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Thread: A Day in the Life: Near Misses
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A Day in the Life: Near Misses

For those that don't know, this is based upon characters created in the RP The Sith Ressurection Part VI, VII, VII.

This was done in collaboration with Chevron 7 locke...

A Day in the Life: Near Misses

0600 Hours

Alriana Haltra, the last Jedi of the Old Republic now turned security/tactical officer of the flagship and pride of the Republic Fleet, muttered under her breath as a soft chiming sound echoed through her quarters. She sleepily got to her feet and continued muttering as she accessed the computer panel. Trying to shut off the alarm, she ended up making the chiming sound grow louder after hitting the wrong button. She swore violently under her breath as she hit another button. She smiled in relief when the chiming sound stopped immediately.

I really need to become more familiar with the computer system. This is the third time it has woken me up an hour early, she thought as she disrobed and walked into the sonic shower in the refresher bringing a clean Jedi robe with her. She spent nearly ten minutes in the shower letting the sonic waves evaporate the dirt and grime from the previous day. It was luxury, much like it was on Wayfarer. She sighed heavily as she stepped out of the shower and pulled on her robes. She liked sonic showers and if she could, she would have certainly stayed in the shower an entire day. “Duty calls,” she muttered under her breath.

The mood certainly hadn’t improved when Alriana looked over at the stack of pads on her desk and she barely repressed a sigh. One thing that she couldn’t seem to escape was the constant details that had to be attended to. She had known when she signed on that being a bridge officer would be difficult, even more so with the bridge of the flagship of the fleet. She knew that she would be responsible for the lives of the crewmen under her command but she hadn’t counted on the mountain of paperwork that came with it.

Well, the best way to handle paperwork is on a full stomach, Alriana thought as she grabbed her lightsaber and hooked it onto her belt. She grabbed her ship pad and personal pad and headed towards the mess hall before her duty shift on the bridge. Trying the efficiency route, she started reading her ship’s pad of the work for the day and “chores” that were pending.



The noise sounded nasty as Tavaryn finished stretching out every single muscle in his body and in the process cracking his spine. It was routine for him to begin his days early with basic stretching exercises and a shower. It was also routine to have at least one of his joints to crack, usually the spine. “It’s the mileage,” he muttered as he finished in a standing pose before relaxing and heading towards his shower.

As much as he liked relaxing in a sonic shower, he had a busy day ahead of him. As far as he knew, Admiral Belina was going to sit in on a training session today. The notice was glaring on his work pad, delivered by a green ensign who looked terrified at having to meet him. Looking away from the pad, he looked at a cabinet and he glanced at the contents through the glass. Tradition of his people egged him to carry his blade but he was working with unarmed combat today.

He had left a life behind and embraced a new one. For a moment he wondered how his mother managed to do the same. Compromise was the buzzword that was popular with the senators on Coruscant. He muttered incoherently about anything and nothing as he pulled on a black shirt and tucked it into his pants and over that the standard issue Republic tags he had been given and obliged to wear. Last but not least he pulled on the black flight jacket that he got. It was not exactly Republic issue but it had the uniform look and Belina didn’t say anything about it. He turned to go with a last look at the cabinet.

Frack it, he thought and went to the cabinet and grabbed his sword and tied it to his belt. Old habits died hard and he had no qualms about it as he grabbed his datapads and left his quarters. Sighing he took off towards the mess hall, hoping that for once the kitchen made decent caffa. He was waylaid by his right hand man Tariq, who also was up unusually early, and proceeded to listen to problems concerning the advanced training squad.

0700 Hours

Alriana sighed as one of the crew came running up to her, handed her a pad, and ran off again. She looked at the pad and gave another sigh. Let’s see what we have here...today’s duty roster…requests for leave of absences…and two requests to transfer from the Katarn to the Ackbar. Wonderful, a full day.

She was reading the pad as she walked into the mess and muttered an apology as she accidentally bumped into a group of people who were leaving the mess hall. She stopped reading when a sudden and familiar smell caught her off her guard. She looked up and smiled as she saw what the origin of the smell was.

