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Thread: Disgusting green texture issue...
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Old 06-12-2012, 10:16 PM   #1
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Angry Disgusting green texture issue...

Currently working on a mod, I've found that there is one issue which keeps coming up. It's a very strange one too.

I'm trying to add in a few new models. One of those is a better .alo for the ISD.

I've tried both the AotR and PR models. The weird thing is, they're actually coded in correctly. Hardpoints done myself etc...

The textures are in the right place too.
But consistently (and with both models), the Star Destroyers eventually turn green. I say eventually because the textures is often there the first time, but the next time I launch the game all my work is undone. Very frustrating.

Anyway, to describe the issue, the ship is entirely green. The shape is there. It's just as if there's a texture missing, which is not at all true. The engine glow is there, and the attached turrets have their textures working fine. Shadows are all fine too.

Here's a screenshot
Notice the Titan on the left with the green engines. That's because there truly is no texture for that bit.

A very weird part of this all is that the models have never glitched out in this same way using the aloviewer. The models are always pristine and presentable as ever when I view them using that. So I think it's a game issue.

I've tried uninstalling some old DDS viewing software, rigging two different models (same happens to both, which just gave me an idea - perhaps there's a slash between the game's original Star Destroyer model and this one as I'm using the Generic_Star_Destroyer template. Hmmm...), editing the textures, removing the bumpmaps, and a few other ultimately pointless things.

So, any help ? would be much appreciated!

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Old 06-22-2012, 09:21 PM   #2
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Game cant find the Textures ..

Hallo FirmusPiett.
I had too the exact same problem, and I think this is a path Issue.
When you export with 3DS Max to .alo, the Exporter seems to save a path information, which links to the current Texture INTO the .alo File.

I Mean you probably load the Texture from the Desktop into 3DS and export after that to .alo. So 3ds saves a path into the .alo File, wich targets the Desktop - ( or any other false location ) and the Game cand find things on the Desktop at all. That is the Failure.
The green Models just mean that the Game cant find the Textures !
So you dont need to remove any bumpmaps.

You probably just drop the model into its Mod Folder and run the Game.
When you re just dropping a AOR modell into your own Mod Folder it wont work aswell, becouse the Texturepaths of the MESHBUMPCOLORIZE.FX in the .alo model are pointing to the AOR modfolder. So they should get exchanged.

Now, to solve the Problem, I think that you should just copy all used Textures into the folder of your Mod, ( the path the Game should use ) BEFORE you load the Textures from there with 3DS, and export after that. This will give the Game the right path.
Then test if the textures work correctly.

If this dont work, You could drop the Textures into the Original Starwars Data/Art/Textures Folder, and load it with 3DS Max from there.
And give it a new try, this time from the Original Game Folder.

I cant remember how exactly I fixed this Issue, but i Think that did the trick.

PS. Im sorry for bad english and horrible spelling, Im no nativespeaker ...
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Old 06-23-2012, 11:24 AM   #3
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or rather this

Ups ..
I forgot to say that ther is still a other Error Reason too
This could rather be your Issue then my last post.

Youre probably just assigning the Textures with 3DS to the Modell end exporting it, without shaders. But the point is, that the Game needs the Shaders in order to display any Textures. So, no Shaders - no Textures.

You have to use the Shaders of the Game. I think you can get them when you install the Map Editor, it schould be installed in the Game Directory.
Or just google for them "Starwars eaw 3ds Max Shaders".

So, when you are done with the Modelling in 3DS, the Textures dont work without the Shaders, which are contained in .fx Files or .fxo Files.

3DS Max 8 needs them as .fxo Files.
3DS Max 6 and 9 needs .fx Files
But actually there is no difference between the two formats, just rename the .fxo Files to .fx.

You have to drop the Shader.fx Files into the C:\Programs\Autodesk\3ds Max 9\maps\fx Folder of 3DS Max.

Then open 3DS Max and go to the Texture Browser-->Standard-->DirectX Shader ( prompt discard old Material ) - and then click on the Material Tab down to pick a texture ( which has to be in the right modfolder, and NOT on the Desktop ).
The default Shader for Ships is called MESHBUMPCOLORIZE.FX or as alternate one MESHGLOSS.FX, which dont need any bumpmaps.
And the one that you will need for Shields is MESHSHIELD.FX
And for the Collision Mesh use MESHCOLLISION.FX ( Without a Collisionmash the Game dont shows any Hardpoints ).

Here you can find some a tutorial about how to use the Shaders :


Hope this helps you out. I know, it is a long text, but i rather whrite much and we fix the Issue then messing around with tiny comments.
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