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Thread: Don't take it too seriously, kids.
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Old 07-16-2002, 12:31 AM   #1
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Don't take it too seriously, kids.

It's all just a game. The other day I was in the Darkside Duel servers and this guy by the name of evil comes on. He was a cocky little whore but he was admittedly good at the game. He owned up that server and didn't die once for like 3 games straight. But it was funny watching all his taunts, he was really into it. "I'll have your head on a platter!" "I dine on thy blood this night! Raaahhhh!" So I exaggerate but all his taunts at the beginning of the match had that kind of tone. And then he'd boast and laugh at how he kicked everyone's asses at the end. Even more funny was watching the rest of the server's reactions. He managed to piss off just about everyone. He was acting like a complete *******, yes, but what made it all so funny was that he was owning up to all the sh!t he talked and it was pissing people off. They'd cuss him out and get all pissed and attempt to bitch him with every dirty move in the game. I was ready to just permanently go spec mode if I could have, and just pop up a bag of popcorn and proceed to laugh my ass off at the whole thing. It kinda gave me pause to think about how serious we're all getting over a simple game. You got the guys who think they're all huge and bad because they piss away endless hours of their lives getting good at a game. Then you got the ones who get really pissed off every time they get whooped and can't just enjoy the match for what it is. It's a game. The point is, win or lose, to just have fun. Alot of us are taking it way too seriously.

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Hanch Saode
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That reminds me.....since I am an veteran CS player....or I think I am, I have experoenced much in that community too...

Ever heart the sentence: "1on1????"

lol....always when cs dudes get angry at each other...even if not cs related, they flame each other, and end up saying: "1on1?"

That says alot....people really goes to extremes when it comes to games

"We're keepers of the peace... not soldiers."

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Old 07-16-2002, 02:59 AM   #3
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Some people do take it a bit too far but-
I think the power trip of owning a server for x amount of games running
means that people are going to brag, you get that wherever you go though.

To be honest, i love them, i really do- for the simple reason:
Most so called "braggers" turn from happy-go-lucky "Im unbeatable"
blah blah etc brags, to "i cant believe i was beaten by a n00b"
when they lose, im not saying it goes for everyone..

But a lot of people are frustrated by losing their x amount of ownage,
and turn into the ones from:<br />

But there you go, oh and Elegy please, please type in paragraphs,
it makes long posts, sooo much easier to read.. thanks

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Old 07-16-2002, 03:59 AM   #4
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yep.. a game IS a game.. JO or any game shouldnt be taken to seriously.. But they are ppl who doesnt see it this way.. dunno wanna call names but you know who you ARE!

It is obvious this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with the lightsaber."

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Old 07-16-2002, 06:40 AM   #5
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Haha yes, i am probably the most hated jk2 player on the New Zealand servers because i approach the game as a quake player,
a frag is a frag, if you lower your saber in the middle of a FFA game you are going to get killed, i cant count the amount of times i have been insulted because i choke ppl around corners so they cant push me out of it, after all, isn't that the only way choke works?! you can bitch and moan all you want about how i have no honor, but in the end, its just a game and i will kill you with choke just as quickly as i will kill a quake2 player with a rocket launcher

I've had hardcore clan players threaten to ban me from the servers ( public servers ) just because i didn't play the way they thought people should play.

Just now i was in ffa and two guys were teaming up on me, it was really entertaining to fight more than 1 person at a time, so far the most I've killed is 4 ppl on me ( with full force ), loved it,
but i dont consider myself that good at this game, i get my ass kicked in saber only battles, but i dont play saber only so it doesn't bother me.

but you have to admit , its pretty funny been called a coward because i use grip and drain, by some clan player who uses absorb and heal and runs for health packs every 2 mins while i still fight 2 of his friends.

its not an rpg ppl....its a fpser, rpg play is all well and good, but make sure the person you are playing with agrees with you before you cry about how he killed you with darkforce powers.

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If you've ever been to a LAN party with friends, you know the trash talking part of it is almost as much fun as the actual gameplay. ; )

But, in public games, it really gets old to have people taunting you every second and cussing when they get owned.

Still, the best thing is to just watch your own behavior, set a good example, and ignore people who are taking it too seriously.

People that spam the same text over and over (not like every few seconds, but where they are clearly jamming on the chat strings and "hey you there!" buttons) can really start to grate on you though...
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Old 07-16-2002, 09:30 AM   #7
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I only taunt my friends or really mean people. At the end of every match/game, unless I died 100/25 (But even then), deserve a gf and ggs. Its funny how a bragger, when they get beat, can turn into an even bigger arse ( ) then they were before (Who knew it was possible).

My favortite is when a guy watches you fight n00bs and thinks you'll use the same style for more skilled players, because I'll admit it I'm alot more open to attacks when I fight a n00b.

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