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Thread: About force push?..........
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Question About force push?..........

With force push, when you use it will they just go backwards and stay standing up,or will they fly backwards and fall onto the ground like Phantom Menace? also if your push is hard enough and they hit the wall, can they kill themselves, say by breaking their neck?

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Kurt Plummer
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Good thoughts...

IMO, ideally, you will be able to dictate to whom and how many with more of a 'global interaction' effect than is given in the current game (where many things simply don't notice your force use, though it would be very nice if they did and some things get effected too much).

Given what others have said about over complicated Force Use, I would have to say that it might be better if you limited the 'telekinetics' keys to a certain number of lift-push-pull and perhaps object-select manipulate (opening locks, turning lifted objects, strangling lifted people, shoving them through walls etc.) keys and then combine these as basic 'judo move' type /throws/.

In this way you could do more TO MORE and have a wider variety of power yields and effects based on your ability to say double key The Force to both shove a bad guy and lift them off their feet.

I despised the 'now your in a new location, add stars and play on!' development of Force use in the original series but I imagine that some of the lethality modes you mention will also be a function of not just the threat but of the experience of the user.

Leaping for me got /harder/ as I moved up because it was so much more difficult to do a 'just enuf' jump.

Kurt Plummer
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The star system was a bland/dull way of going about using the force but it was there primarily to allow the gamer to pick what force skill he/she wanted then allocate a certain amount of power/skill to it. Allowing the gamer to get back into the action but make them feel as if they have been rewarded in some way.

Given the movies and expanded universe in star wars id say the force should be more complicated but that would distrupt the flow of the game.

As for force-push it would be interesting to see real world physics incorperated into the game, (eg, pushing someone with enough force would topple them over and make them drop their weapon).

As for the "shoving thru walls" that would take large amounts of power to push someone through durasteel
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I would say if you are pushed, you stay standing, but you could die if you hit a wall hard enough.

What I'm confused about if Pull. Will there be two separate Pull buttons? One for pulling objects and weapons, and one for pulling enemies towards you. It will be interesting to see what thewy come up with.
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I think a sensible way of doing pull is by how long the key is held down for.

If you tap it it will disarm them, hold it then let go it will pull them towards you..


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Jedi Howell
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/me likes wardz's ideas

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Having general stormies and SP enemies fall over in a spectacular fashion would be cool (same if they are near an explosion) but i guess for duelling and MP it would be tricky having to stand characters up all the time, so they would just have to fly backwards.

IF they have included Hand to hand moves like kicks then it would be cool if when you kicked/punched and held force push it sent a more powerful blast out...slaming into people in that direction. Combined with movement keys this would allow you to push back/over people all around you to give you time to attack them.
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