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Thread: Star Wars: The rise
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Star Wars: The rise

I was born on Manaan. Son of a Human Lieutenant of the Sith forces and a Near-human female. I have been trained on the force on the Korriban Sith Academy and earlier by my mother which is a force sensitive. This year I will participate on the Prestige competition to prove my self strong enough to become a Sith. Me and four more student will be participating on the challenge Master Wynn has given us. My name is Fede Hern-An.

Not only I have been seen as one of the most prominent students in the academy by Master Wynn but also my knowledge on Sith history, philosophy and archeology has given me great advantage against the others. I will prove not only my power but as well my knowledge.

“You have all finished basic training, Sith students, now only one of you will become a Sith, that one with the most prestige.”- Master Uthar Wynn said to all the students present.

“Yes master!” - Some of them said

I know the true way, I have been learning more and more about the Sith and our true culture, I was ready and I knew I was going to win the challenge.

I decided to go to Marka Ragno's tomb, in the look of his ancient robe, considered to have dark powers, but it was as well known that the place was protected by Tuk'ata, and many student died trying entering the tomb. I was ready, and well trained for any type of battle. I opened the main chamber and went directly towards the sarcophagus, there I found the guarding hounds, six of them. They jumped over me and managed to take my lightsaber fast enough, with one blow I killed the first but the others where a bit more difficult, I used force lightning and took a second one with a blow of my lightsaber, I then jumped, and force pushed them, killing them with hit against the wall. I opened the sarcophagus and found the mummy of lord Marka Ragnos, along side all his belongings, I took the robe and left some of the other artefacts hidden on the tomb, to take them for me later. It was an easy fight but it took a lot of my energy. I returned to the academy and brought Uthat Wynn the artefact.

“Master Wynn, I bring to you the famous robes Marka Ragnos used to wear, it is said it has powerful magic”- I said to Master Wynn.

“Well done Fede, you are the first to gain prestige, very well, but you have yet more to gain, so go and keep me impressed”- he replied.

“Yes my lord, this is not the only thing I bring my master, I have the knowledge of the Sith code my master, Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength.Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.”- I said proudly, for this was my mantra and the belief I fallow.

“Very, very well student. Rest for today, and impress me tomorrow”- Master Wynn replied.

“I will my master”- I said as I depart to my quarter in set for rest.

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"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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Every day we trained un-armed combat, lightsaber combat, force use, and other Sith teachings. I personally had a Sith Master on the Academy. His name was Reiko Dreip, he has trained me on the academy since my arrival on the Academy, I have been in the academy training since I was fourteen, now I am eighteen and five times more strong on the force since I arrived. Since a kid my mother tough me everything about the force, in her culture the force is essential, warriors on the culture use the dark side of the force to battle and protect. I learned much of it thanks to her, how to use it and control it, by the other hand my father was the one who tough me everything about fighting, he was a veteran on the Mandalorian Wars, along side Lord Revan and Lord Malak. I constructed my first lightsaber on the academy, trained hard with Master Dreip and learned much from him.

Master Reiko Dreip is currently the historian of the academy, thats why I have so much interest on our history and our arts. I my self have been learning ancient sith magic in order to improve my skills. Reiko Dreip has told me of a secret tablet on the Valley of the Dark lords which contains a secret teaching on how to manipulate the Tuk'ata. This table can bring me a lot of prestige and personal knowledge. I will set to look for it, Reiko has told me to go and meet with a sith archaeologist, who is a friend of his, he will explain me how to get to the place.

Going down the valley I meet up with the sith archaeologist, waiting me on his landspeeder.

“Get on board, I will take you to land side where you can find the tablets”- He said to me, I then walked towards it and agreed “Ok, let's go”- I said

We flow to a nearby cave close to the tombs, he took us to the cave, and when we landed he explained where the tables where.

“The tablets are inside the cave, you will have to enter the cave. There you will find a small pond inside if you walk a bit more, there you will see the tables besides the pond.”- the archaeologist said to me and then warned “Careful inside, you might find some of dose damn Tuk'ata”

Great, no one told me that part- I said to my self. “Ok, I will deal with it.”- I replied the archaeologist.

