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Thread: Lighter Shades of Grey
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Kado Sunrider
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Lighter Shades of Grey

((This tale is set after the events of KOTOR II in an alternate universe where Revan did not leave for the Unknown Regions after the events of KOTOR. Revan is a light side male Jedi Guardian named Gavyn Adran. The Jedi Exile is a light side female Jedi Consular named Kyala Ven.))

Lighter Shades of Grey

The robed figure stood on the edge of a precipice. From below, a mighty wind blew at intervals as if the planet itself were breathing.


The figure did not flinch at the cold metallic voice, but instead turned from the bottomless chasm and faced his enemies. More than a hundred masked and hooded warriors stood in a semi-circle around the man.


Again the cold metallic voice rang out, again no response. Two lightsabers lifted from his belt of their own accord and drifted to his waiting hands. Golden yellow blades sprang forth as he strode confidently towards the enemy. Red blades ignited all around as their owners launched themselves at the lone figure they had caught in their trap. One by one they were cut down, but soon the shear mass of enemies overwhelmed the lone warrior until at last, at the end of his strength, he let loose a wave of energy that consumed him and his attackers.



Gavyn Adran sat bolt upright. Fully awake and sweating profusely. The woman lying in bed next to him had a look of concern on her pretty features.

“Are you alright, Gavyn?” she asked quietly.

“I... Yes, Bastila. It was just a nightmare.” he said as he rubbed his palms on his temples to try and alleviate his headache. He lowered himself back into bed and she rested her head against his bare chest.

“You need your rest. Today is going to be a big day for you. It’s not every day that your best friend gets married to a Galactic Senator.”

Gavyn breathed deeply and stared at the ceiling, remembering the day of his own wedding. The smell of Bastila’s hair mingled with the fresh scent of the trees of Talravin. Carth standing beside him in his military finest while Jolee led her down the aisle towards him. A few hours from now their roles would be reversed, and he would be standing at Carth’s side as he made the same vows. While he had been reminiscing Bastila had slipped back into unconsciousness, but it would be a long while before he gave in to sleep.


Gavyn, Jolee and Canderous sat at a table in the warm sunshine watching Carth and his bride take the first dance as the band played a happy tune from the stage. Jolee took a pull of a rather large cigar before passing it on to Canderous who nodded his thanks. Jolee whistled at the newlywed couple as they danced by.

“This reminds me of-”

“No more of your stories, old man.” Canderous grunted. “You enjoy the sound of your own voice too much.”

Gavyn grinned as Canderous blew out a perfect ring and passed him the cigar. They sat passing the cigar between them until Carth dropped into the seat beside Gavyn with a grin on his face.

“Where’s the bride run off to, Carth?” Gavyn asked.

Carth waved his hand in a nonchalant fashion. “She’s gone to have a chat with Bastila, Mission and Kyala.”

“Ahh, the famous post-wedding talk,” Jolee began, “You’ll see her again in a few hours.”

“Good! More time to spend with my closest friends.” Carth replied as he threw an arm around Gavyn’s shoulders.

“We won’t get into anything too crazy. You’re going to want plenty of energy for tonight.” Jolee said with a malicious grin. Gavyn put his head in his hands and resigned himself to listening to the old hermit who was soon in full swing.

“Its too bad she’s not a Jedi, Carth. The shenanigans they get up to behind closed doors are the stuff of legend.”

“Stop. I want to be able to sleep tonight.” Gavyn said, barely concealing a laugh.

“Don’t you start with me about losing sleep! I didn’t sleep for a week after I walked in on you and Bastila floating near the ceiling. How you managed to do that I still don’t know.”

The other men laughed as Gavyn’s face grew hot.

“The force was definitely with you that night, eh, Gav?” Canderous’ comment set off another fit of laughter that echoed away into the dusky sky.

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Ha! I like so far. All the light hearted banter between the group is the type you would expect from beings who were in a life and death situation together for months on end! Only something like that could bond as well.

I think a 'hurry the hell up and put the next chapter up!' is called for soooo yeah ...
What I just said! xD

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