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Thread: Harassment
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One of my personal favorite strategies works particularly well against computer opponents. When you are in tech level 3, (As the Trade Federation), build numerous destroyer droids and move them into an area where an opponent has workers. Then you, well, kill them. Keep the destroyers together, and no enemy troops will be able to stop you. Eventually, though, you will probably need some anti-air defenses. Once you get to tech level 4, purchase the Hvy. Destroyer Droid upgrade. (This is a must. A few heavy Destroyer Droids can murder unlimited amounts of infantry and light mechs, except jedi.)
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Not bad Ile watch out for that one when I play you on
the zone Hee hee only kidding

Zone name Chimaera_Rebel
Have a good time all the time
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I tried this. I made a scenario putting 7 Heavy Destroyer Droids with about 50 or 60 assorted Naboo Trooper Recruits, Troopers, Heavy Troopers, Repeater Troopers, Jedi Padawans, Jedi Knights, Jedi Masters, and Heroes. The only things that could hurt them were the Masters. (They mind control them) (My destroyers won, even against heroes.)
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what are the destroyer droid and battle droids stats

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A very common stragey

That is a very common stragey. Harrass him in the hopes of keeping him behind and spending most of his budget into defense. The problem is that eventually that person will defense against it and then making harrassment harder to do so meaning spending unneccessary money in building bigger army to harrass him with and knowing you are meaning to let it die harrassing. So harrass him in the being and then start building a forward base around his base and then just do a steady supplies of troops to hit his defense and eventually his defense will fall and then he is open to you for an all out attack. You should a have attack army standing my after your steady stream of troops breaks through. It works all the time
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Yes, of course

Yes. Of course. You don't spend all of your time on harrassment. That is just a ploy to keep your enemy on the defensive, and away from offensive. If your Heavy Destroyer Droids can keep enemy troops and workers down, then they will have to rebuild, while you can produce a more powerful army to actually assault them with.

Stats for Battle Droid: (Trooper)

HP: 35
Attack: 8
Armor/Dura Armor: 0/0
Range: 3

Heavy Destroyer Droid:

HP: 85
Shields: 85
Attack: 8
Armor/Dura Armor: 2/6
Range: 6

(Those stats don't seem much, but they are also fast, and can fire quite rapidly)
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And they get shields which is a HUGE bonus...

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Using that strat with troops against a human opponent is lethal.

Just ask anyone who used that..
including yours truly..

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Yes. Shields do keep them from taking much damage. Against computer opponents, in which they will assault you with only one or two units at a time, the Destroyers never really take damage. Human players, however, are probably smart enough to concentrate several units on the destroyers. However, even though the droidekas cannot hit aircraft, one or two fighters will never be able to destroy them. Their shields are too fast.
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