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Thread: Lag Advantage/Disadvantage?
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Jah Warrior
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Question Lag Advantage/Disadvantage?


Can anyone clarify as to whether lag or latency makes that much difference when playing.

I find that it takes me a couple of matches on a server that my ping is not so great on (100ms+) to get used to the delay, then I start to get wins again.

However when i go back to a server where my ping is 30ms or less I tend to do a lot better, right off the bat. Am i imagining this or is there really some advantage to be had on playing on a lower ping server?

Any ideas or views welcome,

Peace to u all,

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you certainly have disadvantages because you can't anticipate your opponents moves very well. For example, you sometimes don't see a blue stance lunge move coming or a dfa until it hits you in the face. Also aiming the swings, especially red stance becomes more difficult. Oh, dodging kicks as well, if the lag is "timed" correctly, you find yourself lying on the ground and you didn't see the opponent's animation at all.

But it depends somewhat on the tactics that you are using. If you play blue-stance-quick swing only or pull/backstab, you won't notice very much probably.

As for advantages: just the opposite of the disadvantages. E.g. in a laggy game, use kicks a lot, they are easier to perform (for they are more difficult to dodge, duh.) Also you can "teleport-hop" around the map (as ArtifeX put it ) and thus make yourself more difficult to hit, especially for gunners.
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Old 05-24-2002, 06:20 PM   #3
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Im stuck using 56k and I think your ping makes enough of a diff. to be noticeable. My ping ranges from 150 to 400. If it's 150 and there are few players I do much better...when its 200+ it becomes very difficult to land hits. I still see my saber swinging right through my opponent without hitting them.

Saber fighting requires good timing and when Im fighting someone with a 30 or 40 ping it's very hard to land good hits and to see some of theirs coming. I can vouch for the fact that you don't always see the full animation from players when your ping is high...I've been hit by the light crouch forward move without seeing the crouch!!!.

It sucks, but until my lame cable service gets off their ass and puts in high speed access for my area I'll have to deal with it. The worst part is that if I lived only a few miles further east of my home It wouldn't be a problem.
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Yes Lag's certainly a big part of the game. Just look at games at the MSN Gaming Zone.
During duel-tournaments on Zone, players have to switch hosts after each half, because of the lag. At the end of both games, they add up the scores for the endresult. And this is what you see a LOT:
- Player A who just hosted, beat player B with 10-4, but in the next game, when Player B hosts up, Player A loses with 10-3.
(You can at for the matchresults)

So the host (with 0 ping) has a major advantage here.

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i have a dsl and i have lag problems on some servers.. most of the time i get kicked and die out of nowhere with plenty of life and other stuff.

there is definitly a difference.
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Old 05-25-2002, 12:50 AM   #6
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OH, my. Lag does matter. Many times before I had died due to lag.
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