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Thread: Patch Thread
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In MP I cant force pull objects to me. ie Bacta tanks, shield power ups etc.

I have level 3 force pull and the object is in the cross hair.

You could do this in JK. It was useful when someone was running for the health power up to pull it away from them before they could reach it.
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Most of them deal with the dark side force powers - specifically grip, drain and lightning. The problem i'm noticing is that they don't use your full force power reserve. Example - grip uses rougly 25% of your force power, but you can only engage it when you have over 75% force power charged. Drain and lightning use smaller amounts (takes like 1 force bar to start either) but you can't engage them when you're at less than 4 force bars. Anyone else noticing these?


Heal happens instantaneously - if you're fighting a light side jedi you HAVE to kill them in the first 3 hits or they'll run away, heal and come back at you at full strength.
Drain is worse. Coupled with other darkside abilities like lightning or grip this nearly takes on cheese status. Not only do you completely drain the opponents force bar (unless they have absorb on, but i'll deal with counters in a bit) in maybe a second and a half, you use almost none of your force to accomplish this plus you get healing. this leaves the other guy completely helpless if you decide to grip him or flambe him with lightning. They can't run, they can't throw sabres, they can't do a whole lot of things. if your timing is just right and you drain them to no force right before you grip, even light jedi with absorb can't turn it on in time to stop the massive damage that you can get for the last hit of grip.

Suggestions for these two skills - heal needs to take time to function. The single player implementation of it was very good in my opinion, though it can use less mana for the effect it has. (For those unfamiliar with the single player heal it works by draining mana over time and healing based on that, though it only heals 25 for a full force power bar).
For drain, again make it take more time. Drains happen WAY too fast. Make it function more like lightning where it takes a fairly long exposure to drain your mana noticably.

Speed is near useless for its cost in mp. In single player this skill absolutely ruled, and was well worth its 50% force power hit. In multi it simply does not justify such a huge expenditure of energy. your attacks are not faster (that i've noticed) and running faster is easily offset by dodging and jumping (making it not useful save for ctf flag runs).

Suggestion - lower force cost for speed.

Protection - this skill sucks, imo. In duels with force power enabled, it is currently about managing your mana as much as it is swinging your saber. In that respect, protect seems useless for a light side jedi....sure you prevent damage, but at the cost of heals. Totally redundant in that respect. I'd always prefer more mana to taking less damage, but thats admittedly an opinion.

Suggestion - . How about make it so that it takes a fair amount of power to engage but then stops a % of damage from hurting you for its duration? That way way it becomes an effective counter to the rage ability of dark jedi.

I'd like to see mind trick tweaked a bit, right now it seems too much like a stealth/backstab skill to me.

Suggestion - Make mind trick function like the cloaks of the shadow troopers in single player, i.e. you become invisible when your saber is not ignited (or you're not attacking).

Sight seems underpowered for its cost...sure you can dodge sniper shots, but aside from that you only use it in short bursts to make a mind trick jedi visible.

Suggestion - lower its point cost to that of the other neutral powers (1 3 6 if i remember correctly).

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Change Crosshairs and Taunt Binds in options menu.

This is what I'm looking for in a patch! I mean it's all in there already!

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Bug/Enhancement, not sure which - I have a Geforce 2 GTS video card, and whenever I go into a bit darker area, the textures look like they're made out of 256 colors, and they're majorly distorted...I'll take a screenshot to show what I mean.
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Darth Draugmahl
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I don't have any major complaints so far as bugs at this point.

As for enhancements

*The RGB slider for the sabres would be awesome
*Seeing stormtroopers and emperial officers run around with lightsabres sorte skeeves me out, and since I'm fully addicted to RTCW, perhaps a class based mode where only Jedi have sabres and force powers and a limited number of other weps (maybe a blaster) and have various other classes to complete objectives on a map as has been mentioned before. (I know, shut up and go play RTCW then right? hehe)
*Definitely more player models/skins that have a Jedi look to them. All or any of the main characters from the movies would be great.
*Perhaps an actual implementation for the dual sabre cheat with correct animation and slight/moderate variation in figthing style?
*Kill Vader mode where young Anakin from Ep I runs around with no weps or powers and everyone gets to frag him! Ok, maybe not.

Once again though I commend Raven for their work. Any company that can create a game that I'll play for 3 years must be doing something right. If this game is the same, I don't yet know, but it's marvelous so far and worth the money for sure. Great work!

