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Thread: K1 Utility Armbands 1.B (Modder's Resource)
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Old 06-16-2009, 02:13 AM   #1
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K1 Utility Armbands 1.B (Modder's Resource)

After wasting the last months on both school and Oblivion, I think I should get back to serious work. Here is an update to the utility armbands mod. In addition to giving the orientation of the player, it also provides the location and current module, in case you don't want to use cheats. It provides the tags and distances to the nearest creature, door, placeable, trigger, and waypoint as well. Huge thanks to Darth333 for letting me borrow that idea from her whereami armband for TSL. Lastly, big apologies to DarthDac and Canderis for taking an excessive amount of time to make this simple update.

NOTE: to all of you who have the previous version, you don't need to uninstall it. Use the patch folder instead. Full details are in the ReadMe:

K1 Utility Armbands

Version: 1.B

Developer: Star Admiral

Date: 06/15/09

This mod makes use of the excellent TSLPatcher by stoffe. To install, first 
go to your main KOTOR directory, usually at C:\Program Files\LucasArts
\SWKOTOR\ and right-click your Modules folder. Uncheck the Read-Only 
box and click Apply. Click OK when prompted to apply this setting to all 
files inside the folder. Now you can run the TSLPatcher application and it 
will update any necessary files in your main KOTOR directory and save the 
original files within the backup folder. Do NOT simply copy the contents of 
the tslpatchdata folder into your Override folder; the mod will not work 

Important Notice (K1 Utility Armbands 1.0):
If you already have version 1.0 (public release) or version 1.A (private 
release) of the armband, you do NOT need to uninstall the previous 
version before installing this one. The only thing that was updated in 
this release is the scripts. To update the mod, simply copy the two files 
in the patch folder to your Override folder. Trying to update with 
TSLPatcher will actually create problems.

To uninstall this mod, copy and paste the contents of the tslpatchdata 
folder into your Override folder, overwriting as prompted. Without 
deselecting the files, delete them from your Override folder. Afterwards, 
restore the original files found within the backup folder to your Override 
folder, except for the dialog.tlk and end_m01aa.rim files; the first one 
belongs in your main KOTOR directory, the second one belongs in your 
Modules folder.

Compatibility Issues:
This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't also create a 
placeable in the exact same location as this one. If you want to get the 
items without cheating, you will need to either start a new game or add 
the items into your inventory using KSE. Otherwise, use the item codes 
in the Info.txt Cheat Codes section to cheat them into the game. If there 
is a major conflict with another popular mod, contact me and Iíll see if I 
can release a patch to make mine compatible. 

None that I know of.

Contact Information:
You can contact me at staradmiral@hotmail.com or you can find me 
hanging out at the Holowan Laboratories at various times of the day 
under the username Star Admiral. Feel me to drop me a line about 
anything. I will try to get back to you ASAP.

A million thanks go out to all the people at the Holowan Laboratories 
who have graciously helped me with any modding problems I have had 
with KOTOR or TSL. Special thanks go out to DarthParametric, RedHawke, 
stoffe, ChAiNz.2da, TriggerGod, and Ferc Kast, without whom I could not 
have learned as much as I have in so short a time. For this mod, I must 
also thank HK-42 for helping me test version 1.0 of this mod, DarthDac 
for prompting me to update this mod with the player's location, and 
Darth333 for granting me permission to implement many features already 
created in the Whereami Armband mod. Thanks again. =)

Terms of Use:
You can modify this mod in any way for your own personal use. You may 
also include this mod within another compilation, though you must give me 


And the screenshots:

And the links:
KOTOR Files: Pending
FileFront: Linky


- Star Admiral
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Thank you sooo much! This will make my mods go so much faster!(if only a day sooner it would have saved me from doing math over the summer)

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Old 06-16-2009, 01:46 PM   #3
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Thank you soooo much! You helped me a lot with this update! I'll be sure to rate it 10/10 when it is uploaded to KotorFiles

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I noticed that the Filefront link given here doesn't work, and the KotORFiles link never got put in this thread. The mod was, however, uploaded at KotORFiles, and the link is here: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...rmbands;100418

Mods Released
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