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Thread: Warriors of Tivoros
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Warriors of Tivoros

A world that once knew peace now knows only constant war and endless battle. A world that was once united by the Order of Light is now divided amongst itself as the various warlords fight for control of the world even though they can all tell that something is wrong

There is something much worse then the constant battles between the various factions, There is an unspeakable evil that was once imprisoned by the Order of Light that has been awoken by the constant warfare. An evil that once threatend to cover the entire world of Tivoros in Darkness nearly fifty years ago.

The Darkness is coming.

Fields of Gakora

On the fields of Gakora the sounds of metal striking metal could be heard as the two warriors sought to end the lives of each other.

"Surrender Ditero. Your life was over the moment you decided to challenge me." The voice came from the taller warrior. His body was covered in black augmented armor and his battle axe was glowing a bright orange color.

The second warrior muttered under his breath. "I will not surrender to a man who betrayed everything he once stood for! Our lord took you in when no one else would! He treated you as a soon and yet you still betrayed him!"

The second warrior dropped his shield on the ground and ran at the black armored warrior while pulling a large two handed sword off his back. "Today is the day you die!" Ditero roared.

The black armored warrior watched in mild interest as Ditero got closer and closer before he swung his battle axe and watched as the sword shattered into a thousand pieces as it slammed into his battle axe.

Ditero's eyes grew wide first in wonder and than in fear as the black armored warrior slowly approached.

"Go ahead and kill me Varros. Better to die a hero then to die then live with the knowledge that I failed a man who was like a father to me."

Varros didn't respond, instead he took his battle axe and cracked his over the head with the hilt. Ditero hit the ground with a thud.

Varros then pulled a small glowing circular object off his belt and held it above Ditero's still form. The device began to glow a bright red.

Another one...He thought as he tucked the device back onto his belt. This is the fifth time in a month that I've encountered this. he thought as he turned around and headed for the village of Yitheros.

There is more going on here...much more than is apparent.
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Vallendreth watched from far away as two war parties clashed agianst each other. The sound of the battle echoed through the canyon walls like a storm.
"Maybe they'll end up killing each other." He thought to himself as he turned his horse around and started towards the other direction.

He had planned on passing through the canyon, but there was a battle going on and he didn't see a way to get past. He left the canyon and stopped, he saw another war partie coming up. He didn't know if it was reinforcements for one of the warlords already in the battle, or if it was another warlord with his army.

He quickly put his horce into gallop and ran down into the fields, trying to get far enough away so they wouldn't bother to come after him. He saw a village off in the distance so he started towards it, he needed to resupply anyway.

Lets rock and role play!


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Parrying another blow, Damian Kos'si raised his double-bladed sword and drove it into a man's jugular. He kicked another warrior as he traded blows with yet another. Keeping the blade in one hand, he grabbed his dagger and drove it into a man's wrist. He wrenched it and drove it down the man's entire forearm, and then promptly ripped it out. He parried a blow and struck a man in the shins, and then turned to drive his blade into the other man's stomach. He sidestepped and slit a man's throat with his dagger. Putting it away, he brought his blade to parry an attack from behind, and he turned to drive the blade down the man's outstretched arms. He pierced the tip of his blade at the man's throat, nipping it, but piercing it enough to cause blood to spill from it.

He left the area after he killed the last man, and seeing a man in the distance, he quickly advanced towards him - observing him killing another warrior. Walking up to him, he grabbed his double-bladed sword and prepared to do battle.

"Are you an ally, or enemy?", he asked in a strong voice, preparing to attack if he chose the latter.

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