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Thread: Rockstar: Buy Our Game For Kids, You're A Terrible Parent
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Rockstar: Buy Our Game For Kids, You're A Terrible Parent


Reading this in his voice f***ing makes it.

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Remember when Perfect Dark came out and kids couldn't buy it, they'd just get their parents to buy it for them? Now they don't even bother trying to stop kids from playing explicit games. Parent's too often don't monitor what their kids watch or play, it's sad but most parents are terrible parents.

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Gosh, I was *never* able to watch R rated movies or play M rated games growing up (if my parents found out, of course).

I don't even think they would have liked me playing some of the Teen rated games that I enjoyed when I was 7 or Twisted Metal (fantastic game, but not child appropriate at all)...and I distinctly remember my father once leaning over my shoulder while I was playing Warcraft II and asking why I was playing "such a violent game."

Then I think about parents who let their kids play GTA, or the family that brought their ten year old son into the theater to watch Kickass, and I'm just baffled.

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I watched Terminator and played Doom when I was 6 >_>

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I was also not allowed to play M games till I was 17. While I think my parents were too strict (it wasn't even on a game by game basis, no Halo or anything) I would say kids under 15 or 16 shouldn't be playing GTA (if not 17). So I applaud Rockstar.

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Not sure I *completely* agree with that: every kid is different. Sure GTA games aren't for kids--no ****ing DUH Lazlow Jones.

I will agree parents who undermine general decency and common sense are bad parents, and parents who don't, y'know PARENT their kids while they're growing up are horrible parents. Point being: Teach kids wrong from right, but don't be Nazis, or they don't learn anything from you except that you're ****ed up in the head. If they think it's glorious, show them the ugly side of it too.

I was allowed to watch martial arts tournament films from 50-60 years ago where there was all kinds of blood and broken bones, some protruding out the flesh at 9; once I insisted on watching friday the 13th when I was 7. I never wanted to see that stuff again for a long, long time. They did allow it each once it for the reason that not everything in this world is nice or pretty. Also it's important to not shelter your kids.

My parents used reasoning: If I
1) knew reality from fiction and acted accordingly
2) didn't act up because of the games
3) kept up on my schoolwork
They'd consider allowing it for me-- and continuing to let me play if I met those conditions and stayed with them. Though back then the VG industry hadn't really developed a rating system for games yet. Admittedly there was nothing near as graphic as GTA games. It was Mortal Kombat that was the big no-no game.

I was allowed to watch some rated R movies like Beverly Hills Cop 1-3, and even Robocop by 10 years old because as violent as they are, you can tell they are a little cheesy too. I was NOT allowed to watch porn, period. When I was about 13 or 14 I found a stack of playboys a neighbor tossed before moving. That was ok by then. Had it have been a little sooner, they'd confiscate the mags until they felt I was old enough and mature enough.

I was allowed to shoot guns by 10 because gun safety was important to my family. Guns are to be respected.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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