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Thread: a way to make the game even better.
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a way to make the game even better.

am i wrong ? or is it just silly that jedi's have personal shields... whats going on with that?

what i am proposing is not entirely my own.. infact someone mentioned it on the jedi vs merc topic as a way to even the score and make it less of a slaughter fest for the jedi.

how about jedi/saber users dont have personal shields.. anyone who uses a saber=no shield. i think this would make the battles shorter and bring back the old feel a little bit with faster battles. and it would also mean less health to survive on.

i ususally only play on tffa and duel servers and i think those games would be improved as well.
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Well, a well placed sabre strike or a combination of sabre and Force powers will finish someone off pretty quick!

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not sure but

I think it has pros and cons, though I personaly don't think nerfing jedi would make it more like the movies. Or more active.

In my opinion say on a jedi vs merc MOD not just a server setting, it would rule to have the teams set up differently. with bots playing storm troopers and rebells in a CTF style form of game play.

How would it work?

From the start you can choose to be a jedi or merc. as a Jedi you get ONLY a light saber, and can build force points by earning kills and captures. Each player kill gives say 5 points, each capture say 20 to each person on the whole team. every five points equals one force point. each point equals x amount of credits for buying weapons for the mercs.

Each server could have different starting force pools as well so some servers would allow you to start at the equivalent of say initiate when you set up your force points (default) up to padawan (or close to it for a more beefy starting force atribute pool).

Every time you spawn you can choose/change your force settings like normal.

Every time your killed you lose one force point. however you can never have less than level one of saber offense/defense and force jump. these are automatically given to you always!

For mercs it would work similarly but still differently.

Instead of force points you get money, or purchase points for weapons and equipement.

You start with level one force jump to make sure every part of various maps can be reached, and cool looking fights can happen.

Mercs CANNOT use light sabers, but start with two weapons. The E-11 and the bryers pistol.

You can always carry these two weapons regardless of how many times you die or what you buy afterwards.

you can purchase a third weapon from the remaining weapons. some weapons liek the rocket launcher will be uber expensive. Others like a bow caster fairly cheap.

Other neat things could be purchasable detonators, and trip mines ETC, gun turrets, and even ammo/shield regenorators which you can plant and will remain active until used up then disapear (should have double or tripple the normal capacity though for multiplayer).

When mercs die maybe they lose thier third weapon (could be cool, dunno though).

the bots can be used as cannon fodder, and players from either team can be mercs or jedi (IE no need to force which type of person you can play on one team or another, to me it makes sense tohave jedi and mercs on one team together).

These bots yeild easy but low points (they have no more than say 30 HP's, and no shield). Ie killing a bot will only give you say 1 kill point instead of the five for a player kill.

these bots would spawn on the side of the map considered friendly to their team in random locations and possibly in groups of 2 or more.

finaly to make it really interesting another kind of map type might be a total anhilation type. the pooint would be to kill the other team off before they kill you. Eevery time you kill an enemy player it takes off 5 spawns out of a spawn pool and give 2 to your teams pool. Every time you kill a bot it takes one point off, but gives nothing. Every time a bot kills you it takes off 5 from yours and 3 to the enemy team.

Bots in both versions should be common grunt type bots, like stormtroopers, and rebells. Possibly Jedi if the server admin allows it but they should be as weak as the others in terms of HP's and only be at initiate AI (unless admin decides otherwise).

The storm troopers and Rebells should only have basic weapons. E-11's and bryers blasters.

These bots should also be comandable in a limited fashion. enabling you to move them about and make them guard or camp certin areas.

to make this work you simply hit your use key when in range, and the bot will follow you. Groups of bots might spawn with a leader of some kind. use him and the rest will follow you along with him.

to make them stop use them again, and they will stay put and move in a patrolling fashion. only moving agressively if an enemy is in sight, then run back to where they where last told to be, or thier default position if the enemy is killed.

finaly a special key bind could be made for placing groups or bots. Basically hit that special key ONLy on commanders, then you have control over them until you hit that key again. however the comander your using in this way cannot fight, only move to place the group into position. (this is to keep people from hanging back too much using these bots as cannon fodder and saving kill points ETC)

Any kills a bot gets give you nothing except the joy of having backup with the exception of the anhiliation mode which will give your team spawn points if they kill other players.

so long as some people sat down and balanced the piss out of this mod type, I personaly think it would rock, and would satisfy a lot of peoples deisres. It would make the games more movie like (killing hordes of wimpy bots), but also having to deal with heroic, and villainus foes on the other team controlled by other players.

Any takers on these ideas?

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uh bowen, yeah that is obvious but we arent talking about dfa/backstab/spin spammers that spam kill you in one shot. we are talking normal combat.
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