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Thread: The Imperial Fleet
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The Imperial Fleet

Hello all, my name is The Killer 9000 (original, right?), and im here to introduce The Imperial Fleet. We are currently recruiting at our forums: and would gladly welcome any new 18+ members (exceptions will be made, bases on maturity, of course)

for a little (i mean a lottle) about us, and to show that we aren't just screwing around with this, here is our charter:

IF Guild Charter For SWTOR


Without respect, what is there to separate us from the beasts? -Confucius. The Imperial Fleet is a community of players, people from all backgrounds coming together to enjoy a wonderful game. Skill is important, but not prime. The Fleet is about enriching an already amazing game, Hostilities against fellow Guild members is thoroughly frowned upon.


The Imperial Fleet began as a Lugormod clan for the 2003 game Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy (JKA). The clans leader, Tyranus, was in a clan called Purple, and at the end of 2005, started a clan called The Imperial Fleet. The clan bears the scars of many wars, some greater than others. No other clan could bring us down, however, as JKA’s population dwindled, so too did activity for {IF}. After a long time of inactivity, on October 24th, 2009 at 10:34 PM, GMT, the Vengeance server shut down, and {IF} on JKA was disbanded.
Reunions were held over the months after its disbandment, and a group for the members of the old server was created on Facebook. Then, in mid March of 2011, a discussion started on the old {IF} forums, and on Facebook among the old members, and plans were made for the transition into SWTOR. The clan officially launched on SWTOR on___________________.


"Hard work is the ethic. Work your way to the top, then, when you get there, be modest, don't get a big head."
The Imperial Parliament leads the Guild. The Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor lead the Imperial Parliament. The Chancellor serves as the spokes person for the guild. He provides the general direction for the guild; he will not have ultimate power, rather serve as the face for the guild. The Chancellor will also serve as the head of the Imperial Parliament. The Vice Chancellor has a much more flexible role. First and foremost he will serve as an advisor to the Chancellor, and the second in command in the guild. However, he will also fill in for the Chancellor, should he be absent at a meeting for any reason. He will also fill in for a Secretary spot, should one suddenly become vacant. On the servers, he will lead events and activates, to help promote activity on the server. The Vice Chancellor has one vote in guild affairs.
Secretaries main job is to speak for their respective issues. They serve as the voice of the people with respective to their position. Their priority is the people they represent. Each class of soldier has one representative in the Parliament. For example, the Secretary of Sith Inquisitors. Secretaries that represent a specific class of soldiers must be extremely knowledgeable in their specific field. They serve on the Imperial Parliament, and each has a vote on guild affairs.
The Secretary of Recruiting will handle incoming applications, and inform applicants if the application is incomplete. The Secretary of Recruiting will also send the completed applications to the IP for further review. Finally, the Secretary of Recruiting will also set up elections for new Secretary positions. Further Secretaries may be appointed given future need.
Parliament positions are currently:

Vice Chancellor
Secretary of Recruitment
Secretary of the Bounty Hunters
Secretary of the Sith Warriors
Secretary of the Imperial Agents
Secretary of the Sith Inquisitor


To apply to the Imperial Fleet, you have to copy this form, fill it out, and paste it, with your responses into a thread on the Imperial Fleet forums. Once it is posted, the Parliament, and the rest of the community will watch your actions, attitude, maturity, activity level, and decide on your application. Once the application is posted, you are a Recruit, not an official member of the clan, just a soldier putting his/her best foot forward, hoping to be accepted. This application stand for all your characters, if one character is in {IF}, all characters are in {IF}. You must be 18 years or older to apply, however, exceptions will be made based on maturity level.

1. What is/are your SWTOR names?

2. What are your SWTOR Classes?

3. How long have you been playing this game?

4A. Why do you want to join? (Why should we accept you?)
4B. Where did you hear from us?

5. What guilds/clans have you previously been in?

6. What previous MMO experience do you have? What game, and how long?

7. How old are you?

8A. What country do you live in?
8B. What is your timezone (relative to GMT)?*

9. [OPTIONAL -- RECOMMENDED] Tell us about yourself... no guidelines.

10. Have you read, understand, and agree to all parts of the Charter.


Once accepted, your rank will be Cadet, and you are an official member of The Imperial Fleet. If you are active, have a good attitude and are respectful, you’ll rank up through the lower ranks relatively quickly.

1. Cadet
2. Private
3. Corporal
4. Sergeant
5. Squadron Sergeant
6. Warrant Officer
7. Lieutenant
8. Capitan
9. Major
10. Colonel
11. General
12. Admiral of The Imperial Fleet

Code of Conduct

The clan is built on Organization. Without organization, the clan will fall to pieces, and will not exist. Organization is built on respect, without respect for others, the rules, and yourself, there will be no organization. The code of conduct, in short: Respect yourself, and others.
A clan division for the Republic is to be TBA, given more information, a final decision will be made.


Disrespect, and selfishness are the foundations of acts that require disciplinary action. Minor offences can be handled fairly simply, but other, more severe actions can demand higher actions, from demotions, to expulsions, expulsions are covered in greater detail in the next section.

Expulsion from Guild

The Imperial Parliament will handle the issue of Expulsion, personally. Expulsions are a very serious matter, and will not be taken lightly by the Parliament. There are no strict rules on expulsions, and the will of the Parliament is the deciding factor. Expulsions are not necessarily final, and Parliament can revoke expulsions, if they see fit.


We understand that the game is deep and rich, and that expansion packs will come out. There are many things we cannot anticipate at this time. This document is living, constantly open and subject to change, based on need. Amendments to current policy, and to add new rules require a 2/3 majority of Parliament. (Post-Release).
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