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Jerol Seren
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More new model suggestions.

Boba Fett, Jango Fett, IG-88, Zam, Dengar, Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Plo-koon, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon, young Obi Wan....since this is multi-player it has nothing to do with the timeline, so I say go all out on models :P
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I love this game and everything about it. I have only found two things wrong with it, and that is in multiplayer.

1. Enhancement
The uber swing for the lightsaber. Get rid of it or make it less powerful. I have had this game 4 days and i have been beaten to a pulp by people who utterly abuse this swing. They use it all the time and end up winning the game. This is the only move uber swingers know how to do. Also, based on in game reaction to people who use the usber swing, other players are fed up wwith it as well. I have lost count of how many people have left because of the uber swingers. Please fix this swing. Dump it or get rid of it.

2. Enhancement
Force Lightening. This force power is too strong. I have been playing saber only games and some people show up in these games and don't even use their saber. All they use is force lightening. If you have this in your arsenal, all you have to do is walk up to a group of people who are sabering and point and click and you got between 1 and 5 kills almost instantly. I have actually used force lightening like this to see how powerful it is. Seeing as how I am a duelist, my force control isn't that great. But i imagine someone who has good control over force powers can at least double (maybe even triple if they are really good) their kills. You would think that this is a good thing, but when people abuse it, the game isn't fun anymore. And that's what the game is supposed to be, fun!.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I am not. I love this game. It looks wonderful and I have never spent so much time playing a game in my life. The first day i got it i played 14 hours straight. This is the best game i have played. Those are my only two gripes about the game so far, and i think they need fixed. Other than that, great work!!! By the way, anyone looking to play me online, I go by the name POV_MasterYoda. You can usually find me on the zone and maybe a few other places.

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When I enable the joystick the mouse cursor starts moving to
the upper left hand corner of the screen. It can be controlled

1. Add Aureal 3D sound. How can this be missing from a quake 3 game?

2. Add a separate buttons for saber control that are independent
from movement. I want to be able to slash left or right with out movinging to the left or right. Or maybe I want to slash left or right and move forward. Or add a button that locks your position from moving so when I hit to swing left or right I don't move left or

3. Weapon for blaster lasers need to light up the area next to where they travel. They should light up a dark room also.

This is a very good game though.
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SP "bugs" / comments

Not really a bug, but it's dang annoying... I started playing the SP game and noticed that the accuracy on the guns is HORRIBLE compared to MP. Now I'm not talking about enemies DODGING, no, this is when shooting at stationary or slow moving enemies.

At first I thought it was just a problem with the autoaiming (dynamic crosshair) but even with it off, I would fire entire clips from my ST rifle at point blank range at Stormtroopers and NOT HIT ANYTHING. This is playing on Jedi Knight difficulty, and I'm no slouch when it comes to aiming (I don't have this problem in MP/botmatch). It also has nothing to do with my machine, because I have a 1.1 ghz, 256mb pc133 ram, geforce2 32mb system, and the game gets 60fps most of the time (35fps in highly detailed rooms). It's definately not lagging me...

Perhaps it was done intentionally to make the game difficult, but it was just purely frustrating, to be attacked by a group of six troopers and have only enough ammo to kill ONE of them before I died (since most of my shots simply miss, and even the ones that hit have barely any effect unless they happen to hit the trooper in the head, but good luck!).

I've really enjoyed the game so far, but the inaccuracy of the SP guns just makes the game too frustrating. I'm not the only one who feels this way, at least two friends I've talked to have the same complaints. They agree that the game "gets much better" when the transition is made to sabers and force.

I just don't see why SP couldn't have the MP accurate guns. Sure it would be easier, but at least it would feel more natural and not be so aggravating. Sorry for the rant...
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Scroll Wheel

I have a Logitech Ifeel optical mouse. One problem I am having is that unless I really push the scroll wheel very "hard" (I continue to have to turn it again and again), I can't change weapons. I have windows xp pro, and it works fine there, but it won't work with this game, it's a little annoying.
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Same here. I have a logitech cordless mouseman optical, mouse wheel doesnt work either. I've read at the JK2 FAQ that it'd work in the game, if i disabled it in windows, but that's just lame. Why can't it work in both programmes?

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Mostly enhancements, interface, few bugs, but a lot of info. All are related to multiplayer.

