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Thread: Artus mines, after the 1st checkpoint
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Artus mines, after the 1st checkpoint

I see a room where a moving platform travels through. In the room, the moving platform stops briefly in the middle then goes on its way, but after it's exposed to radiation. I'm playing on Jedi Master mode by the way. I try to get on to the moving platform, and I can, but when I'm on it, the moving platform stops at the center of the room, and I get exposed to radiation and I die. What am I supposed to do? is there a switch or something I have to blow up to stop the radiation from happening or something?
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Here is how you get around the radiation: (spoilers below)

First there is the red room (the radiation room). beside it is a little room with a gonk droid in it (the little droid that says "gonk" every 5 seconds). and right beside that is a little control room that had some imps in it that you probably killed already. at the very front of the control room (you enter in the back) there are two doors, on to the right and one to the left. take either one. if you take the left one, watch out for the automated turrets. if you dont know what turrets i am talking about, you will. after you have gone out of one of the doors, walk around the fron of the outcropped building you just walked out of. there is a metal grate walkway wrapping around the front of it. go stand on the walkway, right in the middle. if you look out into the little canyon, you notice that there is no rail in one spot and there are two things sticking out of the walkway like fork prongs. walk up to the edge of the walkway without walking off the edge. look down. you will see a pipe poking out every 10-15 seconds (i am guessing on the interval). it pokes out far enough that you can jump onto it. yep, you guessed it, jump onto the pipe. quickly crouch down and turn around and hop onto the ledge (the pipe will eventually retract and you will fall to your death if you are on it). wait until the pipe retracts. when it does, go hop inside. now you have to be quick. remember those ore carse are constanly moving in, and that excess radiation just happens to come out of that pipe. walk until you come out of the pipe into a small room. you will see the red thing that sticks up into the ore cars in the red room. it has a shield around it. to disable the shielding, shoot the 4 generators. 2 on the left and two on the right. they are also red. after they are destroyed, take one good shot at the cylinder thing that sticks into the ore cars. after you destroy it just wait until it comes back down and hop onto it when it goes back up. then you are once again in the red room. just jump up on top of one of the lightposts and wait for the next ore car, jump onto it and you got your free ride. you will have to get off when you see a greenish cave with crystals. be sure to destroy the shield generators and the cylinder thing fast otherwiase you will have radiation poisoning, if you catch my drift.

i hope this helps out.

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I have the whole mission texted and completely laid out with screenshots at:

It'll show exactly what you need to do.


Screenshot Based PC Walkthroughs
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