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Thread: Star Wars: Duel of Fates Chapter 5
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Smile Star Wars: Duel of Fates Chapter 5

Duel of Fates.
Chapter 5

"Wait a minute." Said Captain Arthur, "This is a S-250, how is there so much room in here?" Gannor nodded towards a map of blue prints on the furthest wall from, " I had some work done, new compartments, extra toys and so forth." Arthur looked at Gannor, "Toys?" He asked. "Guns." "Ah." "Were'd you get the credits it took to add these new, toys?" "I had some credits left over from my military days, and being a bounty hunter does pay well, as long as i get my mark, and i always, get my mark." Arthur chuckled, "I would think so, a elite republic commando is not one to fool around with, definitely not one as rude as you." Gannor looked at arthur, "You don't like me do you." He stated. "Does any one?" "Fair point." Gannor made his way to his cockpit, 3 seats were crammed into the very small cockpit, giving no leg room. "Where do i sit?" Arthur asked. "What ever you pick is fine." He pointed to the two chairs behind his as he sat down and began pushing several keys. "Strap your self in, we're going into hyperspace. Arthur attempted to sit, but was foiled by his height and could not get in his seat, after several minutes of grunting and wrestling around he admitted defeat, "I'm stuck." Gannor turned his head to look over the chair, and sighed, Gannor kicked out with his foot, smacking Arthur's chair in the frame, sending Arthur flying back into the other seat. "Ouch damn it!" "Strap your self in." Gannor pushed down on a green nob, it blinked six times then with a sonic boom the engines ignited and a blue stream of warp speed swallowed them, and took them across the galaxy...

Planet X22 (River)
Sith Base.

Darth Victor stood in front of a large holo screen on the command bridge of the massive Sith base on a unknown, and to the rest of the galaxy, a planet that did not exist. Dozens of Sith officers in standard gray uniforms were going about their duty's, taking utmost care not to displease their sith master, for his displeasure, was like a hurricane of pain and destruction for the one who received it. The holo screen was playing a recording taken several days ago by sith intelligence spec's in the republic base. The recording showed full video and sound waves of inside what seemed to be a prison of some sorts or another, a cowering man was crouched down, begging a unknown person to cease, its seemed to Darth Victor, that the man was being ripped apart, piece of piece, almost as blood thirsty as himself this creature was indeed. "Are you scared soldier, are you afraid of the dark?!" Shouted the dark deep voice of the creature, its evil was so extreme, Victor could feel the creatures incredible power just from hearing it, the dark side of the force, bowed to this creature! "Please, no more, no more, no more, no more." Repeated the trooper. Victor got a foul taste in his mouth from the man's weakness, his fear was soothing although. "Do you them coming?" Said the evil voice mockingly, "Do you hear them coming for you, closer and closer, coming for you." The trooper began to sob and tremble. The deep voice of the creature turned into a high pitched cackle which made every trooper on the command bridge stop and watch the screen, Victor permitted that. "I smell your fear, i feel it coursing through you, it smells so sweet, so alive, after all i can never tell a lie." The cackle began again. Victor puzzled at the creatures words, So alive, after all i can never tell a lie? He would have to investigate that in due course. the man on the screen continued to sob and tremble, basically shaking right out of his skin, the man stopped sobbing, looked up at the screen, as if he had just noticed some thing, he screeched, "No! NO!" And in the distance on the screen a shadow appeared and leaped towards the hidden camera and, all went black. What could this mean? Thought the dark lord. I felt its power, surely Reven felt it as well? He walked out of the bridge, every officer ceasing their work to stand up right and salute him. He waved his hand and the doors slid open with a hiss, and he marched to his private private chamber. He walked along the main route of the sith base, passing field officers leading heavily armed soldiers around the base in and outside, for Darth Victor had placed the entire base on high alert after he first saw the video recording of what happened only days ago inside the republic facility. What could have done that? The republic and sith had been at war several times, but neither side had ever done more then win a couple battles, neither side was able to, destroy a entire compound of heavily trained troopers on either side like that, and the man in the republic prison, and that voice. He reached his chambers, the doors bared the Sith Insignia, Victor raised his hand and put it up to the door and said clearly in his crusty dark voice, "The force, shall free me." And the doors slowly opened with a high pitched ring. The room contained, nothing. The room was devoid of all signs that a sentient ever existed there at all, only a single large data transmitter was in the room, glowing blue and red, humming noises of local traffic sound waves. He knelt on one knee and a large Hologram of Darth Reven stood before him, seeming to radiate dark energy as his power glowed even more then the hologram its self. "Darth, Victor." The master of the sith said, "Why have you summoned me?" Victor still knelt before his dark master and respectfully said, "My lord, i am transmitting you a Holo recording from the republic base here on River, it is utmost important that you see it at once my lord." After a couple minutes Reven returned his glowing gold-red sith eyes to Victor, his eyes as always glowing through his mandalorian mask that he collected, so many years ago. "You are to investigate these events, lord victor." He commanded. "Yes my lord, i will discover the truth behind this!" He exclaimed. Reven brought his full height up to bare, which made victor feel very, very small. "Do not fail me lord victor, or you will feel my wrath." The holo transmission terminated, leaving the room darkened as before, also leaving victor, to tremble in fear, as did the soldier many days ago...

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 5 of Duel of Fates, Chapter 6 will arrive very soon!

The same rules apply to this chapter as they did in the rest, NO one is allowed to do anything with this story with out my permission.

Thank you

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