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Thread: Star War Knight of the old republic : Lost colors
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Revan sama
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Star War Knight of the old republic : Lost colors

Until this heart of mine stop beating.

Until time and eternity has an ending.

Please let this beautiful person by my side forever.

Male Revan x Kreia (Revan is 10 years old and Kreia 20 years old at the start of this story).

Star War Knight of the old republic : Lost colors.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

A nameless young boy lived a solitary life. He was a very beautiful child with long midnight black hair and bright silver eyes.
However for some unknown reason, no one wanted anything to do with the child. Even the orphanage didn't wanted him.

The child was quite strange. And the fact that he had strange powers didn't help at all.
He could lift an object without touching it and many others oddness. Still, even if he wasn't well accepted, life was quite peaceful.

However there were times where the nameless boy wasn't so alone. Because of his strange powers, he could feel and see things that no one else could.
He could felt whatever a person had bad intentions or not. Whichever it was glowing red aura like blood or blue like the deep opening sky.
It was always one or another.
Light or darkness.

However, one day...

To his utter surprise, he encounters a young woman, who had both light and darkness.

A very graceful and beautiful woman. He would look upon her, the defiance she wore proudly in her brown robes that clung to her body.
She possessed long brown hair and white eyes. Her aura was peaceful and tormented.

Day and night.

Sugar and salt.

Living and dead.

Impure and pure.

That person...

She know blood, death and darkness. Yet her soul is pure, complete, absolutely white!

Completely neutral.

Who or what was she?

The nameless boy had never met such different person like himself and never though he would.

"So...You are this strange young child, I have heard of." Said the mysterious older yet young lady.

Even if he wanted to, the nameless boy couldn't answer her. Not because he didn't knew how to talk, he just couldn't. He didn't knew the reason himself.
Time seems to be flowing even thought they said nothing.

Suddenly, the lady decided to leave. As he felt a bit disappointed she asked him :

"...Aren't you coming with me?"


This has taken him off guard. She wanted him to follow? He was allowed to come with her? It was a strange feeling -- this subtle joy, a confidence in something more.

Snapping out of his reverie, the nameless boy rushed after her.

"You don't possess any name, do you?"

The child stared at her and slowly began to nod. For some reason, he felt shy around his first companion.

The journey was always in silence.

At "home" (Like most of the Jedi would call the Jedi Academy), it was full of enemies.
Here, knowing the freedom of the road and the uncertainty of tomorrow, she had one ally who smiled and opened his heart to her without flinching.

It didn't matter if he couldn't or wouldn't talk.

Here, young Jedi Knight Kreia felt at peace.

"'Nameless boy' has...such hateful ring to it."

For just a moment, the lady, named Kreia, who's expression was always emotionless became filled with hate. Could it be she was angry?

But that hateful expression was immediately erased when she stared at him.

"Revan...From now on, your name will be Revan and you will be my apprentice."

And that's how the nameless boy gained his first name.

So begin the tale of Kreia and "Revan".

A little while after their meeting. Revan quickly became accustomed to living with his master Kreia. She showed him how to use his strange powers and he learned that it was called the 'force'.

Although Revan was a bit too proud and arrogant about his powers and Master Kreia was very strict, they always were getting along. And if they had fights they would reconcile right away.

Sometime, very rarely, Kreia would praise Revan for his remarkable skills for such a young age. As for Revan he would simply swell in pride.

I want to be like her!

I want her acknowledgement!

I adore master Kreia!

Every day was a new surprise.

Every day was a happy day.


"Tsk..." A sigh of weakness. A broken glass on a floor.

Revan realized something about his master.

Her eyes were losing more and more their ability to see.

Kreia would say nothing about it. But Revan could see that it began to become more difficult for her.

There was nothing Revan could think of that he could do for his master.
And every time, at each training spare with either the lightsaber or the force, even thought it was rare before, master Kreia would say with a small smile:

"As expected from my student."

Even thought she couldn't see anything, she would still praise him.
While those words made Revan very happy, his tears would never seem to stop.

At daytime, Master Kreia is so gentle.

At nighttimes, Master Kreia is a bit cold.

They spent time together as always.

Just as Revan wanted, staying by his master side forever.


Something became troublesome.

When Revan became more and more grownup each day.

The more he became adult, the more his feelings became deeper.

And it began to eat him up inside.

There is no certain logic out there. Everytime I find in my mind that there is just what I am, that's stirred with confidence and insecurity.


Should I continue this? Am I not writing more nonsense like usual?

Revan sama has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.

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Once again, ma cherie, I disagree with that. If you want to read what "nonsense" is, check out my silly stories with the tag of "Badfic".

THAT is nonsense. THIS is not:

"I want to be like her. I want her acknowledgment. I adore Master Kreia!"

Am I the only one who caught how terrifying these statements are? Knowing what I know about "Master Kreia" from playing "The Sith Lords", it's clear that Revan doesn't know that he's "in over his head". After all, he is a child--like a little lost lamb. He doesn't yet realize that Kreia can be a ravenous wolf...

I also smiled at the crush that Revan has on Kreia. It's almost completely non-sexual (as it should be) for most schoolchildren who are "Hot for Teacher". What Revan really admires is her mind and her mysteriousness, not her body.

Bravo! I always love your stories, Revan sama, and their compelling tone.
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'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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Revan sama
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Almost feverish as my heart beat faster, I had no idea what that feelings was at first.

The habit of averting my eyes, your ambiguous replies, and your laughable lies.

All of those have meanings.

Master Kreia...

Did you know?


Despise of all your sins...

...I would die even to the thought of you not being by my side.

Star wars knight of the old republic : Lost colors : Kreia's version

Those countless white lights create a place of beauty we don't deserve.

After our passage, nothing was left.

Like there hadn't been anything from the start.

All traces of life were completely erased.

The abundant fresh blood, the several Jedi corps.

We were Jedi renegades after all. The council wouldn't accept that.

In modern society, a Jedi who wasn't part of the Jedi under the Jedi Council was nothing more than a criminal. A criminal who taint his hand for his own justice.

Whoever become a hindrance will be removed.

No better than a Sith.

Jedi or Sith.

What's different?

It's a duty that erases everything like there wasn't anything from the start.
Countless lives erased from the universe, to create a world of a beauty that we, who are stained with blood and responsibility, don't deserve.

And yet...

He, in this white space. He just stand here with no shame. Like he was here from the start.

He possess the innocence and the naivety I have long lost.

He has one thing that can win over the white of the snow and can't be drowned in a sea of blood. It is his own believe, stronger than anything else.

And it would be because of that, the council would erase all I stood for. They would see him as a something too dangerous. And since it's a 'tradition' to not kill a prisoner, they will deprive him of all his power. They can, they will.

He look upon me with such untainted eyes, such strong trust he put in me.

I may be blind, but I am no fool.

It terrify me.

To possess such knowledge on his feelings is like having the heart of the force in my hand.

His heart...

This heart of his, that doesn't show any fear of being wounded. He entrust his heart to me.

I may taint my heart, my hands, my whole soul.


His feelings...

Even if we cross seas of fresh blood.

His feelings won't lose to the white of the snow.

And that scare me more than anything.

The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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.:Lord Revan:.
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*Smiles* I love it when people try to recreate my past. Masterfully done.
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