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Thread: Need help with installing mods
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Old 02-06-2015, 10:52 PM   #1
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Need help with installing mods

Hey guys, i'm new to the forums, made an account for this specific question(s)!

I'm a currently learning programmer (Python), know the basics/some fundamentals.
So I get the concept of files (somewhat) for the mods to work..

I wanna start off by saying, I don't have the TSL whatever it's called.
Yes, I did try to install it multiple times. I just don't really understand how to install/use it..

Even so, I did end up modding my KOTOR1 and KOTOR2(Have NOT played yet, playing KOTOR1 first) already.
Basically if there was an installer that came with the mod, I just used that: SteamApps > Common > swkotor. That's where I just hit install to usually for mods that have the installer.
If there was no installer, I read the ReadMe.txt files and it usually just stated to unload files into Override folder (Which I did).

Now, i'm running into a few problems.
Yes, I realize I modded my games pretty "Messy", which is causing problems:

1) Some of the sounds are gone.. IE) When I gain Light or Dark points, there is no 'music' for that part, which is sad . Does anyone know where or what I can do to fix that?

2) Installing mods to the first KOTOR, there didn't seem to be really any "DO YOU WANT TO REPLACE(OVER-WRITE) THIS EXISTING FILE?", which meant, I wasn't really over-writing files (or mods). That being said, when I installed KOTOR2 Mods, I had TONS of "DO YOU WANT TO REPLACE(OVER-WRITE) THESE EXISTING FILES?". Which if I had to guess, I messed up a bunch of mods (Haven't played kotor2 yet). I just basically want to know how do I install these mods in a certain way where I don't run into this problem, and all my mods work?

3) Is it possible to have every single mod work? (since alot of mods over-write other mods' files) I use about 15-25 for EACH Kotor1, Kotor2.

THANKS! Sorry if I seem like a noob, I THOUGHT I would be using Nexus Mod Manager, just like Skyrim/New Vegas, which would have been ALOT easier..
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Old 02-06-2015, 11:58 PM   #2
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Being more specific about what these particular mods are (their name and URL from where you got them) is probably the only way we can answer your question #3.

[TSL]Twin Sun to Asari mod: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=215135
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Old 03-05-2015, 12:48 PM   #3
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essxiv, it is hard to say what is wrong, when are mods overwriting each other. Sometimes these conflicts happen because of the same *.2da file. If a mod doesn't use TSLpatcher, you will have to resolve conflicts manually.

TSL (The Sith Lords) = KotOR 2 (K2)

If you are missing light/darkside point gain music in K2, you can check StreamMusic and StreamSounds folder for "mus_s_darkshort" and "mus_s_lightshort" files.

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Kaspian gives solid advice.
I suggest starting fresh.

1. Make a list/table of the mods you want to install.
2. Read the ReadMe of each mod, and
3. On the list/table, mark each mod if it:
-- Uses Patcher/ Does NOT use patcher
-- Known issues/specific compatibility (important for NON-patcher mods)
4. Install the mod(s) that does not use the patcher, and has the most built-in compatibility, or least known issues. Reskins will often fall in this category, if it is a simple one-to-one reskin mod; group skin packs need the patcher or to be installed early.
5. Install your patcher mods, and with a little luck things will be awesome

Many older mods, like those of RedHawke and Darkkender, do not use the patcher but have some "built-in" compatibility, in that their 2da files and some scripts have been made to work with or without certain mods installed. Thus the importance of reading all of the ReadMe files.

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