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Thread: Duel of Fates
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Thumbs up Duel of Fates

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Star Wars
Duel of Fates.

By, McClure777.

Chapter one,


War has spread across the galaxy, the sith have returned. One by one peaceful systems fell to the ravenous hunger of Reven and Malak's Infinite fleet, few stood in their way, even fewer stood in their way and survived the encounter, but the republic was not going to lay down and die. Gannor Fixen sat in the cockpit of his personal transport, a S-250 Chela-Class Starfighter, named the "Nighthawk." It's Odd shape and size made it a deadly squadron based fighter in the Republic navy. He stared outwards towards the Republic Command vessel of the 404 "Freedom". The Vessel's long and battered hull was coated in blaster burns, dents and fractures, from a single look Gannor knew that this ship, had seen a lot of action. A high pitched beep rang out three times indicating that the Freedom was contacting him through a live "Holo" feed.
He pushed several keys and before him a tall Twi'lek woman appeared in a red Admiral's uniform, her beauty was all it could be, with her covering part of her face with a white eye patch over her left eye, and due to the fact that she had a very aggressive manner. "Incoming Vessel, identify yourself!" Gannor smiled and replyed in a smooth tone, "Good to see you too, admiral." The woman frowned and gave him a puzzled look, "Do I know you Pilot?" She snapped. He leaned forward to give her a better view of his morbidly scared face, his left eye clear white, his right a bright blue, his skin seemed to have been at one time or another, melted from immense heat, no facial hair or scalp
hair remained. Gannor was surprised to see that the woman instead of being revolted by his face, she seemed very pleased. "Ah, its about time you showed up Gannor, took your sweet time." Gannor raised a eye brow, "I thought with running into a sith patrol and escaping intact AND making it to your little party only a hour late, was making good time." "I think we both know that a patrol, is a stroll on Alderan to a man like you, with your background." She smiled, "Delta hanger 122 will now be available for your ship to dock, when you are aboard come speak with me at once." The Holo with a high pitched static sound vanished leaving the cockpit of the hawk flooded with the darkness of space.

Aboard "Freedom" Capital Vessel of the 404 Republic fleet.

Gannor stood in the ship's very small compartment, putting on his battle gear, he wore his armor any were he went, he did not like to go any where with out it frankly, being nearly six foot four, muscle bound and using black commando armor with two green streaks running down the chest plate, he definitely stood out in a crowd, that some times was to his advantage, other times, he was like a over grown gizka for target practice. After his Helmet and body armor was equipped, he left the fighter to enter a massive hangar packed with hundreds of fighters, most of them were S-250's like his own in appearance, but there were a few Aurek tactical fighters scattered around the hangar, flickering lights were visible high above the ground, shedding bits of light here and there, but mainly keeping the hangar in darkness. He made his way through many soldiers, many bleeding, others dead. He passed a man being held by a sobbing child, a woman tech officer was trying to pull the boy away, "kid there's nothing else you can do, come on lad its alright." The boy continued to cry, "My daddy, no!" Gannor sighed in self agony and pushed on. Many of the soldiers were heavily drinking straight from the bottle, sitting with one another, recounting the battle they had no doubt won earlier. "Did you see that Sith battle ship?!" said one of the men huddled around in a group, he took a swig from his bottle and in haste spoke again, "He hardly even hurt that thing!" The other soldiers nodded in agreement, "And look at what it did to us!" A Short slender man in a Republic Captain's uniform walking past the group of soldiers shouted, "That's enough out of you soldier, unless you want to spend the night in a cell!" The soldiers went silent and did not continue to talk, the captain walked over to Gannor stood up strait and saluted him, "Sir, i'm to accompany you to the bridge." Gannor from with in his helmet smiled, "Your company is not required, and its not sir, its Gannor, got it?" The captain frowned at Gannor but then regained his posture abruptly, "Of, of course sir, I mean Gannor, but i have my orders, i must accompany you to the bridge." Gannor sighed, "Very well captain, lead on."

Chapter Two will arrive on Lucas forums if feedback is good,
star wars Excitement awaits!

Thank you for reading.

McClure777 has requested a fanfic review for this thread.

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