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Thread: My first Journey in to Kotor galaxy awaits.
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Old 09-03-2010, 08:28 AM   #1
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My first Journey in to Kotor galaxy awaits.

"So what is this fool talking about?"


"What's this nonsense…?"

"I've been going throw the Kotor story 200 times and I know all there is to know! What could this dude possible be able to offer me? "

Well, how about to follow me and see what I am about too see?

I can tell you the story of my first experience with Kotor because it will happen right now. Maybe you would like to follow and see how it goes and maybe I would like to try and tell it.Just got the gameafter sometime looking for it for xbox.I will begin my first experience with kotor this weekend and will play when I get time to.
After I done playing a couple of hoursI will coming here and summit up in some wayand then back and play some more

I don't know, just an idea I got. Let's see how it goes ye?

Feel free to add me to see when its game on.

So I don't know all that about the game other that it's supposes to be really super good and I avoided it for far too long now. This will not focus on stats and skills, more on the character and the walk I am about to begin.

Warnings: There will be spelling that is not correct but I will try my best to express myself the best way I can.

So let's begin
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Well I got the advice to start keeping a journal because it looks like i am suffering from some kind of amnesia, to keep track of what's happening around me. So here goes

Day number 1:

I open my eyes and it's blank. I am inside a ship but I don't know what or where.

The felling is hard to describe, I felt nothing…

I get up from bed and in come some guy rushing, screaming we are under attack and I need to do my duty? After questioning this man shortly I realise I am a solider in the republic fleet and we are really under attack from the Sith.

The Sith got a bad ring to it in my ears, I don't know why.

Before we go out I arm myself with 1 sword. I tried holding the blaster as well but it didn't quite feel right. Melee fight it is then.

So on we go me and this guy. He is pretty good at opening doors so luck on me.

I hear blasters and soon we come across soldiers from the empire.

I get an urge to attack and I follow it, diving in to combat and I win! For the first time I remember I strike a man down, and I felt once again nothing. Nothing but the urge to continue forward and to confront these people attacking our ship.

In the middle of the ship we come see 2 people fighting with something seems different then a sword, I realise now that it was lightsabers I saw and my bunkmate tells me it's a Jedi fighting a Sith. It looks amazing and scary at the same time. This was not our fight that was clear so we move on. We get a call from the bridge telling us to save this lady name Bastila. No idea who that is but what the hell, she was important to us somehow.

Then as we proceed to the bridge another Sith jumps us.He got this red lightsaber and looks like a really ugly person. My instinct is run but I realise I would not get far, we hold our ground and then my bunkmate tell me to run for it as he go in for the hit. I am ashamed to say that I didn't think about it for to long. I did run…

I meet up with the commander and he says Bastila is not on the ship and it will blow up soon. We rush our self in the last escape pods and then it gets blank again. Again I wake up, after a strange dream about a Jedi. Beside me is this commander who tells me we are safe and on a planet I can't recall. His name is Carth. And he seems like a good guy, tells me about all the good the republic is trying to do and that this Bastila is somewhat very important for the ongoing war between Jedi and the Sith. Or the republic and the empire if you will. He tells me there is a really strong Sith lord name Malik who now controls the empire.

I realize we need to move if we want to save this Bastila person.

Trying to keep a low profile but I can't help myself to get involved in a few fights anyway, I win them all. I feel stronger every time I fight someone and I like the feeling. We get a tip that she might be captured by some bad people down in the lower city so we continue onwards down there. Right now I am sitting in a shelter down in the lower city, saved some guy from a ragul attack so they gave us shelter. Need to get some sleep now; it's been a very hectic day…
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Day 5:

Hello there, for the first time in a couple of days I now have time to put down what happen my past days. Believe me when I say, I have been busy!

First I meet up with the gang leader down there name Gendar I think, we make a deal that if I can get him something to win a swoop race I will get Bastila free. This special part is inside a base of the competition. We make the deal.

After I left of last time we where sheltered in the lower city waiting for dawn to come.
We hooked up with this girl name Mission who had lost a friend down there. After some conversation with this girl I realize she have information about how to get to this gang apparently holding Bastila prisoner. We decide to join up. We set out to search the tunnel system and soon come to find her friend. A big harry bear like fellow name Z. He seems all right, does smell kind of bad thou.