As I enter the cave I turn on my lightsaber, but seems to be a light system inside the cave already, so I walk further until I see the pond. As I walk towards the pond I see the tablets and I said to myself “I'm amaze no Tuk'ata had appear to attack”, just as they appear in my back, one jumped and as it jumped I cut him in half with my lightsaber. Then the two other left attack me, one managed to bite my leg, I used force push to throw them away, I throw my lightsaber and stabbed one on the chest, and the other one shocked him to death. I was pretty hurt on my leg, but managed to escape the cave pretty easily. As I come out the archaeologist tells me “Did you find it? …”- I replied to him “Yes, here it is, I was pretty hurt badly by a damn Tuk'ata”.

“Ohh, is great that you're hurt!”- he said to me as he takes his blaster out and points towards me “Cause dose tablets are mine, and I will take them for my own prestige!”.

“ Consider you're self death man then, fool”- I replied, I then hold the tables with my hand and activated the lightsaber with the other. My leg was pretty hurt, but I could still move well if I need to.

He shoots towards me, I deflect him and the same shot kills him.

“haha, what a fool. A lightsaber always has the advantage over a blaster”- I said as I walk with my hurt leg towards the speeder and head towards the academy. As I arrive I go first to my chamber and leave the tables safely on the footlocker on the quarter. The I head towards the med chamber.

“Medical service, Please seat here and get ready for the laser to heal you're wound”- says a droid on the med chamber. The laser begins to heal the legs bite, after a few minutes the wound was complete clean and healed. “You're wound is heal. Take care”- Says the droid at the end.

“I need to find my master and report him what happened to me, that damn archaeologist tried to kill me. Haha I will tell master Dreip to choose better his friends.”- I said on my mind.

I then walked from the Med chamber to my master's quarter. The door makes a face scan of me, and then opens. My master is seated on his desk. “Did you find dose tablets?”- he asked

“Yes, and you're friend tried to cheat at the end, he attacked me to take the tablets and gain himself some prestige”- I informed him.

“Haha no way, well at least you showed him some respect, I hope you killed that fool. You must as a Sith prove that you are stronger than him.”- My master said to me.

“Yes I did master. I will take the tablets to Master Wynn later on. I was healing my wound's from an attack of a Tuk'ata”- I informed him.

“Good, I will met up with you tomorrow. Make some scans on dose tables, you can learn the year it was written, read them as well, and learn something from it. ”- He said as he stood up and headed towards the training chamber.

“It will be done master.”- I replied as I walked back to my quarter.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."

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El Guapo
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When I arrived at the room I opened the footlocker and took out the tablets, made some scan with my datapad and saved the information written on it. I placed my datapad on my safebox and went to rest until the next day.

Early in the morning I head towards Master Wynn on the training ground.

“Master Wynn, I have brought some tablets that teaches magic, old sith magic on how to control the Tuk'ata. I believe it might be of great importances if we learn how to control this beast on the tombs.”- I informed.

“Very impressive student, I believe then that you are responsible of one of our archaeologist death, I hope you have a good reason.”- He asked

“Yes, I killed him, he attacked me and I killed him on my defense”- I replied

“Very well, as a Sith you must prove you're superiority, even if it means eliminating a menace or someone that can go against you in the future. You have proven well, but not enough to make you the winner of the contest. Keep impressing me, go now.”- He said to me.

I then left him the tablets, and headed towards the training arenas. I began a training exercise, whit some of the slaves we had for training.

“Welcome student, a slave will be release for you're training of the day.”- the main computer informed me.

“Very well, begin training”- I replied. A male Rodian was then released. My training was an advance one, and he was equipped with an electro-staff and an armor. I turned on my lightsaber and placed my self on a makashi stance. He came with a full strike over me, and since it was easy to read his movements I played around with him a bit. I turned off the lightsaber and used force shock on him , in a matter of seconds he was killed.

“Training of the day complete, well done student.”- the computer informed.

“I feel up for a harder task, computer, are they're any slave with a record of being a warrior?”- I asked.

“No warriors are reported to have on prison. But there is a male wookiee available for training.”- the computer told

“Good, I will use him. Equip him with a vibrosword”- I ordered

“Wookiee equipped and ready for use. Opening cage”- the compute said. As the male wookiee came out of his cage he straightly run over me with the sword. I managed to evade him with my lightsaber.

“Good, now this is what I was expecting”- I said out loud.

The wookiee returned with a blow, but I managed to block it. It seem he was already experienced with a vibrosword, since he seem to use it very well. I then attacked him with a blow, managing to wound his arm pretty easily, but the beast was not an easy kill. He then came running tackling me, I fell hard over the floor throwing away by accident my lightsaber. Thats when he jumped over me with the sword but in mid air I was able to use force lightning, leaving him stunned on the floor, I then used the force to pick up the lightsaber and with out hesitation I stabbed him on the chest.

