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( I've decided to create a second edition of this story. Note: There is an admiral named Piet in this story. It has nothing to do with the one in my other stories. Just pure lack (remember that this story was writen long before i created the Star Wars AU). So enjoy the story.)



It is a dark time for the galaxy. Almost all jedi knights are dead, Coruscant, the capital of the galactic republic, is in ruins, the senate destroyed, the jedi temple burned to the ground, and lord Xenian rules the galaxy, establishing a dark sith empire.

Before six months a small team, Xin, Harr and Helena, tried to assassinate the sith lord. Although they managed to destroy the plans for the nuke, Helena was killed and the sith lord escaped.

Wanting revenge, he ordered a group of sith assassins to find and kill Xin and Harr. But in the galaxy's darkest time, a revolution shall bring again light in the galaxy...........

Besbin, in a small cantina. Xin and Harr are drinking to forget their failure to defeat the dark lord. Xin is tall and lean. He thinks he is very handsome and always does the smart guy. Harr is a very strong, he is wookie after all. He is many years friend with Xin. Once xin was a pilot of the Trade Federation, but when he saw some droids torturing a wookie slave named Harr, he destroyed the droids and escaped with Harr. Then Harr and Xin became friends and smugglers. At the same time Jack entered the cantina. Jack was a nineteen year old boy, who was slim, had black hair and blue eyes.

Jack: Hello.

Barman: Hello.

As Jack entered he saw two men playing Pazzak, some Rakata talking, and one smuggler, and his wookie friend, drinking.

Jack: That's the one i am searching. I have to talk to him.

Jack comes close to the smuggler.

Jack: Hello. I know that you are a jedi. I knew it since you came here before six months.

Xin: I am no jedi.

Jack: Please train me in the ways of the force.

Xin: Shut up, Kid. If the imperial troopers hear you, they will kill us both.

Jack: Okay.

Xin: Why do you want to become a jedi?

Jack: Because the sith killed my sister.

Xin: The jedi don't believe in revenge. And anyway, i am not a jedi.

Jack: Then why you have a lightsaber?

Xin: It doesn't belong to me. It belonged to a jedi knight.

Xin closed his eyes, and for one second he remembered her. He remembered the moment, that she was slain by Xenian, Dark lord of the sith. He loved her, but their loyalties made them enemies. And once they were together, the sith lord took her away from him

Jack: What is it?

Xin: Nothing. Just some memories of my old life.

Jack: I don't understand.

Xin: In time, you will.

Xin then closed his eyes for a second and remembered their kiss. << Lord Xenian will pay>> he thought.

Jack: So, how did you get this lightsaber?

Xin: Kid, I've been drinking six months now, every day, to forget about this.

Jack: Why don- wait, who is this guy?

A man with a cybernetic hand and two cybernetic legs came in the cantina and came near Xin.

Man: Do you remember me?

Xin: Why i should remember you?

Man: You almost killed me five years ago, in the cantina at Tatooine, searching for Bola, during the great purge. Now, i want revenge!!

Xin throws the table on the man, while he and Harr hide behind an another table and fire at the man.

Jack: He has a shield. We cant kill him!!

Xin: Shut up, kid. Take this lightsaber, and kill him.

Jack: But ho-

Xin: You talk too much. You want to become a jedi, right? Here is your chance.

Jack: How am i supposed to use it?

Xin: I don't know. Do i look like a jedi master?

Jack: I will try to use the force. Whats your name?

Xin: My name is Xin. And he is Harr.

Harr: hahahahah

Jack: Nice to meet you. My name is Jack.

Xin: Now attack.

Jack runs to attack, but the man fires on him. However, Jack, using the lightsaber, manages to block the blaster and comes near to the man.

Xin: This guy is going to use flamethrower on the boy. He will burn him. Even jedi masters cant defend against a flamethrower.

Harr: hahaha

Xin: I must do something.

Xin tries to use the force. At first he fails, but then he manages to feel the force. He remembered the words of Helena. << Use the Force, Xin>>. He remembered Kashyyyk. << Only force users use so good the lightsaber >> Helena said to him, before six months, in that forest world. He could feel the force coming in his body.

Xin: Force help me. Force Storm!!!!!!!!

As he shouts, he throws a ball of lightning storm to the man, while Jack cuts off the man's head.

Barman: Jack, it seems that the imperial troopers are coming.

Jack: What?!!

