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Thread: 1941
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Weimar Republic, 1940

Thousand German soldiers hear a man talk. This man is Hitler. Hitler has been Dictator and Absolute ruler of Germany since 1933. After German troops invaded Poland, the British Imperium, the Pope and France declared war on Germany. Hitler speeches enourage the German soldiers to fight against the ''Enemies of Germany''.

"Today, this is the task of the German nation. 80 million people now rise to stand aligned. Opposing them stand as many enemies. Today, these 80 million people have excellent internal organization, the best that can exist. They have strong faith, and they do not have the worst leadership; instead, as I am convinced, one of the best. Today, the leaders and the people have one insight: that there is no communication without a clear implementation of our rights and that we do not want this struggle for our rights to commence again in maybe two or three or five years; that these rights that we are discussing belong to 80 million people, not to a party or a movement. Because, at the end of the day, what am I? I am nothing, my German people, but your spokesperson. Therefore I am the representative of your rights. This is not about me as a person, but I do not belong to those people that ever lower their flag. This I have never learned to do. The people have placed their trust in me. I will prove myself worthy of this trust and, in doing this, will not lose sight of myself or my surroundings; instead, I will watch the past and the future. I want to be perceived as honorific by the past and he future, and with me the German people should stand with honor. Today's generation carries Germany's fate, Germany's future or Germany's downfall. And our enemies, today the cry: Germany shall fall!

And Germany can give only one answer. Germany will live, and therefore Germany will emerge victorious!

At the start of the eighth year of the National Socialist revolution our hearts turn to our German people, to its future. We want to serve this future, we want to fight for it, if necessary fall, never capitulate!"

All German soldiers shout with one voice.

"All Hail Hitler!!!! All Hail Hitler!!!!!"

Chapter 1:

The Jedi Knights are all but extinct now. The Jedi were an Order created by the Pope and governed by him and the Council of the 12. They took their powers from the God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Their mission is to bring peace in the world and enlighten the people to see the power and generosity of the God. That's why they fought in the crusades. In Jerusalem, the Jedi fought against the Sith, a Muslim Order with Jedi-like powers. The Crusades were a huge war between those two orders. Although the Jedi lost, all Sith were exterminated. In later times the Jedi helped the Austrians defeat the Ottoman Armies. In WWI the Jedi played a very important role. As Russia and France fell to German hands, the Jedi managed to turn the side of the war and end the reign of the Evil Kaisar. However, after WWI, from a many thousand Jedi, only a few hundred remained.

The Germans had not forgoten the role of the Jedi in the allied victory. So when WWII started and the Pope declared war on Hitler, Mussolini, dictator of Italy and ally of Hitler, send his army in the Vatican. The few Jedi could not stand against the armies of Italy. Only a few Jedi survived. The Pope and the Council of the 12 left Italy for allied countries.

Hitler started a huge purge against all Jedi. In all of Nazi occupied Europe, the Jedi were exterminated.

Meanwhile in USSR, Stalin had signed a Non-aggression Pact with Hitler. Stalin, in order to enforce Communism in Russia, started a Purge against all Jedi.

Most of Europe was falling apart. Europe became a huge slaughterhouse. Hitler and his armies, using the tactics of Blitzkrieg too over almost all of Europe. France fell in less than 6 Months.

Chapter 2:

John is a young man. He is wearing a black jacket and jeans. He has blue eyes and a scar in his face. He gained that scar during a fight against Alek. Alek was a jedi, like John. Before WWII, they were both training in the Vatican. Alek had called John on a duel.....

2 years ago, Vatican

John was wearing a black Jedi robe. Alek was an Afro-American who had great fighting abilities and was training in the Vatican.

John was trembling. He tried to persuade himself that he could win. Suddenly he heard a voice. Alek's voice.

'' Shall we start, so I can kick you ass.''

''Lets start''

Both Jedi pulled out their lightsabers. Soon the two lightsabers clashed. Alek used the force to push back John everytime that John tried to attack.

'' Come on John! Is this all you got? You are a joke!

Suddenly John attacked with fury Alek. Alek tried to defend, but John kicked him and threw away his lightsaber. As John was ready to deliver a blow, Alek used the force to take back his lightsaber and used it on John's face. John, wounded, could not resist Alek's force push. John had lost.

''So John, we lost?''

'' What a bastard......''

'' Well, this bastard just defeated you.''

2 years later

John remembered his days as Jedi. Now he had to hide from Axi's Forces. He was hiding in Greece. Metaxas policy of neutrality had not worked as John expected and Italy invaded Greece.

Chapter 3:

Although Greece tried to be netrual in WWII, Metaxas and King George II wanted the British Empire as an ally. Greece was a naval power and wanted the protection of the one who had the largest fleet and could protect Greece. That power was Britain.

That made Mussolini very angry. Mussolini also wanted a great success against an enemy. Hitler had already great victories against his enemies and Mussolini was jealous of Hitler's victories. So he asked Metaxas to surrender.

On the eve of 28 October 1940, Italy's ambassador in Athens, Emanuele Grazzi, handed an ultimatum from Mussolini to Metaxas. In it the Duce demanded free passage for his troops to occupy unspecified "strategic points" inside Greek territory. Greece had been friendly towards Nazi Germany, especially profiting from mutual trade relations, but now Germany's ally Italy was to invade Greece. Metaxas rejected the ultimatum with the words "Alors, c'est la guerre" (French for "Well, it's war."). In this he echoed the will of the Greek people to resist, a will that was popularly expressed in one word: "Ochi" (Greek for "No").

