, it was a note. The squad leader removed his mask to reveal Kiba Inuzuka, ten years older and curious about the note. He picked it up carefully, no telling if anything was a trap while dealing with Naruto Uzumaki.

Well, it didn’t explode this time, he thought. The front of the note read: Do Not Open Unless You Are Kiba Inuzuka. Kiba smiled what an idiot, he thought

“Kiba, if you are reading this then I have begun my redemption. I think you can guess what i'm trying to do, If not...I'll lay it out for you. The day Hinata died...I became a different person, a person who was filled with rage and hatred. I killed the ninja that killed Hinata in cold blood, Sorry if you were looking forward to it, but I got there first. I have spent every day of my life regretting not noticing Hinata when I had the chance. I stole the Scroll of Time, so I could go back and fix that mistake, if I manage to accomplish what I set out to do, then it should be a brighter future for us all. The day you told me that she cared for me, at first I couldn’t understand why you were so angry at me, and then I felt the same anger towards myself, I know now that you were angry at me for not noticing her, for being to dense to realize she loved me, I know you were looking forward to killing me yourself, but I need to fix this mistake, if not for my sake, then for hers. I have spent everyday regretting my mistakes, and believe me I’ve made a lot of them. Everyday I see the faces of the people who have died, Hinata. Sauske. Neji. TenTen and all the others. Hinata's face...Hinata's face haunts my dreams every night. Whenever I close my eyes, I see her. I see her staring at me. I see her crying. I-I see her dying. If you choose to pursue me back inot the past, I won't blame you. But think, Is this really the future either of us wants? If you stop me before I save her, this crappy future will remain. Do you really want a future without Hinata? This future is not meant to be and you know it. I just need you to trust me. Just once. This time, I'll do things right."

Naruto Uzumaki”

Kiba felt tears in his eyes, so the idiot was going to do something about it, it was about damn time! Kiba smiled. “I hope you manage to pull it off you idiot” he spoke to the empty air. Kiba Noticed the scroll of Time, thrown off into a corner, almost as if Uzumaki had wanted him to find it. Kiba really didn't care. he picked up the scroll and started off toward the Village Hidden in the Leaves

Once again...*Twiddles thumbs together and waits for reviews* I awat your views and your comments
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Chapter three...Sorry it took so long

The Past Ten Years Ago

The older Naruto materialized inside of his old home of all places. Must be a side affect of the jutsu, he thought. His younger self was nowhere to be seen. “Aw, damn it all.” He said aloud. The Day! He had to check the Day and the Time! He realized with a start.

Today was the day she died, that was to be expected, the time was… “Damn it!” he swore violently, only two hours before time runs out. He sighed heavily; guess he had to do this the hard way. Naruto knew what to do; he’d been planning this for nearly three years. ‘Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu,” He muttered. Ten shadow clones appeared looking grim and determined. “Alright, listen up, we have to find my younger self, don’t let anyone see you, that’s gonna raise too many questions that we don’t need right now. We only have two hours until Hinata dies, find him and get him back here by any means necessary.” “Go find him” the clones disappeared with a speed born out of desperation; they missed Hinata as much as the real one did. The real Naruto took off; he knew where to start looking.

Ramen Bar

An hour and a half till time runs out.

The younger Naruto sat at the ramen bar, blissfully unaware of what was to occur. He was so bored, Ah well, might as well go train, he thought as he finished up his ramen and left. He was taking the long way to the training grounds today. He didn’t know what hit him, one second he was walking, the next he was broad sided into a side ally by a big, black shadow. Naruto was ticked, what had he done this time?, he thought angrily. Time to give this guy a piece of his mind. “Hey! What the heck is your prob….” He let his voice drop off as he saw he had jumped him.

The older Naruto didn’t smile, he didn’t smile easily anymore, He nodded to his younger self as his younger self stared at him. “Who are you-” he started to ask, he didn’t get to finish though as the older Naruto held up his hand. “Listen I know you have questions, and you will get answers, in time. But right now, you have to listen to me, Hinata is going to die and-” His younger self interrupted him “what?! but how? who doe-”

‘SHUT UP!” the older Uzumaki roared angrily. “Now shut-up and listen!” “She cares for you, more then you will ever know if you don’t listen to what I have to say.” The younger Naruto couldn't help but stare at this strange figure."And how do I know your not just some joke someone's playing one me?" The older Naruto shook his head in amazement and despair, how could he have been so stupid as a kid? Time to prove it to the kid. “You want proof kid? Alright. When you talk to Hinata, you always feel something in your heart start to rise up, but then you shove it back down because you don’t know what it is. Right?” the younger Naruto nodded slowly, still not convinced.