Dantooine flapjacks. They were the greatest thing since being brought out of cryostasis. She grabbed a plate and walked over to the queue and grabbed a handful of them. She then snatched the container of syrup out of a surprised ensign’s hands and poured it over the flapjacks. She could practically taste them in her mouth.

She had just sat down to dig in when another crewman ran up to her. He said, “Jedi Haltra, Admiral Belina and Admiral Garja both request your presence on the bridge in one hour. Your assistance is required in a security matter.”

Alriana muttered a curse under her breath just as the crewman beat a hasty retreat towards one of the tables near the other side of the room. It looked like she was going to have to stuff her face if she was going to get to her briefing with the Admiral on time. She looked to her left and to her right to make sure that no one else was coming to interrupt her breakfast. All clear, she thought and she dug in.

She was just about to dig into her food when her comm went off in her robe pocket. It certainly was a trial on the patience of a Jedi. She sighed and put down her fork and pulled her comm out. “This is Alriana.”

“Jedi Alriana, this is Admiral Belina. The meeting for the senior staff has been moved to three hours from now.”

“Copy that Admiral.” Alriana grinned as she put her comm away and picked up her fork again. It looked like she would be able to eat her breakfast in peace. She shoveled a sopping blob of flapjacks into her mouth as she listened to the laughter that erupted from the far side of the mess hall. She didn’t bother to look since it was more likely one of the running jokes on the ship.


“So you see sir, the only problem I see regarding the match up for today is the fact that Davarel tends gloat over his victories,” Tariq was explaining.

Tavaryn listened as he reached for a mug of caffa. He took a swig of the brew and made an effort to not make a face. He asked the quartermaster, “Going a little strong on the brew are you?”

“That’s weak compared to yesterday,” was the gruff reply.

“I guess engine grease does a body good,” Tavaryn replied raising his mug to toast the quartermaster in appreciation. Some of the crewmembers that were nearby began to laugh. Tavaryn let out a chuckle and took some more of the barely tolerable brew and moved on down to pick up a piece of fruit and a slice of toast. He had smelt the Dantooine flapjacks and he was tempted to get them but decided to eat light since he was going to be running around today. He headed towards the tables with a slight grin on his face, the other crewmembers were laughing and even the quartermaster was chuckling.

Tavaryn selected a table and sat down. Focusing more on the day ahead, he pulled out his datapad and began to read it. Then in response to Tariq’s statement, he replied, “Davarel has a tendency to think that strength is the greatest asset in a fight. It will be an interesting lesson today.” He took another swig of the caffa and picked up the piece of toast crumbling it into a small piece before popping it into his mouth.

“Something going on today sir?”

Tariq’s on a roll today with the questions, Tavaryn thought. Still the soldier, only a sergeant, but in a way like a friend. Out of all his pupils, he had shown promise and a willingness to keep him on board for a fair amount of time. He had also come to depend upon Tariq, like a right hand man so it was only fair that he let him in on today’s activities. “Admiral Belina is coming down today.”

“She wants to check on our progress, particularly the advanced class which is today.” Tavaryn perused through his pad going over the line up for the day. “Must be thinking about some sort of delta force or other.”

“You mean something like a special ops teams,” Tariq clarified, amused at the seemingly careless attitude his superior had toward hierarchy.


Just then Tavaryn’s comm went off. He fished it out of his pocket and said, “Onashi.”

“Tavaryn, this is Admiral Belina. Just reminding you of my inspection today in one hour.”

“Roger that ma’am. Look forward to seeing you there.”

“Belina out.”

Tavaryn waited until she had signed off before tossing his comm back into his pocket. He looked at the piece of fruit uneaten and the rest of his toast. No rest for the weary. He began to plow through his food at the same rate as Tariq.

01000 Hours

“Our spies in new Imperial space have ceased reporting so I’m forced to believe that they have been compromised. I recommend that we pull all of our remaining spies out before they are compromised as well.”

“I disagree. For all we know the Imperials believe they managed to get all of our spies. I regret the possible loss of life but we need all the data we can get on the Empire. We should leave them where they are at the moment.”