Imperial trooper: A jedi, men!! Kill him!!

Xin: Run, kid, run.

As the soldiers fire on Jack, Jack uses his lightsaber to block their attack, and then he runs. Meanwhile Harr fires and kills three troopers.

Xin: Come on Harr. We cant win this fight!!

Jack: How we will escape?

Xn: I have an idea. I will do the << cantina on Tatooine >> plan.

Harr: Hhahaha

Xin: Yes i know what happened last time. And i am not crazy. It is the only chance we have. Run now, run.

So Xin is alone against the imperial squad.

Xin: Hello there!

Xin throws a plasma grenade on the imperial troopers and quickly hides behind a table, as the entire cantina is blown up. Then Xin runs out of the cantina, and goes to the ebon hawk.

Xin: So, Jack what do you want?

Jack: To become a jedi knight.

Xin: As i told you i am a smuggler.

A man comes in the ebon hawk.

Man: Interesting.

Xin: Who are you.

Xin pulls out his blaster.

Man: Lower your weapon. My name is Lando, but i am most known as the exile. I left the know galaxy eight years before.

Xin: So you are a jedi knight?

Lando: Yes. I show your skills, your force powers, and how you escaped this troopers. But please tell me, who are they? They look like republican troopers. What happened since i left?

Xin: Well, here is the story. 100 years after the death of Darth Traya, the Brotherhood of the Sith was formed by two fallen jedi knights, Raptor and Ryox. Countless Knights fell in battle, and many more sworn allegiance to the new Sith Master. The republic was divided in two, with the separatists and the trade federation wanting an alliance with the new Sith empire. Only one jedi, named Christos, managed to do countless victories against the sith lords. But after one year he fell to the dark side and took the title of Darth Rex, the conqueror. He managed to take over almost half the republic, had hundreds of victories, won many battles, fought in many campaigns and killed many jedi knights. He almost took over Coruscant. But then his old master and friend, the jedi knight Ben, killed him. Ben also killed Ryox. He then attacked Korriban, along with his apprentice, Nick, a farm boy from Dantooine. Ben was slain by Raptor, but Nick won and arrested Raptor. Then, with the sith defeated, the jedi council started a war against the sith. The great purge started. All jedi knights, and republican troopers searched the entire galaxy, and exterminated the remaining sith lords. An- wait some imperial troopers are coming. I will tell you the rest history later.

Xin: Lando and Jack, go to the turrets. Hold them off, as me and Harr will try to get this thing to fly.

Lando: Very well. May the force be with you.

Jack: I will kick some sith ass!!

Xin went to the cockpit and started to download some files, in order to make this thing able to fly. Meanwhile Lando and Jack fire to the troopers.

Lando: A squad of 100 troopers is coming.

Jack: What am i going to do?

Lando: Use the force.

Jack: I knew that you would say that.

At the same time a red assassin droid named HK-47 enters the cockpit.

HK-47: Ready to serve, master.

Xin: HK, i am glad that you remembered to come here and help us, after 5 minutes while 100 troopers are attacking us!!

HK-47: Forgive me master. How can i help?

Xin: The engine of the ship has a problem. Repair it.

HK-47: I am an assassin droid and i do-

Xin: Shut up. Just repair the damn thing.

Xin closes his eyes for a second. And he remembers the words of Xenian to Helena, in that final duel. << You can still join me and rule together the galaxy. Become my empress. >> he said, and Helena replied << Never. Return to the light side or die!! >>. So the duel begun. He was firing on some droids when Xenian stabbed her in the back. Then he suddenly woke up.

Lnado: We cant hold much longer!!

Xin: Harr, open the computer.

Harr: Hhaha

Xin: And now, we fly.

The Ebon Hawk left Besbin. But in the space, 1000 imperial starfighters are attacking the Ebon Hawk.

Jack: We will all die!!! Damn it. Why we dont have lightspeed?

Xin: Calm down kid. HK is fixing it.

Jack: Until he repairs the engine, we will be all dead!

Xin: Come on HK, don't fail me.

Xin: Jack and Lando, fire at those starfighters.

Lando: Very well.

Lando and Jack manage to take down 5 starfighters, but things are getting worse.

HK-47: Master, we are ready for lightspeed.

So the Ebon Hawk manages to go to lightspeed and escape.

Xin goes to Jack.

Xin: Do you trust this guy, Lando?