The older Naruto glared at him with rage and pain evident in his eyes, “You don’t get it yet do you? I’m you! Ten years from now! Now listen to me! Hinata is going to die! When Hinata dies, you lose your goal of being Hokage, your will to fight vanishes; you abandon the oath of pain. You become bitter, and angry, nothing is the same ever again.” “Please, don’t repeat my mistakes, please save her! If I interfere with past events, the jutsu that allows me to travel through time wears off, so I can’t do anything that directly affects the timeline, but I can warn you of what’s to come. You can save her! Don’t let the future I’m from come to pass, its worse then you could ever imagine. In my future, everyone is dead!”

The younger Naruto stared at his future self in confusion and dawning comprehension. The older Naruto leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "Thats right, you get it now, don't you? Now I'm gonna offer you a choice, you can either save Hinata now, Or ignore my warning and live in a future where almost everyone is dead. What’s it gonna be kid?! If you don't move now, she's gonna die! And your gonna regret it for the rest of your days! Now choose! You can either live in a world with someone who loves you and is willing to spend her life with you, or a world where you’re a wanted criminal, your friends are dead, and you’re on the run from the ANBU and Hunter Nin. It’s your choice kid!”

Naruto needed no more urging, he blasted out of his home and took off toward the battle site as quickly as he could. The older Uzumaki watched him take off. “I hope you pull it off kid, for both your sake and hers.”

Two minutes until time runs out

Halfway to the battle site

His mind simply wouldn’t stop racing. The older Uzumaki’s voice kept ringing thorough his mind, “Don’t let the future I’m from come to pass, its worse then you could ever imagine. In my future, everyone is dead!.” Did he mean everyone in the village? Did he mean that Orochimaru had destroyed the village? Or worse yet…did he mean that Naruto himself had done it? What did he mean?

He came upon the battle site just as a rogue was sneaking up on Hinata, kunai knife in hand. Naruto didn’t hesitate, with Hinata’s life at stake, who would hesitate?

He took a running jump and slammed into her just as she was about to stab Hinata, his voice rose to a roar, “DON’T YOU HURT HER!” he roared at the rogue as he grabbed her by the arm, swung her around, and launched her into a tree. Kiba, Shino and Hinata turned and stared at the amazing spectacle before them: Naruto Uzumaki had apparently gone beserk. He was screaming and shouting at the rogues in anger. At the sight of an angry shinobi in an orange jacket with kunai knives running at them screaming and shouting, the rogues decided to cut their losses and fall back. They didn’t get the chance however as Kiba, Shino and Hinata appeared in front of them, kunai knives in hand. Their intent was unmistakable. The rogues surrendered.

They couldn’t find Naruto after that last of the enemy shinobi surrendered. Naruto had left for a reason, he had to ask a certain someone a certain question.


Home of Sakura Haruno

Sakura was sleeping soundly when she heard the rapping on her window, she got up angry, she needed sleep, badly. She opened the window preparing to beat whoever was currently trying to take her precious sleep from her. The thoughts of anger vanished when she saw who was currently outside her window, it was Naruto. And he looked so confused and sad that it took her a moment to recognize him. He began to speak, and if he hadn't said her name, she wouldn't have known he was speaking to her.

“Sakura...what is love?”

“Why are you asking me?” she replied slowly

“Today I learned that someone in the village really likes me. But I'm not sure if I like her. I learned that she had been watching me for awhile, but I was to stupid to notice her. Sakura...I don't know what to do.”

Sakura instantly knew who he was talking about. “It's Hinata, isn't it?”

Naruto nodded sadly “I don't know if I like her or not, I've never felt love before.”

Sakura already knew what to tell him. “Listen to your heart.”

Naruto nodded, closed his eyes, and sat on the tree branch outside the window for almost five minutes, without moving. During that entire time Sakura couldn't help but watch him.

Finally he opened his eyes and smiled. “Thanks Sakura” he said quietly and then he took off into the night without another word.

Sakura simply went back to bed, confident that Naruto's heart had told him to do the right thing.