Alriana sighed as she looked over at the other security officers who were arguing. She didn’t know either of their names but she did know that they argued at every opportunity. Admiral Belina was listening to both sides but she had some sort of plan going on and everyone else was trying to hide their annoyance at the bickering. It was time to put a stop to this. “Enough,” Alriana nearly shouted as she glared at the two bickering officers. “I for one refuse to allow anyone to remain in Imperial space. For all we know the Imperials could be searching for our remaining spies. I say we pull them out and that’s final.”

Admiral Belina nodded her head in agreement. “Good call Jedi Alriana. I’ll send out the recall as soon as we’re done here. We’ll wait for them at the border between Imperial and Republic space. If there is nothing else, I suggest that we all get back to work.”

Alriana hesitated a bit before raising her hand. “There is one thing that I would like to bring up. I’ve been noticing that troop morale seems down on average. We haven’t fought any battles for quite awhile and I believe a good engagement will bring it back up.”

“Interesting assessment Jedi Alriana. I was just down at the training deck inspecting the new alpha team that has been training. They seemed pretty loose but you may be right.” Admiral Belina mused over the situation. “If an engagement were to happen, it would be a good opportunity to test them out. Their commanding officer was optimistic. I’ll consider it. Dismissed.”

All the officers left except Admiral Garja who remained with Admiral Belina. Belina watched as Alriana left after the other officers went back to their assigned duties. It was a pity that she took her security duties so seriously. It was a good thing that she was good at her job but after having read the reports on previous missions, she was surprised. Oh well. The Force has a will of its own.


“Well that went well sir,” Tariq said as Tavaryn put the last of the training equipment away.

Tavaryn only muttered as he finished locking up the suit armor lockers. Admiral Belina had given him some unexpected news after she sat in on the training session. It had been a usual class, even though he had to put Davarel in his place by putting him down. Afterwards, after Tariq took over, Belina pulled him aside and told him what her plan was.

“You are going to command the new alpha team. First ones in and covert ops.”

Tavaryn had let out a low breath, “That’s a new step, Admiral. I thought that you just wanted me to train your troops.”

“I figured that we needed an elite force. Your advanced class seems capable. What do you think?”

Tavaryn thought a moment, “They are capable but we haven’t worked too much on armor suits.”

“Well I was hoping that you would ask. You see we have some prototype suits. Eight to be exact. Just enough for you and this training class. Supposed to be state of the art for the Republic. Here is the access code.” Admiral Belina handed a pad with a code on it and the locker number on it and turned to leave. “You’re doing good Onashi. Knew it was a good idea to appoint you to this job.”

01200 Hours

“Admiral, receiving a signal from one, a Palleon class ship.” Koral, comm specialist, keyed the console trying to bring up the signal. “It’s a flash code distress.’

Admiral Belina gazed out of the viewport from her command chair with Admiral Garja standing beside her. She asked, “Do you recognize the ship?”

Koral looked at the frequency and compared it to the databanks. His eyes opened wide, “It’s the Reliant. The ship hasn’t been seen in years. It was last reported near Kejim when it disappeared. It was a retrieval boat for our Republic spies.”

Admiral Belina looked at Garja and then at Alriana who was watching out the viewport as well. She said, “Jedi Alriana, I want you to lead one of two boarding parties. Alpha team will go in first and then you will follow. Do a complete sweep of the ship and find out if there are any survivors.”

“Yes Admiral,” Alriana replied and saluted smartly.

Minutes later Alriana looked at the small group of soldiers that were outfitting themselves and waiting for the call. She smiled as she saw the look on their eager faces. They were ready for battle as well as she. She glanced around and spotted a nervous looking ensign who was fingered an edge of his uniform. “Is there anything wrong Ensign?”

“N-No ma’am. It’s…just that this is my first mission and possible combat situation. I’m not going to lie…I’m a bit nervous.”

Alriana gave an encouraging smile to the ensign. “Don’t worry Ensign. Alpha team will enter first and then us. Just stick close to me. I intend to bring all of my team back. I don’t leave anyone behind.”

The ensign smiled nervously as the call came for them to board their landing craft. Alriana watched as her men boarded. She had seen Alpha Team board their craft and leave. She had no idea who they were since they wore helmets that didn’t give away their faces. They looked intimidating in their armor but heck Belina said that they were good even though it was a brand new unit.

Attention. Drop team two prepare for departure.

