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Thread: Tell us about your best MP saber duels/fights (LONG POSTS!)
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Question Tell us about your best MP saber duels/fights (LONG POSTS!)

I don't care what you think of V 1.02, or 1.03. I just want to hear stories about your best fight/duel. you can either have won or lost, but it must be a fight you enjoyed thoroughly. this is different for everyone, so I will round it out a bit, by limiting posts to actual saber combat without spamming anything. thus if you reply: "My fav was when I DFA spammed an entire team for three days straight and got a call from the president telling me I was the L333T3$T PL@Y3R 3V@!" I will simply ignore you ok?

I don't care if you used force powers, ETC, just keep the story spam free ok? The story can be from Version 1.02, or 1.03. whatever you like. I just want to read it!

Feel free to dramatize it, maybe exagerate a bit if you want. you could even write it in a storylike narative if you wish. I just want to hear about good fights, and I think others might as well.

And finaly if this turns into a debate over which version is better you will make me cry Like a little baby, We have heard it all before, I don't need to hear it anymore! I am trying to divert some of that BS from entering your minds for a change...

Now for my story.

Today I must have had one of the most satisfying fights since I started playing and started to get halfway good at the game in 1.02.

I am a balanced player if anyone follows what I mean by that. I defend and attack when needed... Noramly I am very defensive at first... feeling out my enemy, sidestepping and counterattacking to whittle them down to my size. As soon as I land one blow, if i see an opening I attack fiercely. Only disengaging to reset my combos or go defensive again.

This makes me unpredicatble to most players, even good ones. Because at any second I could leap from my defensive "Countering" posture (fighting for the center in Kendo terms), to an offensive one in the blink of an eye.

Today I met someone who uses a fairly similar style, and like me uses all options open to them without being a spam artist ETC.

Although in the end I might have proved to be the better player to some degree, the fights we engaged inagainst one another were epic and we both learned a LOT I think.

Our first one on one non duel fight was the best... Lasting about ten minutes, with lots of need for shield power ups, and dashing around trying to land that critical hit.

This was NOT a boring fight, even to those who dislike long fights. We actually drew a small audience in the room we where fighting in!

Our sabers clashed again and again, switching styles so fast it might rip another player to shreds... Enemy misses a red, go blue for two or three free hits or counterattack with a red of your own. Medium for wrapping the saber along the back... Lots of hits, and lots of action mixed with short pauses of vying for position and saber throwing.

Near the end we found ourselvews in that familiar situation of both of us being one clean hit of any kind away from death (saber attack or kick, but not accidental contact).

We both resumed the defensive posture... him in red... me in blue. I knew he would switch to yellow or blue just prior to the swing to throw my timing... it's exactly what I would have done...

We waited eachother out for a few seconds that felt like minutes...

He taunted, and I taunted... We circle one another walking... and I know the attack was incoming...

I was right... he dashed foreward, NOT in the red stance just as I suspected... I threw caution to the wind, spun around backwards, hit back and attack (no not ass fighting, simply spinning and backstabbing Ie I didn't take a single step backwards, just spinned and backstabbed).

My saber thrust out behind me right into his midsection with his saber over his head. As if straight out of a samuria movie!

This had to have been one of the most dramatic backstabs I have ever personally seen in MP. He fell in slow motion almost, as his Dessan model screamed in pain and his saber fell to the ground deactivated...

I sheathed my saber, bowed, and got capped by a saber throw by some guy who just walked in... LOL

"GF" was not an adequate way to express how good the fight was... this was an epic fight... he beat me to the punch:

"Holy ****! that was ****ing AWESOME!"
He said
"No **** man! WOW! you earned my respect even in losing that fight! GREAT fighting man, Absolutely wonderful!"

It wasn't just because of how close it was... I have been in close fights before, possibly even against better foes... But this fight was cinimatic, it was tight, it had all the elements of a dramatic cinimatic saber duel comeplete with a saber lock or two and lots of flashy clashes.

The crowning jewel, at least to me was the lucky backstab I used at the end. I DO use that move when the time is right... but never spam it... in my mind when used the way I did it, it is a wonderful thing, even for the loser. Like i said, one clean hit from any style or move would have ended it... I did it for the sake of style.

I hope everyone enjoyed this kind of gei tale about a saber fight... I'm sure some troll will flame it but I don't care... This fight rocked! Furthermore, know that this guy and I fought a few more times, but never had such an epic battle...

Anyone else got a story like this? Remember the rules ok?

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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Awesome story! THat's what this game is all about to me: dramatic fights and moments you remember later. here's mine.

To me one of the funnest aspects to the game is countering. Everything has counters, but do you know it, can you pick the right one for the situation, and can you pull it off in time? This was my fave example:

I run around a corrner of the Yavin CTF map during a FFA, saber in hand, and there's a guy with a rocket launcher. We're at medium distance.

He fires a rocket. I push it back.

He dodges to the side and pulls out the repeater as the rocket strikes the wall behind him. Meanwhile I've jumped at him to avoid rockets at my feet.

He uses primary repeater fire while I'm in the air, then tags me with the alt fire just as I land (ow!)

I jump at him again, almost on top of him, and pull the repeater away.

He switches to saber and we exchange 2-3 swings. I get in a decent hit.

Hi grips me and moves me around a lot. I have to wait a second for my force to charge up, and the grip almost kills me, bu then I hit absorb.

Before he realizes I'm no longer in his grip, I wack him with an overhead strong smash. End of fight! All over in 30 seconds or so.

It was fun because we just kept coutering everything the other guy could throw.
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RavensSoul and I had fought several times before, but nothing would prepare us for the match we faced a week ago today..I had been waiting in line to face him for a good 3 or or so minutes (with the server holding 6 people.. and Raven was on a roll, knocking off people here and there in the Ancient Temple, causing them to eventually fall to their deaths..
Well, Finally it was my turn to take a crack at facing RavenSSoul.. We approach either in style, slowly holster our sabers, bow in show of respect,and as he is looking up, he sees me taunt him in an orderly fashion, and so his Kyle model does the same... I quickly whip out my saber and using the yellow stance, I lunge towards him, tip of saber straight at his heart, and before I know it, he is countering every advance I make... Then we get into a saber lock, which neither of us could get the upper hand, and eventually we break it, he then advances and we get into yet ANOTHER saber lock!!! Yet again, neither of us gain the upper hand.. and as he rolls back, I have all ready recovered and darting for him.
Little did either of us know that we would eventually end up with not 3, not 5 but 7 saber locks in one match.. it was unreal... finally as we are limping towards each other where merely blocking a saber attack would end either one of our lifes, Raven pulls out his ace card, and quickly jumps behinds me and stabs me in the back, ending my life... Even though I lost, that has to be the greatest duel I have fought since playing Jedi Knight II... it lasted a good 10 minutes... oh and by the way, Raven later told me that he only had 1 health left, when I had 5 when he eventually won...
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Thumbs up good stories so far :)

Keep em coming, I love hearing about the "Death dance" as I call it... the jostling for position, the counters everything. And although I said no guns in these posts, that one with the guns was acceptable since it did have an element of "Mano-E-Mano" about it

And the backstab story, sounds a LOT like mine! good stuff

Nice stuff so far, please keep the tales coming.

And stay away from the patch debates... they lead to anger... and anger leads to hate, and hate... leads to returned copies of JKII:JO

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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