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Thread: The Jedi Pawn
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Canaan Sadow
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The Jedi Pawn

Star Wars: The Jedi Pawn

1000 years after the defeat of Darth Malak and his Sith fleet, one of the Lost Jedi’s descendants has been influenced by the Usurper Dark Lord. Corruption and darkness spreads across the galaxy as the Dark Jedi known as Darth Maleficus pulls the Republic’s Outer Rim worlds into an iron grip. The Trade Federation calls in the Jedi to help stabilize and protect their worlds. But the corruption of the Darkside is too much for several Jedi who turn to aid Darth Maleficus.

All is thought to be lost when nearly a third of the Republic fleet converges on Korriban and the few that the newly reformed Sith were unable to turn into foot soldiers were killed on spot. Korriban bleeds the darkness from when Revan was alive… the Star Map and all of its secrets still intact. Long since has the Republic forgotten about the Star Forge which they believed to be completely destroyed. Darth Maleficus searches to use the Star Forge’s power to fuel his fleet and ground troops.

With the Jedi Order in tatters, the Council calls upon one of their brightest new pupils, a newly pronounced Knight under the name of Gabriel Endac, a cloned Miraluka who’s affinity to the Force greatly exceeds the previous Miralukan’s by a great deal. Armed with only his lightsaber and a prototype smuggler ship, he sets out to forge his destiny….


“My lord, the Star Forge has been discovered.” A female voice hissed in the ear of a fully masked and robed Dark Jedi.

The man turned his head and nodded slowly, setting his flagship’s coordinates to that which their scouts had discovered. He stood up from the throne he’d stolen from the remains of the last Sith Emperor’s tomb and paced back and forth, stopping at the window staring out into the long thick lines of stars that notified him that they were in Hyperspace. His fingers curled around one of the charcoal black bars that held him above the soldiers that normally steered the ship. The man reached back into the back of his crimson hood, pushed it back and pulled the mask off. His once emerald green eyes showed nothing but the deepest of yellow; hatred, anger, rage were all that showed in the man’s face. By normal standards he was a very handsome man, all he had to do was let his face do the talking; it converted many of the female Jedi that had joined him. When he spoke, thunder echoed across the ship. “Aida. Go get my apprentice. It’s time for her to be punished for her failure.”

“Y-yes my lord.” The woman replied and scurried off to do her master’s bidding.


“This is it my boy, your training is finally complete. Be proud, Gabriel… your hard work has finally paid off.” A woman’s voice rang from behind a newly formed Jedi Knight.

The young man turned around, his messy black hair hung over the simple white cloths that covered where his eyes should have been. His alabaster skin looked almost odd in comparison to his midnight colored hair. His light pink lips opened so he could respond, a smile placed upon his face. “Thank you, Master Seraphina.” He mumbled, almost inaudibly and bowed to the Zabrak Jedi Master. His face tilted back up so that he was facing her. “I just wish you could come with me.”

She smiled kindly at the teenage boy and shook her head lightly. “As do I, but my place is now training the young ones here in the Temple. But fear not, my friend, you will be successful.” She leaned in and whispered softly in Gabriel’s ear. “I know of a young woman who lives on Telos who might be able to help you, she’s a Force Sensitive who never was discovered by the Jedi. She will be either a powerful ally… or a threatening enemy. You should try to reach her before Maleficus is able to find her, Gabriel. I’ll have her meet you at the Cantina in Onasi’s landing.” She stepped back, straightening the parts of her robe that wrinkled when she leaned forward.

Gabriel tilted his head to the side. “If she’s a Force Adept, then what should I do? The Jedi teachings claim that we are unable to teach teenagers or adults?” He looked somewhat confused.

Seraphina smiled slightly. “The Lost Jedi were adults when the Exile trained them. I’m not specifically saying teach her the ways of the Jedi… yet nor am I saying to teach her the ways of the Sith; teach her the ways of the Force, as the Exile did to her followers.” The woman’s voice sang out in the dimmed hallway. She frowned and looked at Gabriel. “The Council has granted you your mission and I’ve given you all the help I am able to. Make me proud.”

Gabriel hugged Seraphina before walking down the hall to the landing pad, setting foot in the prototype smuggler ship that the Jedi had confiscated from an ex-Jedi. Gabriel tapped the ship lightly and smiled. “Come on girl, it’s time for you to see action once again.” He mumbled softly. “The Ethereal Goddess.” He murmured, naming the ship himself, because before it was merely known as XF-9087.

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