There was the call. Alriana said, “Are you ready men?!”


Alriana started up the boarding ramp and was followed by her men who jogged in and strapped themselves in. I hope I come out of this one alive.


Tavaryn held onto the strap as the craft began its drop towards the unnaturally quiet ship and looked out at it. The Reliant was one of the spy base ships for Republic operatives and hadn’t been seen since its last transmission somewhere near Kejim. He had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, even more so since he was leading this group of commandos.

He gave a look at the helmet he held in his arm not sure why he was going along with this to humor Belina. True it was an order but even then this was rather sudden. Then again she may have planned it all along. She is after all the Grand Admiral of the Republic Fleet.

“Sir, something wrong?”

Tavaryn looked at Tariq who was looking at him as if he were not sure what to do. His face softened a bit and he replied, “Just deep thoughts Tariq. Nothing to worry about. Have you distributed all of the gear?”

“Yes sir. Everyone locked and loaded.”

Tavaryn gave a nod. He looked at the seven troopers who were a part of his advanced class. They all were highly adept in the hand to hand and each had preferences in melee combat. As a combat unit though, he had some misgivings at the readiness but he was determined to not show it. “Carry on then.”

“Sir, message coming in.”

Tavaryn sighed as he tucked his helmet under his arm. “Put it through.”

He stood at attention as the image of Admiral Garja appeared. Garja wasted no time and spoke, “Lt. Onashi as you know the Reliant has not been in contact with the Republic for some time and its appearance here is highly suspicious. You will be inserted at the port bow of the ship. Your orders are to take your team and scout the ship. Ascertain if the ship has been sabotaged or taken over. A second team will be inserted near the aft side of the ship. Same orders.”

“I see,” Tavaryn replied. “And if there are hostiles, sir?”

“Rules of engagement, Lieutenant.”

“Roger that sir.”

“Good luck and may the Force be with you.”

The image of Admiral Garja disappeared leaving Tavaryn giving a hard gaze at nothing in particular before putting on his helmet. “Saddle up.” He picked up the light rifle that had been fitted with specs that would make a merc drool. He cocked it and stood at the bay doors while the transport docked and the doors slid open. May the Force be with us indeed.

01230 Hours

“Commence door breach.”

It was automatic as the squad moved into formation to prepare for a door breach. It had been a slow move through their portion of ship scanning for any signs of life on the ship. The quiet was unsettling for Tavaryn as he looked around the current room. The fact that they hadn’t encountered anything was what worried him. He didn’t like it. “Scatty,” he said to the female soldier that was a scrapper as well as a specialist in comm systems, “Contact the second team. Ask for a report.”

“Yes sir,” Scatty replied. “Team two this is Alpha team, status report?”

The door opened again to another empty and dimly lit room and Tavaryn was for once glad that the helmet hid his face fairly well. He raised his rifle and led the way in, checking out every possible point of ambush. Again there was nothing and it only added to the dark feeling that Tavaryn was getting. Davarel sighed and said, “Another empty room. What is command thinking having us search an empty ship?”

“The ship has been out of contact for over a year,” Tariq replied stressing in his voice a need for Davarel to shut it.

“Right well nothing is here. It’s quiet. There’s wrong here.”

Tavaryn was beside Davarel and turned to intently look at him and replied, “That’s what worries me. Scatty, report?”

“Team two reports nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the computers looked like they had been sliced and traces of an explosion due to carbon scoring on the walls.”

“Probably some pirates who took what they wanted and left,” Davarel pointed out.

Tavaryn wasn’t so sure. He had been in similar situations before so he wasn’t going to brush it off so easily. He walked forward through the room they were in, looking around. He was standing next to a door that opened all of a sudden to reveal an Imperial. It made a noise that sounded something like ‘freeze’ but it was the movement of the rifle coming up that had Tavaryn spring into action. He grabbed the enemy while shouting, “Ready arms!”

The battle was on as the ship erupted with the sounds of blaster fire within. All the members of Alpha Team engaged in firing in at the barrage of fire from Imperial troopers. Tavaryn could only hope that the second team was having better luck. “Move forward. Meet up with team two.”