So the war started. Italian troops started their attack from Albania. However soon the Greek Army pushed Italy back to Albania and started taking over North Epirus ( South Albania).

Hitler was ready to betray Stalin and take over USSR. But he needed to destroy all opposition in the Balkans so he could focus on Stalin. So Hitler send his armies to take over Greece. Meanwhile Metaxas died and absolute ruler of Greece now was King George II.

Chapter 4:

John enters in a bar in Thessaly. The whole land is frozen. He just returned from the forest. The bar is wooden and has a fireplace. A few men are drinking Votka or Rum. The Barman, a bald man with a beard shouts at John.

'' What do you want kid?!''

'' A Rum. And some information.''

'' What information?''

'' About Jedi Master Kato.''

'' Come with me.''

'' Ok.''

The two men walk to the second floor, where they enter in a room. Once they enter, John sees Kato. Before he can talk, the Barman pulls out a gun and points it at John. Kato is a 30 year old man with red hair and blue eyes. He wears a Black Jedi Robe. Kato walks near John.

'' What do you want kid.''

'' I am a Jedi.''

Suddenly both the Barman and Kato laugh. John tries to find out what happens.

'' Why are you laughing?''

The Barman replies.

'' Kid, dont try to fool us. All Jedi are dead. The Armies and Assassins of Axis have let no Jedi alive. ''

'' I dont lie. Here is my lightsaber!''

As John pulls out his lightsaber, Kato tries to believe that a Jedi is alive. He cant believe it, yet he just sees a man with a lightsaber that says that he is Jedi. Kato tries to talk but he cant. After a few seconds he finds the will to speak to the boy.

'' What are you doing here? Are you hiding?''

''Yes. But Hitler right now is leading his troops in Greece. The Greek defense has fallen. Hitler will be in Athens in a few hours. So I have a plan to assassinate him. I want your help.''

The Barman start laughing again.

'' Kid, do you really think that we can assassinate Hitler?''


'' Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!

'' It is our only chance to end the war and save the order.''

'' Kid, you must be crazy.''

As the two men talk, Kato looks at the window and suddenly interrupts them.

'' Nazi Troops!! They are entering the Bar. Hide behind the sofa.''

'' I will not hide like a woman!!!''
John shouts.

Kato replies '' Do you want your life kid?''

'' Ys, but-''

'' Then shut up and hide!!''

As the Nazi enter the Bar, the Rottenfurher (Commander of the Unit) sends three troops to guard the place and two to search the rooms. Then he and the main force of the Nazi forces leave the Bar.

After searching many rooms, the two Nazi Soldiers break the door of Kato's room.

'' Is anyone here?! '' They shout.

They hear nothing. As the two go near the Sofa, Kato and the Barman silently kill the two Nazi with knifes. Then Kato whispers.

'' Kid, we must jump from the window.''

'' Are you crazy?! ''

'' No. ''

So the three men jump from the window and fall to the snow. The Barman shouts.

'' We must go inside the forest!!! Now!!''

So the company goes inside the Thessalian Forest.

Chapter 5:

Inside the Forest, 2 days later, Night

The Company had started a fire inside the forest. They are sitting near the fire and think about what they will do. Kato asks John.

''John, are you ready to go to Athens?''

'' Yes.''

The Barman interrupts them.

''I have nothing here anymore. So i will come with you.''

So the Company leaves for Athens.

Athens, 2 hours later

Kato, John and the Barman arrive in Athens. Athens, once center of the western world, birthplace of Democracy and Parthenon and Capital of the Kingdom of Greece is now occupied by the Nazi Forces.

The Company enters a small bar inside Athens. There, after a few hours, they manage to find the name of the Hotel where Hitler resides. That Hotel is Beautiful Greece.

Kato, before the Company starts its operation, talks with John one last time.

'' Boy, this may be the last time I see you. Are you ready to kick some Nazi ass?''

'' Yea. Lets kill Hitler!''

The Company makes its way to the Hotel, and after silently killing the Nazi guards, they go to the top of the Hotel. Once on top of the Hotel they locate the Room of Hitler, where Adolf Hitler is talking with some Generals.

They cut a hole in the glass roof, slowly and silently, but the glass falls through the recently cut hole, leaving them no other choice but to immediately throw half a dozen grenades after it. In the ensuing chaos, most of the Generals are killed, but Hitler escapes, leaving no choice for the three men but to go in after him.

They run inside the Hotel to find Hitler; hallway after hallway, corridor after corridor, the Comapany finds Hitler and forty SS troops. A massive battle erupts, and the SS gain more and more ground, yet the Jedi do not surrender. After he is mortally wounded, Kato throws grenades to the SS, and charges into enemy fire, killing all the SS and leaving a clear path to Hitler.

The Company charges in Hitler's room, and kills him on the spot. Then John and the Barman try to escape the Hotel, but a bunch of Nazi enter the room and kill them.

Chapter 6:

Soon after the death of Hitler, Stalin betrayes the Nazi and invades Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe. Meanwhile a civil war begins in Germany and the British Empire manages to free one European country after the other. In 1942 Germany is divided in four occupation Jones. Only Japan and Italy remain. in 1943 Italy has fallen to the allies and Japan has been nuked by American Forces. In 1945 the war ended. Only a few tens Jedi remain, but the Pope promises to re-build the order to fight once again against the evil.

The End

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