Jack: Yes. i trust him.

Lando is a tall man, with grey hair, a beard and a brown jedi robe. He must be around the age of sixty.

Lando: Now tell me the rest of the story.

Xin: Almost 6 years after the death of Raptor,a jedi named Nick, fell to the dark side of the force. The stupid senators decided to create a law, that would dismiss the republican army, and instead each world would have its own army.

Lando: Stupid move.

Xin: Very stupid. Nick did a coup, with the help of the republican army,and nuked Coruscant. Instead of occupying it, he let it become a desert, because he believed that it was a symbol of the old republic. The remaining citizens of Coruscant, thanks to a virus, became rakghouls. Now there are thousand rakghouls down there.

Jack: Why are you telling us all of this?

Xin: Because we don't have any fuel, so we need to land in Coruscant and take some fuel.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Xin: No. At least we wont have to pay for the fuel.

Jack: Stop joking. Those monsters will kill us. They eat everything that moves.

Xin: Well, we don't have much of a choice. We will land in the surface, because the upper city was destroyed by the sith.

So the Ebon Hawk lands on the planet. Xin, Harr, HK-47, Jack and Lando are walking in the streets of Coruscant. As they walk they see a rakghoul with white skin, and blood in his face.

Xin: Damn it!!

Then they see two-hundred rakghouls breaking the windows of nearby buildings and jumping in the street.

Xin: Fire, fire!!

So Xin, Harr, HK-47, Jack and Lando are surrounded by rakghouls. Jack and Lando use their lightsabers to kill the rakghouls, while HK-47 and Harr use their blasters.

Xin: I need to stop them. Force help me. I can feel the force coming. Force Storm!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahhhh!!!!!!!!

Xin releases balls of storm that burn alive and kill anyone that they hit.

Xin: The Fuel Station has bunch of those monsters. Jack, do you see that building?

Jack: Yes.

Xin: Go on top of that building, and use that cannon to fire on the enemy outside that building so we can load up on fuel

Jack: Okay Xin.

Xin: May the force be with you.

So Jack runs into 4567. There he finds five rakghouls, that he kills using his lightsaber. He then enters the elevator. Once he is on the top of the building, 70 rakghouls appear, and attack him.

Jack: Lando, help me.

Then Jack hears a voice in his head.

Lando: Use the force, Jack.

Jack: I will use the force. Force Push!!!!!!!!

Jack, using the force, pushes all rakghouls away from him, and throws them to the surface, killing them.

Xin: Use the plasma cannon.

Jack uses the plasma cannon to kill the rakghouls. Soon, the rakghouls turn their attention to Jack, letting Xin free to sneak and steal the fuel. Xin, Harr, HK-47 and Lando are running to the Ebon Hawk

Xin: Kid, run.

As Jack leaves the cannon, 60 rakghouls attack him and throw him to the street. Jack, with a broken leg, and rakghouls attacking him, tries to use the force to force push back the rakghouls.

Xin: We cant leave him.

HK-47: I will go to save him, master.

HK-47 runs, and just in time, as the rakghouls are ready to eat alive Jack, uses the flamethrower to kill the rakghouls and carries Jack to the ship.

Xin: Come on, run.

As HK and Jack enter the ship, the Ebon Hawk leaves Coruscant.

Jack: That was an escape!!

Alderaan, palace of Lord Xenian, Dark Lord of the Sith, and emperor of the galaxy. Xenian wears a dark jedi robe, a black hood, and has the mask of Darth Revan. Admiral John knocks the door of the emperor's office. John is a short man, with grey hair and a sith uniform.

Xenian: Come in.

John: Sir, we found the Ebon Hawk. I've sent 4 sith assassins, with their starfighters, to get them.

Xenian: Good. Xin will soon be dead!! He will pay for turning Helena against me!!

Meanwhile on the Ebon Hawk.

Xin: So what you and Lando will do?

Jack: I want to learn the ways of the force, to take revenge from the sith.

Lando: I will try to re-establish the jedi order and destroy the sith.

Xin: So, why dont we stay united and attack together the empire?

Lando: Thats a good idea.

Suddenly two black jedi starfighters appear.

Lando: Who are those guys?

Xin: Sith assassins. Lando and Jack, go to the turrets.

Jack and Lando fire at the starfighters, but they have a shield. At the same time Xenian can feel Xin throughout the force.