Alriana’s reaction was instantaneous as she used the Force to push the grenades that had been thrown back out and sent them flying towards the Imperial troops that were firing at her and her men. She smiled grimly as she heard the explosion followed by shouts of anger and cries of agony of the Imperials unfortunate to be caught in the blast. The Jedi ran towards the breach in ranks that led to the door and jumped into a group of troopers and was then forced to jump in the air as a barrage of blaster bolts rained down on the troopers, cutting them down. As soon as she landed back down, Alriana turned around and nearly shouted, “Next time please make sure that I’m NOT in the line of fire when you shoot!”

As it turns out it was the trooper who had been nervous before departure. He sheepishly grinned a bit and replied, “My most sincere apologies Jedi Alriana.”

Realizing who it was Alriana just shook her head and said a little less harsh, “Just…watch out next time.”

The room had been cleared but that didn’t mean that there weren’t any more Imperials on board. They had to keep moving and rendezvous with Alpha team once the ship was secure. That was going to be difficult but Alriana was confident that they could do it. Alriana ran up to a computer in the room and took a look at the schematics that appeared when she touched it. She tried to access the internal sensors to determine where Alpha Team was on the ship. She discovered that the systems were not cooperating and feared that the Imperials had control of the ship. She turned to ask if any of her troops had experience with slicing systems.

The nervous ensign from earlier raised his hand. “I can handle that. There isn’t a computer I’ve met that I can’t hack.”

Alriana grinned and patted his back. “Alright, go to it.”

The ensign stepped forward after shouldering his rifle and began tapping the access keys. Up popped a three dimensional schematic of the ship and there were a series of colored markers. He keyed in the parameters for the Ackbar personnel to distinguish them from hostiles. “Looks like Alpha Team are separated from each other, sweeping through the decks. Looks like Alpha One is closest to us.”

Alriana looked at the moving figures. “Looks like the whole ship was taken over by Imperials. Any survivors?”

The ensign worked his magic. “I’m detecting life forms in the detention cells.”

“Then we will head there. Contact Alpha One and see if he can help clear the way,” Alriana ordered. While the ensign was doing that, she contacted the Ackbar, “Jedi Haltra to Ackbar. Encountered hostiles on the Reliant possible prisoners in the detention block.”

There was a pause before the order came through. Take down hostiles and rescue the prisoners.

“Roger that.” Alriana looked at her troopers. She said to the ensign, “Lock out the system so that only you can access it. We’re heading for the detention block.”

“Yes ma’am though I think the Imperials have me effectively locked out of bridge command. They can still use the ship’s systems against us and Alpha One says, he’ll pave the way the best he can.”

“Alright. Let’s go!” Alriana then opened the door into the next room that led to the lift.

0200 Hours

The fire came in heavy. In some rooms and in others there were only one or two Imperials. Tavaryn thought that it was strange but then again it was a commandeered ship and it wouldn’t be as heavily stocked as a regular Imperial vessel. In order to scour the decks faster, he made the decision for his team to break off into pairs. They were to sweep through the decks and take out any hostiles. He sent Scatty with Tariq to head toward the bridge to take back the ship’s controls. The others would security vital areas first and check for survivors.

Since there were an uneven number of troopers, he volunteered to check up on Team Two to make sure that they were okay. Their communication had gotten cut off during the skirmishes until he received a transmission from an ensign. It was full of static but he was able to make out that Team Two was heading towards the detention block since there were few survivors and was asked if he could scout ahead. He replied, “Will do.”

That was before I realized that I was not only going up against Imperials but the ship’s own defense systems as well, he thought as he listened to the chatter from his squad as they checked in. It seemed that they were doing well so far even though resistance was rampart as they got closer towards the bridge. It reminded him of the last mission he had on Geonosis. That mission was rather… He really didn’t have the right words to describe that mission. A lot happened there and he had realized and learned many things. I wonder if she’s happy.

It had been awhile since he allowed himself to think of her. It had been hard letting her go but he knew that she needed her time and space and come to think of it, he needed it too. A noise broke him out of his thoughts and he set to work commencing a search of the next room. He positioned himself beside the door and keyed in the code for the door breach device. The door hissed open and the familiar “Halt!” sounded followed by blaster shots. Tavaryn swung his rifle and began to fire. He was meticulous in his shots having practiced in making one shot, one kill.