Hyuga estate

Hinata woke up with a start. She could sense chakra outside her window, it was familiar chakra, very familiar. She sat up, got out of bed and opened the blinds to her room. And she could hear sobbing, very heavy sobbing. She opened the blinds and stared in amazement.

Naruto Uzumaki was sitting in the tree outside her window, his back was turned to her and he was crying heavily.

As she opened the window, he turned around slowly, it was almost as if he was ashamed of himself. Before she had a chance to even ask him why he was weeping, he pulled her toward him. Hinata didn't know what she was supposed to do, was she supposed to hug him? To comfort him? Was this her chance? Her chance to finally tell him how she felt about him? Naruto decided for her by pulling her into a tight bear hug. He put his head on her shoulder and started sobbing into her shoulder. “I'm sorry Hinata!” he sobbed over and over “I'm so sorry!”

Hinata was naturally confused.

“W-What are you sorry for Naruto?” she asked shakily. This was after all, the closest she had ever been to him without fainting. And he had hugged her.

“I'm sorry for all the years that went by, the years that I spent thinking you were just weird because you kept staring at me and watching me train, now I know why you were watching me.”

“You Love Me.”

It wasn't so much an accusation, it was more of a fact. But the way he said it...it suddenly made her nervous. She was nervous because she never imagined her would say it the way he did. He said it with a voice filled with kindness and concern and joy.

“H-How did you find out?” she asked calmly enough on the outside, but on the inside, she was thinking of ways to get back at Kiba for telling Naruto. “Maybe I should try out my gentle fist on him...” she thought.

“I told him” an unfamiliar voice called from the upper levels of the tree that were still obscured by leaves and shadows. Hinata almost fainted from shock when the Older Uzumaki dropped down from the upper levels of the tree. Apart from the fact that he was taller, older, and the fact he had a few more scars on his face...he could have passed as Naruto Uzumaki.

Hinata simply looked at Naruto, then at the older version of Naruto, then at the younger Naruto again, and then she did indeed faint.

The older Uzumaki looked down at Hinata with a smile on his face, “I think I shouldn't have snuck up on her.”

Naruto couldn't help but nod his agreement.

Hinata groaned softly and opened her eyes slowly, and when she saw the other Older Naruto she just stared and pointed at him. The older Naruto came right out and said it, “I'm him, Ten years from now,” he told Hinata slowly. Hinata simply nodded and asked the burning question in her mind. “W-Why did you come back?” she asked quietly.

The older Uzumaki smiled for the first time in a long time. “Today you were fighting rogues right?” Hinata nodded slowly. The older Naruto's smiled vanished, replaced by a frown. “Where I'm from you died in the battle, somehow one of the rogues got past your Byakugan and stabbed you, right in the heart. You died...before Kiba and Shino managed to get you back to the village. At the...funeral, Kiba and Shino told me how you felt about me...they opened my eyes to what I had lost when you died. On that horrible day, I left the village. I had to. Shino and Kiba hated me. In fact, Kiba became an ANBU and made it his solemn duty to catch me and kill me.” Uzumaki grinned a grim smile. “In fact, he nearly got me a few times, but anyway back to my reasons. The day you died...I lost control, I found the rogues and I killed them, brutally. I didn't care what happened to me in the first few years after you died. I tried to kill myself a couple times...but it always seemed to backfire. After a few years, I heard about the Scroll of Time, I stole it and managed to travel back in time to warn this idiot,” he said knocking the younger Naruto in the head. “The day you died...I realized I had feeling for you...but I didn't know what those feeling were before you died. I hated myself for so many years, for being so dense, for not noticing you while I had the chance to. I just hope...that you can forgive me for not noticing you. ” The older Uzumaki was crying now...tears of happiness and shame.

Hinata simply reached up and stroked his cheek and whispered the words he had been longing to hear for nearly ten years; “I forgive you,”

For the older Uzumaki, it was as if a weight had been lifted off of his heart. He smiled happily, grabbed Hinata, and pulled her up in a bear hug that took her breath away.

The older Uzumaki reluctantly put her down and locked eyes with his younger self, “You better take good care of her...or I will come back. And trust me, if I come back, It will be to hurt you.” the younger Naruto gulped and simply nodded his head.

The older Naruto sat down and told them “I'm gonna head back now...see what the future is like now. Don't stand to close...or you might end up coming with me.” Naruto and Hinata stepped back quickly, holding each others hands.