Xenian: Xin, i shall give you a gift. You shall be given a second chance to save Helena. Force vision!!

Xin: Ahh!!

Xin falls down. When he wakes up he is on the flagship of Xenian, with Helena and Harr.

Xin: That happened 6 months ago.

Helena: We should go to the bridge.

Xin: No, Helena, we will lose.

Helena: We have to try, or the galaxy is doomed. We must at least give some time to Harr to destroy the plans for the nukes.

Xin: I love you.

Helena: Me too.

Helena kisses Xin, and then she enters the bridge. There she finds Xenian.

Helena: Nick. I know that there is still some good in you. Come back. Leave all of this behind.

Xenian: I cant!! I have to rule my new empire. Come with me and we will make things they way we want them to be.

Helena: Only a sith can say things like that. I am sorry.

Helena attacks with her lightsaber Xenian, but Xenian blocks her attacks. Then Xenian uses force storm against Helena, but Helena blocks the force storm and turns it back to Xenian. But Xenian is still strong. He attacks with some lightsaber combos and wounds Helena in her hand.

Xenian: You can still join me and rule together the galaxy. Become my empress. I love you.

Helena: Never. Return to the light side, if you love me, or die!!

Xenian: You are the one that will die.

Helena attacks Xenian and cuts off his one hand.

Xenian: I still have one hand.

Xin: Helena, i will help you.

But suddenly 5 droids attack Xin.

Xin: Fire, fire.

As Xin fires to the droids, he loses his second chance to save Helena. Xenian manages to stab Helena and kill her.

Xin: No!!!!!!!!!!!

Xenian: Do you feel good, that you lost your love for a second time? hahahaha!!

At the same time in the Ebon Hawk.

Harr: Hhaha

Lando: What?? Xin fell down and shouts? Wake him up. We need him.

HK-47: Sir, we have lost our shield.

Jack: Damn it. One more hit and we are dead.

Lando tries to communicate with Xin throughout the force.

Lando: Calm down. Feel the force. Close your eyes.

As Xenian is ready to kill Xin, Xin closes his eyes and wakes up.

Xin: What happened?

Jack: We lost our shield. One more hit, and our journey will end here.

Xin: Go close to one of those starfighters.

Xin wears a space suit and goes at the top of the Ebon Hawk.

Sith assassin: Men, fire at this man on the top of the ship.

Xin jumps on one of the starfighters, opens the door, throws out the assassin and takes control of it.

Harr: Hhaha

Lando: That is just crazy, even for Xin.

Xin: Yea!!! Take this!!

Xin, using the sith starfighter fires at the other three starfighters and destroys them just in time. Then he throws a grenade on his starfighter, jumbs on the top of the Ebon Hawk, and activates the grenade blowing up the starfighter.

Xin: That was a victory.

On the imperial palace.

John: My Lord, the assassins have failed.

Xenian: What? You have failed for the last time admiral.

Xenian force chokes John.

Xenian: Piet, you are admiral now. Do not fail me.

Piet: Of.. of course... sir.

Piet is a humanoid admiral with green skin, red hair and yellow eyes. He wears a blue sith uniform.

On the Ebon Hawk.

Xin: So, what do we do now?

Lando: I would say that if we want to start a revolt, we should start it from Telos. The people in this planet hate the sith, while the army in Telos is forced to obey Xenian by its superiors. If it wasnt for the sith base there, then the army would have revolted.

Jack: Okay then. Xin lets go to Telos.

Lando: First you should go to Dantooine.

Xin: But it was destroyed.

Lando: You must go to the jedi enclave. Alone. No one shall accompany you.

So the Ebon Hawk lands on Dantooine. Xin goes alone to the enclave to face his destiny. The jedi academy is destroyed, but with the help of the force, he manages to open a path. There he finds a jedi holocron.

Jedi holocron: Astuablestagahkizsijoigjf

Xin: What is this? I dont understand anything. Yet i feel like something has changed inside me.

As Xin is ready to leave, he finds a medallion.

Xin: What is this? I think, that i should wear it.

Xin arrives at the Ebon Hawk.

Lando: What did you found there?

Xin: This medallion, and a jedi holocron.

Lando: If this medallion is the one i think, then the empire wont last long. It is a treasure of the ancient jedi, that was created 6,000 years ago. We should test it at the sith base.

So the Ebon Hawk leaves for Telos. At Telos, the team meets with an officer. The officer has brown hair, green eyes and wears a black sith uniform.