He pushed forward, using his fists when it proved useful until he came to a junction that seemed to be filled with Imperials firing at him. At thought came to mind about using grenades. He peered around the corner to gauge the enemy strength. The barrage answered the question. Pulling frag grenades out, he lobbied them at strategic points. He could hear the shouts of the Imperials trying to avoid the explosions. He took the opportunity to jump out and fire. At that moment a door opened and a flash bang grenade exploded in front of him forcing him to shut his eyes. When he opened them, he saw an ensign pointing his weapon, ready to shoot. He said, “Next time check to see if you actually need to use a grenade, Ensign.”

The ensign looked almost sheepish and terrified that he had twice nearly fired upon a crewmember. He replied, “Sorry sir.”

Tavaryn’s replied was cut off before more fire from enemy reinforcements sounded. Tavaryn returned fire and spoke quickly to the hapless ensign, “Don’t worry about it. Just have your team follow me.” He then pushed forward leaving the ensign to watch his back.

He managed to make it to the main control for the cells but found it heavily encrypted. It was going to take forever for him to break it but relief came when the ensign who nearly blinded him rounded the corner and offered to slice the terminal. “Sir. I have experience in slicing terminals.”

“Go ahead.”

The ensign began to work. It was a scant five minutes to unlock the system but the result were the turrets coming online. Tavaryn saw that it was aimed for the ensign. With a deft movement, he raced over to yank the ensign out of the way before it fired. The shot hit him square in the back. No serious damage was done since he was covered head to toe in armor but it hurt like bloody hell. He and the ensign took cover as the turrets continued to scope for any sign of intruders. Tavaryn heard more voices of Imperial troopers and realized that they had walked into a trap.

He turned to the ensign who was looking over to see if he could take a shot. He said, “Stay down Ensign. Unless you want to have your head blown off.”

“What are we to do sir?”

The question was answered when the tell tale sounds came of the turret shutting down. Tavaryn used his rifle to see if it would fire. When it did not, he peered out cautiously. He then stood up to take a chance and walked to the main holding/torture cell. Inside were two of the Republic spies. One was dead but the other was alive and looking eager to bust out. Tavaryn released the energy field and said, “You alright?”

“Yes. Give me a weapon and I’m good to go.”

Tavaryn nodded and handed over his rifle and motioned for his two companions to move forward. The detention area was in chaos with explosions of grenades and blaster fire going everywhere. Tavaryn maneuvered to get to a position of advantage and motioned for his companions to set up firing. He pulled out a small blaster and began firing.


Alriana had motioned for the ensign to scout ahead once they cleared the room. When she and the team caught up, the ensign was there firing and looking flustered. The ensign said, “Alpha One moved on ahead ma’am.”

Alriana could tell from the scoring that grenades had been used and figured it must have been some fight. She looked up to see a flash of armor round the corner towards the main control for the detention area. There was still blaster firing coming down the way from the enemy as reinforcements arrived. She said, “Go on ahead Ensign. You might need to slice the terminals.”

“Yes ma’am,” and the ensign followed the path Alpha One had taken.

Alriana motion for her troops to take up defensive positions to return fire. She spotted a control terminal and went to it. Since the ensign managed to crack into the system, she was able to get some access. She accessed the ship’s security systems and saw that the terminals had been brought online but were firing upon members of Alpha Team. She quickly reconfigured the terminals to fire upon hostiles, hoping that it would reduce the enemy numbers. Seeing that it was done, she turned her attention to the battle and drew out her lightsaber to deflect stray bolts. She motioned towards one of the men who was carrying the bag of grenades. He came forward and took up position. He grabbed a grenade and lobbied it forward. The explosion cleared the area to allow them to advance more.

They made it a point where there were more Imperials waiting in the corridors near the numerous holding cells. It had been a set up. Alriana ordered, “Spread out. We have to take the ship back!”

The one who had been holding the grenades moved forward to lobby them out at the larger groups. The room was filled with explosions and the sounds of blaster fire. Alriana did her best deflecting shots that came her way while checking the cells. Most of them had dead Republic spies. She did manage to find few that, while clearly beaten, were able to pick up a weapon from one of the fallen Imperials and return fire.