1)Drain: Needs to be toned down just a wee bit, this ability is one of the few overpowered force powers in my opinion. Even players with the most impressive wit and reflex cannot get absorb activated before drain puts them past the point where they can turn it on. Moreover, jedi who go dark and don't go drain intensive will get spanked (And I mean hard) by any jedi that goes drain heavy.

2) Game interface: The scoring screen, please show kills and caps as other categories in the screen, a person who gets a cap in CTF gets a total of 110 points out of it, compared to a guy who makes 110 kills... It's very difficult to gauge your overall effectiveness, I'm not a frag monkey, but I'd like to be able to see how many folks I offed, I don't think this is unreasonable.

3) Game interface: More important to me is a problem with the Q3A scoring screen, when you pull it up it will at max display a certain number of folks (Believe it's ten) but by default it displays the highest scorers, so on some of the 15 on 15 servers, if one team gets up by a significant amount it will force them onto the display so it appears that there are 14 on one team and 6 on the other, when in reality the teams are very even. Please resolve this by displaying the true team numbers in parantheses next to the team. (EG: Red team (15) Blue team (16) This is the simple fix, a more complex fix, though more rewarding, is allow for the mouse to scroll the score screen and do away with the "high scorers only" being shown, and have it display all of them.

4) Voice pack: The game really needs a voicepack, regardless of how many scripters release it, and even if it's incredibly downloaded by the community, still 75 percent of the folks will never hear it. Please, please include a voice soundpack for the next patch, this is something all games requiring teamwork require for communication. I'd be willing to gather the folks and do it personally if need be, but it's something that needs to be done. The only people who can do this with maximum efficiency is Raven.

Seconding stuff that has already been said:

1)Custom skins/models as they relate to player models needs to bypass pure servers, weapon models, flag models, etc is fine by me, but please give us player skins/models on pure servers. Weapon skins, flag skins and saber skins are also reasonable by me (though models are a bit of an issue for the above)

2)Allow for custom configs based on light/dark. My keyboard is truly a mess since I use both sides in multiplayer. Additionally having to change your team to change your config and losing your score as a result, is shoddy at best. Having to wait until you die however is fine by me.

3) Please allow for certain force powers to be disabled on duel/TDM servers. I love full force duels, however, I cannot stand the fact that against another good duelist our duels last 15 minutes the majority of that time consisting of one of us running away to get force for a drain/heal. This is not fun, the alternative, no force duels, eliminates the single element of the game that appeals to me. Drain and heal ruin force duels, please allow for an option to get rid of them. (Or with drain have it remove the heal elements.) If you truly want the option of folks to heal in duels put a SINGLE med pack in the center of the duel levels, anything more than that is ridiculous.
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With all HalfLife powered games, such as Day of Defeat or Counter Strike, I have that problem with the mousewheel. Changing weapons is done by keyboard only (a little keybinding is required, which means other functions are bound to a key further away then I'd like them to be). But every single Quake-powered game, like RTCW or of course JK II, works fine with it. Thank the Raven for that too. I need those force powers as close to my hand as possible. If there will be a patch to solve the mousewheel problem, please make it a separate one. I don't need it, I don't want it.

Can't add anything more that hasn't been said already: gotta work on balancing the force for each side. I'm a sucker for healing, but when I'm in a duel or something similar, I don't like to run. Most would though.

I haven't come across any of the bugs mentioned in this thread, so I guess it's either coincidence they happened, or hardware/other software related

Also already mentioned:
-adding taunts and dismemberment to MP
-teams like rebel/imperial or light side/dark side rather than blue/red

I can wait for new maps and mods, but I sure hope there will come a couple of bonuspacks like for Unreal Tournament

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Lord Odisse
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Hunt The Bounty Hunter, Team-based game where either an NPC or Human controlled Bounty Hunter (Jango or Boba Fett) have to run around the map avoiding being killed by a team of players determined to kill them and steal their precious loot, but to give the Bounty Hunters a chance they'd be decked out with all kinds of weapons ranging from Jetpacks to dual pistols (Like Jango Fett in Episode 2)

Also as to the Double-Bladed Lightsaber, giving it two modes of play would help the player using it, for example standard mode would be like the single blade Lightsaber but when you come up against more than one opponent you can use the enhanced mode which will give you the double blades, as to the concerns of those who don't want to be sliced to pieces by those who'd take advantage of this weapon a new set of options should be added to enable you to select which type of game style you want for the server: Single-Blade Sabers, Double-Bladed Sabers or Mixed Sabers (both types used)
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by moldie
Originally posted by Moleculor


Put the light back into lightsaber. Make them actually light up rooms and such. Just like in JK1.