Baoal: I am an officer of the empire. What do you want?

Lando: I've heard that you dont like the emperor. We also dont like him. So can you gather a rebel army for us and for Telos?

Baoal: If you destroy the sith base, then yes. But i wont do it for you. Only for the freedom of Telos.

Lando: That can be arranged. Xin and Jack go at the base.

Xin and Jack use a stealth generator, to pass the guards and enter the base, until they find a locked door.

Jack: I will use the lightsaber. Cover me.

As Jack cuts in two the door, Xin kills, with his blaster, 5 troopers that came to see what this noise was. Xin and Jack enter the room to find that it is full of troopers.

Xin: I will go to destroy the generator. Cover me.

Jack kills one after the other the troopers, with his lightsaber. Xin opens the door, only to find a bridge leading to the generator. But in the bridge there are two hundred sith soldiers.

Xin: Oh. I have to do something, or i will end up dead. Force Storm!!!!!

As Xin says that, the medallion lightens, and in the sky, above the bridge, clouds are being formed. Soon two lightning bolts hit and kill the two hundred sith troopers, while a third one hits the generator and starts an explosion.

Xin: I have to get out here, before i become a barbecue.

Xin uses force speed to run, and as the base's door is ready to fall, he manages to escape and get out of the base, before a huge explosion blows up the entire base.

Jack: WOW!!

Lando: Oh my!! The medallion of Storm!! The one used to create huge storms, and destroyed three star systems before 5,600 years. I though that it was a legend.

Xin: Do i have such power?

Lando: Maybe, but if you use it, it might prove to be lethal. It takes part of your energy.

Xin: You.. you.. ma.. may.. be.. right..

Xin falls on the ground.

Jack: No, you cant die!!

Lando: Calm down kid! He is alive. He just needs some rest. Take him to the ship.

At the same time Baoal arrives with an army.

Baoal: I kept my promise. The army of Telos is at open revolt. We will defeat the sith and restore peace, order and justice to the galaxy. For Telos!! For Democracy!!

In the Ebon Hawk, Xin wakes up.

Xin: Lando, what happened?

Lando: The medallion took too much of your energy, and it almost killed you. You must use it wisely.

Xin: I will.

Lando: Now we should go to Xanjiang, an ancient planet. It is said, that this medallion came from there. But, no one survived this planet, even the armies of Revan, before one hundred years, were slain. Are you ready to face your destiny?

Xin: Yes!

At the imperial palace. Admiral Piet enters the emperors office, and informs Xenian about the medallion.

Xenian: If this is true, then the Medallions of the Force have been found!!

Piet: What are those medallions?

Xenian: Those medallions gave the ancient Jedi and Sith powers, that today we would call them unnatural.

Piet: So the one who has at least one of those medallions, will have the power to rule the galaxy.

Xenian: Yes! Admiral, sent your entire fleet to find Xin. I think that i know where Xin has gone.

Piet: We will also need your apprentice.

Xenian: No. She isnt ready yet to face Xin. Go admiral, and dont fail me.

Piet: Yes my Lord.

So the Ebon Hawk lands at the jungle world of Xanjiang. From the sky, they could see that it was a jungle world, with some ancient pyramids. They didn't knew anything about this world, because it was remote, and every time an army tired to occupy it, it was slain. No one returned alive from this planet.

Xin: So, Jack and Lando, what we will do?

Jack: I say that we should go and explore the jungle.

Xin: I agree. But there are two paths, the left and the right. What path we will follow?

Lando: Jack stay on the ship and guard it, and make sure that we can make a quick escape if something happens. Me and Xin will go on the left path, while Harr and HK-47 will go on the right path.

HK-47: As you wish, master!!

Harr: Hhaahha

Xin: Okay then. Lets go!!

As Xin and Lando walk in the left path, they find a diary. Xin reads the diary.


Day 41:

Revan told us before 30 day to go in this damned planet!! He is in his flagship taking over worlds of the republic, and celebrates victory, while we are slain by the -( dust and time have destroyed this part of the book.)

Day 68:

Today all of my division was killed by the----- Only 200 soldiers remain from the 50,000 that were sent here. All were killed by the n------- Revan damn you!! If i ca- ( This part has blood on it).

Xin: So, this is how the armies of Revan were destroyed. Lando, do you hear me?

