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Thread: Zombies Walk! ( Recruitment)
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Old 12-06-2008, 10:24 AM   #1
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Zombies Walk! ( Recruitment)

Hey, I put this in the wrong spot before so now its here. I'm just copy and pasting what i had in the other place.Zombies Walk!


Hi, I have been into RPing for a while now. I am a big fan of zombies, so when I saw Corinthians zombie RP i thought i'd try this out myself.
The zombies are runners, mostly, you do have a few limpers or legless guys out there. also, there are super zombies, or supers for short, that vary in power and abilitys. yes, plenty of these will be rip offs of some other games. im sorry for that. but the basics are
Brute: tall and Muscular, able to crush you like a bug. they roar to alert your position.
Frogs: able to jump long distances, they have claws and aren't afraid to use them.
the Demons: based off Kiss's person called teh Demon, have long tongues ( i wonder if thats were there name comes from? )and use them for catching food.
now for the characters. what you need to do is provide a few things, such as:
and personality.
here goes for my character,
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 19
Appearence: tall, 6'2, and 230 pounds, mostly muscle, BLond hair and blue eyes.
Weapons: A Grendel( M4 with much more power), one Desert Eagle ( I love that gun, if you check my other posts you'd know that) and a crap load of magazines and ammo for them. not to mention a Ka-Bar army knife.
Afiliations: Army, Lieutenant
Background: joined the army at 18, he progressed through the ranks quickly. soon after hitting the Lieutenant rank the zombie plague ( or Palatinate der Untoten, thats german) hit the world, and old russian virus, that was put into a bomb, was accidentally shipped to Al queda, instead of a normal nuke. when the nuke hit mid america, he left as quick as he could. Up in Canada the plague hit too, so Sam went back to America, it may be more infected, but its his home.
Personality: very cautious, though when he gets an idea in his head, he wont let anything sway his choice. usually quiet and reserved, if he wants to put his word in on something, he will.
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Name: Hannibal Smith

Age: 38 (Born 7 July 1971)

Appearance: Medium stature (5' 11" ~1.8034m), weighs 216 lbs (97.97595192kg), has brown hair, cut short, and green hair.

Weapons: AK-47 Stolen from N. Minneapolis Gang Member, Colt 1911 kepts since his service, and Combat Knife picked up when moved to Saint Paul.

  • Lieutenant Colonel -US Army. Combat Medic, 10 yrs. #Currently Deactivated#
  • Exxon Mobile, Upper-level management, 1yr. #Retired#
  • Bartender, Bullwinkle's Saloon, 1yr. #Last Occupation#

  • Combat Medic: Smith was trained by the US Army to be a Combat Medic, a medic who not only is a soldier, but has to take care of people on the battle-field. He is a licensed practitioner of medicine and his able to preform most any surgery needed on the spot with only a little bit of error. However, his abilities only extend so far, he can't take out cancers easily for example.
  • Quick Memory: going though Med. School has trained Smith's memory to the point where he was able to memorize most anything withing a few quick moments of looking at it. His recall isn't 100% perfect, but it is better than most people's.


Born in Northern Minnesota, Smith graduated valedictorian of his high-school class and went on to Mayo Clinic where he spent 8 years learning medicine. Not really specializing in anything, Smith figured that his best bet would be to get his commission and he became a Combat Medic in the US Army for 10 years. Following his deactivation, he fished around for jobs, and Exxon Mobile offered him one in upper-management.

In late 2008 Exxon had to cut some people, and Smith was cut as he didn't have seniority. Moving back to Minnesota, Smith got a job on Bullwinkle's saloon, a bar near the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities. He worked that job for a year, until the bomb holding the plague was detonated in Denver, Colorado on 27 February 2009. While working at Bullwinkle's, Smith had taken possession of an AK-47 from a North Minneapolis Gang-member who though that holding up his bar would be a good idea. So, while the rest of the state was in various states of panic, Smith was able to hold the people inside Bullwinkle's Saloon in a reasonable state of mind and has since been their de facto leader, until he can shed the duty.

Currently he is trying to put together an expedition to Fort Ripley, the major Army base in Minnesota, to try and make contact with the proper government.