As agreed we proceed farther into the sewers, fighting raguls and other creatures with are no match for my strength. So far so good, then I see it. The Rankor.
With no way around I realize we have to fight this beast. About to rush in Mission steps forward and give another suggestion on how to defeat it. In short was I not impressed but it works. Just when started looking forward to fight this demon it blows up.

We get in the base and I decide to unleash mayhem, we got no time to be settled. Cutting down guards and robots we find the part needed for the race. Getting it back to Gendar was not a problem. When I am about to turn it over he say that I will race. Sure thing, I hardly remember my own name but I should race with some crazy aliens. After some thinking I decide we have no choice if we are to find Bastila. I race, and of course I win as well.

Upon receiving my price there is a gruff, I strike them down. Problem solved.
Some of my companions disagree to my way of solving problems. I see no problem in using violent, if they don’t know better then to question me then I make sure they won’t do it twice.

So we get Bastila, and I get a weird felling about her.
She is Jedi.
She is powerful…
We talk and I find her in lack of respect of me saving her. But we have no time to argue really, we need to get of this rock. I hear rumours at the cantina that there is a ship name Ebon Hawk and it’s suppose to be the fastest ship around. Only one problem, it belong to the gang I stole the swoop device from. Asking around in town I get a way in thou, we just need to join up some ugly type who also want to get of this planet. I think about killing him but I don’t, somehow Bastila make me calm and I think twice. We join up with him and get in to the base.

Inside there is no problem, we fight and then we are onboard the ship making our way out in space. Just in time it seems, the empire makes a hammer strike as we go out. I don’t know what happened to the city but I got a bad feeling.
I have no idea what will happen next. Bastila says we are going to a planet called Tatooine with should be safe. There are high people in the Jedi order there and she wants me to meet them, I have no idea why. She has mention something about the force in me but I really don’t know. But I make sure to write here as soon as I know and get time to.
I feel cold, and dark…
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Day 7:

I realize now its Dantooine we were going to and not Tatooine.
So here we are, safe and sound and in the presence of Jedi masters.

After landing here from some of a bumpy trip it was nice to finally be able to relax a little.
All I wanted was to fall in a long sleep but no, that was clearly not going to happen.
Bastila take me with her to meet the Jedi order and explain my involvement in her rescue.
I get question after question and frankly I get kind of sick of it all after some time.

Then from nowhere they ask me how I would feel about becoming a Jedi.
At first I think its nonsense, I have seen my share of Jedi and Sith these past days.
But then it comes to me, dark dark thoughts. Some far away dream about wielding my power for my own reasons, follow my own dreams. I look at Bastila and I think again. Maybe becoming a Jedi is not a bad idea anyway, if not for the cause then at least I would gain power!
And then I could do whatever I like!

I answer the Order the best way I can, I tell them that I would gladly give my soul to restore the peace in the galaxy. And it all feels like a lie. I don’t know if they see it. Bastila is surprisingly happy about this. I take joy from that, I will show her. I will show her power.

I get some tests to do before I get to become Jedi, some stupid questions later I am making my own lightsabers! Now that was something else. I try wielding it but it was way harder then an ordinary sword. This will take some practice. They send me out to investigate this caves, this interests me as I hear Malik and his master have been there before. They must have been really powerful… I kind of look forward finding this Malik, Sith lord or not.

At the road to the cave we, my compassions and me stumble across a murder. Some Jedi ask me to give a helping hand in solving this murder. 1 man is dead, shot with a blaster. 2 people are standing next to him, accused of murder. And here they want me to give up my time to help, don’t they know I have my own mission? If not for this Jedi standing here I would have cut them both down right then and there! They should know better… We solve the matter and make camp. So waiting now for dawn I get exited.
Exited to find out what Malik and his master discovered in those cave and maybe they left me some message? Let’s hope so…
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A very interesting concept. I tried a similar approach to the Mandalorian Wars a few years back, but to little success. I like yours better - you don't seem to be 'trying as hard', if I may say so, and the effect is nice.

If this is truly your first time playing KotOR and you're not aware of the storyline and characters, you're in for a treat - as is anyone else who'll be following your gameplay through what you post here. There are definitely some awesome points in the game that will be amazing to see from this point of view. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

There are, as you said, a number of spelling errors, but those are less noticeable than some of the grammar slips. But you went into this knowing you'd slip up every now and then; that's a good thing. If you're interested in improving them, try either reading it out loud to yourself or having someone else look over it before you post it. But to be honest, I think the errors are more forgiveable in a journal style piece than in others for obvious reasons.

Definitely keep going.
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