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Thread: Name That Creature!
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Lost Welshman
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Name That Creature!

Could you all please help me out by giving me a suitable name for this creature I just made up, its for a story that I am writing :

About an hour later the three adventurers had reached the wastelands, they drove for many more hours and they came to a dead forest. “Not even I am going in there!” Nina said worriedly. “Why not” Ubi asked. There was a creature through the trees, it was tall and long-limbed, and very thin. It had long scraggly brown hair and yellow, wart covered skin “a…a...t...tr...troll!” Ubi was terrified.
“that’s not a troll,” Rhyth said, “trolls are large, fat creatures, they certainly don't have hair and their skin is either green or grey. THAT thing is not a troll”
“err...guys,” Nina said as they were crouched behind a small hill. Ubi looked through the trees again. “Its gone”,
“No it hasn’t”
“how do you know that Nina?” Ubi asked
“because my little hobbit friend, ITS RIGHT BEHIND US!!!” Nina said before being pulled backwards by the creature. “oh” said Ubi calmly, he then let out a sigh and turned around screaming. Nina pulled out her sword and cut off one of the creatures four long, sharp fingers. The creature let out a shriek that made Ubi cringe. Rhyth fired a fireball at the creature but it seemed to be absorbed. Then Ubi fired an arrow into the creatures head, knocking the creature down. Nina stood over the creature and thrust her sword through its chest, another shriek was let out. The creature got back up and ran towards Ubi, but was stopped when Rhyth used his staff to magically hit the creature in the chest, throwing the creature into a tree. Ubi pulled out his last freezing orb and he threw it at the creature, but it was deflected and froze the tree above the creature. Then Nina cut off the creatures hand, it let out a roar, followed by flaming breath that melted the ice on the tree. As the water touched the creature on the forehead it began to burn. Yet another shriek was let out and the creature darted into the wood. Ubi fired another arrow and there was a yelp, followed by a thud. Nina ran towards the creature as it lay on the floor again. She began slashing at it but every time that she cut into it, the wound healed. She then decided to decapitate it, so she did. “AT LAST!” Ubi celebrated. But the creature was not done, a bone spike shot out of the neck of the blood covered body, then it stood up, grabbed the head and forced it onto the spike. “Now that’s just sick” Rhyth was horrified. The creature grew more powerful with every injury it received. “RUN!” Nina ordered, so the three of them dashed out of the forest and climbed onto their bikes. They sped off with the creature chasing behind them, it was fast, very fast. Rhyth threw his staff very far ahead, soon a fountain of water shot out of the ground where the staff had landed. The bikes burst through the fountain and turned around, the creature followed and it took a few seconds to realize that it was burning because of the water. The creature was in agony, it almost burnt away completely, its bones were left. They had finally finished the beast.
Thank you for your time.

Act Your Rage
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Erm... Uh... How about.... Sparky?

Hehe, just kidding.

How about Dagnak or Darghlem?


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something along the spider lines... it reminds me of one


Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove

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