“Training complete, well done student”- the computer reported.

“That will be all for today.”- I said to the computer. Just as I finish my training I hear the voice of one of my rivals on the challenge, a Twi'lek named Rodo Kallid.

“Haha playing around Fede? Why don't you fight with someone like me, strong and invincible”- He said to me.

“ Is that an invitation? You think you're strong and mighty but you're nothing. Plus, you use to be a Jedi, weak.”- I answered

“Oh you just found the wrong side of me.”- the twi'lek took out his doble-blade lightsaber and challenged me on a duel. “Let's finish this right here”

He force pushed me but I was able to block the attack with the force. I turned on my lightsaber and placed my self on a Ataru stance. I used the force to speed up and attack him on front, thats when the lightsaber duel began. Our lightsaber where clashing and sparkling, both techniques where similar but mine was better, on a mistake made by him I used force push to throw him to the ground, while falling I cut both of his arms leaving him unarmed.

“You made the wrong choice, you choose to fight me”- I said to the alien on the ground
“Please!!! I beg you! Don't kill me! … Please!”- He said crying out loud. But as a Sith a must prove my superiority and that was killing him.
“You don't even have the courage to accept you're faith”- I said angry, with such a hate that I just felt pleased when I killed that scum. My lightsaber cut his neck, taking apart his head from the rest of his body.

I was videotaped by the security cam on the training ground, but no guard came to take me. Master Wynn was just at the exit of the room when I was about to leave.

“Once again you have done what a real sith would have done. You have impressed me enough, you are the winner of this years challenge. Rest student in two days you will face you're last test in order to become a Sith.”- He replied.

I felt strong and powerful, I knew that I was a great warrior. I was prepared for what ever challenge was ahead of me on my last task. “Thank you Master, I will rest”- I answered.

I then headed to my room. Tomorrow was going to be a new day and I was eager to tell my master that I was only one step in order to become a Sith.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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Early in the morning I went to do my normal routine, physical and mental training. When I finished I went to tell the news to my master. I went to his quarter, found him meditating.

“Master, I'm sorry to interrupt but I have some news to inform”- I said to my master.

“I know Fede, tomorrow is the day you will prove you're real potential.”- Master Dreip said “I know you where going to win, you are a real sith inside of you.”

“Yes master.”- I replied “ I will be ready for the last test master”

“Good, I will see you there tomorrow.”- Dreip said

“Yes master”- I said as I left the quarter.

I left my masters quarter and headed to Dreshdae, I was going to pick up a T3 series utility droid on the Czerka corps.

“Welcome to Czerka corporations on Dreshdae, how may I be of service”- the men working for the corporation said

“I am here to pick up my T3-H6.”- I replied

“Oh yes, you're droid was sent from the academy, We have him ready here. The new sensor will be working just fine now. Thank you for choosing Czerka Corporations.”- he said

“Come T3, I have some new information for you to process. Fallow me to the academy.”- I said to my droid as we left the office. I felt I needed some edge and decided to go to The Drunk Side for some drinks, there I see Mika the manager of the cantina.

“Mika! Some Juma Juice for today.”- I said to him

“Haha! Fede, sure. Seat there and enjoy the day.”- the rodian said

After a few drinks I was good enough to leave, felt I needed the rest and T3 needed to be updated. I returned to the academy and went to my quarter. There I mediated all day and went on to prepare my self mentally for the test of tomorrow.

When the sun came out I was all ready. I had my uniform on and my lightsaber hooked on my belt. I was meditating when my master came for me at my room.

“Fede, rise, fallow me to join master Wynn”- He said as he walked inside my quarter.
“Very well master.”- I replied as I walked with him towards the main chamber. We arrived and meet up with Master Wynn.

“Everything is prepared, you're test will be taken on Naga Sadow's tomb. Fallow me”- Master Uthar Wynn said.

We went out of the academy, took a landspeeder and headed to the tomb of Naga Sadow. Arriving master Uthar took us through a small entrance, pretty hard to get inside but after a few minutes we where already inside. There master Uthar explained my last test.

“Fede you are here with me and you're master Reiko Dreip, prove that you are a real sith. Look for the ceremonial Sith Lightsaber and the Star Map. Bring the lightsaber to me and then you will have become a Sith.”- Master Uthar said “We will be waiting for you here”

“Yes master. It will be done”- I replied.