And he really hates these Zombies.

Personality: Not exactly the warmest guy to ever walk the earth, Smith approaches each job like it is the most important job he's ever done and gives the appropriate effort to finish the job. He has no time for people who cannot help themselves and tend to lose themselves in panic. While he is clear-headed most of the time, he does sometime allow any rage that had been building up to eventually spend itself in some action. He will usually sit back while others come to a consensus about a job, unless he has overwhelming proof or logic to prove their idea stupid, during which he let's them dig their grave while he comes in near the end and tosses them in with concise arguments.

His bedside manner is notorious within the Army for being rather... lacking.

for (;;)
    hit(&head, desk, HARD);
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So i am going to get this started, if anyone else wants to join they still can, but i am getting killed by the wait for the story to begin.
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What city is this set in?
Name: Peter McGann
Age: 23
Appearance: 5'11", 159 lb, short black hair, glasses, plaid button up shirt and jeans.
Affiliation: None, freelance software engineer
Weapons: Crowbar, USB keyboard, anything he can find
Skills: he is capable of piecing together items at hand into makeshift weapons or tools, whatever the situation calls for, much like macgyver
Bio: Peter makes his living by hiring himself out to anyone who needs custom software or webpages, doing moderately well for himself. Despite graduating top of his class at Lakehead University in Canada, he never accepted any offers from major software companies, preferring to be his own boss. His apartment, where he also works from, happened to be very close to ground zero.
Personality: A logical thinker, he knows there is a cause to the outbreak, and most likely an antidote, and as such, tries to avoid killing zombies unless absolutely necessary.

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Old 12-09-2008, 09:41 PM   #5
I should go.
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Name: Vladimir Rosokosovski {Major, Russian Special Forces}

Age: 39 {Born October 9, 1970}

Appearance: 6'6' in heighth, he's bald with a sharp-featured face. He has a little stubble due to the fact that he has been without a shave for along time. Strangely, when the outbreak of the virus began, he and his men were dressed in Bio-Chem suits when American forces found them and brought them to Fort Charles {not real, only real in the RP} in Michigan. Vlad usually wears his Russian uniform and helmet, though his bio-chem mask is always near with a medical set. He always wears his black standard issue combat boots, which he modified to place knives under the soles in a tight situation. He also has the classic Russian cap, often referred to by his American finders, as a "Cousin Eddy" cap. His uniform has many Soviet insignia's on it.

Weapons: Russian assault knife, AK-47 {Modified with grenade launcher and long-range lenses} Old Tokarev pistol, high explosive grenades, and incendiary grenades.


Soviet Armed Forces{transferred out}

KGB Special Forces {was moved out}

Bio-Chemical Study Battalions {created new unit}

Bio-Chem War forces of the Soviet Union {Soviet Union fell in 1991}

Russian Special Forces {still slight allegiance to now-deceased Soviet Union}

Skills: Vladimir is known for his bravery and often inspires courage in his men, making them give their best effort in combat. He is a skilled marksman and good at hand-to-hand combat {not that he would want to do that with Zombies} He is a quick thinker and can get out of almost any dangerous situation.

Background: Vladimir was born in Moscow to a semi-middle-class family. After recieving an excellent education at several of Russia's top colleges, Vladimir graduated with a degree in Bio-Chemicals. He then volunteered in the Soviet Army where he quickly gained favor with High command and was sent into the KGB. After years of succesful service, he was sent into Bio-corps where he cooked up new bio-chems and used them, mostly in experiments. From there he formed the Soviet Bio War Forces, specifically meant to use Bio-chems to fight, and was very very effective. The Soviet Union then fell and Vlad was out of work. He reenlisted with the new Russian Army, from there he conducted operations for the Russian government of "questionable" legality. His last operation brought him to the United States. The reason? That is unknown.

