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Thread: Tips on how to do and counter the Force Pull -- Backstab/Sweep combo
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Old 05-20-2002, 08:54 PM   #1
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Tips on how to do and counter the Force Pull -- Backstab/Sweep combo

Does anyone have any tips on how to do the Force Pull -- Backstab/Sweep combo? And any tips on how to counter it?

I have no clue how to do it... which saber style do you use, how do you execute the saber manouver, etc...

And when someone tries it on you, how do you counter it?
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Well the first part, the pull, is self-explanatory. The second part the sweep, can, at times be a pain. You have to be in heavy(red) stance. They have to be DIRECTLY and I do mean directly behind you, and then hit back and attack. This will execute the infamous one hit kill.
On the subject of countering, there are a few ways to get around it. The first is YOU MUST HAVE ABSORB ON. Most of these spammers are newbs, who when they find out they can't nail you with it, choke. The second is to keep rolling and throwing your saber at them. You CAN throw your saber while rolling. This will keep you out of their reach, and allow you to take them down. That counter works well in duels and ffa games.
Check out ArtifeX's site for a great guide on saber combat in both 1.02 and 1.03. Just click here.
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SDF h36hYp3r21
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this is my counter, usually when they push pull you to the ground they are prepping you for your demise on the end of their sabre. anyhow the best way of getting out of it is to jump and roll out of it.

keep in mind do this when you are knocked down to the ground already:

you know you did it correct if you see your character do a double spin in mid air, its really fancy looking. once you do that depending on your location roll out to your sides or back as much space as need to hit the crap out of that bastard!
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Brandon Real
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To be honest I wouldn't rely on absorb. 95% of the time a good player will quickly find out you have it on, and take his time. Jedi must have patience . You'll probably turn off absorb soon to conserve your mana pool, OR you could let it run out...Either way it bad news, for the good player will catch you with it off. A good player also doesn't just use that one combo. He'll probably be good at kicks, and performing each finishing move. Kicks are the biggest problem at this point IMO. Absorb won't protect you from a kick knock down + Backstab. The best way to block it, is the second you're pulled down, flip on protect (level 3 preferably) and you will survive the blow. That won't last forever though, so try to heal after. For those who live by the darkside, I'm not really sure what's best...They're at one hell of a disadvantage IMO.
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Yellow Duckie
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there may be no counter to this

Hi! I don't think there are any counter to this. Actually the fastest way to kill someone is the backstab with a blue stance. If you have a good ping (around 50) and you are pretty close to someone, then you can kill him/her with just one hit! I have seen on the team FFA server that one can kill so many ppl within 1 min with the fast pull and back stab combo. Even if you hit the jump button madly it won't help.

Most ppl won't have aborb on until they see someone near them , so if you have a low ping means that even if they see you and hit the absorb button there's a delay and most likely that they are pulled to the ground and watch you do the execution.
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I play ctf and this is what I do(dark side):

#1 Patience - if he is a light player(most sweep comboers are) just out wait the absorb, most important

#2 Kick - use to take valuable life and maybe knock him down so that you can sweep(can be performed in strafe movement)

#3 When his absorb is out, drain all the time so he can't turn it back on and fight him

#4 both heavy and medium special moves

#5 the most important thing though is this one. Not many people know this but I figured if I told then people might just stop doing it so much. STAND STILL You can not got tripped if you stand still. He then has to either kick you or get right next to you and bs you. You just have to be faster.

#6 Saber Throw - most people don't put points into defend since they want the points for other things.

#7 Patience again

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Homosexual Ewok
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Absorb keeps you from getting pulled/pushed. 100% effective if it's turned on.

Got knocked down? Turn on protect before your ass hits the ground. It will keep you alive and take the brunt of the backstab.

The blue stance lunge move is very effective against people running in backwards BTW.

I have about 99.9% accuracy with the pull/sweep (and or stab) combo. Two things that help are a high mouse sensitivity for fast turns and, yes turning the mouse to "follow through" on your swing. I find that by spinning my mouse as I am doing the sweep I can usually swipe someone standing close or running in for a kill. One thing I noticed not many people seem to know is that in the blue stance with the straight backstab, you can still move your mouse side to side in case you missed the initial stab.
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