Definitely. It's too strange for the saber to give off no light whatsoever.
Maybe it's just me, but there's an area around you that is illuminated in your saber's color, looks great...

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I think this is a bug if it's not could someone help me out with it? I have been getting really really bad fps on a 1.8ghzp4 with a gf3 etc. and I have been trying to figure out why. While doing so I reinstalled the game and I noticed that the shadow and ansiotropic filtering options don't seem to install all the time. I'm guessing they might come and go depending on other settings? if not this needs to be patched because I have no idea if volumetric shadows are what's cause the massive slow down because the shadowing option isn't there in the MP config. It is however still in the SP config
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CRASH bug:

There appears to be a slight (yeah... slight... right... as if a crash is 'slight') crashing problem when running a MP server. If I happen to be pressing keys (I believe it might be just the enter key, but it could be all of them, or just a lot of keys at once) at the exact moment the server switches to a new map (as in at the end of match or something) then the game crashes.

I'll go ahead and look for the support email at LucasArts and Raven to send the complete console output and my system specs, but if anyone in particular wants them (from Raven or LucasArts), feel free to email me.


Make text messages sent by players stay up on the screen according to their length. The amount of time they're up there is way too short.

Another vote for pulling power-ups to you with Force Pull.

Make it so that blue glow around dueling players disappears when a screenshot is taken, or make the blue glow less pronounced, or able to be turned off/on at will.

Add a console command like HL's 'maps' in which you can list all the maps on the server/computer. 'maps *' will list all maps, 'maps ffa' would list all maps with ffa in the file name, and so on.

Make it so that automatic switch to a new map happens only after people have selected ready. Time after a session is completed is perfect for discussing what happened.

*Edit out MOTD request. I just learned of g_motd*

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Since everyone is hyped about the dual lightsaber, I think it would best be implemented as an option after you put points (buku points at that) into the lightsaber fighting and defense styles, as obviously a dual lightsaber is more difficult to master than a regular one. Now, you could rework some animations to where it would have its own style and release as a patch, but I think that it would benefit more if it had its own style and stuff.

Uh, more on the lightsaber, the RGB option for the color of the lightsaber would be very cool, and it would be nice if it did illuminate your surroundings a bit more.

A reference on the servers list as to whether or not the server requires a password (spent five minutes the first day looking for one that wasn't locked).

An option to allow only certain Force Powers on a server(for those who hate being Lightning and Drained to death but like Speed, Jump, etc).

An option on the server setup menu to allow cheats instead of having to do it in-game.

Make running backwards not the same speed as running forwards, as we all know you can run much faster turning tail and booking it.

For some reason, and I know the spread on the EB-11 when alt firing is more than normal fire, but when I'm standing POINT BLANK at a Stormtrooper and unloading on him and he's not dying, that doesn't seem right...

Other than that, MORE MAPS, MORE MODELS (though I think individual modders/mappers will do good on this).

You guys put out a great game, please don't think we're *****ing, but we see potential and we know you can do it!
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I see a lot of requests for an icon to show that a server is password protected. For that reason, I found gamespy arcade a good help. It does show an icon. However, after you selected a server, the game has to start first and then log in to the server. That takes a while, in which time the available space can be taken already. Then you'll get the annoying "Server is full" announcement.

So, it's either "Password incorrect" (or something like that) or "Server is full"... I guess an icon in JK II would be the most helpful after all
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Support for GeForce 4 Detonator drivers (e.g. the latest ones).

Been posted already, but I agree. RGB selection on the light saber. And defently make it brighter, you should be able to use it as a lantern in dark rooms, light up all the surrounding surfaces etc.

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I would love to have all the LightSaber options in SP moved to MP I had some of the best lightsaber fights in SP. MP just seems lacking compared to what I was able to-do in SP.
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e v i s k
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First I'd like to point that I am foreign and there will be lots of grammar errors and the whole post may not be easy to comprend .

I did a depth-research on possible force unbalance and i found some interesting things that must be rebalanced if we wont cause some unfair and not funny things.

Force Drain: Dark Jedi should never heal, or if they can heal they can do only by draining large amounts of force. Imagine a Dark Jedi that continue escaping from a Light one. The Dark Jedi is damaged and continue escape and draining the light one. The Light one tries to spend all avaible force to avoid the enemy from healing himself. The problem is that a light jedi can use powers only if has 2 or more Force "bars". So the Dark Jedi continue drain little amount of force and after 1-2 minute of escape, is fully healed. So best option is to reduce a bit the force drain (just a little) and disable healing or reducing it a lot.

