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Thread: Star Wars: Duel of Fates chapter 4!
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Smile Star Wars: Duel of Fates chapter 4!

The Wait is Over!


Alonna sat stunned by Gannor's lack of interest. "I highly doubt that you've seen worse then that!" Gannor chuckled, "Reminds me of the time they closed down the Coruscant gentleman's club, had a lot of men clawing at things." She sighed, "Gannor this is no laughing manner, this is serious!" From with in his helmet he smiled at her, "This is me being serious." She rolled her eyes, "You never do change do you, i don't know if i should be upset about your total lack of maturity, or that you can always keep a cool head." Gannor shrugged, "I think its a little of both actually." "Your given mission, is to travel to the republic military base planet side and locate the staff and crew of the facility, when down there," He raised a hand to cut her off. "I never said i'd go you know." She smiled at him, "Oh i think you'll go Gannor," She in a sarcastic manner batted her eye lash's. "You never could keep your, "Nose" out of things." "Can't argue with that, my payment?" She continued to smile at him, "What, the never ending gratitude of a galactic government is not enough for you?" He leaned back in his chair, "That depends, does it come with money?" She rolled her eyes again, "You of course will be payed AFTER you have completed your mission Gannor." "What, no confidence that i wont run away with your credits?!" He gave out a bark like laugh, "HA i'm shocked." "You've torn some thing deep, deep inside this time Alonna." "Glad to hear it." She mumbled. "I should play it safe, after all last time you did steal my ship." "Barrowed, with out permission i prefer to say." She folded her arms and looked crossly at him, "I ruddy well bet you do, you crashed it into a star that went super nova, or was it you who made it go super nova in the first place?!" He shrugged, "One of life's great mystery's." "Well as much as i enjoy your wit and humor, i'm not paying you to drink my beverages." She said as she got to her feet." "Well what can i say, a beautiful woman, a lot of juma juice, and a lot of bulk head to base my head into when you start to drive me insane." "Oh i drive you insane?!" The officers were looking at the two, eyes going back in forth between the two as if they were spectators at a death match. Alonna started to notice, and she said, "Very well, your ship has been filled with the supply's you need to make it to the system, you may leave when you wish, but time is of greatest priority." She marched off, blood still boiling. "Nice to see you to again, Alonna."

Moments later he had arrived in the hangar, to see it in much better shape then when he first arrived, lights fully lit and the countless dead safely stored for their journeys home no doubt to their family's. He saw his ship, a beautiful piece of scrap metal with two laser cannons and of course, his several "Addons". He opened the ramp to enter the fighter when he noticed a tall man standing behind him, saluting him, he turned around to see captain Arthur, "Sir!" For a moment Gannor stood puzzled then give him a quick salute back, "At ease ah, garthur was it?" "Its Arthur sir, and i have been given orders to accompany you on your mission." Gannor sighed, "I don't need a baby sitter!" Arthur smiled and walked past him into the fighter, "If any of the story's that Alonna told me are true, you need a priest let alone a baby sitter..."

I hope you all enjoyed Chapter 4, and of course Chapter 5 will be arriving soon!

NO one is allowed to copy this story onto a personal computer or public data base. NO one is allowed to sell this or claim copy rights to this story. NO one is allowed to post this story on another website. For it all belongs to LucasArts as does ALL fan fiction through the international copy right laws.

Thank you

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