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Thread: Just starting MP, couple questions..
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Old 05-20-2002, 09:35 PM   #1
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Arrow Just starting MP, couple questions..

Greetings all,

I just finished the single player version of JK2, and am now preparing to start out on the MP version (woohoo!). I have read ArtifeX's guides (which was helpful), but still have a couple more questions..

1) From playing the single player game, I found that one area I had trouble with was getting the force power I wanted, when I wanted it. I constantly found myself desperately cycling through the power list in the middle of fights, and that is something I want to avoid in MP. I am curious if anybody else would care to share how they set their force powers config up for MP? (I have a MS Natural Keyboard Pro and a MS Intellimouse Explorer mouse.. )

2) What force powers would you suggest a starting player use in MP? and at what levels?

3) Are there any specific protocols I should be aware of? I have heard several people mention dueling zones and bowing, but have never seen somebody explain exactly what they are
(I would guess a certain spot on maps for duels, and for bowing..I'm not sure, moving the mouse down and then back up?)

4) What kind of game servers would you suggest a new player start with? Duel, FFA, CTF, Team FFA etc..

5) Any other advise for a new player?

Thanks guys

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2) Play light Jedi
There are very few levels in which jump is not in some way very useful. I put it at level 3 by default; even if you don't like it, 3 in mandatory for maps like NSstreets and Bepsin.

Pull and Push-3
Justification here is quite simple: Putting level 3 into both of these stops your opponent from Push/Pulling you. Plus, Push and Pull let you do easy kills in levels with bottomless pits, which is a good way a newbie with little sabre experience can rack up kills.

Absorb is an automatic three because of its insane power level - it stops any force power cold, and there'll always be some newbie that will keep using Force Lightning even though he should know better. Plus, Absorb counters Push/Pull in areas with big pits.

Lightsaber Attack-At least 1
1 force point separates you from using the Cattle Prod, which sucks, from the lightsaber, which kicks ass.

Also, if you're playing CTF, you may want the following:

Absolutely necessary for playing CTF, since you'll need to make a quick getaway with the flag. Also good for chasing down enemy flag carriers.

Mind Trick-3
Level 3 lets you be invisible to all opponents who don't have Force Sight. Since Force Sight sucks in most circumstances, this power is even better. My favorite trick is to sneak into the enemy base using Mind Trick, find a place to hide, let my force recharge, then grab the flag and still have full force for the run back to my base. The Mind Trick + Disrupter combo is also pretty potent.

3) Just don't do anything you know is rude or stupid, such as spamming or killing your own teammates. I posted a list of behavior that pisses me off yesterday, but that's just me.

4) I started with CTF, since in CTF you can suck and still feel good about yourself if your team wins
Duel is also good since you can spectate and learn a lot about sabre combat.
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Thanks for the reply DarkDragon,

First off, Thanks for the suggestions on force powers, I was thinking of using most of the powers you suggested, with the expection of Mind Trick, I hadn't really thought it would be usefull in MP, but you pointed out a couple of good ideas I just might have to try out.. I agree about the "cattle prod", the only single player level I found it of any use was in the mining tunnels with all the little.."head crabs" scampering was much easier to just crotch and shock them than to waste ammo from the blaster...I needed that for storm troopers..

For number 3, gotcha, I've played enough FPS games online to know the basic rules, I was just checking to see if JK2 had any special rules that I should know about before starting. Thanks for clearing that up.

CTF or Duel..sounds good to me

Anybody else care to share some opinions? #1 still needs answers, and I would love to hear some other opinions..

Thanks guys,

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1) Bind keys to the force powers. When I play dark, grip is T, drain is B, a is lightning. For light, a is absorb, t is mind trick and b was heal, but I dont use heal anymore. :) z and c cycle, G uses the currently selected one. (I use ESDF for movement)

2) I'd have to agree that Light Jedi is where it's at. Dark has all the cool looking tricks, but Absorb + Mindtrick are all sorts of crazy fun.

I'd also encourage putting jump to rank 3, because, well, jumping is useful, but you don't *need* it at three. It's useful when you under-estimate a jump, but almost all jumps on the maps can be done with just level 2 and some practice.

I'd put lightsaber offense up to 3, too, if you plan on doing any saber fighting.

Force Sight is much more useful than it first appears. The ability to see people through walls at rank two, and the ability to extend that to your team at level 3 is invaluable. (The extending I read at ArtifeX's... I've never seen it in use)

Also, lvl3 Sight automatically dodges sniper shots. Neat!

3) The only real difference from normal games is if someone is holding a lightsaber but it isn't on (accomplished by sleected the lightsaber and hitting the one key again) they're calling a temporay time out. This isn't absolute - if someone has a lightsaber off and spouting how much they like pie, they're fair game (imo, anyway. :)

4) Play CTF, 'cuz it rocks, and even if you suck your score should still be high 'cuz of the team bonuses.
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My 2 cents

Ok, first of all you need to know what type of game you want to play, because you need different setups for different games. As already said, CTF without Force speed at level 3 is just as stupid as Duel with saber defense and saber offense only at level 1.

My key binds are as follows (light side):
- RDFG - movement. This opens up more keys than WASD or ESDF.
- Y - crouch/roll
- A - Force Absorb. This power is absolutely imperative as said before
- E - Force Pull
- T - Force Push
- CapsLock - Turn Saber on/off
- S - Force Protect
- H - Force Heal (don't use it though)
- J - Taunt
- W - Force Speed
- Q - Force Sight
- Space - Secondary Fire
- MouseWheelPressed - change saber stance
- Shift - Walk

What force powers to use depends on the game type, on the Force Mastery Level of the server and sometimes even on the map. I personally play light side saber only. My choice of Force Powers:

- Saber offense/Defense:
Level 3. Always.

- Jump:
Most of the times Level 2 is enough. You need Level 2 for Wall Walk. Level 3 is convenient, feels like flying, not necessary to get around, though.

- Push/Pull:
Level 3. Always. If you don't, you are extremely vulnerable against Pushers and against Pull/backstab whores.

- Absorb:
In v1.03 most potent Power. Get Level 3 if you can.

- Saber throw:
I use level 2 max. Most players find saber throw lame, especially in duels. It works well against DFA (red stance special move) but you don't really need it.

- Force Heal:
Pretty much useless in v1.03. Uses too much force power and doesn't help much. You can manage well with health packs and bacta on the maps.

- Force Speed:
Nice to get away quick. Offensively somewhat difficult to master, as a beginner it is hard enough to master the saber moves at normal speed. Decide for yourself.

- Force Sight:
I only use it if I have players on the server who do Mind Trick a lot, max. Level 2 in FFA, Level 3 in Team play.

- Protect:
One of the only counters against backstab. Requires some practice to use it quick enough. Be sure to have it at a key nearby...

Other useful things:
It is helpful to have the turn saber off/on-Button at hand, because you actually do this a lot: before duels while bowing (just look down and up with your mouse, or turn saber off and crouch/look down and up) for example. Also some server rules say "Don't attack when saber is down", so on these servers you can run around pretty much unharmed when your saber is down (watch out: some people don't care, so don't whine when they kill you... "a Jedi must always be ready" )

Be sure that you are aware of the "private duel" in FFA (default key K). Most annoying n00b habit is to attack people in a private duel. You just get in the way and you can't hurt them anyway. You recognize them by the blue glow around them.

About duel spots: You'll know them when you see them. Example is the landing pad on Bespin. People go there to duel. Most of the times you'll also find other people standing and watching, saber down. Don't make the mistake and attack them or push them down the abyss, that is considerd cheap n00b behavior also.

That's all I can think of right now.
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