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Thread: Need speed strategies
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Need speed strategies

My usual tactic involves getting to level 4 as fast as I can while building defenses along the way. I go for the big units build as mass force and attack. Usually consists of pummels, assault mechs and fighters. Problem is I am vulnerable to an early rush and my games take for ever. Looking for some tactics that get you up and going fast either to rush and be able to defend the rush.
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Duke Straykker
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Dude, if you are going to attack like that in Tech 4, all I can suggest, is to either Attack in Tech 3, using the un-upgraded versions of the ones you use in Tech 4, that could make it a lot faster, or you could just Attack in Tech 2, and keep attacking, and attacking, and just keep researching and upgrading as you go.

Duke Straykker
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Want a speed stragey?

Do a forward base and at your main base just crank out workers after workers to mine stuff. that will be continine to supply you at constant rate. At the forward base, crank out troops, mechs, fighters and just keep cranking it out. Also build laser and fortress and eventually the guy will give in to continuous assault. Just flood him with troops. you see distracting him keeps him from developing his base...More troops he has to build and more stuff he spends. So it all on the forward base.
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use grenade troopers to take out his command center. in tech 1 or 2 the command center can't fire at them, so they're piling their workers in for nothing! also keep troops occupying their troop center if they've built one.

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That is if the computer has not built defense or the human has not built defense. Most of the time they have and that stragey dont work Rogue...Good one though.. Need brute power to do that to get through defense and that takes money.
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Well, if you want to end the game fairly quickly, just do a simple tower rush. This only works against the computer, of course.

While researching level 2, send a worker to an Ore or Nova right near the enemy base, but be sure to stay out of line of sight of the enemy. At level 2, immediately build two towers near the deposit with enough space between so they can defend each other.

That's all you need. The computer enemy will throw all his resources into troops to destroy the towers, which they won't be able to do. When you sweep through with a medium sized force at Tech 3 or 4, it's easy money.

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Against a computer that would work but then When playing against a thinking human. Anything can go. FOr instances, he dont care if you have a tower rush on him. He will carry out his assault on your undefended base where all the men is at the forward base and it is the end of your career. Sucks doesnt it? just beware of thinking humans because they can do something unexpected...I know cuz It happens to me and I do it too
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Were to start. Speed strategies? Are these fast tech times or rush strategies? I'll respond to both I think.

Fast tech times.

T1: (make sure to use hotkeys)

1. Que four workers in CC waypoint so they come out on carbon until you find food.
2. Build two prefabs with your three initial workers.
3. Ctrl-1 your scount, send him on a circle of your base usig waypoints to find food.
4. If you find 2-7 banthas/nerfs, take them to your CC and slaughter them immediately for food. 7-10 nerfs/banthas, slaughter five, rest in nursery.
5. Low food map, build fpc start buildings farms. Send all workers from CC to carbon initially, once you get 50 carbon, take a carbon collector off carbon a build a farm. You need 7-8 farms for constant worker production.
6. Scout out enemy. Kill his nerfs/banthas if you have a mean streak (he won't be able to use them).
7. You are about at 10 workers. now. Build cpc. Research basic training.
8. Que workers to food. you want 10-12 on food, 2-3 on carbon.
9. Decide if you want to go ore or nova. Build npc or opc. Send two workers to the center you choose.
10. If you wish to build a forward base (not good for T3 rushes), send two workers to enemy base outside range of vision.
11. Hit T2 with 20-22 workers. If you have used all free food. Move your food collectors to carbon, make farms until you have 8-10. All this while research T2.

You should hit T2 around the 8 or 9 min mark. Have 8-10 farms. 4-5 workers on nova and/or ore. The rest on carbon.

T2: Now here are some choices.

Notes of defense: build towers near your resources. Two at a time close enough to defend each other. Towers can kill many early T2 rushes. Using patrol and waypoints, have your scout circly your base endlessly, this will tell you where your enem will try and build his forward base. Or, build sentry posts. 80% of the time your opp will build the offensive base in a line from your base to his/her. Build four recruits, upgrade to troopers. These will take out any workers trying to build a forward base.

A. Mountie rush: you want to build a troop center and power core. Mounties cost food and nova. To be effective, you will need to make six to eight mounties and two troops. Building a troop center and power core near your opp base will make this more effective. Mounty rushes are good if you have beaten your opp to T2. If by your fourth mounty, they have gone to T2, consider not rushing. Since two turrets can realy hurt mounties. But scout out and see if or where they placed their turrets. If the turrets are not around the CC. Continue with the mounty rush. A medic is an added bonus to a mounty rush, if you can afford the carbon.

B. Tower rush: baw! Any player worth their beans can defeat a tower rush by eitther moving their resource collection away from the towers, killing the tower-building workers, or worker rushing the towers.

C. Trooper rush: Not the best idea, not building killers.

T2 rushes are effective if you don't plan on a fast T3. If you are going for T3 rush, do not rush in T2.

So, for a T3 rush. Here are some options in T2.

