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Thread: butterfly? or something else? anyway I Dived sideways :)
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Old 05-06-2002, 08:23 AM   #1
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butterfly? or something else? anyway I Dived sideways :)

tonight the server I normaly try to play on was super dead, so I ran around practicing moves, some like the red stance DFa I never EVER tried to do before since to me I am good enough without it, and don't want to risk turning to the spam side of the force...

But now I figured I was ready so I ran around for about 45 minutes trying out all different kinds of combo's...

from some moves that arn't technically special moves, to some that obviously are and are known about.


I figured out how to do this move where you lean/dive/jump sideways... Not sure how useful it is yet, but it certainly looks cool, and you can turn to face into the jump if your mouse hand is fast enough. It requires NO force power mana at all, though you might need level three jump or something.

I am not sure what nickname this move has, or if it is the butterfly... but a few moves that people do, nobody seems to either know how to do them, or do them consistantly...

So for those of us who DON'T know how to do this side diving move, read on.

first off practice it, because it is actually deceptively simple... I had to fool around for about 20 minute before I figured how I was actually doing it, and can do it at will now...

Basically, strafe either left or right and hold it down...

Next press jump and the OPOSITE strafe key holding down both strafe keys as you do so... you can let go of the jump key at any time however, or even just tap it.

when you try to swing your saber durring this move, it usualy does whataver swing is associated with the strafe direction used prior to the jump (remember hold it and the other straffe key down untill your figure leans sideways and sorta dives to the side).

Thus if you strafe left, then hit jump and strafe right holding both strafe down and hit attack after the jump you will do the horizontal strike associated with the left strafe key. to turn into the jump thereby moving your attack into the direction of the jump I think, turn your mouse quickly into the direction of the jump.

For those who don't like reading text descriptions the basic dive jump move would like this:

hold strafe (either one, and DON'T let go till the move happens), press and hold or tap jump, Press and hold the oposite strafe key untill the move animates...
press and hold Strafe + jump + press and hold the other strafe key.

Practice it a lot, because even I tend to occasionaly end up doing the side summersault move instead...

i am planning on experimenting with this move today hopefully against a DFa spammer, using all the stances, and see if it is realistically possible to use it as a counter to the DFA move while they are in the air.

to be honest I doubt it will be very effective (IE connect and do damage), but I bet if I can pull it off, I will DEFINATELY get some points for style right!?

anyway let me know if this is old news, or if you found this helpful ok? thanks!

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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Old 05-06-2002, 09:54 AM   #2
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uh yea thats old news.

btw. u dont have to hold the opposite strafe u just hold left or right then let go of them and then jump right after u let go of strafe
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Old 05-06-2002, 10:28 AM   #3
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bah, i have hoped for some real news and all i got was that bullsh!t.
j/k, thanks for the info though it has been mentioned many time before in other threads, but since the search is disabled ATM, you are not to blame

ps: you did the first "yes! thank you!" vote, didn't you?
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Old 05-06-2002, 11:17 AM   #4
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gotta try it out thanks
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Old 05-06-2002, 12:04 PM   #5
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Join Date: Apr 2002
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uhm maybe ;)

uhm yeah maybe I did do the first yes thank you one... but come on I was in a good mood after playing for once... no whiners spammers or whores of any kind for a change heheh.

just got done playing for about 4 hours, led the server for a while, then spammers arived and made short work of that, at least I can say each one of my kills was a quality one heheh.

However I ended up playing for those four hours on a no force server so I didn't get to check the effectiveness of the move really... must not be too effective since I don't see it being used too much since aparently it's old news heheh.

and yeah I did think of doing a search for the topic, but I remembered hearing the search was busted or somehting... so I said:
"AWWWW screw it just post it, you KNOW you will get flamed by someone at some point for it anyway, so just deal with it." you know what I mean?

Besides I didn't share the other tricks I learned heheh, some of which are more or less easy to understand and use, but I ran around figuring out which was te best attack for a given circumstance that I was having trouble with...

you know the drill, I used to sit there going, hmm how do I master the art of sidestepping and horizontally countering an attacker? then it's evolved into hmm how can I actually counter a DFa spammer without getting my head split in two in the processwithout begging for someone to show me...

One is obvious, the jump back, then DFA foreward on them while they are stuck in the ground. pissed of a spammer tonight, he actually said that "I" was spamming DFA... meanwhile trust me... he started it heheh...

Anyway end of rant, thanks for replying guys and gals, and OPP if you need help doing the move, just look me up in game game some time I go by this same name in the game.

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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Old 05-06-2002, 12:16 PM   #6
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interresting...I found this move described in a bout three other places, all with different ways of activating it, and none of which worked.

With some experimentation I found this one instead, and as a result it might be it works for you because of the way your keyboard works (or maybe there ARE more than one way to use it).

It is deceptively simple to me: hold down a strafe button (no others atm) and just before you hit the jump button let go of the strafe button. Instead of flipping sideways you'll dive, and you can push the strafe button again to send yourself sideways further (though I'm not sure this is necessary).

Just adding another description to the fire :>
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