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Thread: Handmaiden Restoration Mod
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Handmaiden Restoration Mod

I was fixing some errors in the Handmaiden conversation file when I noticed that there seems to be some cut stuff that was supposed to happen. Some of it is still present in the game. You see, when you duel with Brianna on the Ebon Hawk and violate the rules, she will complain about this and then there are 5 different ways to persuade her to drop the restrictions. However, even if she agrees with you, if you try to use force powers on her during the next fight, the stupid b*tch will complain again. It's impossible for a Jedi Consular to win those stupid melee battle circle fights for God's sake!

So this mod, in addition to fixing many Handmaiden conversation bugs, restores the possibility to persuade the Handmaiden to drop the Echani duelling restrictions.

Successful persuade results in lifting of combat limitations (everything is allowed - force powers, lightsabre, shields...).

No ClearEffects() any more at the beginning of the duels

No unequipping of armour and weapons at the beginning of the duels

The 5 persuade options are the following:

1) must know that Yusanis followed Brianna's mother to war:

Just like you never knew what lead your father to follow your mother to war?
2) limited knowledge about Yusanis:

It seems your father broke conventions in going to war. Was he ignorant?
There are two ways to learn about Yusanis, but only one of them is recognised by the game, as the other fails to set the necessary global var "000_Hand_Father":

a) Ask Brianna why she looks different than her sisters. Influence check here. If successful, she will tell you about her father, but the global var is not set, so the game thinks you still don't know about her father and won't activate the persuasion options above. Fixed in my mod

b) Ask Brianna about her robes (tell her first to put some clothes on after a fight). This conversation sets the 000_Hand_Father global var, so the game realises you know about her father

3) Persuade check:

[Persuade] Convention and ritual have their place, but in the end, it is intent that matters.
4/5) Wisdom / Intelligence check:

Perhaps rigid adherence to those conventions prevents you from knowing yourself.
If you use either the first or the 2nd option and successfully persuade Handmaiden, you get +4 to Influence. My mod fixes this by giving you +4 to Influence with Brianna if you pass any of the 5 checks. If you pass the check, Brianna will say:

{Angry, but realizes she is wrong}There is truth in what you say. But the manner in which it was delivered is not welcome.
Now tell her that you want to duel again. If you passed the check, you can use any powers or items you want. Changed Brianna's dialog options to reflect this - on successful persuade Handmaiden will NOT talk about duel restrictions any longer.

Big thanx to stoffe for providing the necessary script code:


Apart from this modification, my mod also fixes
the following bugs:

I went to war to protect others, not to fight.
only on the Ebon Hawk, "NOT" expression missing in the conversation script, means option will never appear in dialog

There was glory in battle - and none among the Jedi.
both Telos jedi academy and Ebon Hawk, "NOT" expression missing, means option will never appear. global var on the Ebon Hawk conversation is not set anyway, even if the option was triggered

Both options require global booleans to check later on the Ebon Hawk if conversation options already used up on Telos. Each option must exclude the other and self in terms of alignment shift.

Instead, Obsidian uses local vars, which are not preserved for some reason when you leave the Telos academy. They actually should work even if you leave an area, hell knows what happens.

Falling to the dark side came after
should not stack with "I haven't completely fallen to the dark side - yet". (Telos and Ebon Hawk, several instances). Latter option only if dark_high == FALSE

3) Ebon Hawk: asking Handmaiden about Atris:

[Influence: Failure] I do not wish to speak of her to you. Her actions are her own, and to reveal to you if she sees fit.
NOT expression set wrongly, meaning you can only pass the influence check if your influence with the Handmaiden is NOT (>69 or <31). It's supposed to be exactly the other way around. In fact, there were some people on this board who already complained about this error, they just didn't know what causes this. Well, here you go, the explanation - some moron at Obsidian doesn't know how to write scripting conditions

[Persuade] But how can you watch the Jedi effectively if you do not know their ways of battle, of offense and defense?
script name is missing in one of the node copies, but value is set, weird (means no real persuade skill check takes place). Shouldn't be applied to Persuade Attempt itself either. The checks should be done in the following Influence Failure/Influence success nodes. Similar problem with the HK54 unit on Peragus (Sonic sensor)

-Why do you look different than your sisters?