Saber throw: Well this is even more frustrating. I dueled with a friend and he continued escaping from me and throwing the saber. I never reached him, even with jump and forward+crouch (only with speed is possible, but is v hard). Lightsaber Throw range should be decreased or should force the thrower to stay immobile for a amount of ms. (just to give the possibility to the other one to reach him).

Force Push/Pull: They are good, but may need a little rebalance, mebbe they should not throw down a enemy every time (at lvl 3) but with a 85% of cases. As for pull this one may need a further rebalance coz if someone arrives near the defender, this one has the chance to throw down the enemy very easily, and so the attacker will be very very weak in front of this force pull.

Force Grip: The ability to move the enemy should be decreased into a max range. Example, Im on a bridge, the enemy is in front of me, behind me there is a jump of 500 mt . I shouldnt be able to turn 180 or more and let the enemy go down, there should be a max degree range of something like 30-40. Force grip should do a little more damage at start coz, push vanquish it very easily and it is useless if it doesnt do at least a little starting-damage (15pt?).

Force Absorb: Should be decreased a bit the amount of force drained x second. Pretty useless atm.

Force Speed: Who use it should have a little protection against fire (5%?) coz is very hard to hit and sabering is very chaotic with it on, and of course you are weaker in front of enemy attacks.

As for falling down, the delay that a player has before standing up should be decreased a little.

I think I have finished, of course this is only my perspective, Ill be glad if someone discuss these rebalancement with me here, (more glad if a Raven guy discuss too ).
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Jedi Child
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while playing on a duel server, i noticed one guy was using the "ultimate kill" trick in strong stance. He owned for many winning streaks because most people fight with medium or fast style and could not counteract the hits. i suggest that the kill trick is wither removed, or the damage is reduced so that it does a half or quarter drain on health, otherwise it gets tedious and very annoying.

The force is strong with this one..

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Changing powers and/or skins and anything else related to your player while on a Duel map bumps you to the bottom of the stack. Occasionally while doing this, you'll get bumped back down again when it's your turn rather than playing.


Voice recognition for Force powers.

That would make this game a LOT easier. No more reaching for the F6 key and hitting F5.

There's a severe balance issue with Push/Pull and the heavy stance. I, like the guy above me, was playing on a server in which a guy would stand there waiting for you to take a swing, the moment your arms would move he'd push/pull you and you'd fall. Then he'd come running up and do a swing downwards from over his head (from heavy stance). This would kill a person every time. He played an entire 10 match duel session without losing once.

Force Auto-Accept Duel. Make it both a server option (make anyone who challenges anyone accept the duel) and a client side option (automatically accept any duels made) for those servers that have it off.
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1. Noticed that the probe droids often scream like either imp officers or some other un-masked human NPC when they explode...very funny, but little weird.

Enhancement/Bug Fix
- Having HUGE problems with a massive hit on framerate when there are multiple sounds going at once. Using an SB Live Value card, just installed the latest drivers, and it's still a massive problem. The same areas, when there's no one left in the area run very smoothly, so it seems to me to be an issue of sound. If it's not possible to improve the interaction of the game and the card, possibly implement an actual SHUTOFF for music (lowering the slider just makes it very very quiet, but still audible), or possibly a selector for how many channels to use?
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First, the lightsaber should give off more light, like in the first jk. It could be used as a 'lamp' in the first one....another example of how a lightsaber is a jedi's "tool."

Also, a class based MP needs to be added. I LOVE the MP so far, it is so dang fun. But it would be great to have a class based game where each side had an objective, and the number of jedi/trooper/medic/engineer/whaterver, could be limited per catagory by the server. gives a good example of this from last friday's news post. A battle of Hoth type game. I'm sure some MODer out there will probably implement this anyways.

I'm not complaining, just respectfully suggesting. I love this game so far, missed a few too many classes already. =) Keep up the great work!
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There are several people, including myself, that would like the lightsaber to be a light source. If I'm walking around in the dark with the saber on, it should emit light. At least enough for me to see what's going on.