She spotted an Imperial officer and made a beeline towards him, deflecting fire as she advanced. By the time she got there, most of the enemy was taken down. The Imperial, knowing that he was beat, raised his hands above his head. Alriana gave a wry smile, “Good choice. Now…call off your troops and stop firing.”

The captain opened his comm and said, “This is Captain Girel. All troops are to stand down and cease fire.” He couldn’t help but wonder how two squads could utterly decimate his command. He looked at Alriana who motioned for him to rise as well as her men secure the other Imperials. She then commed, “Team Two to Alpha Team. Detention area secure.”

It was Tariq who answered, “Copy that. Alpha two reporting. Bridge and rest of ship secure. Calling for retrieval.”

Alriana smiled as her men along with the rescued spies made their way towards the pick up points. A job well done.

0400 Hours

“I have to say Jedi Alriana that I was impressed by your actions in rescuing our men and obtaining surrender of the Imperials.”

Jedi Alriana nodded as she finished her report, “Thank you Admiral. I was only doing my job and I’m sure anyone on the Ackbar would have done the same. That new team, Alpha Team did well today as well.”

Belina nodded. “Perhaps but most of us here on the Ackbar don’t have the Force to help us out nor an elite trained ops team.”

Alriana gave a smile. It was true that there weren’t many Force-users on board, maybe a few Force Sensitives but Alriana was proud to be one of them. Admiral Belina had chosen her for her tactical talents and not her command of the Force. “That is true Admiral. Just glad to be doing my part.”

Belina smiled and replied, “I’m going to let you have the rest of the day off and get some rest. Well done. Dismissed.”

Truth be told, Alriana was glad that the Admiral was letting her take the night off. The adrenaline rush from the battle was fading and she was feeling the exhaustion creep in. She would stop by the mess hall to grab something to take to her quarters. “Thank you Admiral. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Having reached her objective she headed towards her quarters. She took the long way by the med bay to check up on the rescued hostages. She managed to bump into the ensign who had been instrumental in taking back the ship. She said, “Good evening Ensign. Everything alright?”

The ensign righted himself and gave a salute, “Um…yes ma’am.”

“It’s alright, Ensign. Nothing wrong?”

“No ma’am, just glad that this day is done. It was nerve wracking scouting that ship but I’m glad that we made it out.”

Alriana smiled, “Same here.”

“Well have a good evening ma’am. I have to go. Early morning training.”

“Good night Ensign,” Alriana replied. She went into the med bay to inquire about the hostages before returning to her quarters. She curled up on her chair next to her desk to eat what the quartermaster gave her. A sonic shower later the exhausted and relaxed Jedi fell back on her bed with a sigh of relief. Finally the day was over to get some well-deserved rest. Just another day.


Tavaryn stretched his sore muscles as the doc finished his examination. Since he had taken a hit to the back, he had to repot to the med bay to get checked out after reporting in to Admiral Garja. It was alright in the end since he had an interesting conversation with the hostage he had rescued as well as the ensign who came to see him.

He grinned as he thought about the ensign’s stammered apology. In the end Tavaryn had told him, “Don’t worry about it. I thought you did good though I think you can use some training. I’m going to request that you be placed within the junior combat class.”

The ensign’s eyes nearly boggled, “You’re that combat instructor?”

Tavaryn grinned, “Yes I am. I’ll expect you at 0800 hours tomorrow morning Ensign…”

“Kovac, sir.”

“Alright. 0800 hours tomorrow Ensign Kovac and be ready to work.”

“Yes sir.”

After the ensign had left, he had brief conversation with the hostage who was interested in transferring to the Ackbar and joining up with him. The doc cleared him to leave and ordered him to take the night off. Tavaryn was all too willing to obey since he didn’t want to give the doc any excuse to detain him and stick him in a bacta tank.

He left the med bay through the secondary door, one that hardly anyone used and it was close to the lift that was near his quarters. He was out of the med bay like a junkie on spice just as the main door opened to let in a visitor. He made his way to his quarters not caring that he hadn’t eaten. He wasn’t hungry anyway. Sonic shower ought to do it.

Sure enough it did and he was relaxed enough to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. Just another day.

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