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Thread: TSL conversation fixes
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Old 06-30-2009, 03:35 AM   #1
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TSL conversation fixes

I fixed several errors in Habat and Moza conversations on Telos:

The "Build your own lightsabre" quest script is called twice in one of Habat's conversations, so it is possible to get two lightsabre parts from Habat if you select both conversation options. This will phuck up the entire quest and the journal entries.

In one of the conversations with Moza there's an infinite dark side pts exploit bug, one of the conversation options is listed twice and if you ask Moza for money, you are kicked out of the conversation and have to approach him yet again to get the key to Habat's room.

Fixed all of these errors, you can download the files here:


extract into the override directory.
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Old 07-01-2009, 11:32 AM   #2
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Two more conversation fixes:


The Repair T3 quest is bugged, because the variables set in the t3's conversation file are wrong:

- You can only use the Computer skill on T3 two times, since the 3rd request to repair t3 using your Computer skill will never appear due to a wrong variable set when you repair the droid for the second time. Actually you are supposed to use the Computer skill on T3 a third time (requires computer skill 21, influence with t3 higher than 80 or lower than 20).

- The influence set for repairing T3 for a third time using your Repair skill is wrong - the requirements are the same as for the second repair (better than 70 or worse than 30). Should be better than 80 or worse than 20.

- Sometimes the game forgets that you told T3 not to move around the ship, it will still be moving around, but the variable is set to "not moving", so you need to tell the droid to resume his movement before you can actually tell it to stop moving around. Removed the condition for this conversation option, it will now always be possible to tell T3 to stop his annoying movement.

All errors fixed by me. Download the T3 fix here:


Atton Echani training conversation in the Jedi Telos Academy:

- All variables in Atton's conversation file are completely wrong, so several conversation options will appear several times, leading to infinite light side/dark side exploits

- An important conversation option is missing completely if you talk to Atton about his Echani training the first time you talk to him in the Academy ("Rescued me with what? Your Echani training" -> in this tree the conversation option "No harm meant. I was just asking" is missing. Only appears in the conversation tree "I'd have thought your Echani training would allow you to recover faster").

- Scripts that should give you lightside points and influence with Atton are set as conditions in one of the conversation options, so you will be simply kicked out of conversation if you try to select that option.

My fix now looks like this:

First time you talk to Atton after freeing him from the cell:

"Rescued me with what? Your Echani training?" (PC must know about Atton's Echani training!)

Possible replies:

Force Persuade (dark side shift, Atton infl loss)
Persuade (Atton infl losss)
No harm meant... (gain infl)

If Force Persuade/Persuade were selected:

Second Persuade check: "I thought you could be a real asset with your combat training".

If the PC doesn't take/pass the second persuade check:

When you talk to Atton again:

Atton: "What, you ready to continue interrogating me?"
PC: "I wasn't interrogating you, I just wanted to know if you had any other useful skills".

The following options are excluding, meaning you can only take one:

If you talk to Atton during the first conversation about his Echani training and then use either Force persuade/Persuade or "no harm meant" option, it is set as done, so the line "I would have thought your Echani training would allow you to recover faster" isn't available any more

Force Persuade / Initial Persuade and "no harm meant" are excluding (only one).

Atton will only complain about interrogation if you use Force persuade / Persuade on him and don't pass/take the Persuade option that appears right afterwards ("[Persuade] I'm not accusing you, I just want to know if you've got any other useful skills. You could be a real asset with combat training"). Otherwise the Echani training quest is set completely as done.


Force Persuade+ following Persuade passed:

Minor dark side shift, 16 pts influence loss for force persuade, 8 pts influence gain for successful persuade

Persuade ("Don't change the subject")+following Persuade, both passed:

no alignment shift, NET influence (minus 8, then plus 8)

"No harm meant" option:

no alignment shift, 8 pts influence gain, so this is the best one. You basically tell Atton that you respect his privacy, so no influence loss here

Download Atton's Echani training fix here:

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Old 07-03-2009, 11:07 PM   #3
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I am sorry, overlooked another mistake made by Obsidian in the T3-M4 conversation file. When you use the Computer skill on T3 for the third time, the droid is supposed to get +1 to his Wis and Int, but the NPC tag is missing in the conversation file, so the called script assigns the attribute increases to your PC instead.

Very sorry for uploading the file that still contained this bug. Only noticed yesterday. Please re-download the fixed T3 file above and extract into the Override directory again.

If you already repaired T3 using the flawed file, please use the Kotor Savegame Editor to change yours and T3's Wis and Int attributes to correct the problem
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Old 07-05-2009, 03:52 PM   #4
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 63
Fixed the Hanharr conversation file. There were some errors in it:

1) If you tell Hanharr that you heard other bounty hunters say that he killed his own tribe, the game will kick you out of the conversation, because there's a useless influence check with no alternative. The check is useless, because this conversation option will appear anyway only if you pass an influence check with exactly the same conditions right before ("You can't have been the only slave Czerka took from your world." ->influence check to determine Hanharr's reply). Fixed the error by removing the second influence check

2) The conditions for breaking Hanharr into your service are set wrong at one point:

[Influence: Failure] If I give up everything of my people, then the Shadowlands will have my body... and my mind. (Influence >90 or <10 required).

But then, right afterwards:

-Then you shall always be prey, Hanharr. You are your own prey, and such things are weakness.

-[Influence: Success] To give up everything of my people... means I will be no longer one of them, even in the place that exists beyond the Shadowlands. (Influence >75 or <25 required, means it is easier to pass, which is not right, as this makes the previous influence check completely meaningless. This check should be set to influence >90 or <10, same as before). Fixed

3) At one point, when you say something merciful, you should actually lose influence with Hanharr, but because there's a spelling mistake in the script, you actually lose influence with the Disciple, even if he's not part of the group. lol. Fixed

4) At some point, when you talk with Hanharr about the reason he killed Mira, you will be presented with two conversation options:

a) Walk with me, Hanharr, and I promise I shall never spare your life, or deny you the death you seek.

b) If you wish to die, then let it be done in a way that matters - saving others.

You should actually get dark side points for the first answer and light side points for the latter, but you get nothing. Fixed.

I also remember from previous playthroughs that there was a bug that allowed you to break Hanharr continuously into your service, reducing his Int and increasing his Str an infinite amount of times. Can't reproduce the error at the moment. Maybe it has already been fixed in my conversation file by some other modder. I am using so many mods, I kind of lost track of them all. But I'll perform some further tests to ensure that the problem indeed has been fixed. In the meantime, you can download the fixed conversation file here:


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