As far as Multiplayer goes, the Force powers definitely need some tweaking. Force Drain is way too powerful. Also, grip is a little bit too powerful as well. It is almost impossible to break a grip with Force Push. I can have a full Force bar, and i won't be able to break the grip.
When two people initiate a duel, they should be exempt from the rest of the people around them. I'm trying to have a saber duel, and I'm getting spammed by people with the FC-1 (Flechette).
As with Unreal Tournament, the FC-1 (Flak Cannon 1?) is a bit too much. This is a total spam weapon in UT, and has become in this game as well.

Personally, I don't really care about the skins. I consider myself to be a die-hard Star Wars fan, and I could care less about the skins. They're not anything more than a way to identify yourself online. This being said, I would like to see more skins. They don't have to pertain to the time period of JK2, just characters from the Star Wars universe.

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Hey Dead Hood...using force absorb will stop a force choke also. Try that, it's easier and cheaper.
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for the post above, its
you forgot the -
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Originally posted by Lord Odisse

Hunt The Bounty Hunter, Team-based game where either an NPC or Human controlled Bounty Hunter (Jango or Boba Fett) have to run around the map avoiding being killed by a team of players determined to kill them and steal their precious loot, but to give the Bounty Hunters a chance they'd be decked out with all kinds of weapons ranging from Jetpacks to dual pistols (Like Jango Fett in Episode 2)

Also as to the Double-Bladed Lightsaber, giving it two modes of play would help the player using it, for example standard mode would be like the single blade Lightsaber but when you come up against more than one opponent you can use the enhanced mode which will give you the double blades, as to the concerns of those who don't want to be sliced to pieces by those who'd take advantage of this weapon a new set of options should be added to enable you to select which type of game style you want for the server: Single-Blade Sabers, Double-Bladed Sabers or Mixed Sabers (both types used)
A thought occurs to my addled brain after reading through this thread: combine these two ideas as follows...
Players start a FFA match with the usual setup, but somewhere on the level is a powerup that will give them a double-ended sabre and a new style to use with it. Other players then have to duel the sabre-carrier to win his weapon off him. Points are awarded for killing the dual-blade-wielder as well as time it's carried and kills made with it. Bring back memories of Flag Tag to anyone? I realise it would probably require some hefty re-coding, but hey, I can dream, right?

I've noticed that on the prisoner rescue level when you go to take down the ion cannon shields, sometimes you will only get a supply key from the officers on the level rather than a security key, meaning you can't get through the locked door and drop the shields. It doesn't happen all the time, but it has happened to me on more than one occasion now.


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Well I saw so many ppl asking to alter force balancece that I became really anxious if Raven gonna change it .Most ppl who are content with balance don't write about it so consider how many are actually content Please don't touch the balance. Imho its perfect , heavenly perfect. I played for 4 days (mostly in duels) on light side . And I managed to have some massive winning streaks (about 30 :0 ) . Some ppl owned me , most were far from it .I played against heavy light/dark force users ,heavy stance users, gunners (haha I use guns sometimes too etc .And so far I can say that balance imho (at least for duels) is perfect . Well I think even if it's not we need sometime till most ppl learn to play (because all are newbs ,many dont even have a clue how to properly use the force ,and many just go nuts with saber instead of fencing). You can find a counter in a duel against anything(well except guns in some maps) - just use proper tactic.

You guys who whine about drain overpowered ..incert force or stance here ... just didn't get the idea .
Lightning /grips just useless against light .Point. One absorb and they are gone . Yeah sometimes they can bring you to zero with drains and get some luck with grip/lightning . But it reqires very precise timing (imho in the few cases that worked against me it was pure luck) .And happens not too often (cause absorb works at only 2.5 bars of mana ).Grip is very hard to use ( maybe I am just newb with dark ,but to me its incredibly hard to get anyone gripped ), even if its not enough grip is countered even with force push .So direct offence on dark is far from "uber" especially against light.

Yeah on first sight drains look overpowered. But you forgot that they need be close too you ,and they need to have at least 4 bars of mana to use it (light needs to heal the same ) .On most duel maps(things can get harsher on carbon chamber) get away from drain is possible .Light ins oppostition to dark don't depends of your adversary you can use it anyway anytime .You dont even think of force (just hit button - and you are healed ,protected ,or absorbing-very easy to use ),you can concentrate on your weapon , in contrast to dark who needs to be close to you ,target you and who is vulnerable during force use
( *CLOSE* too you - got the idea? -You can make a perfect counterattack with your gun/saber while he trying to drain/grip/lightning you).So I didnt see any lack of balance in fights against dark .Most of time saber mastery dedcide who is winner not force (as it should be when players know how to use force and its balanced). The only thing that looks little strange to me is light forces mind trick (complete crap - countered by 2 points in seeing by anyone ) and protect ( as one guy above said imho it's the same as heal except it works better) .