Suddenly, when he turns back to talk to Lando, he doesnt find him.

Xin: I have a bad feeling about this!!

Xin doesn't finds Lando, so he walks back to the Ebon Hawk, only to see that the path is blocked by some trees.

Xin: This trees weren't here when i passed before twenty minutes! Someone has trapped me.

Then a dark hooded man with a sith mask, a black sith robe and two red lightsabers comes near to Xin.

Xin: That is impossible!! Revan died before 100 years.

Revan: Its time to face your destiny Xin.

Xin force pushes Revan, and steals one of Revan's lightsabers.

Xin: Now, that is a fair fight.

Meanwhile the imperial fleet is gathered at Xanjiang. A short soldier comes near admiral Piet.

Soldier: Sir, what do you order?

Piet: Order a full scale invasion on the planet. However my flagship and some starfighters will remain here. Cut all communications on the planet.

Soldier: But, sir, all armies that tried to occupy this planet, were slain.

Piet: Then hope that you will have a better luck!

So the invasion begins. Jack, manages to see the sith fleet. As he is ready to go board the Ebon Hawk, a squad of twenty sith troopers attack him. Outnumbered, he has to rely on his lightsaber skills. At the same time Xin fights with Revan. Xin does some complex lightsaber combos against Revan, but Revan manages to defend against all of them. But Xin, using force storm, injures Revan and attacks him with his lightsaber. Revan tries to defend, but Xin cuts off both of his hands.

Revan: Kill me. Give in to your hate. Let your hatred to consume you.

Xin: I...i will... n-

Suddenly an explosion starts and three trees are ready to fall on Xin, while Revan disappeared. Revan was just a vision, a force trick. With Lando lost, Jack outnumbered and Xin ready to die, the galaxy's last hope is ready to be lost. At the last second, Xin uses the forceto push back the trees.

Xin: What is happening.

Suddenly four imperial troopers attack him. Xin uses force storm to kill all of them.

Xin: An imperial invasion?!

At the same time on the right path.

HK-47: Stupid Wookie, do you hear this?

Wookie: Haaaaa!!!

Suddenly some men with blue skin attack HK-47. HK manages to kill two of the natives.

HK-47: Those natives outnumber us. We surrender.

Harr: Haaaaaa!!!

HK-47: Shut up stupid Wookie.

A native with a small white beard comes near HK.

Native: You are coming with me, droid.

HK and Harr are led to a city of natives. In the center of the city there is a huge pyramid made of gold.

HK-47: WOW!

Harr: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

The natives lead the two captives to the top of the pyramid, where other two familiar persons are kept.

HK-47: Master Xin!! Master Lando!! What are you doing hear?

Xin: Those native took us prisoners, and now they will execute us to honor their god.

HK-47: Oh my!!!

Harr: Haaaa!!!!

Lando: I have a plan. They let our lightsabers just behind us. So we could use the force to take our lightsabers.

Xin: They are too many. How we will kill them?

Lando: You are right!

Xin: I have an idea. I will use the medallion. Didn't you said that it could destroy entire planets?

Lando: But it can kill you!!

Xin; If we just sit here and do nothing, then we will die for sure!!!

Lando: Okay, okay.

The native with the beard comes at the top of the pyramid and makes a speech to his people.

Native: Today we will offer our great god Textapalakalaka the blood of those foreigners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before the Native can speak, Lando and Xin use the force to take back their lightsabers, kill the guards and then stab the native with the beard.

HK-47: What we will do now?

Xin: We will fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two jedi kill tens of native soldiers, but in the end they find themselves outnumbered.

Xin: I will use the medallion. Force Storm!!

Suddenly clouds appear in the sky. Without warning, lightning bolts hit the entire planet and burn everything. Fire starts all over the planet, and every lightning bolt kills hundreds of natives and imperial troopers. Xin, without energy, falls at the hands of Harr.

Lando: Harr, take Xin out of here. We must go at the ship.

So the party runs for the ship. Meanwhile Jack killed all imperial troopers and flies the ship. He sees the team and lands near their position. Then he runs to warn them about the invasion.

Jack: Lando hurry. The imperials just invaded the entire planet.

Lando: I know.

So the team goes inside the ship, and the Ebon Hawk takes off.

As the Ebon Hawk leaves the planet, that is now destroyed by the powers of the medallion, five starfighters attack the ship. Xin who has waken up goes at the cockpit.

