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Thread: Storyline / Continuity Questions (Expanded Universe) **Minor Spoilers**
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Question Storyline / Continuity Questions (Expanded Universe) **Minor Spoilers**

I love the game & am nearly halfway through, having just fought my
first Reborn Jedi in the Bespin air Shafts
, and there's just a couple of niggling points in my head regarding the storyline, and continuity problems with the rest of the series etc.... If anyone has extensive knowledge of the Expanded Universe, please help me out.... *NB* These questions contain minor spoilers so if you don't wanna know, don't look here.

1: Kyle's Lightsaber.

Has no-one else noticed that Luke appears to have given Kyle the wrong lightsaber back? If you remember, from JK1 and MotS Kyle ends up with a yellow lightsaber owned by Yun, the first Dark Jedi from JK1... so how come Luke's given Kyle back a blue one instead?

2: Luke, Mara & Jedi Academy.

If I remember correctly, the game's supposedly set about 10-11 years after the battle of Endor, and about 6 years after JK1. According to the Expanded Universe, when during this time is Luke supposed to have set up the Academy? Also, has Luke married Mara Jade yet in this period? What's their relationship during Mysteries of the Sith? I'm still reading book 1 of the Thrawn trilogy so I haven't gotten that far into the story.

If anybody knows anything about these, I'd be glad if you'd enlighten me.

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1. I believe it has been stated on a previous thread that Lucasarts forced Raven to make the saber blue.

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There was a lot of discussion about this, and the conclusion was between MoTS and JK2 (since at the end of MoTS he was using a Sith red saber anyway IIRC) he had built a new saber during his stay at the Academy.

The dating is kind of screwed up also, as the opening crawl in JK2 gives a different date than the manual, and the manual date made more sense... in an interview a LEC writer said you could fudge it by saying 8 years and 11 months or something had passed. Anyway, here's the dating that was agreed upon on forums (ABY == After Battle of Yavin):

5 ABY - JK1
10 ABY - MoTS (since it occurs during the events of the Dark Empire comic and Palpatine's resurrection)
11 Kyle joins Academy as one of the first students. (the Jedi Academy books)
12 ABY - Darksaber novel (Kyle was placed at the Academy here in the Essential Chronology), JK2 demo level (since Kyle doesn't react to the dark jedi with any sort of recognition, but still has force powers, plus it makes the opening crawl's date of 8 years after ROTJ accurate), Kyle leaves Academy
14 ABY - JK2

This also gives 2 years or so for Desann to join the Academy, kill a student, leave, and begin getting chummy with Galak.

Luke won't marry Mara until 20 ABY, a little before the Yuuzhan Vong invade and the New Jedi Order book series begins.

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So basically.....JK3/4 will be set in the time of Mara Jade & Skywalker

The only thing I don't get is...well...if for a Jedi an attachment and possession is could Luke get married? Anakin broke that rule, and we all know how that ended...

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A lot of the details about how the original Jedi Order operated were lost when Palpatine and Vader destroyed it. The New Jedi Order lacks a Jedi Council, Luke doesn't begin training Jedi nearly as young as the old Order did, and he didn't even have Padawan-Master pairings going for nearly a decade after he founded his Academy.

I think the reasons for the restrictions on marriage were to prevent any kind of Jedi nepotism; i.e., each generation of Jedi being sired by the previous like royalty... instead, the old Order just kept recruiting new Force-sensitive children. Luke's order only has 100 or so Jedi (the old one at the time of the Phantom Menace had *10,000*), so allowing marriage (assuming he even knows about the old restriction, which he may not given how thorough Palpatine was in destroying/hiding Jedi knowledge) in his time would help get the Jedi back up to their old numbers.

Also, during Anakin Skywalker's time you could get permission to marry if the circumstances warranted it, although it was still extremely rare. The Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi (the guy with the huuuuge forehead) was allowed to have a wife because his race was dying out or something.

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Talking about when the game takes place, the Timetales on mentions all the JK games. I really like the way they summarize JK2, but I was surpised that the demo takes place before the game and not afterwards
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