A flash of Blue-White light filled the room and he was gone.

N-Naruto?" "Yeah Hinata?" "Do you think he left for a better future, or one that was worse?'

“I don;t know Hinata, but I think it was a better future."
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Rabish Bini
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I thought it was good, although I am a little lost, seeing as I don't watch Naruto too often.

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Chevron 7 locke
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Chapter four is now up.
Like in previous chapters, I modified some of the stuff from the original story on fanfiction.net

The Future

Ten years from now

Naruto Uzumaki awoke to the sound of soft, easy, breathing next to him, he turned over and saw…black hair and white eyes filled with love that were staring him right in the face. “Good morning Naruto.” She whispered with a smile on her lips. Naruto Uzumaki, Sixth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves smiled at his wife of five years, Hinata Uzumaki and kissed her square on the lips, before muttering “Good morning Hinata…”

The peace was disturbed by a sudden cry from down the hall. “Mommyyy!! Anka Stole my Pillow last night and kicked me out of the room!” “Did Not!” shouted another voice, identical to the first. “Did so!” A little black blur launched itself onto the bed all the way from the door and landed on the bed in between Naruto and Hinata. Naruto found himself looking down at a little face with the black hair and white eyes that came from her mother. Her name was Anka Uzumaki and she was five years old. Another blur launched itself from the hall onto the bed and landed right next to Anka. Naruto looked down into the face of another girl with black hair and the white eyes that came from the Hyuga bloodline. Anko Uzumaki . The twin sister of Anka Uzumaki, they had both been born on the same day. They were the twin daughters of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga.

And they loved annoying their dad, the Hokage. As Naruto tried reasoning with the angry twins, telling them that it didn't matter who kicked who out and wait- They were sleeping in your room all night! He had checked on them just a few hours ago! Hinata smiled as the two girls giggled, then laughed at the look on their dads face and bolted before he could start lecturing them on playing tricks on their poor old dad.

Naruto put his head back down on the pillow and sighed. “Why...why do they like to play tricks on me?” he asked his wife in confusion. “Probably because they heard stories about what you did when you were a kid.” Hinata answered slyly, reminding him of the many pranks of his childhood days. “If I would have known my kids would play tricks on me when I-” Hinata interrupted him “You still would have played pranks.” Naruto smiled and nodded his head at that one. Hinata knew him so well.

The last ten years had been wonderful; he had so many memories with his beautiful wife, and his two little girls. looking back, he doubted he could have made Hokage without Hinata, she had been there for the rough patches in his life and she had helped him through them. They had been there for each other, for every conflict, for every problem in their lives they had supported each other. He still carried the memories of that horrible timeline, where there was no Hinata, no daughters, where he had traveled time to save her; he still had nightmares about it.

A few minutes later

Naruto had dressed in his Hokage’s robe and prepared for another day of papers and mission reports and other annoyances of the day. Hinata walked up behind him, and put her arms around his chest, and muttered, “You know, you don’t have to look over all those papers…. remember, you have assistants to do those sorts of things.” Naruto mentally slapped himself, he kept forgetting that, He took his wife’s hand and whispered in her ear, “Oh, and if I did pass it all on to the assistants?"

Hinata merely smiled at him.

That smile was all Naruto needed to see.
He took his wife’s hand, called the kids and led her outside, into the sun.

He had gained so many new memories while traveling back to his own time, His years of dating Hinata, Finally proposing marriage to her, His wedding to her near the Hyuga compound, (And kicking the crap out of Jiraiya for using his Transparent escape technique on Hinata at the wedding) Being elevated to the rank of Hokage after Lady Tsunade passed the title to him.

This new future had so many surprises; Neji and TenTen had gotten married almost three years ago and having two kids. (Naruto couldn’t tell who the “dad” was in the family since TenTen seemed to be the one the kids listened to more and Neji seemed to be afraid of TenTen most of the time. Naruto despite being Hokage was not able to figure this out until Neji explained it to him.)

