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Thread: Star Wars: Betrayal
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Star Wars: Betrayal

Imperial Vessel Patriot
Night Shift

Malavai Quinn was dreaming.

For once it wasn't a dream of combat or logistics or about finally taking his revenge on Grand Moff Broysc, the man who had wronged him and had kept him from advancing in rank. No...tonight Malavai Quinn dreamed of something far more pleasant.

“She's beautiful.” Quinn said quietly in the dream as he looked at the small, red skinned sith child that he held in his arms. His beloved wife Alanis looked up from her bed and smiled as she reached for the child and Quinn reluctantly handed his newborn daughter down back to her mother who held the baby close.

“What should we name her?” Quinn asked with a smile as Alanis looked down at their child. The female sith Pureblood thought for a moment but before she could answer a loud beeping sound that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time began to sound.

Quinn was abruptly woken up by the communications panel which was emitting the same beeping sound that he had heard in the dream. He sighed heavily as the wonderful dream was pushed to the side and he checked the comn frequency.

Oh no...Please no...

Quinn closed off the doors to the pilot's center and he reluctantly opened the comn line. He stood at attention as the holographic image of a man wearing dark grey robes and a mask that covered the entire face. This was the meeting he had been praying would never occur ever since he and Alanis had started their relationship.

“Darth Baras.” Quinn said quietly.

“Captain Quinn.” Baras's voice seemed to have a ting of sadistic delight as the holographic image looked down at him. “I believe you know why I am contacting you.”

“Yes my lord. I understand and I know what you want done. Bu-”

Baras interrupted Quinn before he could finish the his sentence. “Captain Quinn. I kept Moff Broysc from interfering in your career after the incident at Druckenwell. I gave you a future and I expect you to obey me without question. Is that clear, Captain?”

Quinn bowed his head towards the ground. “I...understand My Lord. Your will shall be done.”

“I have agents aboard a ship near the Corellia system. They are currently activating two specially designed war droids that should assist you in your task. They will need combat data on my former apprentice. Data I know that you have recorded in your time with Alanis. You will transmit the data to my agents and than you will bring her aboard the ship.”

“And once she's aboard?” Quinn asked as he fought back a tear even though he knew what the answer was going to be. Baras was commanding Quinn to do something that would haunt him for the rest of his life, and Baras knew it.

“Kill her.”

“Y-Yes my lord.”

The holographic image of Baras vanished but Quinn stood still as he stared at the empty air where the holographic image had been a moment ago. Baras...I swore my loyalty to you...but my heart belongs to Alanis. She agreed to marry me once you were defeated. How can I tell her that I've been a spy for you this entire time?

Quinn knew that Alanis had had feelings for him since they had first met. But at the time he had been so dedicated to duty that he had brushed her feelings for him aside. But over time...he had grown to accept her flirting. But it had been on Taris that Quinn had finally told her how he felt. Finally...he had asked her to marry him.

She had said yes with a joyful smile on her face.

And now Baras had ordered him to kill her. The woman who was supposed to be his wife once this was over.

Quinn let the tears flow freely as he fell to his knees and buried his face in his palms. He had no choice in this matter. No matter how much he hated what he was going to have to do, he would have to do it or be labeled a traitor to the empire. The Empire that he had sworn to defend.

To serve the Empire...he would have to kill the love of his life.

Alanis...he thought as he pulled the datapad out from under the console and transmitted the data to the location Baras had transmitted to the computer when he had contacted Quinn.

I'm sorry.

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