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Thread: Mini-map Tutorial
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Mini-map Tutorial

Since there are a bunch of new modules popping up nowadays at the request of Quanon I will make an attempt at a tutorial as to how to create mini-maps far a new module.These instructions work the same for both K1 and TSL.

The first thing you will need is a picture for the map,the easiest way I have found is if you have 3ds max load up the module and choose top view. Center the module in the window and use the render preview option to take a picture of the map. You could use Gmax also and take a screenshot to have the same effect 3ds max is easier because you can preview it which makes it easier to reposition if needed.It works best if the actual walking areas are centered in the picture. Impotant:Also make note of how the module is oriented in max (as it imports directly)as this will will give you your north axis(from a top view)

For both k1 and TSL the picture needs to be saved as a 512x256 .tga and labled lbl_map"modulename".tga
The size of the actual "map" doesn't matter as long as it fits in the 512x256 picture.Once you have the picture it will go in your override folder.

Next part is setting up the .are file which contains the coodnants for your map.These are the values
that control the map.

MapPT1X = These first 4 control the pointer direction and location.Most
MapPT1Y of the time I just find a map of similar size and north axis
MapPT2X of 0 and use those values

MapResX=18 This seems to control how much of the map gets revealed while player is moving around the map number 18 seems to be used the most 1 reveals the entire map upon entering it.

MapZoom= 1 So far this seems to only control the size of the backround grid behind the map.Most maps just use the number 1

NorthAxis= If you map picture direction is oriented with the module then 0 is used for north.It gets a little more complicated if you need to rotate the map picture to fit. EX:if you have a long module running N to S then you will need to rotate it 90deg to fit in the picture(it looks better)in that case you will use 2 or 3 (If I remember correctly 0=north 1=south 2=east 3=west).

The last 4 values control the edges of the map or distance traveled.

WorldPT1X=West point Controling all these values are backwards from normal thinking.
WorldPT1Y=North point If your arrow needs to go further north you would lower the 1Y
worldPT2X=East point number if the arrow goes to far north(off the map) you would raise
WorldPT2Y=south point 1Y. Same with the X values for Left to right.

To start with most of the time I use 100 in each of the values for the worldPT
so to start the values will look something like this:

MapPT1X 2.1879648
MapPT1Y 1.7896534
MapPT2X 7.8965321
MapPT2Y 5.3698741
MapResX 18
MapZoom 1
NorthAxis 0
WorldPT1X 100
WorldPT1Y 100
WorldPT2X 100
WorldPT2Y 100

Now repack your .are into a .mod file and warp to your new area. If your lucky you can bring up the map
and your arrow will be located somewhere on the map,if not walk the entire module until the arrow and

picture appear. Lets say walking the entire module when you reach the middle of the module your arrow

is appearing in the lower left edge of the map. lower the WorldPT1X to 50 and WorldPT1Y to 50 and when

you re-enter the module you should see when you walk to the same spot as before in the module the arrow
is now a little further north and west. You will have to do this numerous times and keep adjusting the

values,its OK to use neg values also. If at some point you are getting close to the edges and the map

is centering but you notice your arrow is backwards while moving L to R swap the 1X and 2X values.

This is basicaly how to create these maps if anyone else learns any better tips or tricks I will be

more than happy to add them. Also I know this is rather long and I am sure I missed something if any

questions feel free to PM me and I will help with what I can.

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Thank you DSTONEY !

Its nice to have some starting values, I kept messing around with it, but never found.. well the way it works.

This is great info

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Thanks for your help I've made a copy of the thread in the tutorials section for quick reference: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194449
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