Personality: Vladimir is a very warm and kind person, putting others before himself nearly all the time {unless of course, a bottle of Vodka is involved}. He also manages a good sense of humour, no matter the situation. He also wants to make sure that everyone is on high morale so that he can get the best performance possible from his men. All in all, Vlad is a very caring individual, especially in times like the Zombie apocalypse.

you very much
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THis takes place in the general vicinity of USA you can put your character where ever you please. for example, my characters in milwaukee, but you may have your character in tombstone AZ. Id prefer we all stay pretty close together, but a survivor or two far off in California ( in Arnold Schwarzzenegger accent) or someplace like that won't be completely horrifying. unless thats where the zombie population moved to.

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Name: Coryn Valkanar

Age: 19

Appearance: Firm face, eyes naturally look like they have eyeshadow due to the inset of the area below his eyes. Handsome but emotionless. Dyed his hair white, medium-length.

Weapons: Can handle a gun, but doesn't own anything deadly. Can aim well when throwing things, a fair shot, but can't kick worth a darn. Terrible in melee combat because he isn't that strong or experienced.

Affiliations: Rebellious towards the US government, but is currently living there.

Skills: Good with computers and very artistic. A born tactician. Can sing and used to play the clarinet in high school, but decided that he had better things to do.

Personality: Always wanted to something big in the world, but with the sudden appearance of the undead, he begins to question those ambitions. Funny at times but emotionless when he needs to be. Has a very strange smile.

Background: Born in the US, moved to Verginia after attending a local university and became a graphic and web design artist. In his spare time he is an author as well, although his fantasy/sci-fi books have not widely recognized.

Ambitious and emotional, he hides it well, and has over time trained himself to be serious. Currently does not have a girlfriend because he hasn't muscled the courage to do so.

He now lives in his pretty high quality apartment in Richmond. He has his own band now, and they play locally, but his job restricts him from going too far from home.

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Name: Atrianna

Occupation: Mercenary

Age: 30 (Birth date unknown)


She first appeared on the streets begging for food as a child. Over the years she grew into a woman who does not like people to know what she is thinking. She served with the US army for a brief time but was discharged for punching a superior officer after he made drunken advances on her.. After the army, she became a mercenary working for the highest bidder. She shows rarely shows emotion to strangers

Her career as a Mercenary went off well, she was accomplished at her job and was able to complete many of her early jobs. She refuses to accept jobs that may endanger the lives of innocents.

Atrianna used to live in America but grew sick of all the corrupt politicans and the goverment and then moved to Kyoto Japan with her Sixteen year old daughter Shayla. Atrianna was eventually hired to get some of the very politicans she hated out of America and was stuck when the Plague struck. She had no way of getting to washington to get the politicans and decided to set up base in Milwaukee and tries to keep the undead out of her part of the city. she is quite good at this to say the least.

And she hates zombies.

Weapons: AK-47, Shotgun, Customized Double barrel Shotgun, bazooka, two sawed off shotguns, M240G machine gun, two pistols of unknown make, One M4 and a couple dozen grenades.

Location: She has taken up base in milwaukee where she tries to keep the undead out of her part of the city. She was a small house in where she keeps a few personel items.

Skills: She is an expert with firearms of any kind.
Trained in hand to hand combat.
VERY good with grenades.

Appearence: 6'3' in height, she has white hair and blue eyes. she wears a black leather jacket, combat boots and and a black undershirt.

Personality: She seems cold on the surface, but under that cold shell beats a heart of gold. she will help out anyone in trouble. she doesn't like to show emotion due to the things she saw when the undead first started showing up. She hates the undead and will kill them on sight. she does have a soft spot for children due to the fact that she has a child of her own and will protect children at any costs.

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Name: Yuri Schmitz

Affiliation: Sacred Grove Milita
B.A.F. Biohazard Assualt Force
US Army

Age: 18
History: Works with a biohazad team of the U.S. Army, he and his team were left in Milwauke after the plauge spread to the strets he set up a very heavily armed perimter and formed a milita of surviovers called Sacred Grove to go out and deal with threats to the survivor colony.

Wepons: MP5 sub machien gun, and a H&K 9mm handgun.

Appearance: Wears a SWAT equipment, consiting of navy blue shirt, navy blue pants, and navy blue taticial vest, also wears a baclava

personality: Smart yet reckless kind hearted
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