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Thread: Code geass lost colors: love fever
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Code geass lost colors: love fever

Author: Revan-sama
Anime: Code geass.
Game: Code geass lost colors.
Pairing: Rai (the hero of lost colors) x Nunnally.

I'm having a dream.
From that day, where I lost the light from the world.
Where I hold my mother's bloody body.
She had always hugged me, faint smell of flowers , I loved being hugged by my mother.
At that time, without the smell of blood...
I would happily laugh and she would smile gently in return.
Gentle, soft eyes sparkle, devoted to her love, when all sudden I have lost the light.
All sudden, all I could see was her empty eyes and her bloody body against mine.
My mind made up a large cavity, sad, sad, wet with tears and filled with sorrow.
I was filled with despair, the cruel, cold world that I was afraid to see, that broadened my world view in the dark.

All I wanted was to be happy a little.
To have Onii-sama (big brother) and my mother by my side. That they would stay with me, my loved ones.
I had very, very little thoughts about the world. I've always thought there was only a gentle world.
We can't return to what we were anymore. Too much to reach out, out of reach, a far away world.
I once hoped forever, a friendly world.
The spread in front of me right now is black. A black dark world.
A lonely, lonely world.

-Love fever-

The cold feeling on her forehead, suddenly woke Nunnally up.
Gentle hand was wiping the tears flowing without her knowing. Caressing her cold cheek gently. She felt warmer.
I know this feeling. He is folding origami (paper folding) with me always, the hand of my beloved one.
A different love than Onii-sama, the special kind of love. Nunnally's lover.

"Are you ok, Nunnally?"

Soft voice reaches her ears.
Always a gentle sound.
The sound of his gentle voice, made Nunnally relief and made her heart throbbing.

"Yeah, it's me Nunnally."

Nunnally outstretched her hand to make sure he was real. That he was really here with her. Not some cruel dream.
Rai immediately knew what she wanted and took her hand in his own.
It made her very happy, even though it seemed weak, she was making a smile.
(...Oh, right... I've caught a cold.)
All she could remember was that she was in the student council room.

It all started that morning.
Bad shape due to the bad weather, cold and warm temperatures every day. Nunnally didn't felt so good at the end of the day.
She didn't wanted to disturb anyone, but in the end she fainted in the student council room.
Good thing that 'brother-in-law' Lelouch skipped school that day, so there was no fuss.
Rai rushed directly to the infirmary while holding Nunnally.
Eventually, the maid Sayoko-san went the drugstore to buy some medicines.
Nunnally was now resting in the clubhouse.

I tried not to be a nuisance and as result I caused more troubles.
The throbbing pain and painful headache, Nunnally thought she deserved to endure.
The past few days, has been difficult for Rai-San.
Lelouch was nowhere to found , her childhood friend Suzaku was missing because of his job in the Britannia's army.
Karen was sick, and the student council work accumulated.
Whether physical labor, clerical work case, Rai had a pile of work.
He had the same strength as Suzaku, the same tactical mind as Lelouch, that why is was perfect to do the double job.
It was impressive to do many jobs.
And Rai was indebted to student council president, Milly, so he wanted to do as much as he could to help.
Looking at Rai's determination, Nunnally wanted to help as much as possible.
And Now...
Every breath she made was painful.

"Nunnally, Are you alright?"

After hearing Rai's voice full of concern, Nunnally's mind returned to consciousness.
"I'm fine" she answered in a low voice .
"Don't force yourself" Rai answered in return.
Such interaction would ease the pain in her chest.
While grabbing Rai's hand, She could feel Rai's feelings and also all the warmth that comes through.
It made her very happy.
But Nunnally didn't want to be a burden and those feelings to change.

"Rai-San... what time is it?"
"About five o'clock, It's been 2 hours since Nunnally was sleeping."
"Is that so..."

Good, thought Nunnally. He can still to go back to work.
Rai-San was very nice to stay with me since then. He has a lot to do with Onii-sama's and Suzaku-san's absents.
No more! I don't want to be the burden anymore.
This is the result of my weakness. Because I missed Rai-san too much and that we couldn't speak as much as before because of all the student council work.

I shouldn't be spoiled.
I don't want to rely on anyone anymore. On Onii-sama's endless graces, on the student council and most of all...

"...Rai-San, please go back to work, Sayoko-san will return soon, I'll be fine!"

So do not worry, softly she told herself in an anguish and heavy breathing.
To prove that she was fine, Nunnally forced a smile, a painful smile.


Rai saw the smile and said nothing, quietly releasing Nunnally's hand.


Her voice raised slowly then she kept silence. A moment of loneliness...


Her sweet lover called her name so gently.
And suddenly kissed Nunnally's lips.
The only match with his own lips, soft lips, a light soft kiss
After a long kiss on the lips, Nunnally's face was even more red than before.
Even though she was embarrassed, Nunnally felt loved.

"I'm not going anywhere"
"I'm not going anywhere, I'll stay here forever."
"B-But Rai-san..."
"Hey Nunnally, do you remember the day of the Blue Moon?"

Rai interrupted Nunnally in a calm voice , still smiling.
Nunnally without knowing the intent of the question, nodded quickly.
I won't ever forget the day I've gathered my courage, the day he said he loved me back.
I won't ever forget the day I got the love of this man.

"I told you, [I want to be with you forever.]"
"Yes, and Rai-san said [I love you too] , I was very happy"
"Me too Nunnally. So I thought I want to be with you forever...in happy moment, painful moment too, sad moment too, at all times. "

Rai grabbed Nunnally's hand again, a little bit more stronger to show her that he was sincere.
He is so kind, to support me in my time of weakness, so strong.

"You don't have to endure anything."

I'm spoiled, Rye smiled gently and Nunnally felt like choking.
For no apparent reason, her closed eyes were full of tears.

Even when my heart was in great loss and loneliness after losing mother.
The person who saved Onii-sama and me enough to break the loneliness was Suzaku-san.
Milly-san and Sayoko-san and all of the student council, many of them.
It's not that I did not appreciate Onii-sama's love nor did not appreciate Suzaku-san's kindness.
But I'm only in a wheelchair, I can't move, I'm blind, I can only rely on people.
I want to protect Onii-sama and Suzaku-san ,really, but I cannot defend someone.
So at least I don't want to be a burden anymore.
It became her obsession to stop being spoiled.


So scary. It felt like he was spoiling me endlessly .
He is gentle, so gentle... It feel like I have been spoiled in that gentleness.
As if he knew that, Rai was holding hands tightly.

"Including those graces or weakness, I want to be with you forever, I do not have to bear anything."

But even if he was gentle, he was very strong both in body and in mind.

"What is it Nunnally? Do you need anything?"
"No...It okay...But..."

A shy, small voice that bears away the fear and almost collapse.
Do not hesitate. Rai put his hand on her cheek silently.
Nunnally put her hand on Rai's, the precious hand of her beloved.

"Until I wake up and be fine...Please stay with me"

Such modest, humble request .
"OK, I'll always stay." said Rai with a small smile.

He saw she was slowly becoming sleepy.

"Nunnally, you should get some sleep. It's fine I'll be here."
"Yes, I understand."

Lai caressed her hair slowly and gently, until he heard her sigh happily then he muttered.

"Good night, Nunnally"
"Good night...Rai...San..."

Before she fall asleep, Rai whispered slowly in her ear three little words and as an answer Nunnally had a smile that covered her whole face.
The words exchanged, it is a secret, just between the two.

I love you.


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