Some words about stances .That "uber" heavy is a very dangerous stance - you can be pushed ,sabered by thrown saber ,gunned -anything. its not uber stance and its very hard to master .I killed many heavy stance users with just medium , saber throw or weapon . So Its perfectly balanced -want to use heavy? -Be prepared for a harsh counteratack .Some heavy stance users owned me (I frankly remember only one who was so good at it that he killed me continously with heavy ,but it was before I mastered throw and push).And even in direct fight heavy is soooo slooooow , you can be sabered before you even make 2nd strike .
I only didn't see any successfull light stance user ,still I believe its not useless because you block much better in this stance .

What I want to see in patch :

1) MP dismemberment bugs fixed . And dismemberment on by default on server side.
2) New mode for a duel (tournament ) -when fights are going by olympic system .

p.s. I will be glade if someone could correct my errors in English .
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Oops .Msg can't be too long here
So some words about mp with many ppl .I didnt play much of it ,but think that dark rule there with lighting only because most ppl are newbs and dont counter it with drains/absorbs .I was able to be n1 with light (ahead other ppl with dark ) many times .Just by going crazy with saber and slaughtering everybody .I saw only few ppl who actually were literate in force (and they were on top) , all others were just cannon fodder . BTW If you didnt notice light has a very yummy advantage on pit maps - absorb counters force push and pull.
Guns maps..... Well i think saber sucks there .And imho its supposed be like that because it is @gun maps@ . What is the point in saber if you see a guy with a flak? Just don't use saber .I found force pull is not very reliable in the way to steal opponent weapons (it could be a real counter vs gun ). So on gun maps just use gun when you feel its time for it .And please don't whine if you was killed with gun on ctf/ffa or even on a duel map.Guns are allowed .Point . If you don't like it go play saber only servers.
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Everything I would of suggested has already been done so.

If you are going to do the double lightsaber thing though I'd suggest the following:

First: Make it server optionable as was said (either regular lightsabers, double only, or mixed)

Second: Make it a seperate skill, which costs a bit more than the regular lightsaber styles. This way people will have to choose if they want the more deadly double light saber (at least, potentially more deadly).

Also, as an enhancement. If we can get the double lightsaber, can we get the other type of "rare" lightsaber? movie fans won't know this, but those who've read the books probably know what I'm talking about. I think it'd be cool to get Variable Length Lightsabers. For those that don't know, basically you put more than one crystal in the lightsaber, and then with a push of a button (or twist of a knob or whatever) the crystal the blade is focused through changes giving you a longer blade. The two best examples are in the Jedi Academy Trilogy, and in I Jedi or the michael stackpole New Jedi Order books. In the Academy one, a Sith Lord spirit teaches one of Luke's students how to make one. and in I, Jedi, Corran Horn makes himself a variable length lightsaber as well.

Basically, it's just good for a surprise as you go to attack, the person barely avoids it by stepping back, and then, BAM your blade is a good foot or two longer and that bit he avoided isn't enough anymore.
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Enhancement: This deals with a new control scheme idea for the lightsaber.

Instead of having it rely on what arrow keys you use (extremely unwieldy, I prefer to move with direction keys and attack seperately), utilize the buttons more. Make Saber Throw a seperate fire function (perhaps under the Force Power selection, though that would mean me binding another key to my setup ), and use two seperate attacks for Primary and Alternate attack buttons: Horizontal and Vertical. Coupling these in varying manners would produce combos, and giving a faster response would help immensly (back+attack for always doing the spin backwards twirl, and more quickly, would help fight circle-strafers a lot), and give a much larger feel of control to it all. The idea that was implemented was a good one, but was not very good in execution, too loose.

The switching between styles should have a faster effect as well. Instead of attacking, stopping, switching styles, attacking, etc, be able to switch styles in the middle of attacking, so that your next attack will be of a different speed (Before anyone says, "But you could drop a block with Heavy and attack with Speed immediately for quicker kills!" a down time from the heavy swing should be in place to help prevent that) and combo style. That will also lead to a better and larger selection of combos and attacking styles.

This is, of course, in addition to the suggestions of increasing the hit detection on the sabers, the clipping is far too heavy and frequent.