Jiraiya and Lady Tsunade had been dating (Naruto had gotten that particular image trapped in his mind for awhile before finally blotting it out) Shikamaru and Temari had gotten married and had two kids, like Shikamaru wanted. Sauske had come back to the village almost two years ago after killing both Orochimaru and Itachi. It had taken him a while to talk about it, but eventually, Sakura had managed to get him to open his heart to her. Sakura had two children with him, a girl with Sakura’s eyes and hair, and a boy with Sauske’s eyes but Sakuara’s hair (Naruto had laughed with Hinata about that one! A pink haired Uchiha! Boy, that kid was gonna have it rough in the academy)

Naruto Uzumaki was finally at peace with himself, He had a wife, two daughters, a great many friends, he was Hokage, his best friend was back in the village, and there was nothing threatening his village, life was good.

He looked down at his wife and smiled, and then he kissed her full on the lips, right in front of everyone, he heard resounding cheers and the to be expected sounds of disgust from Anka and Anko who still thought boys and kissing were 'Yucky' and she smiled. “I love you Naruto.” She whispered, Naruto smiled back and whispered in her ear “I love you Hinata.”

Kiba watched from the side of the street, he too, remembered the other timeline, where Hinata had died. He remembered the world shifting around him the second Naruto had come back. The way everything had at first shifted together and then gone totally white and then, everything had seemingly done back to normal. Except for the fact that Kiba had found himself inside his old home, surrounded by dogs, Naruto had explained it all the night he had come back from the past. “The scroll has a side affect. Anyone who touches the scroll after it's been used will remember what everything used to be like. You were the only one who actually touched the scroll.”

Kiba only nodded his head at Naruto. Like Naruto had said; This was a better future...for everyone.
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I like your style of writing, it's interesting. Another good chap, good work

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Haha, inded a pink haird Uchiha .. hahahaha ... Hilarious thoughts.
Never would have thought that Sasuke would end up with Sakura, no mattered how much she wanted it.
Sasuke was my favorite character ... Naruto was funn because of all the pranks.

And a future where Kiba would ackowledge Naruto without wanting to fight .. now thats a better future for everyone haha.

Nice work, Chev. I was worried about reading this cause I love watching and reading Naruto. (Nah-lru-toh) hahah ... I hate it when people say it the english way.. Just doesn't sound right!
But .. I have to say .. you did not disappoint ... Nice work.
Keep em coming!

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The Story is not over yet.

As usual, I modified some of the content from the original story on fanfiction.net, you know, grammer, new ideas I came up with that sort of thing.

This takes place in the ten years since Naruto managed to save Hinata, I'm gonna say Year five

Naruto was moving as quickly as he could. The attack had been brutal. He cursed the Shinobi from the Rain Village. They had spread information about a defector from the Rain Village who wanted to defect to the Leaf Village. Naruto and Hinata had been assigned to the the mission. Lady Tsunade had thought the Byakugan would be a great advantage to have on the mission. When they had reached the spot where they were supposed to meet the defector, they were met instead by Rain Shinobi. A lot of Rain Shinobi. Rain Shinobi who had wanted to take Hinata and study the Byakugan.

Naruto of course wouldn't let that happen.

They had fought back to back, for nearly half an hour. The shinobi from the rain village were good, there was no mistaking that. But Naruto and Hinata were fighting back to back for their very survival. And then...one of the enemy Shinobi had managed to get under Hinata's guard and had stabbed her in the stomach. The wound was bad. Very bad. There was a deep gash that was nearly half a foot long Hinata had collapsed into a pool of her own blood. Truth be told, Naruto hadn't been in the best position either. He had cuts all over his arm, he was bleeding from his head, and had taken at least two Kunai Knifes to the back.

When Naruto had watched Hinata fall, when he had seen the blood pool out from her stomach, he had gone berserk. There was no other word for what he had done. He simply lost control and charged the three remaining enemy shinobi.

They hadn't lasted 30 seconds.

On some level...he really didn't think he could hit someone so hard they would make an imprint in a rock. But hey, today was full of surprises. Two of the enemy shinobi had been pounded into the ground so hard that the imprints were nearly two feet deep, the third one had been sent flying into a large rock that had nearly shattered when Naruto sent him flying into it. Naruto hadn't stopped to gloat or laugh like he normally would have done. He had simply grabbed Hinata and Ran to the leaf village.

There was no way he could treat that kind of wound.

And so...Naruto ran. He ran as quickly as he could to the village with Hinata in his arms. He was checking her breathing every few minutes. He was no Medical-Nin but even he could tell that she might not make it in time.

He had to rest. It would do Hinata no good if he collapsed from fatigue.

