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Thread: Akward li'l encounter
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Old 06-07-2002, 01:51 PM   #1
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Akward li'l encounter

Ok, there I was playing on a noforce/nothrow duel server as usual when I meet and engage a player, whose name shall remain unmentioned. The fight starts out ok and then he pulls of a DFA.

I do what I usually do; approach from the side and slash him in that half sec where he's immobile (I only use yellow stance and rarely go for backslash in those situations, because I prefer a good, fun fight over instant wins).

All fine, but then he goes directly to another DFA, I retaliate in the samer manner. He DFAs again and yet again I punish him for it. He then says 'lol camper' and goes straight for another DFA, for which he gets another slash. That apparently ticks him off and he goes 'that's lame'. I ask him 'Am I to blame for you spamming DFA?'. Would have added 'when you know I punish you the same way each time', but he disconnected.

I am left rather baffled; why accuse me of being lame just because he fails to learn that DFAing against me has a price? Guess just backslashing him to a one hit kill from scratch would have proven more acceptable.

Just want to share this little story with you to show you some of the more....questionable mentalities out there. Thereby not saying I'm not one of them


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Cool Guy

The only odd thing that I've seen lately - and this was on Wilhuf's server the other night - was about 2 or 3 people that joined through the course of the evening. Each one did the exact same thing, which made us wonder whether these people were using some sort of a script. Here's what happened:

1. Somehow they pull us off our feet, even though we're facing them, and we have full points allocated to both Push and Pull.

2. Then they execute this odd, arcing-type side-swing at us, which kills us instantly. I've not experimented with the medium-stance much since patch 1.03, as I normally use the light-stance, but it apears as though this was the medium-stance's version of the back-stab.

In any event, the odd thing is that they were able to knock us off our feet in the first place, and that they perfectly executed this back-stab at us, every single time.

Can someone shed some light on this subject? This is a serious question, and I'd appreciate serious responses. Thank you.

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Old 06-07-2002, 03:06 PM   #3
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Often if you are running you will fail to counter a force pull/push, regardless of whether you are facing the opponent or not, it's something to do with being at the ready position (when running you are slightly more vulnerable), or so I've found.

Secondly, the yellow/red backswing are both easy to pull off, and generally fatal if used as someone is getting up (unless they hold jump down and skyrocket upwards, taking some of the damage on the way).

I'm not sure about it being a script, due to the timing of the second half (the backswing), but I suspect it is possible to do. The way to tell would be to make sure you resisted the pull, then watch for them spinning and slashing the air in front of them. If that happens, it's part of an automated script. If not, then they have just practiced pull/backswing.

A fair number of people use it as an exclusive tactic, and it was that which became the focus of a good months worth of vitriol. Best counter to someone who regularly uses this tactic is Absorb 3, but that only works if you play lightside.

As for the guy spamming DFA, well, he did ask for it :> (Me, I'd have backswung him when he landed next to me, and to hell with his complaints)
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Old 06-07-2002, 03:13 PM   #4
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don't lose any sleep over it Jubatus, the guy was a lamer for sure.. anyone who spams one move and then whines when you take advantage of their weakness deserves it..
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I get the feeling that most people wish to write that to me as well, whenever they DFA me and i slash them in the back too.

Jubatus, you sound like you play the way I do.

I got even better when I found out I could side-kick anyone who tried to use the yellow "finisher" on me. So silly. And people called me a kicker because I retaliated with a kick each time my foe spammed his move of choice. I guess I am a kicker after all :P

Now I just need to perfect my "kick versus lunge"-tactic.... That will get me forever damned...
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Ah yes, the infamous Azures config, a mod that binds moves as hotkeys, Example, pull,backstab, pull, kick ect. I have encountered the use of this mod on alot of servers lately, mainly ffa's... Hard to combat!!!!

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Old 06-07-2002, 04:06 PM   #7
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Hey Vagabond

I also have come across this disturbing phenomena.At first i thought it was my opponents skill(for the first half dozen times).

Then i began to realise i was being thrown to the floor like a rag doll every single time this fiend got anywhere near me,even when i was motionless.(we all know if both opponents have push/pull maxed out its futile to use that attack on a stationary foe)

Plus the preciseness of the fatal follow up swipe attack was almost robotic...never a mistake.His onslaught was relentless,doing this same combo over and over.Try as i might(and believe me i tried everything)he took me out like this about 15 times in a row.

Needless to say by this point i new for a fact he was`nt playing fair...i thought a script was the only answer.
So i bode him farewell and left the server.I really hope this sort of thing dos`nt become a trend!

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I play noforce duels almost exclusively, so what I have done is bind various messages to my F1-F8 keys to compliment good opponents or to mock those who spam a move, run away, or try some predictable "trick".

a DFA whore? treat it like a bullfight "Toro! Ole!"
"That was clever! Do it again!"
a keep-away duelist? "Im over here when you are ready to fight"
"Trying to bore me to death?"
assfighter? "my, you have a luscious rump"
Did you win quickly? "Good effort, man. Good Effort."

Many opponents are simply amused, but several will get infuriated and become quite predictable and thus killable. Very satisfying.
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You can pull or push any oponent, regardless of what they are doing or thier force allocations, if you are as close as possible to them. All a guy has to do is charge you, pull/push and backstab. Its entirely invincible on a nuetral force server.
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