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Thread: wht cn i say? th prolog
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wht cn i say? th prolog

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: Does this prologue entertain or scare you? If this reminds you of FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON, then good. It should, but in a far more unsettling way. I hope I pull off my desired effect...]

wht cn i say?

prolog: this is my life

Oh lordy i hate getting up 4 school. so pointless and dreary, and the stuff the te4chers teach has absolutely nothing 2 do with our lives. i mean, who cares about history and math when we'v all got places to go and ppl 2 see? i am one of those ppl, an "it girl" at my school. my name is rawdyn knight, even tho im female. kind of weird, but i was named after some guy in a book. i dont know which guy or which book, but my mom sez it was written in the 1800's. yikes! any book written back then is mega boring and mega long.

n e way, i was talking about school. it's pretty boring. i go to harlington high, which is weird b'cuz it's the only school in our town that's not named after a president. i mean, there's george bush high and jfk junior high, not to mention the tom jefferson grade school, but harlington is only for the good kids. the rich kids, i mean. i'm not SUPER rich, but my mom's a teacher and my dad is some sort of doctor. eye doctor. oph-thal-mologist. i think i spelled it right! anyway, we're all pretty well off, and so that's why my sister nina and i go to harlington. nina's a senior and i'm a junior. right now shes with her bf. go figure! i don't have a bf now, but if i play my cards right i might get to go to the holiday gala with this guy i know. his name's jared carrod. that rhymes!

jared carrod is really hot, and i do have a crush n him, but right now hes crushin on this other girl named mindy. mindy has a bf though. go figure! that means i have to be extra sexy in the hallways @ school and try really hard to get his attention!!! swing my hips, wear my reddest lipstick, etc. yeah. oh, plus my lacy halter top, even if it IS almost christmastime. i kno, mom will kill me, but if i wear a sweater to school and then change in the bathroom once i get 2 school, itll be ok. everything will be just fine. if anyone catches me, i'll just say "whatevs, my friends and i are going out to a movie after class".

speaking of my friends. i've got like a zillion of them! not only do i have my pals at school, but also all my friends on facebook, twitter, myspace and the brand-new site that's about to eclips all of them: "eclipse". that's what its called, i kid you not! it's SOOOOO cool. i hightly recommend that u get on it! if ur not on eclipse yet, then ur already out of the loop on the latest hot social networking sites. it allows live videoconferencing and more stuff that u gotta pay a premium price 4, but i do. i mean, my parents do. theyr the ones with the $$$. sure, they give me a lot, but come on, $1,000 a month for all the cell phone and intrnet stuff that nina nd i do? i mean, most of it's nina's, but i rack up my fair share of texts, streaming videos, and all that. booyah! i know i'm a pretty lucky girl. i'll never have 2 worry about $$$ ever, at least if everything goes the way i want. i want to design video games after H.S.!!!!

not the shooting ones. those are gross. i mean role-playing ones, RPG's, that you play elves and dwarves in. those games are FUN!!! try em sometime. right now i play a level 18 human bard in my favorite RPG and just started a girl gnome cleric in my other one. an EVIL girl gnome cleric. muahahahaha! her names atropine anthroxenic. that's "poison, stranger to man." cool, huhh?

n e way, my frends (either on facebook or IRL) dont really understand my attraction for games. they think theyr stupid--the games, i mean. it kind of frustrates me that they think i'm kind of nerdy in that way. i'm not the kind of nerd that like memorizes th peridoic table or anything, but if i play any games besides farmville and supermeatboy and that new one, that just came out, called hivoltage, then i'm automatically a geek? huh? tht makes no sense. on hivoltage you can win actual money for playing it. not much, tho, unless u r REALLY good at it and spend a LOT of time on it. i don't. don't have th time.

whats that? oh, my mom's yelling upstairs if i have any homework.

"no mom"

"did u finish it at school?"

"yes mom, in study hall"

i don't get why my moms so obsessed about homework. sure, if u don't do it, u get bad grades and stuff, but i always finish mine. my grades arent so hot, but they arent HORRIBLE, either. my sister's grades are worse. i mean, here are mine:

english--C (bleh. boring rhetoric [what's that] and grammar. lit too.)
math--D (double bleh. i hate math way worse than english, 2)
world history--B- (i like it)
p.e--B (at least in running. anything with flying balls kind uv scares me)
biology--B- (maybe due to my interest in toxicology & weird diseases)
music--A (i sing like AWESOME!!! 80's and late '90's songs are my faves)
study hall--no grade (duh)

if nina ever sees my laptop diary, i'm toast, but here are her grades:

english--D (she's even worse at it than i am hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!)
math--D- (ditto hahaha!!!)
world history--C
p.e.--A (she's better, which kind of, i mean REALLY makes me jealous)
biology--D (no duh. nina wants to drop this class, but dad won't let her)
french--F (hahahahahaha! i took it last year and got a C, go figure)
study hall--no grade (natch, even though she never does any homework)!

haha nina u r stupid no wonder u want to drop out--ops i am so dead!!!

i should delete that, but i won't. you see, there's this magazine editor in a big city not too far from here that needs a pa right away. that's a personal assistant if u didn't kno. nina is GREAT at fashion, home decrating, and all the stuff tht the women's magazines talk about. she always gives me the best advice on my clothes, if i can get her to be nice 2 me. she thinks i'm such a kid just because i'm 16 and she's 17. hey, sis, BFD!!! get over it! n e way, nina wants to drop out of school and go work for this mag lady. im tellin her go for it, but if mom and dad hear that, we're BOTH dead. why??????? the answer's simple. mom + dad both tow the "stay in school" party line. ez for them!!! they alwys got good grades and stuff. schul was a cakewalk for them. schyah! go figure...

theyr smart. we're not. i mean, not everybody can be einstein. what does it matter if we grow up to be scientists or lawyers and stuff? everybody knows we won't, even though we definitely have the $$$ to be if we wanted to. BTW, we don't.

this is my life. this is OUR life. what other ppl want, versus what WE want...

ooh, nina's home. i hope she tells me some juicy stories like she always does!!!!

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