A few Hours later:

Naruto had started up a small fire. Hinata was laying next to the fire, Naruto had covered her in his jacket so she would have some protection from the cold night Naruto was talking to Hinata, it made him feel better to talk to someone, even if she couldn't hear him. She was sleeping, she needed the rest more then he did.

Naruto had been talking about random things in general, the weather, the Village, what he had done to the Rain Shinobi...Then Naruto said something out of the blue that startled even himself. “Hinata...if we make it out of this alive...I-I want to spend the rest of my life with you...I know you can't hear me...and I wish you did, because I don't think I'm ever gonna have the courage to come out and say this again. Y-You mean the world to me...and if you die...I won't ever be able to forgive myself. S-So what I'm asking is Hinata...will you stay with me? Forever?”

The sleeping Hyuga girl didn't reply.

Suddenly, she gasped, and a trickle of blood forced it's way out of the corner of her mouth. Her breathing became erratic and uneven.

Damn It!

Naruto picked up Hinata and ran to the village as quickly as he could.

Thirty Minutes Later:

En route to the Leaf Village.

Hinata was doing slightly better. Her breathing was still slightly uneven but she was doing better. But to add to Naruto's worry, her stomach had started to bleed, the bleeding was increasing steadily.

“N-Naruto...” Naruto looked down in surprise. He hadn't noticed her wake up. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was holding her arm across her stomach as best she could. “Y-Yeah Hinata?” Hinata inched her head next to Naruto's ear and whispered a single word:


Naruto felt his heart begin to slow down, despite being clueless most of the time he knew what she was talking about.

“Y-You heard me?”

Hinata grinned slightly and nodded.

Naruto almost fainted right then. “Y-You m-mean that you'll stay with me? T-That you'l-”

Hinata smiled again and nodded once again. And then she spoke: “Hinata Uzumaki...It has a nice ring to it.”

Naruto felt himself blush.

Twenty Minutes Later:

Outskirts of the leaf village.

The sentries at the gate didn't know what passed them. The only thing they saw was an orange blur that blew past them so fast that it nearly sent them flying. They did however...notice the large trail of blood that the blur left behind.

Ten Minutes Later:

The Hospital

Tsunade had intercepted Naruto halfway to the hospital. She had taken one look at Hinata, then called for a full medical team and told Naruto to meet her at the hospital.

And so...Naruto ran.

Two hours Later:

Waiting room.

Naruto was waiting, and so were a lot of other people who had shown up. Neji, TenTen, Lee, Shino, Kiba, Kurenai,Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, almost all of the Genin 11 had shown up. Hinata was their friend, they would be there for her, no matter what.

Five hours later:

Naruto was one of the last ones in the waiting room. Only Neji and TenTen still remained. The others had gone home except for Kiba who had been assigned to sort Tsuande's paperwork after trying to sneak into the room where Hinata slept. She was out of danger, Tsunade had told them that much but not much else. It was early in the morning, a few minutes past one. Neji was sitting on a bench, Naruto had never seen someone sleep the way Neji slept, he was sitting upright with the back of his head leaning against the wall. TenTen had also fallen asleep, she was also sleeping upright, but her head was buried in Neji's shoulder. The door that lead into the hospital opened and Hinata walked out. She was limping, she had bandages around her stomach, and the bruises had not yet faded. But to Naruto, she looked as beautiful as ever.”ready to go home?” he asked hopefully. Hinata looked at him and smiled the bewitching little smile of hers at him.

Twenty Minutes later:

Naruto and Hinata were sitting on the bed, getting ready for some much deserved rest. Before Naruto could fall asleep, Hinata looked over at him and smiled, “Hinata Uzumaki...It really does have a nice ring to it.” she saw Naruto start to blush and before he could retaliate, she smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek and closed her eyes.

Naruto felt himself beginning to blush. He couldn't think of anything to say. He still wasn't fully recovered from carrying Hinata all the way to the leaf village. He couldn't fight it anymore, he fell back on his pillow and fell asleep.
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Again nicely written, I'm starting to like your fic more and more with each chap
Just one thing I'd like to mention, when you write where it's set, underline it, so it doesn't get confusing. Good work though

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You really are a Nruhina fan ain't ya? Haha.
Nice work, Chev.

I was wondering but .. Would you be able to have a sequence where you could tell Sasuke talking to Naruto about his mission to Itachi?

Anyways. Great work and can't wait to read some more!

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