I started walking through the tomb. Walking forward I find a pool of acid water, blocking the way. I tough of jumping the pool, but it was too far and the gas produced by the acid was pretty toxic. I then decided to look for a new way, returning to the main corridor. Took a different way this time, taking me to another room. Upon opening I see a Terentatek, he looked at me and straightly went at me. I had read about this creatures, strong and big, plus they where not affected by the force. My only chance against him was my lightsaber.

I took out my lightsaber and prepare for his moves. He then run toward me with all his speed and power, while trying to dodge his attack one of his spines cuts my face, leaving me blind on my left eye. I was hurt badly but then I used all my anger to beat him. Using a more acrobatic technique I jumped over him and stabbed him countless times, my anger took control and with it I killed the beast. I lost my left eye in the battle, his spine cut not only my flesh but it left me blind on that eye, I was marked. But the test was not finished, I entered the room guarded by the Terentatek and found two grenades, one of ice and the other of fire. It was pretty easy now.

“I will use this ice grenade on the pool, let's see what effect it has”- I said

I headed back to the pool and activated the ice grenade, thinking it wouldn't work. But for my surprise it did, leaving the pool completely freeze. Now it was possible to walk forward.

I then entered the other chamber, there where a few Wraid inside the room, but they where an easy kill. I used the force to make them fight each others while I continued towards an object inside the room. As I came close it opened, revealing a map. It was the Star Map Master Wynn told me. Near to it was a statue with the ceremonial sith lightsaber. I returned and just upon leaving the room I see my master and master Wynn coming.

“Very well done student”- Master Wynn said “You have achieved well, you have the mind of a Sith, the power and the skills one must posses. But there is one last test for you.”

Another one? I tough- “Yes master, what will it be”- I said

“You must now duel you're master and prove that you are better than him”- Uthar said

I knew well this was going to happen. One must prove to be better than the master, and it is natural to happen. It is the way of the universe, the strongest survives.

I turned on my lightsaber and prepared to confront my master. He knew this was coming as much as I did as well.

“Very well, do you're best Fede”- Reiko said

“You know well my ways master”- I replied as I attacked first, my lightsaber clashed with both of his lightsabers.

“That wounded eye will be the weak point that I will break!”- He replied, while he force pushed me away.

I stood up again and that when the real duel begun. He attacked me with all his power and knowledge, but I was his student and I had learned all his ways. He was very skilled with the lightsabers so I decided to work on with the force. I used force lightning but he was able to adsorb the attack with his lightsabers.

“Oh come on Fede, you can do better than this”- He replied, he then jumped over me and left me disarm with only one attack. “You are done Fede, I feel embarrassed for you. I tough you where my best student”

But he didn't know that leaving him off guard was my tactic. “No Reiko, I am the best you have trained”- I then took him off guarded and used force drain, leaving him completely weak and powerless. I then stood up, Reiko was very weak and exhausted on the floor.

“I know I can't beat you on a lightsaber duel. But as a real warrior that I am, I found another weakness on you.”- I said, I then used the force for pick up my lightsaber. “Thank you for you're teaching”

And I killed my master with my lightsaber. It is a natural way, one must replace another.

“Very well Fede. You are now a Sith. I welcome you to the order”- Master Uthat Wynn said “You're training is complete, and now you will serve the Empire and Darth Revan himself. Tomorrow you will be leaving Korriban, and you will head to a planet named Lehon, to the Star Forge. You need medical assistance for you're eye. Leave to the academy and tomorrow we will discuss you're duties.”

“Very well master”- I replied. Leaving the tomb felt like being reborn. I then headed to the academy, into the med room.

“I have a severe wound, it needs treatment and now”- I said to the medical droid.

“Analyzing wound.”- he replied as he scanned my face. “Diagnosis complete. Sir you wound is a mortal wound, you must be treated right away. By my scans I can inform you that it can't be reconstructed, we will need to place a prosthetic eye.”

Being dependent of technology was not my way, but I had no other choice, I needed to be fit and ready for my service to the empire. “Very well, proceed with the operation”- I said

“Very well. Please this way.”- the droid said as he took me to a bed where I was put to sleep until the prosthetic was fully placed. Hours passed and then I woke up from the deep sleep, upon opening my eyes it felt like it was normal.

“Greetings, you're prosthetic has been placed sir. The prosthetic has two types of use, you can use for normal view, heat emission view and it has a potential to zoom as well.”- the droid informed “Any problems please let us now.”