As another idea, perhaps have block as a seperate button as well (though this could hurt two-button mice users), but in return have more shots blockable (as well as better countering against blocked saber attacks), but perhaps narrow the cone of defense slightly, so one must still be aware of their attackers.

Thank you for your time.
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1] Please make MP saber battles like SP.. ...pretty please

2] you should be able to challenge someone at at greater distance, and if you could make it easyer to target the person you want to challenge that would be nice to

3] an auto accept feature for challenges would be cool, often when i challenge someone, and they struggle to find their challenge key, i get slaughterd by a 3rd dude coz it takes too long.

4] if i get challenged i always accept, even if my hp is down to 4.. would it ruin the game totally if your HP was temperarely restored during FFA duels?

5] please tone down drain and lightning forces, they are just to powerfull to counter properly.

6] hehe, this would be so cool i think: a voice key chat feature... say like 30-40 different preprogrammed things to taunt and stuff, would be soooo cool to say "release your anger" just before engageing a duel

last but not least... you did a very, very good job with this game.. you are still #1 on my list guys keep it up

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I'd suggest that the default running speed be lowered. There's nothing that says that JK II has to be as chaotic and "twitchy" as Q3A. At the moment, it's too easy to disengage from a sabre fight by just running around a corner.

Knowing that you can't just dash out of range of a swing will force people to desist from the Diablo-esque clickathon that is online sabre battles. Instead people can chose to try and block and counter, picking their moment.

It will also encourage the use of force powers as an adjunct to sabre-play, ie using push to disengage from a duel or pull to stop someone making an escape.

The speed will be there, people will be forced to actually invest points in force speed, this will help decrease the number of level 3 grippers.
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Hobnail: You seem to forget gun and saber FFAs. If the default speed is lowered, you're also going to have to retune every gun, or else it will be like shooting ducks in a barrel.

Perhaps you might be able to think of a way around that?
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- stealth mission where you need to move from one room to the next in the dark. If you hit the switch once and do not sneak at that time, it will never work again. So if you saved after you tripped the lightswitch, then you will need to restart the level.
- problems in single and multiplayer where jump key will not work sometimes when I am trying to run and jump at same time. I fell off alot of platforms because of this problem.

- make jedi bots more intelligent like they are in single player. Make them not run away when attacked, use force push to deflect/redirect rockets and weapons.
-make enemy ai stormtroopers more aggressively pick up and use weapons that have been force pulled from them.
- make enemy ai surround you if possible so you cannot deflect all their projectiles with your lightsaber.
- be able to zoom in with sniper rifle and move at the same time when walking or crouching.

Please make another addon mission pack quickly and with MUCH less puzzles! I think I liked the game the more I played it.

- who ever designed the AI for the dark jedi was really good. If you use anything other than a lightsabre on them, you are screwed.
* they will redirect grenades you throw at them (except for low level evil jedi I ran into earlier in the game. I actually thought I figured a way to kill all the jedi until the game progressed. Then the dark jedi started redirecting the grenades back at me! :>). They will avoid laser trip mines, they will knock over sentry guns, they will push away det packs. Really good job raven AI developer!

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Not sure if this would be qualified as a bug, but in SP when fighting Stormtroopers armed with missile launchers, must they still desire to shoot at point-blank range? I hate suicidal fighters in games, and it doesn't make any sense here. I mean, I'm two feet away and they're launching rockets...
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Bugs and Enhancements.


The stats screen that appears just before you enter a new level should stay up until you hit Enter. As it is now you barely have enough time to read it before it goes away.


1. Make bots voice taunt you like the single player jedi duels.

2. Make the combat more like the single player game. The bots don't seem to use force jump much and I've never seen saber lock like there is in the SP game. They also run backwards and away too much.

3. More skins.

4. An expansion pack. Pulleeze! This is wonder full stuff you have and I want more!

5. Make it so we have more control over bot jedi powers. Make their setup just like your characters setup screen so that we can craft bots with specific powers.

6. Darth Mauls Double lightsaber without the cheats. I would also like to be able to wield duel lightsabers like Anakin in the new movie trailer.

7. A menu, once you have completed the level, that allows you to quickly go back and battle vs the bosses again.

8. In came voice taunts and messages like in Halflife and quake III TA. This is essential for team play.

9. Bots that respond to a duel request.

10. Darth Vader skin and a battle with taunts.
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