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Thread: Blessed be man, for the sake of the one Pious!
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Blessed be man, for the sake of the one Pious!

(Hello all! I was inspired by the Qu'ran and the Bible, and thought I would write something of my own!

First Revelation to Levente from Amuril.

And He was non on the earth, but above, under and beyond all that can be seen or touched. And it was the year of the First Revelation to the Spokesman of the Lord, Levente.

The world now was wasted, and it was soaked in sins. All of mankind had abandoned the good and indulged in the wicked. And the LORD was concerned.
And he asked his heavenly servants: What should I do?
And they said: O, Lord! The world is filthy, and it must be cleansed! Cleanse it with your heavenly fire!

And HE thought. And he thought for a very long time. Then he summoned his servants again.

''O, hear Me, My servants!'' He said.
''O, Lord, we hear you!'' They answered.
''Would WE be any better than man, if we showed no compassion or love?''

''O, Lord, we wouldn't!''
''How could we destroy then, what I love so dearly?'' HE said.
''O, Lord, forgive us! We do not know!''

''I will not destroy man, for the sake of my eternal love!'' HE exclaimed. And he called forth his messenger, Amuril.

''Amuril, hear me!'' HE said.
''O, Lord, I am here!'' His messenger answered.
''Go down upon the earth, and search for the pious!''

And Amuril asked: How many Pious will you accept, o, Lord?
''If there are a 100 Pious upon the world, I will accept.''

''And if there are 90 Pious?'' Amuril asked?
''I will accept 90 pious.''

''And if there are 80 Pious, o Lord?''
''I will accept 80 pious.''

''And if there are 70 Pious, O lord?''
''I will accept the 70 pious.''

And Amuril asked, until he reached the number of ten Pious.

''And if there is just one Pious, O lord?''
''I will accept for the sake of the one.''

And then Amuril went from the face of the Lord and he departed for the Earth. And he searched among the rich, day and night. And he found not one Pious man.

And he searched again, this time among the poor. And he found one Pious man, who prayed to the Lord in secret. Because his family laughed and cursed him for praying. And Amuril saw that the man was Pious and he went to the Lord.

''O Lord! I have found a pious man!''
''Blessed be man, for the sake of the pious man!''

And the heavenly servants said: Surely he is from among the rich, blessed with wealth?

But Amuril said: Nay! He is from the poorest and most pitiable people to walk the earth!

And the Lord rose, and said: Blessed be the poor and pitiable! For they shall become rich, while the rich shall be poor in my eyes!

''Now, Amuril,'' the Lord said, ''go to the pious man, and reveal yourself to him!''

And Amuril did what was commanded, and he went to the Earth once more.
And he found the pious man, deeply in prayer. Sweat dripping from him, fearful of what might happen if his family find him praying!

''Fear not!'' Amuril said in a thundering voice. ''For I am here to bless you, son of the Lord!''

And the Pious man hid his face, and his nose was in the dust on the ground.

''O, divine one! What brings the messenger of the Lord to my unworthy house?''

''The Lord commanded me to find a Pious man! And see, you are this man! For you are the only to still seek the Lord!'' Amuril said.

''You and your children will be blessed! And you shall spread the true word of the Lord through the world! For the Lord spoke: The rich shall be poor and the poor shall be rich!''

''And people shall come to you and say: He is a liar. But know this, son of the Lord: Your message is from the Lord only, and anyone who call you a Liar calls the Lord a liar, and he will be cursed along with his entire progeny!''

''Go now, and tell your wife of this! Because the Lord has opened her heart, and she has seen the light!''

''And soon the Lord will send his messenger to you, and reveal his own words to man! Peace be upon you, son of the Lord!''

And he left the Earth, and returned to the Lord.
The Pious man, who was named Levente, told his wife about the revelation of the Lord. And she accepted the message, and they prayed together, not in secret, but openly. And their family saw it and said: What happened, that they are so open? And they were amazed.


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