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Thread: The sith brotherhood
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The Barber
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The sith brotherhood

Hey all future players of the Old Republic. I am Darth Nallus, the Leader of the Legendary Sith Brotherhood. We would love to have any Sith Empire players join, and fight for domination across the Galaxy.

We have many things we hope to please you with, such as PvP, PvE, RP, RPPVP, Raids, World PvP, Flashpoints, meetings, Team-Building, Headquarters, Paid jobs, assassinations, assassination missons, Guild related tasks, Being paid for tasks, and a ton of alliances.

We will welcome you in with open arms, and your voice will always be heard and respected by us. Everyone has the power of Veto, and the power to vote for new features, new people, new leaders, anything. People will be paid for doing Certain taks relating to the game or the guild. Such as Raiding the Senate, to looting tombs, assassinating enemies, and more!

We would love to have you join our guild, people with Guild experience and MMO experience will have a spot on the coucil for changes and lawmaking, while people that prove themselves in the game through fighting and honor will be even higher ranked and will be named warlords.

Whether you are a Sith, an Agent, or a Bounty Hunter, it does not matter, it will only change the name of the ranks you get, A Dark Lord of the Sith Rank (one of the High Sith Ranks) will have no more power over a Grand Moff (Imperial Agent Rank equal to Dark Lord of the Sith) than a Grand Moff would over him/her.

All Races and classes will be accepted into the Guild that are Sith Empire allegiance based. This too will have an impact on what missions, and tasks you perform and the name of your rank. A Sith Pureblood Inquisitor might go searching for some sort of ancient Relic we need on Korriban in some tombs while an Agent or Bounty Hunter Chiss might go after a Mole or something on Dromund Kaas and exterminate them quietly or bring them to us. All Classes and Races will be given equal rights.

Democracy is a big part in our Guild. We mix Democracy with Representative Democracy so that everyone can vote, and it is run though the Council to make it happen, and see what they think and if they can back up their statement. On the Dark Council in our Guild, you must be able to prove your point or back up your opinion, to show why we should do something or elect someone.

Memebrs are allowed to take on an Apprentice once they hit their 2nd Rank at least and show they know enough about the game and the Guild to take on an apprentice. A Sith can take on a true apprentice and take them to places and teach them. While an Agent may take on one that seems more like a partner than an apprentice, that observes on the job. A Bounty Hunter may take on an apprentice that seems more like a friend, an associate or companion, taking out a room of soldiers while the master goes for the boss to take him/her down.

We do plan on having alot of fun, parties at times, huge Role-Play, PvP that will make you feel truly there, and RPPVP that combines the 2! We will welcome people with open arms and everyone's voice WILL be heard! If you feel you need to make a speech for something going on, or speak out against a person seeming to betray us, it will not matter your rank, you will be heard, and your opinion always matters.

We really do hope you would like to join us in our quest to destroy the Republic, and hope you have a great time in the game! If you want to join, please send me a message, subscribe or reply to this thread, or leave me a visitor message. If there is something you believe could make it better, your voice will be heard, and all you have to do is tell me. If you would like, visit our website, it is still very new and does not have alot of info on it, but subsrcribing to be a member on there always helps, visit us at and remember our motto "Quality over Quantity"! Hope you would like to join and please tell me if you would like to join!
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