T2: Building for a T3 air rush (good for rebs, naboo, wook, and gung).
1. So you just reached T2. You have about 20-22 workers. 7-10 on farms. 4 on nova, 2 on ore, the rest on carbon.
2. If you haven't been attacked, you can save your resources and not build a power core or troop center yet.
3. Build spaceport, upgrade carbon bonus, upgrade building site (helpful to defend off T2 rushes).
4. Que workers at a steady pace until around 35. Make some more farms, fighters cost food and nova. Send about 4 more workers to nova, rest to carbon. Less if you are Naboo since they have a nova mining advantage. Upgrade your nova collection if you think you are low on nova. You will need some carbon in T3 to build your power core and two airbases.
5. Build a jedi temple. If you can afford the food and nova. Make a jedi and grab a close holocron.
6. Make sure to keep your eyes open for your enemy. Check his tech times. See if he/her is mining nova or carbon. If nova, they'll go air rush too, if carbon, they'll go strike rush. Jedi rushes aren't as common, but possible.
7. If you are being attacked a little. Build a troop center and about four troops to kill units that your turrets can't reach.
8. Build warcenter or mech center.
9. Wait to reach 800 food and 200 nova. If you have a lot of nova, buy food at your spaceport to get the 800. You want a fast T3.

T3: Hopefully you have hit T3 around 18-20 minutes.
1. Build two airbases and a power core. Use six workers to do so.
2. Build three planes. Send them to opp base. Kill as many workers before they are garrisoned.
3. Build three more planes. Send to opp base. Now have six planes. If opp has enough resource, they will try and go T2, and build an AA turret. If so, spread your planes in a circle around opp base, looking for workers sneaking out to put up an AA turret.
4. Also, park some planes over troop center to kill AA that are being build. If AA are being garrisoned inside troop center. Oh, well, you'll lose some planes. No worries, you have other plans.
5. The are rush is to stall their econ, so you can get a transport and three pummels in their base ASAP.
6. Build heavy weapons factory and transport at airbase.
7. Make three pummels, load transport, send to opp CC.
8. Protect pummels from mounties with planes.
9. Game over.

Multitasking notes: as you are doing your rush (steps 1-9), focus on booming. Build another CC and try and get to about 60-80 workers. Very good idea if your rush is countered.

Well, that's what I have for now, when I have time I'll edit this thread and add a mech or jedi rush :0

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Duke Straykker
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As I said in another thread, what pop limit are you basing this on?

Duke Straykker
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Uh, standard game settings in the zone are 200 max pop. I would do the same for 150, but I would kill off about 20 workers to free up space for military units when I felt I had enough econ.
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My normal build stage goes
1. Queue 4 guys to a nearby tree
2. Set 3 guys to build 2 prefabs(Unless TF, in which case I send to a tree other than the one aforementioned)
3. Send my scout on his little journey.
4. If I find nerfs/banthas I set 6 guys on food, 3 on each nerf
5. If no nerfs, but wild animals I build my processing centre near the shore/area where the animals are(But not too far)
6. So first 6 on food foraging
7. Everyone else on carbon up till 18/20 - build carbon center
Note - Make sure you are constantly building guys here, I hate looking at my food supply to find I have 100+ food and no workers being made
8. As the wild food wears out I build farms and try to have 10 foods guys b4 T2 by converting carbon guys to farm guys as needed.
9. When I am 2 units away from my cap I set 1 or 2 carbon guys to build a prefab shelter.
10. Workers 18-22, or 20-24 go on nova. - build nova center
11. Build a food processing center, farms, power core, troop centre sometime in there. In order of importance there.
12. Wait till 500 food level up.
14. As I am levelling up I build the healthy 5 troopers to give a little T2 rush protection.
15. At T2 I build the two turrets ASAP and put 2 troopers in each, and start setting guys to start getting ore, and building more turrets, each with 2 guys in it.
16. I pretty well coast to T3 after building my temple and spaceport which I use to buy food with my excess nova and get me there faster.

Some things change when I rush, but it is not too big of a change normally that one can't adopt for themselves after playing for a while.

(Oh and in case you noticed I know I skipped 13. It was on keyboard layout and hotkeying but I felt it didn't deserve to be put up.)

(Oh and in case you though I was serious, I wasn't. I didn't put it in for fear of losing superstitious readers past point 12)
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Dang _Xenocide_ you have a lot of spare time....
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You should move to the stage where you can make Fighters as fast as possible and build 6 Fighters. With those 6 fighters you should be able to kill all the workers from you're enemy and you're enemy surrenders after you killed al his workers and ground forces. But remember!! Speed is essential!!!!

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Air rush fails easy as the comp with Naboo, Reb does those regulary. Just get to tech 2 and build a couple AA turrets and should take care of any incomeing early air units easy. Fort up soon as you hit tech 3.

Another thing...resource starting..sounds like standerd. People wanting faster games go with high resource start. With high resource start (build nurseie, power core, processing center..hit the tech 2 in like 3-5 min). Build jedi temple/jedi and find all holocrons...more holocrons in holding less nova grathers needed. Unlike what alot of people say...put all nerfs.banthas in nurse's as it gives you an early free food and leaves workers for other resources and building....more so if your playing repub as they can get 250+food out of a full nursey. Until you have all buildings you want buolt leave at least one worker free to start buildings or drag one off carbon as you'll have the most there.


Must case's you wont see incomeing units unit you've got a fort up in about 15-30mins. Smart people wont leave less then 5 ground and 5 air units at base for home defense.
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Originally posted by shadowriath
Air rush fails easy as the comp with Naboo, Reb does those regulary. Just get to tech 2 and build a couple AA turrets and should take care of any incomeing early air units easy. Fort up soon as you hit tech 3.
Ummm, this is great except that AA turrets aren't available til tech III...

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