It felt strange to have a metal object on my face, but the prosthetic was working just fine. “No, I will leave now”- I replied.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."

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I left the med center, and headed to Master Wynn, I was ready to head to Lehon. I wanted to face the Republic, to fight as a real warrior.

“Master Wynn my wounds are treated and healed”- I said “I am ready to leave to Lehon master.”

“Very well, we have a sith fighter ship on Dreshdae, if yours to take. The ship has the coordinates of Lehon. You will be sent to the Star Forge, there you will meet with an officer. He should provide you more information.”- Master Uthar said

“Very well master, I will leave today.”- I said to him

“Good, you're T3 has been sent to you're ship. There is nothing more here for you to learn, leave now and become what you are destined

I then headed to Dreshdae, into the docking bay.

“You must be the student from the academy. Sure we have you're ship ready.”- the czerka's worker said. “You're T3 is already on board and the ship is ready to go.”

“Good”- I said as I boarded my ship. I then checked the controls and the engine.

“All good T3?”- I asked
“Bee-boo. Booo”- he answered
“Great. Set the course to Lehon. We are heading to the Star Forge”- I said
“Blip”- T3 said, accepting the order.

We then took off from Korriban, and heading towards Lehon. I still was trying to learn a bit more on how to use my prosthetic, learning how to zoom and change the view point. The trip helped me to work more on the eye. It only took a couple of hours to arrive to Lehon.

“Boop, Beep buu”- T3 said

“We are here. Pass the message T3”- I ordered.

“We have the serial number of you're ship. Welcome to the Star Forge Red Eye 6, there will be a officer awaiting you're arrival on the dock.”- the messenger said

“Ok, Redeye 6 out.”- I replied

I then arrived at the dock, upon my arrival comes a men, a Sith officer.

“Welcome to the Star Forge Fede, my name is Julled Deip, I am an officer of the Sith Forces, fallow me to the Sith Palace, it's where most of the students are.”- the officer informed. “The Dark Lord himself has been told from you. Master Wynn has informed of you're capabilities, Lord Mortis is already expecting you on his chamber.”

“Very well, where should I report”- I asked

“First head to the Palace, and then report to Darth Mortis, he is the leader of the academy on this Space Station.”- the officer said “Guards, take the student to the palace”- he ordered some soldiers.

I was then taken to the Palace, it was a structure as big as the academy but in the Star Forge. I was taken to my quarter and then to the head master of the academy. The head master of the academy was a human female Dark lord, with blond hair and grayish eyes.

“I have been expecting you Fede, you are the best student from the Korriban Academy, and thats why you are here. You're training days are over, from now on you are a warrior of the empire, you will serve on battle and face our enemies, the Jedi's and the republic” - Lord Mortis said “ Tomorrow you will be send to Allanteen, you will command troops into the battlefield. We are currently trying to hold on the republic there. You will be informed better tomorrow”

“Yes my lord. As it's wished”- I replied.

I then returned to my quarter, and meditated for a while, until a officer came to my room.

“Commander Fede, I have been informed of you're new status. I am here to inform you of the process we will take tomorrow on the attack.- the officer said. “You will leave today the Star Forge, you will board The Shadow Sun, and you will take a number of men into the conquering of Allanteen. You're battalion will take on the defences of the Republic”

“Very well. I will prepare my things and report to The Shadow Sun then.”- I said to him.

I took my things, including bringing T3 and reported to The Shadow Sun, which was ducked on the bay. There I met up with the admiral of the ship and the other two men in command, one was a Twi'lek and the other a Quarren .

“Greetings Lord Fede, I am admiral Danto Terrid. I present you Julled Kait our special forces commander and Eidid Rupard, our colonel. You and Julled and going to be on command of the ground forces. Me and Eidid will take care of the ship and aiding you as much as possible.”- Admiral Danto said. Danto was a Mandalorian war veteran, and a high rank on the navy of the Sith Empire.

“Very well, so our main duty is to destroy the defences on Allanteen Six”- I asked “They are out numbered, I do believe we can succeed easily”

“Thats right. I have been assigned to take on the east part of the city.” Julled, the Twi'lek said. “You will take the west part. Where the main fight is, you need to secure that area in order to win this battle.”

“Sounds like a challenge I'm up for. I am ready.”- I said.

“Very well. We have been given permission to for departure. So prepare well men, we will be arriving on ten hours.”- admiral Danto informed.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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