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Thread: Am I the only one that LIKES 1.04?
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think you have the BS crowd and the Nerf crowd mixed up
I think you have everything mixed up.

Raven rushed 1.03 out because they listened to a group which I will designate "whiners." These whiners were comprised mostly of sabre fanatics who wanted to be Jedi. Some of the most prominent points they wanted to be addressed in a patch were:

And what do we have in most threads these days? Why, the same sentiments exactly, showing us that the whiners haven't gone away at all. You're echoing some of the same drivel actually, notably the anti-guns sentiments.

Now, when 1.03 was released, the fact that backstab/swing was overpowered was unintentional, and was a result of Raven not adjusting the damage down to compensate for the lack of the batsabre effect, which was one of the hallmarks of 1.02. Oh, and fully stocked pull was meant to counter the knockdown effect of Force Pull in the ORIGINAL game. That too, was unintentionally left. BUGS.

Now the group known as "whiners" diverged into two seperate whiney groups. The people who wanted to duel for hours and hours who found that they disliked the backstab/swing, and the sabre freaks who wanted the sabre to be the most powerful weapon. They liked the backstab/swing. They liked it, because (like you) they felt that guns were too powerful, they liked it because they could run around the levels aimlessly without knowing where powerups, ammunition and armour is... and still make a respectable amount of kills.

Pull/Backswing was the refuge of the skilless.

When 1.04 was released, because of the removal of the buggy and unintentional overpowering of backswing, it made the latter faction of whining morons unhappy. This made me happy.

However, 1.04 also made people like me happy by itself because there were indeed ways to kill people in one hit... but none of these ways involved spinning around on the spot like a top. On the contrary, they involved skill and precision. I use them every night on duel servers, and the fact that my skill allows me to kill people quickly and efficiently, makes the former group of whiners unhappy.

This also makes me happy.

I are happay.

I have no problem with instant kill moves, you're a sissy if you do.
Heh heh, once again you demonstrate how mature you are. Well, one might say that I have a problem with instant kill moves, in one capacity: I don't have a problem using them. I use every technique and weapon available to me, which is the secret of my success. I do have a problem with the fact that, not often, but often enough, a person with comparably no skill kills me instantly.

Yes, take 1.03 as an example. I am in a 1.03 game, running around. In the first five minutes I rack up twenty kills using my guns, my sabre, my force powers, my fists and my feet. During this time, I have been using absorb.

Well, I'll keep on running forward, like I always do. I think I'll go for the armour now.

ACK! Some guy called "Padawan" jumps out from behind a pillar and pulls me over JUST at the moment when my absorb stopped! It wasn't intentional on his part, if he'd attacked a second earlier or a second later, he would have merely fed my mana reserve... but since he got lucky with the pull, I HAVE NO DEFENCE! AAAaaaagh. Dead. Dead, because he backswung me.

Sure, for me, this happened once out of every twenty kills... But people of marginally less skill were worse off. And people who went around aimlessly backswinging and pull/backswinging people got more kills than they deserved.

I didn't like this. I especially didn't like it when people started becoming so proficient at pull/backswing that they used nothing BUT pull/backswing, so that to win, one had to use pull/backswing too.

So eventually all my contemporaries, all the skilled players learned to pull/backswing better than anyone else... and that's what the game ended up being. Pull/backswing. Not Jedi Outcast, but Jedi Pull/Backswinger. And it became the norm on EVERY server, not just Guns FFA and sabres FFA, but duel, CTF, every type, everywhere.

I wonder if you're capable of understanding the horror of it... Players who had been skilled and righteous before the patch, now had to stoop to the very depths of cheapness...

All due to a BUG. A mistake Raven made.

But they fixed that mistake. Goodbye 1.03, hello 1.04.

Guns are no longer nerfed. Nobody has to fight in the gutter with backswing anymore. Nobody can hover endlessly, avoiding death on sharp rocks below.

YES the sabres are powerful. YES there are MANY one-hit-kill maneuvers... but they all take skill and timing. They cannot be used by billy-no-frags to inflate his own already turgid ego.

They are FAR from impossible to use however. If someone finds them nearly impossible to use, that person needs to practice MUCH more than they are already.

1.03 was the patch that nerfed, 1.04 is the patch that de-nerfed and fixed bugs. It is THAT SIMPLE. Extremely easy to comprehend. Sure, it would have been nice if the force powers were de-nerfed too, but you can't have everything. Don't even ask for everything.

I'm sorry that some of you get so bothered by the fact tha I dare to disagree with Raven,
Sod Raven, Raven caused this mess in the first place, but at least they fixed it. What bothers me is your incessant bile about 1.04, which was a gift from HEAVEN ITSELF, after the hell of 1.03. Infidel. Ingrate.

You can call me a whiner all you want
Ooooh the temptation to be immature at this point is OVERWHELMING! Somebody save me! The Dark Side has me in its talons! Must... Resist...

I didn't expect sheep to think differently anyway.
OH NOS Fatolstrik thinks BAD THINGS ABUOT US!!11

I'm sure we'll all lose sleep over that.

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