Xin: I will go at the turrets.

Lando: Me too.

So an epic space fight begins.

Xin: I will target the one in the position A546-B6547!

Lando: I will take on the one in C675-H4596!

Xin: Okay. Com, come. Now! Fire!!!

Xin fires and destroys one of the fighters.

Lando: May the force be with me...Fire!!!!!

Lando destroys other one fighter. Soon the team wipes out all of the fighters, and runs back to the cockpit.

Xin: Kid, move the ship around. This imperial capital ship may activate a tractor beam

Jack: Yeah...I think you are right. Full reverse! Harr, lock in the auxiliary power.

The Ebon Hawk starts to shake violently.

Jack: Why are we still moving towards it?!

Xin: We're caught in a tractor beam and it's pulling us in! But they're not going to get me without a fight.

Lando: You can't win. But there are alternatives to fighting.

As the Ebon Hawk enters the docking bay of the Capital ship, a squad of troopers comes outside the Ebon Hawk.

Piet: Soldiers search the entire ship.

A few minutes later.

Soldier: There's no one on board, sir. According to the log, the crew abandoned the ship right after take off.

Piet: Okay. Have five troopers to guard the ship.

On board the Hawk, once the troopers leave, the floor panels covering the ship's smuggling compartments, slide back.

Xin: Dammit!! The only way to disable the tractor beam is to go on the bridge!

Lando: This may be our final fight!

Jack: I am ready to die for you!

Harr: Haaaaa!!!!

HK-47: Statement: Sir, its time to kick some sith us!!

Xin: Ha ha ha!! Okay guys. Lets do it. If we are going to fail, then we shall make our fail as epic as we can. For the republic!!

Lando: For the republic!!

Suddenly two troopers enter the Hawk.

Xin: Hello sir!

Trooper: Hello sir!

Xin: We are to be taken on the bridge!

Trooper: You are going to be taken on the bridge.

So the company goes to the bridge. Meanwhile at the bridge.

Trooper: Sir, you have a message.

Piet: Very well.

A hologram of Xenian appears.

Xenian: Admiral Piet, my apprentice has just arrived on your ship.

Piet: Very well my Lord.

As the troopers open the door to the bridge, Xin and Jack stab the troopers. Then they open the door.

Piet: You?! Troopers, attack them!!!

Xin: It's time to kick some sith ass.

Jack: The one who kills the most troopers will win.

lando: I'm in.

HK-47: Me too.

Harr: Haaaaa!!!!

So the group attacks the troopers. The jedi cut in two the troopers, while Harr and HK fire at the troopers, until only Piet remains.

Piet: Please don't kill me..please.

Xin: You coward imperial pig.

Xin force pushes Piet away. Then he de-activates the tractor beam.

Xin: You go, i will destroy the main computer.

Jack: Okay.

As the team goes to the Ebon Hawk, a team of troopers attack them. Meanwhil the apprentice of Xenian enters the bridge. Xin is shocked by what he saw.

Xin: Helena...........

Helena: Yes, Xin. I am alive.

Xin: I...I..I don't belive it. I though i have lost you for ever.

Helena: I am sorry, but i have to kill you.

Xin: What?

Helena: Xenian is my master and the one i love.

Xin: What?! We were in love. Don't you remember our kiss? Don't you remember when you let me escape Xiltran?

Helena: That is my past. Before Xenian showed to me the power of the dark side of the force.

Xin: I can't believe it.

Helena: Sorry, but it's time to end all of this.

Xin: One last question. How did you survive?

Helena: Xenian used the force to heal me. But now all of this must end. It is time to die, Xin!!

So a furious duel begins. Helena attack Xin with her lightsaber, but Xin blocks her attack. Xin and Helena exchange a few more blows.

Jack: We have to leave.

Xin: I won't leave Helena behind.

Jack: We will all die.

Xin: I don't care!

Jack: Come to your senses.

Jack force pushes Helena. Then the two jedi use force speed to run to the Ebon Hawk.

In the cockpit.

Xin: Lando, activate the power generator.

Lando: Okay.

A few seconds later.

Xin: Okay, is everyone ready?

Harr: Haa!!!

Xin: Let's go to lightspeed!!

So the Ebon Hawk lurches forward and is gone.

A few hours later.

Jack: What we will do now?

Lando: Boy, now that the flames of the revolution begun, nothing can stop it.


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