-I honor the face of my mother. It is not something usually spoken of in the company of others.

-I apologize. I meant no offense.
If you select the answers in this order, it will kick you right inside the Influence Failed loop, bypassing the influence check completely.

Fixed by me like this:

- Why do you look different than your sisters?

- I honor the face of my mother. It is not something usually spoken of in the company of others.

- I apologize. I meant no offense. -> you are now inside the Influence Failed loop:

- There is no need to apologize. You were merely remarking on something that you saw - there is no wrong in that.

- Is it a sensitive subject? -> added Influence check to ensure that Player does not miss the Influence triggered conversation:

- Influence failed: It is not a sensitive subject, but a subject that requires trust. There is no such trust between you and I, and such trust takes time.

- Influence success (influence higher than 64 or less than 36): Yes, that is correct. I feel that I may trust you with such things, so I shall speak of it, if you wish to hear it.
If you succeed on the check, you are kicked out of the Influence Failed loop into the Influence Success dialog node.

6) Fixed post-duelling conversation condition:

- Before you go, there is something I must know.
- Why did you go back, face trial?
bla bla bla...
this fix was originally created by Team Gizka, so all thanx go to them for this one. I just merged it with my Brianna dialog file used by the "Handmaiden for Females" mod.


The following conversation options are now mutually excluding. If you select one of them, all of them become unavailable afterwards in terms of influence/alignment shifts , incl. the one you selected, both on Telos and when the Handmaiden joins you later on.

Some options are still selectable later in dialog for consistency reasons, but the rewards are only applied once for each group of replies, so choose carefully which option you prefer

The conversation nodes now use global vars, as local vars are not preserved properly, so this mod relies on globalcat.2da, meaning this mod is not compatible with any other mod that uses this file except the TSLRP beta mod:


(both Telos and Ebon Hawk):

Battle is not the truth of the Jedi teachings - I believe it is the farthest thing from it. (light)

Combat is not the Jedi way - and it is not my way. (light)

When the methods to inflict violence on others is limited, it weakens us all. (dark)


(Ebon Hawk only):

Your skill is impressive, as is your devotion to your training. (light)

If you are distracted and lack discipline, then you deserve your rank. (dark)


(both Telos and Ebon Hawk):

Well, I have no wish to fight Atris. (light)

So if I crushed Atris' skull into the floor, that might get to the heart of the matter? (dark)

"So if I fought Atris..." : This 3rd option is neutral, can be selected only once, but doesn't exclude the other two options above (rewards still available)


(both Telos and Ebon Hawk):

Combat is not the best way to communicate with others. (light)

I agree. It shows how far you are willing to go for your goals. (dark)

Devotion? I prefer obedience. To a cause... and a master. (dark)

(Telos only):

She was right - you're lucky I don't kill you all. (dark)

Why does Atris allow me to walk freely? I could kill you all, easily. (dark)

The following option appears only once (either Telos or Ebon Hawk, if not used up yet):

I apologize. I meant no offense. (lightside shift, asking why she looks different than the other Handmaidens)

(Ebon Hawk only):

You should take value in yourself as well. (light)

As do all slaves. If you have no value to anyone but Atris, you have no value to me. (dark)

+ variable was set wrong on one of the options here


There are still some very weird bugs present in Brianna's conversation file that I haven't fixed yet. For example, if you win all 3 duels against her and then talk about her mother, you still fail to persuade her to learn the ways of the Jedi, because the stupid Obsidian developers expect you to take the long way through the conversation:

Brianna: There's nothing more I can teach you
Exile: Maybe I can teach you
Brianna: I love you so much bla bla bla bla

bla bla
more boring bla bla
global var set needed to pass the following check
Exile: I wanted to talk about your mother. She was a Jedi and you are a jedi too. I want to train you (persuade success, because the global var is set now)

Download and extract the files into the Override folder:


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